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Best Night EVER_(1)

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Angie stood up from the table to get herself and Sarah another drink, and as she did I noticed both Dave and Sarah watch her ass as she walked. I could tell that the evening was starting to turn into one that held promise. Angie mixed herself and Sarah another cocktail and brought them back to the table. We had put the kids to bed much earlier and had ourselves and adults only dinner. We were all fairly sated but had yet to start our deserts. Soon talk turned to the subject of sex, and our last dinner that ended in strip poker and a little bit more. The girls had made out with us, each other and Angie had gone down on Dave. I could still see her working his cock in my mind, while we sat there discussing who said what when.
‘What are you smiling about?’ asked Sarah.
‘Oh nothing..’ I replied with a wicked smile.
‘I’ll bet it’s nothing. Were you thinking about me and Angie making out?’
‘Actually no. It was something else.’
‘Hmm. I know that look.’, said Angie. ‘He’s thinking about sex of some sort. Probably thinking of us doing more than make out.’
‘What’s wrong with you guys making out?’ said Dave.
‘Hey man, I’d do it in a second if Sarah wants too, but I’m not so sure she’s up for it..’
‘What? I am if you are. You slut!’
The next thing I know Angie walks over to Sarah and straddles her legs, and puts her arms around her neck. They treated Dave and I to several minutes of very sensual kissing, before breaking apart and getting slightly embarrassed. ‘Don’t stop on our account you guys!’
Angie came back to her seat and let out a sigh, ‘Whew, I could do that all night. You’re a good kisser Sarah. ‘
‘Yeah. I know.’ she replied.
‘If you do say so yourself!’ I said.
‘I am and I know it. You know it, she knows it , and Dave knows it. I’m fucking sexy. You don’t need to remind me, fun boy.’
This got Angie and Dave giggling, which lasted for a while.
Soon as I was clearing some empties off of the table and a beer bottle got knocked down. ‘Shit!’ I said. ‘No, It’s alright dude, anyone wanna play spin the bottle?’ kidded Dave. “Ooooo, that’d be fun! I haven’t done that since elementary school!’ said Angie. We all agreed to get another round and move into the living room for our little game.
After a few rounds of kissing between various combinations of us, the girls decided that an escalation was in order. We began to add a dare onto each kiss, and soon Sarah had dared Dave to suck on Angie’ nipples. Angie getting her breasts sucked by Dave was really turning me on. Angie leaned her head back and twisted the other nipple as he worked her nipple. I could see her hips start to move as she got more and more turned on. Her hand moved over to his crotch and started to knead his cock. I could tell Sarah was getting horny as she watched them, licking her lips and gyrating slightly. Pretty soon I could tell she wanted to get some play time herself, so I spun the bottle again. ‘Hey! It’s my turn to spin!’, said Angie. ‘Oh sorry, go ahead’ She gave the bottle a spin and it landed on me. She crawled over to me and straddled me while we kissed. ‘Mmmmm, she purred. Let’s see, I want you to do something for Sarah.’ I could see Sarah and Dave looking at her back they both looked like they wanted to fuck her. She arched her back and pressed her tits to my chest, grinding into me slightly. ‘I want you to strip her clothes off while we watch, over there by the fireplace. Then I want you to rub her pussy for a little while, get it nice and wet. ‘ She moved to the side so I could stand up, and I took Sarah’s hand and led her to the mantel. Sarah was really quiet, and her skin was on fire, I could tell she was really getting turned on, she’s an exhibitionist at heart and the idea of being naked surely casino şirketleri appealed to her. I placed her hands on the mantel with her back to Angie and Dave. They had moved around to get the best view. I had to adjust my now very hard cock, so I could start to strip Sarah. I moved in behind her and slowly slid my hands round her waist, and began to pull her shirt out of her jeans. She was impatient for me to hurry , so I slowed down as slow as I could, working my way around her waist and pushing the shirt up around her as I did so. I looked back and saw that, Angie was playing with her nipples while Dave was starting to fondle his hardening cock. I moved up behind Sarah, and pulled her ass out, so that it brushed against my cock. Sliding my hands around the front of her jeans to unbutton them. Pulling the zipper apart and pushing them down little by little. My hand slipped forward and covered her pussy, I pulled her ass back into my cock, she ground back against me. I continued pushing down her jeans, moving my hand back to cup the cheeks of her ass. I knelt down and pulled her pants down to her knees, running my hands up and down her inner thighs, feeling the heat from her pussy. I could hear Angie behind me whisper dirty things to Dave. I pulled the jeans from Sarahs’ calves and threw them to the side. I told her to stick her ass out further, as I began to peel her panties off. I followed the edge of her panties with my mouth, kissing her ass as I went. When they reached her thighs I pushed her legs together and they could fall to the floor. I stood behind her and started to work the shirt up over her shoulders, her ass pushing against me the whole time. I heard a couple of moans from behind me and turned to see Angie with her hand down her pants and the other twisting her nipples, Dave watching her intently, stroking his now exposed cock. I pushed Sarahs bra up over her breasts and slid my hands over her nipples. She moaned a little as I increased the speed of my hands, and push back into me again.
