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Belinda Ch. 03

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Chapter 3: Beyond Imagination

They left the restaurant and Belinda was hurriedly escorted to Lien’s rooms. Even before the door had even clicked shut behind them Lien was literally ripping off her silk trouser suit kicking her shoes across the room as she did so. They were still in the small hall Belinda stared admiringly beneath the suit Lien was naked and she turned to Belinda and spoke in a hard desperate tone.

“That excited me so much!” she hissed, “on your knees now, suck my cunt, slut!”

The degrading way Lien spoke to her excited Belinda and she fell readily to her knees as Lien advanced upon her with savage flashing eyes. Belinda sat in the hall on her heels drawing in a big breath just before Lien grabbed her hair and plunged her face between her thighs. A total novice Belinda attempted to kiss the hot wet flesh that was thrust urgently into her face.

“Lick me, bite me, suck me you bitch,” Lien gasped desperately above her “make me come whore!”

Obeying her requests Belinda attacked her lover’s distended flesh with a new found vigour eagerly filling her mouth with the musky pleasant juices of Liens excitement as she eagerly ate her out. Sucking and blowing as she manipulated her lover as best she could gasping for breath whenever she got chance. Yelping into Lien as the woman dug her nails into the back of her head crushing her face more insistently against her mound as if she was trying to suffocate her lover. Realising the woman must already be close to coming Belinda targeted her clitoris for her undivided attention. It was little more than moments before sudden floods of come burst from Lien as she squealed shuddering to climax releasing her grip on Belinda. Not taking her chance to break away Belinda was intent on satisfying her partner completely, enjoying using her new-found skills hoping that Lien would allow her to practice more. Content to stay knelt there exploring Lien with her tongue and relishing the woman’s tangy flavour Belinda worked on her lover long after the woman’s climax had subsided.

As soon as she had recovered sufficiently from her orgasm though Lien stepped back and drew Belinda to her feet. Without her shoes the barefooted oriental woman’s head hardly reached as high as Belinda’s breasts, Lien stretched up in an attempt to kiss her on the lips. In order to make things a little easier for the shorter woman Belinda went to remove her own high heels only to be stopped by the tiny oriental.

“No Belinda I want you to keep them on”

“But I thought…”

“Don’t worry my love we’ve all night!” Lien broke away and moved off into the warmly lit apartment.

Following the naked woman Belinda allowed herself to be led to the bedroom watching Lien seat herself delicately on the edge of a huge four poster bed. Shaking with excitement she drew close to Lien who smiled mischievously, the woman appeared doll-like upon such an immense bed.

“I’ve never done anything like this ever, you know?” stated Belinda sounding so eager though almost apologetic.

“It is extremely delightful isn’t it?”

“Ohh yes,” Belinda blushed glancing about the room as she replied, “I feel so good.”

“If you wish to go further we could really show you something.” Lien smiled as if to ease her lover’s uncertainties.

“I don’t think I understand what you mean but I must admit I’m more than a little curious,” Belinda looked at Lien slightly perturbed but her voice betrayed her eagerness to please the oriental beauty.

“We must talk my love!” Lien patted the bed beside her.

Still fully dressed except for her wayward panties Belinda felt more than just a little self conscious as she sat next to the naked golden skinned woman. The woman gazed into her eyes adoringly, disarmed by those deep black pools Belinda knew that she was putty in Lien’s experienced hands and loved the idea. Slipping her arm about Belinda, Lien drew her close, She settled against the woman anticipating the pleasure the coming night could offer.

Musing to herself for a moment Lien realised how much she enjoyed procuring such delicious beauties for her appreciative employer. She smiled knowingly at the unwitting beauty that sat oblivious to her lovers true intentions and nervously slipped her long arm around Lien’s waist.

“Be honest with me Belinda,” Lien started, “I wish to learn a little about your likes and dislikes before we continue.”

“OK no problem Lien” Belinda smiled obvious a little reticent about revealing any fantasies if she had any.

“You could have desires hidden within that we could bring to fruition.” Lien whispered as if telling a secret, “Do you not agree?”

Twice now she had used “we” without Belinda showing alarm. Perhaps the younger woman thought she meant we to mean them both so for now she could think that for a little time at least. Belinda seemed to take a while to formulate her reply before blushing again as she calmly spoke.

“I mean yesterday I would have flatly denied even the slightest possibility that I could desire another woman, and look at me tonight sat next to a beautiful naked woman with her most canlı bahis intimate taste still fresh on my tongue.”

