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Best Friends Rest Stop

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“Morgan? You asleep?” Dallas asked me while looking ahead at the road.

I was laying back in my seat, staring out the passenger window at the trees whizzing by.

It was a hot summer night and we had driven down to Detroit to watch a Tigers game. We were headed north to home, almost a 4.5 hour drive.

I’m not sure why I didn’t answer him. I pretended to be asleep and looked out the window, lost in my thoughts.

Dallas turned up the radio a bit and sang along off-key to The Fray.

Dallas is my best friend. I owed everything to him. When I moved next door to him when I was 10 years old, we became instant best friends. I hung out with the popular crowd at school because of him. I made the baseball team because of him. I had a nice cut body from working out with him. I lost my virginity to the girl he set me up with for senior prom. He even got me a job working with him. After graduation, he got a job at the cable company, then got me an interview.

We shared and talked about everything.

Except for one thing. I realized a few years back that I was having feelings that were different than other guys. Once I commented about a guy on the baseball team having a big dick and I wondered what it would be like to have a foreskin like he had.

Dallas’s reaction told me that was something not to be talked about. I buried those feelings deep inside.

We were now 22 years old. It was a couple of years ago that I realized that I had feelings for Dallas. Feelings that would never be returned.

Dallas was hot. At least he was to me. He had thick brown hair and blue eyes. His body was ripped. He had a goatee on his chin.

We were both about the same height, me at 6’0″ and him at 6’1″. He had about 10 pounds of muscle on me, but we were both built similarly. We could even share clothes if we wanted.

I had blue eyes and dark blond hair, but I kept my hair buzzed pretty short.

When we passed a sign that said “REST AREA: 2 MILES”, Dallas muttered “Oh, man. Thank God. I gotta piss so fucking bad.”

Dallas pulled into the deserted rest stop and nudged my arm.

“Morgan. You need to piss?”

I sat up. “Yeah.”

“Fuck, dude. I’m gonna piss my pants,” he laughed as he parked the car.

He shut the engine off and practically sprinted to the güvenilir bahis small building. I was right behind him. I looked around and there was no one around. It was pretty late, after midnight. There were a few semi-trucks parked on the truck side of the parking lot, but otherwise it was deserted. It was dark and kind of scary and it freaked me out a little bit.

Dallas was unzipping his shorts as soon as we were in the restroom. He made a beeline for the last stall and I took the one next to him. I could hear him loudly pissing into the bowl. I pulled out my dick and let loose my own stream.

“Fuck, that feels good!” Dallas shouted over the stall wall.

I tried not to think about Dallas next door with his dick in his hand. I finished pissing and was shaking off when I heard him laughing.

“Dude,” he called out. “You ever see Porky’s?”


“Look,” he laughed.

I turned and looked and his dick was sticking through a hole in the wall between our stalls. I gasped. I had seen him naked before in the showers, of course, but never like this where I could look without getting caught.

My dick was still in my hand and it surged to full bone within seconds.

Dallas was laughing and wiggling his dick.

“Touch it,” he laughed.

“Fuck you, dude,” I said weakly, my voice quivering.

I couldn’t tear my eyes away from it. It was getting bigger.

“Touch it,” he repeated. His voice was quieter and deeper. He wasn’t laughing now.

Thinking of Porky’s, I grabbed it and pulled hard and Dallas laughed, “OW! You fucker!”

I watched it slowly harden until it was fully erect. He was about the same length as me, 6.5″ inches, maybe a little bit bigger. But he was a lot thicker around.

He wasn’t saying anything and he never removed his dick from the hole. I hesitatingly reached for it, hoping that this wasn’t a set up or something.

I wrapped my hand around it and gently squeezed. It felt so hot in my hand. It was hard as a rock, but velvety soft at the same time. I squatted in front of him and looked at it. It was beautiful. The head had a perfect flare. It was turning red with need. A little bit of pre-come had oozed from the tip. The shaft was uniformly cylindrical, with a dark circumcision scar.

The room was completely silent. güvenilir bahis siteleri I took a deep breath and began moving my hand up and down the shaft. I ran my thumb over the head and I heard a soft groan from Dallas.

