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Bess Ch. 16

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Deidre couldn’t believe it. Today was her tenth anniversary. She shook her head and smiled. It seemed hard to believe that she had been married to a wonderful man like Scott that long. She felt incredibly lucky to have found a man like him. She thought of all the wonderful things she now had in her life.

Her stepson, Greg, Scott’s oldest son, was a very successful plastic surgeon in New York City. He was married to a beautiful woman and was very happy with his life style. His daughter, Carly, was a joy. She married a great young man and was a teacher and coach at a local school. More importantly for Deidre and Scott, was the fact that they had two beautiful daughters. Yes, Deidre was a grandmother and she loved it.

Her two boys were also doing well. Robbie was playing baseball at the Double A level and moving up quickly. Mike was playing basketball at the University of Minnesota. Even Bess was doing well in Chicago as she got her big break and was now on the anchor desk for the local ESPN. Deidre had nothing to complain about.

She also knew that her marriage was solid and her love for Scott was fully returned. About 5 years ago she acted a little crazy and let sex take the place of love. She felt she could experiment with a different life style but when push came to shove, she realized it wasn’t her. What amazed her was how Scott accepted it all without judging her. Since that wild week in the islands, he never mentioned it again. She realized that Scott’s love for her was unconditional and she had taken advantage of that. She had almost wrecked the best thing that ever happened to her. Their sex life was good and healthy now but definitely much tamer than during that time. Now it was 5 years later and Scott was taking her out for a special dinner.

She looked across the table at Scott. He was busy scanning the menu so he didn’t see her look. My, he is so handsome, she thought. His hair was thinning with a little grey but he kept it short so it didn’t show. His face was tan showing that he didn’t work behind a desk and it showed off his great smile. He kept himself in great shape by continuing to work at his construction company, not just being the boss but being involved in the actual work. For 55 years old, he was fantastic. Deidre felt her heart beat faster.

“What?” he said.

She looked down at the menu, her eyes widening a bit at the prices. The food sounded amazing, but she wasn’t sure any food was worth that price.

“Don’t look so worried, Dee,” Scott said.

“If you say so.” She sat her menu down and picked up her glass of wine, taking a sip. “This place is very nice. I’ve forgotten how nice it was. I think maybe they’ve remodeled a bit though.” She remembered that night. It was their first “official” date and just the thought made her squirm in her seat.

“I do like it,” he agreed. “It looks nicer than it did the last time we were here.”

“The prices have increased.”

He chuckled. “It was the least I could do for our tenth anniversary.”

Deidre smiled. “I can’t believe that we’ve been together for ten years! I mean, God, when did we get so old?”

Scott laughed. “Hey, speak for yourself. I don’t think fifty-five is old.”

“On you maybe but I’m forty-five. And grandmother.”

“You are one sexy grandmother. Besides you remember what Greg said about you.”

This summer Greg and wife had visited and when he saw Deidre in a bathing suit, he was impressed. He told her that she had the best body he seen on woman her age and he had seen quite a few in his line of work. Deidre wasn’t sure if Greg was just being polite but she did try to keep her shape. It was a battle to keep the weight off and she fought hard to avoid any sagging. Greg told her she had a figure like Josie Goldberg but she had no idea who that was or if it was a compliment or not.

He held up his wine glass, toasting against the edge of hers. “You’re only as old as you feel, my dear.”

She smiled, sipping her drink. They ordered their food and sat in silence, enjoying the soft piano music. The place was crowded, but their conversations were low, making the atmosphere very cozy and calming.

“Do you remember our first date?” Scott asked.

She laughed softly. “Yes, I do. If you want to call the concession stand at the Little League field our first date.”

“At least we’ve stepped up in the world, eh?”

“I was thirty-five years old, with 2 boys, and recently divorced, so I thought that I never find another man that could rock my world.”

“It hasn’t been for lack of trying on my part.” A grin slowly spread across his face. “I remember that night, as well.”

She smirked. “I remember what we did before we left to go home.”

“Good thing the game didn’t go into extra innings…”

She ran my hand across the table, taking his, squeezing. “Yes.”

“Remember the time when we came here?”

She bit her lip as the memory flooded back. “Of course I remember,” she said. “You made me feel so daring, so sexy.”

