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Best of Friends Ch. 02

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This story continues from the first one I posted and is based on experiences growing up in the UK. Thanks for the feedback from my first attempt and any thoughts or comments on this one would be greatly appreciated.


After the first time that Tracey, Mark and David had played the “Up and Down Game” things changed between them all. The change was subtle change in how they view each other but also the bond of trust that had been there between David and Mark now covered all three of them.

Mark noticed it the most as the general banter between him and his sister had an undercurrent of flirting which they both enjoyed and responded to.

One of Tracey’s ‘chores’ was to spend time in the evening and at weekends at David’s parents farm looking after the tree horses that her and her Mum kept there. The farm was about a 20 minute walk from Tracey’s house and she always loved spending time there, but more so now as David and her flirted and laughed together in the same way as she did with her brother. It also gave her an advantage now as David was only too willing to help her with some of the tasks she was not so keen on. Tracey loved horses but spending hours mucking the horses out and basically shoveling horse shit was certainly not her favorite job and she would smile as she watched David doing this job while she groomed the horses and rode them.

Mark spent a lot of time on the farm as well, although it normally involved racing one of the farms quad bikes or tractors with David! The boys could spend hours doing this although there was often a sudden end to the race when David’s Dad appeared and heard the boys crashing the gears and his prize John Deere tractors!

One Saturday David and Mark were in the yard playing football while Tracey was grooming the horses. The tractor races were ‘on hold’ as the boys had not been able to explain how one tractor ended up sitting in the middle of a pond with the water covering its bonnet after a race a few days earlier. Everyone else was out and after about an hour of playing football David went and got three cans of Coke and they all sat down on some hay bales by the barn. They chatted for awhile about the usual things, all of them enjoying chilling out on a warm July day.

After a while the conversation gradually became more focused on flirting and Tracey started to feel their eyes starring at her breasts. She smiled and then quickly pulled her t shirt so it was tight against her and stuck her tongue out at the boys.

“Suits you Tracey,” said David ” although that is a scary tongue you got there, you could do some damage with that you know!”

They all laughed and then Mark said ” Well Sis, since you are obviously in a good mood, how about a game?”

Tracey did not reply at first, instead she picked up a straw that David had brought out with the cans of Coke and loudly slurped as she drank.

“That’s a hell of a suck you got there!” said David laughing.

Tracey was nearly blushing but kept slurping and just raised her eyes and looked directly at David. As he looked at her, David was captivated by her deep blue eyes and the knack she had to look almost totally innocent and yet seem to be flirting madly at the same time.

“Come on Trace, what do you want to do?” said David

“Truth or dare ” replied Tracey as she sat on the hay bales kicking her feet backwards and forwards.

Mark and David looked at each other and nodded.

“Mark, you go first ” said Tracey.

After a few moments thinking Mark asked for a truth.

“Ok” said Tracey “Did you snog Gail last year when she worked here?”

Gail was a girl who had worked for David’s Mum for a year or so and although she was very good with horses she was also quite a large girl with unruly ginger hair, wild eyes and a wicked sense of humour. While working there Gail had seemed to derive great pleasure from scaring David and Mark to death when they were about. Despite that Tracey had sensed that Mark fancied this ‘mad woman’ and she had spent a long time winding Mark up saying how she knew that he was gagging for Gail.

Mark’s face had gone bright red and David poked him sharply in the ribs to make him reply.

“Ok urh yes I did” he eventually replied. desperately hoping they would then let it go.

“Come on, let’s have the details!” said David.

Mark took a deep breath and then explained how one day she had been in a stable with him and she had been winding him up about him flirting with her. As Gail had been talking she had moved right up to him and Mark was against the wall when she had tried to kiss him. At first he had been nervous as the wild ginger girl kissed him but he had actually found it to be quite enjoyable and not they had snogged for a few minutes and she had also let him have a squeeze of her significant breasts as well.

As he finished talking Tracey smiled and said

” See that was not too bad was it bro, OK David truth for you now. What did you do with Gail?”

David looked stunned, as he was not sure if Tracey was guessing or had she actually found out what had happened. casino şirketleri Both Mark and Tracey were starring at him now waiting for David to say something.

“Hmmm,” he said ” oh what the hell, ok yes I snogged her and also…..”

“Come on spit it out!” said Tracey.

“She gave me a blow job and too be honest at first I thought she was going to bite the damned thing off but actually she gave a damned fine blow job.” he replied.

“Bollocks,” said Mark ” She never offered me one!”