“Yes tell me about it,” Lien encouraged her to reveal more, “tell me what you fantasise about or what arouses you, don’t be shy.”

“Oh Lien,” she blushed, “well I err quite enjoy giving head if I’m in the mood and John and I have experimented a bit with various ideas, some of which I found quite interesting.”

“Enlighten me,” Lien appeared intrigued as Belinda carried on.

“Let’s see now, once we tried anal but I didn’t like that at all, we’ve dressed up and all that kind of lark of course, that’s about it really.”

“My you poor thing you have led quite a sheltered life!” mocked Lien jokingly, “Lets try and spice tonight up a little shall we?”

“Like I said I’m fairly willing to try something a bit different.”

Playing Belinda along Lien pretended to think what to do, standing up she paced the floor purposefully catlike, knowing Belinda was eagerly waiting to please her every whim she toyed with her wickedly. Watching the lissom naked oriental woman parading herself before her was stirring Belinda’s passions slightly once more. By the time Lien decided to make a suggestion Belinda would be eager for any attention that she would offer her. Lien timed everything perfectly deliberately eyeing one of the bedposts with obvious interest before turning to make a suggestion to Belinda.

“How about a little bondage, haven’t you ever tried that?” Her soft voice was so persuasive that Belinda wanted to say yes just to please her.

“Err, I don’t know Lien, It’s not something I’ve ever really considered.” She felt genuine concerns about being helpless and under a stranger’s control.

“Ohh pity!” Lien sighed she was plainly disappointed.

“Why?” Belinda unexpectedly felt stupid and guilty at refusing her lover’s idea, “we could try something else.”

“Because my love I once was an innocent like you, I’ve experienced the pleasure and I would of so enjoyed giving a helpless gorgeous woman like yourself the chance to be brought the peak of ecstasy!” the sly oriental beauty fluttered her long eyelashes and pouted.

Putting just the right amount of disappointment, hurt and dashed enthusiasm into her voice Lien felt confident, she knew that Belinda would give in to her before the hapless girl did herself. Belinda stared up guiltily into Lien’s hurt moistening eyes and before long she had decided to let Lien have her own way though she would set certain conditions of course. As if she could read her mind Lien put on a pleading puppy dog look at just the right time that was really pathetic making Belinda laugh.

“Oh fuck it,” she giggled, “you only live once I suppose there’s no harm in trying it; just to please you of course.”

“There is no reason to be scared Belinda,” reassured Lien convincingly, “I won’t hurt you at all, I promise on all I hold dear!”

“I trust you Lien my love,” she smiled bravely feeling stupid for making such a soppy statement, though she felt more than a little apprehensive about what may be about to occur, “how do you want me then?”

“Lying on the bed I think my love,” Lien was blatantly brimming with glee, “on your back with your head towards the bottom I think, I can tie you to those very convenient bedposts with something!”

“Lien you promise you won’t hurt me?” Belinda sought reassurance before she would really commit herself.

“I promised didn’t I silly?” Lien flashed a wicked grin at her, “now my love lie down please, quite soon you will realise true sexual ecstasy, I promise!”

An incredible mixture of fearful foreboding and escalating arousal filled a highly bemused Belinda with anxious excitement as she watched Lien furtively hunting through the drawers looking for something to bind her to the bed with. She found that just thinking about being unable to resist Lien’s advances caused her to feel highly excited, more exhilarating than what happened earlier this evening in the restaurant and that had been unbelievable enough. Lien was returning towards her with her arms full of silk scarves, stockings, suspenders, and belts eager to find which would best serve the task at hand. Such was Lien’s performance that she made Belinda almost believe the oriental woman was almost as new at this as she was herself.

As Lien approached Belinda climbed onto the bed, her heart was in her mouth as she laid back and straightened her skirts. Positioning herself as Lien had instructed on the bed Belinda she watched full of excitement, apprehension and anticipation as Lien securely but comfortably repeatedly looped then knotted a long silk scarf about one of her wrists with practised skill then moved to do the same with her other. Belinda couldn’t deny her growing excitement as one after the other her wrists were secured to the thick oak bedposts. Now she was truly helpless, though her bonds were not tight enough to cause her any real discomfort they certainly prevented her from moving very much at all. The bed was so large that her now outstretched arms reached nowhere near the bedposts.

“Are you bahis siteleri OK?” enquired Lien bending her face close to Belinda, “tell me when you want to stop.”