Scott casino şirketleri glanced down at their hands as she played with his fingers. He interlocked his around hers, locking onto her slate blue eyes with his brown. “I remember the whirlwind of sexual frenzy we had that first year.”

“We did it everywhere and anywhere we could possibly think of.”

“Think we still have that list we made? The one of all the places we’d been to and the ones we wanted to go to? The list of places we had done it in far outweighed the list of places we hadn’t.”

“I’m sure it’s somewhere,” she said. “We will have to look for it later. It would be good for a chuckle.”

Scott ran his thumb across her palm, searching her eyes. Her heart skipped a beat, and her stomach took a nosedive. “Do you ever miss it?” he whispered. “The adventure? How exciting it was? How I would have to cover your mouth to hide your screams from the people around us?”

She swallowed hard, a tingle having started deep down between her legs. Moisture soaked her panties, her mind whirling as some of the most amazing sex of her life flashed through her brain. The thrill of getting caught had always increased the pleasure. “Yes,” she replied. “Sometimes I miss it.”

“Do you remember what I asked you to do on the dance floor?” He scooted closer to her, running his hand up her leg underneath the tablecloth. She went very still. “Do you remember, Dee?”

She shivered at his touch against her inner thigh. “Scott…”

“Do you?”

“Yes,” She said breathlessly, looking him in the eye. “I remember you making me dance with you. You told me to remove my bra and then told me what you were going to do to me later. You make me so hot.”

“I could do it again.”

“We’re different people now,” she insisted. “We’re older and more mature.”

His fingers tickled at the inside of her thighs, and she inhaled sharply as a shiver went down her spine. “Really,” he said. “Is that why you’re breathing so heavily?”

“Scott,” she said. Deidre bit her lip as his finger grazed across her panties. A tremble went through her, and her eyes darted around the room, paranoid that someone would know.

He leaned in and whispered, “You’re pretty wet for someone who is so different.”

Every nerve ending in her body was firing at once. She wanted to grab him and kiss him. She wanted him to stick his fingers inside her and make her scream. But there was the other part of her that was afraid of being discovered. She wasn’t young and reckless anymore. She couldn’t let someone find out they were fooling around in a restaurant. How embarrassing would that be, acting like a couple of hormonal teenagers?

“What’s wrong?” he whispered.

“We can’t do this here, Scott,” she said. She gasped quietly as his fingers grazed across the middle of her panties again, lingering longer this time, sending an explosion of arousal through her core and up into her stomach.

The waitress brought their food over and served them. Scott smiled and thanked her, acting very casual, given his fingers were still skimming back and forth against Deidre’s underwear, sending tiny shocks of pleasure through her. The thrill of being caught sent a shot of lust through her blood, along with a cold steel hand around her gut.

Scott pulled his hand away, and she exhaled deeply. Her body was warm and on fire, her insides aching for release. They ate their dinner in comfortable silence, with no more talk of their wild past. Part of her was disappointed and the other part of her was relieved.

She finished her glass of wine and was served another. She didn’t drink often, and the alcohol was working through her system quickly, making her feel much more relaxed and confident. As the waitress took away their plates and took down their dessert order, she was feeling pretty good.

Scott placed his hand on her leg, squeezing it lightly, turning to look into her eyes. She turned my head; her blue meeting his deep, lust filled brown ones. Her stomach fluttered with desire at the arousal barely behind them.

“How much do you think you’re going to want me after you finish that chocolate mousse?” he asked with an impish grin. “I know how much of an aphrodisiac chocolate is for you, and you’re already horny as hell.” His hand found its way between her legs again, this time his fingers slid around the hem of her panties and stroked across the moisture hiding between the folds. The piano music in the background swelled in almost perfect unison with his fingers.


“Shhh,” he said, his finger finding her clit and beginning to rub lightly. Deidre’s breath caught in her throat at the surge of pleasure that flooded her body. Her eyes quickly searched around the room, taking in the dim room and candlelight. All the other patrons were too busy with their own dinners to notice anything amiss. Scott took a casual sip of his drink as he brought her to the brink of orgasm before pulling his hand casino firmaları away. She whimpered softly, but said nothing, noticing their dessert had arrived.