I pulled my hand away for a second and spit into it. I returned it back to Dallas’s cock and smeared the spit around and began stroking him.

“Oh, fuck, dude,” Dallas groaned.

I twisted my hand as I stroked him up and down. My ample wad of spit was making for a good lube.

I heard Dallas moan softly. I couldn’t believe that I giving my best friend, and the object of my secret affections, a hand job at a highway rest area.

I needed more spit, so I leaned in let a dollop of spit fall out of my mouth onto the head. I swirled it around and kept stroking him.

Then I heard a whisper, so soft that I wasn’t sure if I really heard right.

“Suck it.”

This was my once in a lifetime chance and I wasn’t going to pass it up. I dropped down to my knees and leaned in and licked the head of his cock. I flicked my tongue around the head and then took it into my mouth. I slid my mouth down the shaft until the head hit my gagging point.

I moaned at the feeling of his red hot cock in my mouth. I couldn’t believe that I was actually giving another guy head. Not only that, but it was Dallas.

I had seen enough porn that I knew what to do. Once I got started, I quickly figured it out. Maybe it’s true what they say. A guy just knows what feels good.

I bobbed my head up and down, giving him good suction, while I twisted my hand up and down the shaft.

I gripped my dick with my left hand around the base, just holding it. I was so turned on that I was close to shooting. I didn’t want to come until Dallas did.

“Oh fuck, Morgan,” he whispered. “Dude… You’ve done this before, haven’t you? It’s so fucking good.”

I pulled off his cock and replied back to him, “You’re the first, Dallas.”

“Suck my cock, Morgan.”

I took him back into my mouth and went to town. I was greedily and noisily slurping and sucking him. I forgot all about being in a public place. The only thing I could concentrate on was Dallas’s perfect boner.

I could feel Dallas trembling. I heard his breathing get faster and more shallow. He was getting iddaa siteleri close. I moved faster and sucked a little harder.

“I’m gonna shoot!” he grunted. “Oh, fuck!”

I pulled off him and rapidly stroked up and down his shaft. Dallas groaned loudly and I saw his piss slit open and a rope of thick, white come blasted out and splattered across my lips and chin.

I moaned and took him back into my mouth. I stroked and bobbed as he came in my mouth.

“Oh fuck yeah, swallow it,” Dallas groaned.

Dallas shot several more times into my mouth and I swallowed every drop.

“Fuck! Jesus Christ! God damn!”

I kept Dallas’s dick in my mouth and closed my eyes and grabbed my own cock. It only took a few strokes and I moaned around his dick and spurt my load onto the dirty floor of the bathroom stall.

I let Dallas’s spent cock fall from my mouth and I looked down to see my come all over the floor between our stalls.

Dallas pulled back and I watched him through the hole stuff his dick back into his shorts.

I pushed up to my feet and I heard him exit the stall and walk to the sink.

The gravity of what happened hit me like a truck. I had just sucked my best friend’s dick. There was no going back. I was a cocksucker.

I took a deep breath and joined him at the sink to wash my hands. I glanced over at him and he ignored me, seemingly lost in thought.

I was positive that our friendship was now ruined. He would never speak to me again now that he knew what I was.

I struggled to hold myself together as I wiped my chin and mouth with my wet hand and then dried off my face with my t-shirt.

I followed Dallas out of the building and we slowly walked to his car. The silence was deafening. I started to feel sick to my stomach.

He finally looked over at me, then put his arm around my shoulder and squeezed me to him in a sideways hug.

I let out a breath and sigh in relief. Without words, he told me that we were still cool. Tears fell from my eyes and I quickly wiped them away.

We got into his car and we got back on the road for home. We drove in silence for a while, when he finally spoke quietly.


His eyes never left the road.

“Yeah?” I asked, turning my head to look at him.

“It’s gonna be late when we get home. Why don’t you just stay the night at my place?”

“You sure, Dallas?”

“Yeah. My bed’s plenty big enough for the both of us.”


I turned with a big grin on my face and stared at the road ahead.

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