I puled her bra, and shirt the rest of the way off and told her to close her eyes. She did and I turned her around, her shaved pussy in full view for Angie and Dave. I stood behind her and motioned for Dave to kneel in front of her, as he did I spread her very wet pussy, pushing her legs wide as she stood there. Once she was open to him I told Dave to eat her pussy, while I played with her breasts from behind. She leaned her head back onto me as his tongue slid up and down her lips. Angie was now working her way out of her pants and wearing a wicked little grin. I motioned for her to come and kiss Sarah while we worked on her. She pulled Sarahs head down to kiss her, and slid her hand to my crotch, working my zipper down so she could pull out my cock. ‘That worked out well’ Angie said as she took a breath.
‘Dave, take of those clothes and get that cock out for us to see’, Angie said. She turned back to me and pulled Sarah into a deep kiss while I rubbed Sarahs pussy from behind. Angie stuck her ass in Daves face at she kissed Sarah, and he rubbed and kissed her. She whispered into Sarahs ear and they both turned and knelt before me. They were making out right in front of my cock, which Angie grabbed, and began to pump. She took a quick suck then started to kiss Sarah again. Soon she was switching back and forth from my cock to Sarah. Next they were both sucking on me, Angie tonguing my balls while Sarah sucked my shaft. Dave sat back and stroked his cock enjoying the show. The girls hands found each others pussies, and they pressed their bodies together, sharing my cock between their mouths. Soon Dave had both his hands full with their asses. The girls broke from kissing my cock , and switched to his. he laid back casino firmaları on the coffee table with the girls on either side, sharing his cock like a popsicle. Angie would lick him from his balls to the head and meet Sarahs lips for a nice long kiss after each stroke.
I slid out of my clothes and sat down to watch them work his cock. ‘Dave, lay down on the floor,’ Sarah said. He did as he was told and she began to suck his cock like her life depended on it. Angie sat on the edge of the coffee table and fingered her pussy while she watched. ‘Suck it Sarah, mmm yeah, suck it. Steve, get over here.’ I stood in front of her as she took me into her mouth, her hand working her nipples again. Dave was starting to move with Sarah sucking him off. Sarah raised her head and told Angie to help her get him off. Angie moved down to his big hard cock and took over sucking it. Sarah turned around so that she was straddling Dave’s face backwards so she could see Angie suck him. ‘Thats right suck his cock, make him cum for me, make him cum while I fuck his face. ‘ Sarah said as she ground her pussy into Daves face. Angie was working him frantically, her hand on his balls squeezing in rythum. He started to buck, as his orgasm hit him. Angie taking his huge cock in her mouth, jerking him off into her mouth. I loved watching her suck that cock, and was trying to avoid blowing my load after that performance. Sarah slid down his body to let him breath, and Angie leant down to let her lick the cum from her lips. She then stood upright and Sarah leaned forward to put her mouth on Angie’ pussy. She was grinding her vulva into Sarahs face, when she turned to me and beckoned me forward. Pulling in for a kiss, she asked ‘Did you like that? Did you like me sucking that cock? Hmm?’ Her kiss was filled with the taste of another man as she kissed me. ‘I liked you watching me’, she whispered. I couldn’t believe it was turning me on so much to see her do these things with him, but I loved watching her. She was the sexiest I had ever seen her. She moved over to the coffee table and pulled Sarah to her for another long kiss. Soon Sarah moved down to suck her pussy again, but this time she started to use her fingers as well, working Angie’ pussy, while she licked her clit. Dave and I both sucked on one of her tits as Sarah did her.
Angie was building to her orgasm, bucking Sarahs face. She slid along the table until her head was hanging over the end, ‘Put your cocks in my mouth’ she said. We each moved to one side of her head and made our cock available for her. She to turns suck each of us as Sarah kept eating her pussy. Soon she was over the edge, she had a cock in each hand jerking us as she came. ‘Oh, fuck, oh fuck, mmmm yeah thats it ….. mmm….. ‘ Her body tensed up so tight I thought she would burst. And soon she ebbed into a quivering mess on the table.