Scott didn’t eat hardly any of the mousse, and instead watched her as she ate. The naughty part of her made her savor every bite, purposefully licking the mousse off every spoonful. After every swallow, she let out a soft, tiny moan. Checking his expression, Deidre could practically feel the vibrations of desire flowing from him.

Scott got the check and put some cash in the folder, enough to pay for dinner and dessert with a healthy tip left behind. He stood up, holding out his hand. She took it, and he led them out the front door.

A black SUV was waiting at the curb. Scott had spared no expense tonight and had rented this for them. An older, barely smiling man stood by and he immediately opened the back door of a giant SUV with a casual nod of his head.

Deidre got in first, stomach in knots and Scott slid in beside her. He sat close.

“Where to, sir?” asked the driver, turning around in the front seat.

Scott looked at Deidre and smiled slyly. “Take the long way home, Harriman.” Harriman agreed, his stiff chauffer cap nodding slowly as Scott pushed a button on the door to raise the heavily tinted, soundproof barrier between the driver’s seat and the backseat.

The sound of the mechanical window sliding up into its berth made Deidre shiver with desire. The backseat was dark but dimly lit by the moonlight filtering in through the windows. They cast shadows on Scott’s face and reflected off his dark brown eyes, making the white of his crisp designer shirt all the more brilliant.

He looked at her carefully as she licked her lips temptingly. He watched her lick them, and she could hear his slight intake of breath. He cleared his throat and offered that adorably crooked smile of his. “Now…” he began.

“Yes?” she asked him, surprised at the huskiness of her voice as she turned in her seat to face him. She crossed her legs and the sensation made her blink slowly and lick her lips again. The tight, silken dress didn’t leave much to the imagination, and she smiled as he admired the swell of her breasts.

“Yes, well…” He inched closer, the sound of his linen slacks on leather making her smile as her inner thighs tingled with anticipation. “I think that after 10 years, it’s time you started listening to your husband for a change.”

She croaked out a throaty laugh. “Is that right? And what does my husband to be want me to do so urgently?”

He sat back, both arms across the back of the chair. “Since we’re taking the long way home…”

She rolled her eyes and waited for his request.

He looked down at her waist, then quickly back into her eyes. “Take off your panties.”

She chuckled and shook her head instantly, but had to admit the thought turned her on. She’d done that a few times in the past. She wanted him, purely and quickly, hard and fast right here, right now. From a shake, her head turned to a nod, and she reached slowly down to ease the hem of her slinky maroon dress up her long, shapely thighs.

She watched his eyes as they drank her in, forcing her to slow her movements as the silky fabric crept up her thighs, inch by inch, the hem feeling delicious against her skin. She saw the moonlight reflected in his eyes, in the glistening coat on his lips as he licked them urgently, on the sparkly body cream she’d used before they’d left for dinner.

She rested her hands on her thighs, making him wait, enjoying his anticipation, her fingertips on her skin making her moist even as, at last, she reached up inside her dress to pull down her tight black panties.

She rested a thumb on either side of the underwear, looking up at him as he sat, marveling at her, eyes adoring and hands trembling. That look in his eyes, admiring and intimidated, anticipating and fearful, made her moan softly as at last she sat slightly up and slid the panties down her thighs slowly. So… so… slowly.

She wriggled her butt a little to feel the leather beneath her naked ass, cold but exhilarating as, at last, she gently slid the small slip of black cotton past her high heels and onto the floor. They lay there, already damp, making her blush defiantly.

She looked up at him then, having slid down the seat slightly to peel the last inch of fabric from around her black heel. “Any more requests?” she asked hopefully, voice thick with desire, eyes half-lidded as her fingertips toyed with the hem of her dress, still resting about mid-thigh.

“Kiss me” Even before he finished, she was nodding, one hand reaching out to cling to his linen jacket as he bent to kiss her.

His lips were soft and sweet and gentle. She ran her fingers through his hair, gasping when at last his hand reached out to slide her dress all the way up around her quivering waist. She bucked against the seat in surprise and anticipation, almost climaxing at the mere touch of his hand.