“Mmm it’s quite stimulating actually.”

“Belinda you are a slut aren’t you?” Lien laughed but her the tone of her voice commanded respect, as she repeated, “Aren’t you?”

“Yes!” Belinda realised that she was expected to answer Lien subserviently, “I’m a slut!”

“I’m going to bind your ankles now slut!” strange as it seemed the woman’s insults actually thrilled Belinda.

She lay there unmoving as Lien casually fastened a long silk scarf to each of her slender ankles. As with her arms her legs were bound in turn with the scarves but to the posts at the head of the bed this time. Still fully clothed she lay comfortably spread-eagled and helpless and had to admit it aroused her incredibly. She gazed up trustingly at Lien who now stood over her smiling smugly.

“Is it good,?” Lien sounded extremely authoritative now, “to be helpless, does it excite you slut?”

“Yes,” whispered Belinda nervously noting the highly satisfied flash in Lien’s eye when she added, “Yes Mistress.”

“Good.. good, I see you’re learning some respect you whore!”

Trustingly Belinda watched Lien lean over her, she reached down to touch her helpless breast. Without warning quite hard she began tweaking one of Belinda’s already stiff nipples through her dress making cry out quietly in response to the delicious pain the woman was inflicting upon her. Then her wicked lover’s hands swept down over Belinda’s clothed torso and as the woman’s breasts descended Belinda raised her head clamping her lips about an angry brown teat eagerly. At once Lien stood up and glared down at the confused woman below.

“Did I permit you to do that you slut?” she snarled

“No I just thought…”

“Shut up whore!!” Lien whirled away.

“Lien I’m sorry.”

“Shut up whore!” came the stern reply.

“Lien….” Belinda cried out, she was becoming frightened by the woman’s growing aggression.

“That’s it, if you will not obey me then I am going to have to shut you up you dirty bitch!” the woman returned and bent over her.

“No Lien I’ll be quiet,” Belinda tried to dissuade her.

“Too late my love, far too late!” Lien held Belinda’s panties above her face “Open up now there’s a good slut.”

She knew what Lien intended as she watched the woman roll Belinda’s own soiled undies into a tight ball, she offered them up to her tightly clamped mouth. Oh how Belinda wanted to refuse but her twisted excitement compelled her to obey the beautiful oriental getting a real scary thrill from Lien controlling her. She watched the Oriental’s dark eyes intently as the ball of rough, perfumed moist material was pressed insistently against her mouth, she relented, opened her mouth obediently as the garment was offered up to her lips again. She could taste her own distinct essence on them as Lien pushed them firmly deep into her mouth before kissing her passionately. She could not respond but ground her mouth feverously against Lien’s until the woman eventually broke away.

“Lift your head please!” this command was spoken softly by her tormentor but she obeyed instantly anyway.

She felt a little panicky as Lien wrapped a length of silk bathrobe sash tightly about her face to secure her gag. Now though Lien seemed very attentive she carefully arranged everything, putting a small pillow beneath Belinda’s head she smiled down reassuringly at her. Belinda did her best to watch Lien as the woman moved around the bed silently nudging her hips gesturing for Belinda to lift them from the bed. When she did so she felt Lien inserting some pillows beneath her bottom and she settled back onto them. She felt the oriental carefully rearranging her dress and felt puzzled as to why she would bother. Lien finished her careful preparations and returned to kneel by the foot of the bed, her lips close to Belinda’s excited ear she began to whisper to her.

“Isn’t this exciting you incredibly?” Lien smiled watching Belinda as she eagerly nodded in agreement “You’re so aroused aren’t you, you slut?”

Lien’s hot breath teased her ear deliciously, the woman was so close that her lips brushed lightly against Belinda’s cheek as she whispered. Writhing in her bonds Belinda tried desperately to convey the extent of her arousal and readiness to the other woman. Lien seemed strangely content just to talk to her captive for the moment.

“It’s almost time for you to experience the ecstasy sweetness,” Lien’s voice oozed with excitement, “Oh my love you look so delectable laid there I wish I could devour you myself!”

“Mmmm…” was all Belinda could manage as she fearfully began to realise all might not be so well after all.

“Yes that’s correct you slut.” Laughed Lien as she witnessed the sudden alarm that flashed in Belinda’s eyes, “you poor fool, I drew you here not for myself but for another that I worship! Don’t fear my pretty darling for you will bring one another such unimaginable pleasure as I could only dream of giving you!”