Sarah stood up and smiled at her husband. Angie was starting regain her composure. “So Sarah, what would you like to do?’ she said. ‘I want to fuck. Who’s cock do you think I should ride?’ Sarah said as she walked to Dave and myself, taking our cock in her hands, jacking us off slowly. “Oh, thats a tough one, I think you’ll need to fuck them both, but start with Dave. I want to see you two fuck first. ” Sarah got down on all fours and told Dave to fuck her from behind so Angie could see him pump her. Then she told me to get on my knees so she could suck me while he fucked her. Her mouth was so warm and I wanted to cum so much, but I held off and tried to concentrate on her, reaching down and playing with her nipples while she sucked my cock. Dave was pounding her pretty hard now, and she seemed to really like being fucked. I stole a glance at Angie who was laying over güvenilir casino on the couch, caressing her nipples as she watched us. I had to pull away, since I had no idea if Sarah want me to cum in her mouth. I concentrated and got myself under control. Sarah told me to set down in our char and lean back, as I did she straddled me and began to fuck me. Angie moved up behind her and caressed her ass with her tits while she rode me. ‘Sarah turn around, I want to taste you while you fuck Steve.’ Sarah turned herself around and mounted me again, and I watched my wife kiss down her chest, paying attention to each nipple, and down to her pussy. Angie’ hand was on my balls squeezing them as She rode me. I felt Angie’ fingers slide into Sarah alongside my cock, which sent tingle down my cock. She was sucking on Sarahs clit like it was a cock, Sarah lost all control and started fucking me wildly while Angie sucked her into oblivion. ‘Oh dear lord, shit yeah yeah Angie, oh my god yeah, suck my pussy suck it suck it…’
As Sarah started to settle down. Angie moved Dave to the floor and started to jack his big cock into hardness. ‘Do you want me to fuck him Steve? Would you like to watch me fuck this cock? I think I might come all over it. Do you wanna see me do that? ‘. ‘God yes’, I said. She smiled and moved herself over his now very hard penis and began to rub it back and forth on her pussy. She slid back and forth like that for a few minutes working both of them in to a good heated rhythm. Then she pushed forward and pushed his cock into her pussy, slowly at first then all the way, She was taking more than she had ever had and she was loving it, she motioned for Sarah to come suck her tits while she did him. Sarah leaned into her and pulled one nipple into her mouth and then the other, all while Angie ground her pussy against Dave. Sarahs’ hand moved to Angie hips and around to her ass, rubbing her ass as she fuck her husband.
Sarah moved to Angie’s mouth and kissed her deeply as she moved, then her hand slipped into Angie’ cleft and began to rub her ass. Angie went wild, kissing her more and more deeply. Sarah moved to her ear and whispered something. ‘If I ever could it would be now, are you sure?’, she nodded back and Angie said ‘Steve move behind me, and fuck Sarah, now.’ As I moved behind her I could see her riding him up and down as Sarah fingered her ass. Sarah stopped and got on all fours facing away from me and took his cock out of her pussy, and rubbed it against her asshole. Angie was going to fuck him with her ass! I couldnt believe it. Sarah moved back from the scene and guided me into her pussy, as we watched Angie slowly sink onto his big dick. I began to pump Sarah as Angie started to move him in and out of her ass. Arching her back and moaning about how big he was, she was going to cum form this I knew it. This was getting Sarah even more heated and she stopped and pulled away from me, giving me a keep quiet look, she sat up right and pulled me close behind her, guiding my cock to her ass as well. Angie had sunk all the way onto Dave and was fingering her pussy and twisting her nipples as she rode him. She was going to have a massive orgasm. Sarah was pushing back on my cock, easing me into her virgin ass, as she rubbed her clit, and I pulled at her nipples. We both watched the show Angie was putting on, as we bounced, driving my cock deeper and deeper into her ass. She leaned her head back as I kissed her neck. Her ass was bucking against me, and she reached up pulling me closer to her as she neared orgasm.
Soon we were all fucking in unison, and getting closer and closer to orgasm, Sarah went first, moaning ‘Fuck me, oh god fuck me’, which sent Angie over the edge, bucking frantically, “yeah fuck my ass , oh fuck mmmm yeah…” Dave and I were having trouble holding back when almost in unison the said “Cum in me, please cum”. We all shook and sank to the carpet, spent.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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