He güvenilir casino said nothing but merely took his lips away from her. They both watched as his long fingers threaded softly through her carefully trimmed bush, the patch of reddish hair in stark contrast to her pale, milky white skin. His touch was exquisite, soft yet forceful, warm yet knowing as he gently rasped his fingertips against her soft, slick skin.

They said nothing as he widened his reach, fingers splaying across her belly, straying onto her quivering thighs which she spread a little wider, if only to have him reach her honey pot more quickly and quench the desire that burned just beneath her skin.

But after 10 years of marriage, Scott wasn’t going to please her that quickly. He toyed with her, teasing her, one hand on her breast, still mired beneath her maroon dress, as the other toyed with her rib cage, then back to her quivering belly, then to her slickening snatch and then off to brush against her thighs.

When at last the tip of his index finger brushed against her glistening clit, she moaned aloud and grabbed his shoulder, making him gasp as he pressed more eagerly, more rhythmically, her naked ass grinding against the leather backseat, her dress bunched around her waist, her legs spread, her bare ass sliding down the seat to grind against him.

She pulled her hand from around his shoulder, reaching for his belt as he slipped out of his jacket. She fiddled with the buckle as he gently slid one long finger inside of her, forcing her to choke off a moan by biting on his shoulder.

He moaned as she slid down his zipper, already feeling the heft of his erection against his gray boxer briefs. As she lifted up his shirt, taking in the thin trail of hair that led down from his belly button and disappeared beneath the band of his underwear, she gently slid away from his hungry fingers, despite the ecstasy he’d been giving her.

She forced him back onto the seat, sliding the shirt farther up his flat belly and turning to face his throbbing bulge. She slid his pants down, but not all the way off, and gently stroked his thick shaft above the cotton of his underpants until he, too, writhed beneath her touch.

She teased him as he’d teased her, toying with the tip, watching a glistening spot of pre-cum soak through the thin cotton fabric before trailing a finger down his member, toward his balls, thick beneath the soft cotton and heavy in her hand.

He reached out to touch her, to stroke her hair, brush his finger against her heaving breasts, and she chuckled, forcefully putting his arms across the back of the seat. He smiled as she kissed each eyelid closed only to return her gaze to his massive erection.

She used one hand to gently lift the band away from his waist and the other to free his cock, which sprang to life, the tip glistening with more dribbling juices as she bent to gently cup his naked balls. His cock sprang to life, quivering as she lowered her mouth at last to welcome its thick, bulbous tip between her thick, wet lips.

He tasted both salty and sweet, her hand on his trembling belly as he gasped and rocked back in the seat, giving him more of her to swallow until she slid back along his girth and replaced her lips with her hand, gently stroking him until he pressed more insistently against her and she wasn’t so gentle.

He bit his lip, arching his hips forward as she slid to her knees in the spacious backseat of the giant SUV. She yanked his pants down to his ankles, desperate to be between his legs, slathering his cock with wet kisses, cupping his balls gently, feeling their heft in her free hand as she alternately sucked and stroked his reddening cock with a faster, more intense rhythm that made him bite his lip and squirm beneath her.

His hands gripped the back of the giant leather seat, his stomach quivered as she reached out to gently push his shirt even higher up his slick, smooth skin. She knelt back, taking him in hand, watching her own and his juices mingle as she gently stroked him from stem to tip and back again. She watched his belly begin to heave, heard his breath catch in his throat, knew he was close to cumming and stopped, watching him quiver and glisten as she sat back, reaching for her panties.

“Not yet,” she gasped, wiping the back of her hand against her puffy, slick lips. “I have a long night in store for you.”

He chuckled as she slid back onto the seat next to him. He pulled up his pants and yanked down his shirt but, as she went to put on her panties, he paused, taking them from her. “I like thinking of you without them,” he explained, sliding them into his jacket pocket and waiting until they were both semi-dressed to slide down the dividing wall between them and Harrington.

“Home,” was all he said, voice thick with desire.

They sat next to each other, silently, like guilty teenagers, Deidre feeling her bare ass against the leather seat and squirming in anticipation all the way home.

In what seemed like only minute, they were holding hands and staring at the winking of SUV’s taillights in the distance as it drove off. Scott looked at her questioningly.

Leaning in to his ear, she pressed his hand more firmly and whispered, “Follow me.”

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