From bahis şirketleri around the rolled up panties Belinda tried frantically to plead with Lien to free her to no avail. As her muffled pleas were blatantly ignored true terror took a grip and she began to cry. Scared witless Belinda screamed but quickly realised her cries for help were all but silenced by the highly effective make-shift gag. Terror gripped her, a terror that held her so that she did not even struggle against her bonds admitting to herself that it would be futile.

“Goodbye dear Belinda I may see you in the morning, perhaps!” Lien blew her a kiss as she swept away leaving the very scared, excited and confused woman bound to the bed helpless.

At first Belinda wanted to believe it was a ruse, one of Lien’s sick jokes as she heard Lien moving about the other room as the Oriental redressed. Now she was scared and struggled half-heartedly as the lights went out in the other room leaving her bathed in the soft dim glow of the bedside light. After the door clicked shut and apart from the creaking bed, the complaining silk of her bonds and her pounding heart and laboured breath absolute silence fell, then she realised the truth, she was defenceless and soon likely to be at the mercy of a total stranger. Unbelievably as her terror waned a little she found her predicament quite arousing and as her panic subsided she stopped her futile struggling in vain and lay there quietly contemplating her fate. In the overwhelming silence her pulse sounded strong in her ears, she began fantasising about the unknown stranger, perhaps Lien would return in disguise or even send up that dishy waiter to fuck her senseless. As her imagination began to spin more fantastic possibilities her sense of panic and trepidation subsided somewhat.

Her fantasies suddenly shot from her mind and her pulse quickened when she heard the key turn in the lock, someone entered the darkened outer room quietly closing the door behind them. Craning her head back to watch the black abyss that was the door Belinda felt a delicious thrill of excited anticipation and fear course through her fraught nervous system. Silently the shadowy figure emerged into the soft light and entered the bedroom, Belinda gasped beneath her gag in awe as the dim light fell upon the stranger.

If she thought Lien was beautiful then this girl was far more impressive than even her imagination could conjure up. With her upturned eyes Belinda examined the stunning stranger who was dressed in a long black kid-hide trenchcoat and carried a doctors style black bag. Wide eyed Belinda stared up as without even glancing down at her the girl began unbuttoning her trenchcoat in silence. Belinda thought she was exquisite, her fine tanned features set off beautifully by her incredibly long thick black hair that she wore loose. Bright green eyes glittered menacingly as she finally glimpsed for an instant at the bound woman awaiting her attentions on the bed. Just the briefest of looks from those intense emerald orbs had Belinda trembling with awesome anticipation of what may happen.

As the girl slipped off her coat Belinda swallowed hard, for beneath it she wore an extravagant black leather bodice covered with buckles, straps, and vicious looking studs. Long strapped and studded tight black leather boots reached right up almost to her hips and were buckled to the bodice with short leather and elastic straps. On her arms she wore long fingerless studded black leather gloves which were also fastened to her bodice at the shoulder by short buckled straps. Over these gloves jingled a myriad glittering bangles of various precious metals. Excitedly scared Belinda watched as the stranger who paid her no attention at all now as she carefully prepared herself. Once she decided she was finally ready the girl turned and approached the bed to carefully examine her defenceless excitable captive. Smiling coolly down at her she spoke really softly to Belinda crouching low over her as she did so.

“Satisfy me and you have little to fear Belinda,” her smile faded slightly, “I feel sure you will have little difficulty doing so.”

“Mmm..” grunted Belinda from beneath her gag in turmoil.

“Lien the slut-catcher has done well tonight, you look like a wanton little whore to me. I feel we can bring each other immense pleasure before the night is over, I hope you think so too.”

Nodding enthusiastically as delicious fear and the very nearness of the leather-clad girl enraged her untameable arousal beyond reason Belinda squirmed restlessly on the bed eager to be the wanton little slut she was expected to be herself.

Seeing how enthusiastic her helpless victim was to comply made Raven smile, Lien always found ways of making the pleasure variable and interesting for her. She thought that such pathetic willingness in such a beautiful captive was so enticing. Gazing down on the voluptuous long legged beauty tied to the bed part of her just wanted to take the girl then and there. Her aura was intense, but resisting, knowing how much pleasure she could extract from her, how much sweeter the life-force would taste when the woman was deliberately brought to the very peak of ecstatic endurance. Even so she allowed herself to savour the woman’s pent up excitement and fearful emotions, allowing them to sweep into her in an intoxicating wave.

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