“Ok boys calm down now.” his sister said smiling at them both.

“Your turn now sis” said Mark

Tracey decided quickly that in the circumstances a dare would probably be the lesser of two evils, as it would avoid giving the boys a chance to ask a truly embarrassing question.

“Dare please” she said.

Mark and David looked at each other both wondering where to start. After a few moments it was David who broke the silence,

“OK, the dare is to walk across the yard and then walk back topless!”

The yard was shaped like a courtyard with stables on three sides and the big hay barn where they were sitting made up the fourth side.

Tracey giggled, got up and promptly walked the thirty yards across the yard and stopped. Mark and David watched intently as she turned round and then pulled her t-shirt and bra up in one movement. Mark had determined his sister’s breasts were 32b from reading one of the labels in the laundry and they looked absolutely perfect as they bounced gently as she walked slowly back towards them. Tracey initially tried to look in total control but she could not contain a smile as she felt the warm breeze on her boobs and the boy’s eyes almost hypnotised watching her walk towards them.

Tracey’s smile grew as she saw both of them shuffling around on the bales to try and make their erections look less obvious. As she got back to the bales, the smile had changed to a giggle and she pulled her t-shirt down and said,

“Your turn for a dare together, you got to drop your jeans and take your tops off and go across the yard and back!”

Mark and David got up and both quickly took off their t shirts and Tracey watched intently as they both started to undo their jeans. Neither of them tried to hide the fact that they had both been turned on by her topless walk and with their jeans round their ankles they started to walk across the yard.

Tracey found it comical yet sexy watching the boys waddle across they yard with their jeans round their ankles. As they turned round to walk back this was increased by the way their erections tried to escape their boxer shorts.

As David and Mark got back to the bales they went to Pull up their jeans but Tracey shook her head and patted the bales either side of her indicating that they should sit down. After a few moments silence they all giggled at the situation as the boys sat on either side of Tracey with their jeans down and very obvious bulges in their boxer shirts.

‘Dare for you Sis i think now” said Mark ” you can do the same as we did, get waddling!”

Tracey was feeling relaxed and also she could feel herself gradually getting turned on by the situation so she stood up and quickly removed her t shirt and bra. Mark and David loved the view as she undid her jeans and her small black knickers came into view.

The sight of Tracey trying to walk across the yard with her jeans round her ankles was captivating. Her perfect arse swayed from side to side as she moved, and the small black panties extenuated the shape and quality of her firm bottom.

As she turned round she looked fantastic with the jeans down and her body naked except for the small knickers. She paused for a moment and then started to walk back with her hips swaying from side to side as she shuffled along and her 19-year-old body looked so sexy.

Every step made the boys feel hornier as their eyes kept moving from her hips to her boobs as she walked back. As she got closer David could see that her nipples were hard and smiled as he knew she was enjoying their reaction as much as they were enjoying looking at her walking towards them.

She sat down without even thinking of pulling her jeans up, slightly red faced and then patted both of their hard cocks through their boxers and laughed as she said ” Glad you all appreciated that”

The three of them could sense the atmosphere had become charged and both David and Mark desperately wanted to reach out and touch and kiss her whole body as she sat between them.

She moved her hands away she said ” Your dare is to stand up and touch each other now”

Neither of them said anything but they stood up and shuffled forwards so they were facing each other in front of Tracey. Reaching forward David touched Marks shoulder then moved his hand down and his body and ran it across the front of his boxers. Mark responded and as they started to gently touch each other’s cocks through their boxer shorts they started to lose their inhibitions. Mark started to rub David’s dick harder through his shorts.

Tracey watched intently as the boys casino firmaları started to work each other’s cocks through their boxer shorts and found herself mesmerized by the whole scene. She then leant forward and without saying a word reached to David’s boxer shorts and pulled them down releasing his hard cock. Marks hand had moved away as she did this and she took his hand and moved it back onto his friend’s cock. Mark wrapped his hand round and started to slowly wank David and for a minute Tracey rested hard hand on her brothers at it moved up and down. She enjoyed the sensation as she felt the tenderness with which her brother was stroking his best friends cock and also how relaxed they were with one another.

She then moved and grinned at David as she pulled Mark’s boxers down and his cock sprang out. This time David took her hand and placed it on her bothers cock and watched as she without hesitation started to stroke her brothers cock. Tracey gripped it gently and moved her hand up and down in time with Marks hand which was stroking David

The view of Tracey wanking that hard cock was heavenly and David moved forward so he was only about a foot away from Mark. Mark caught his sister’s eye and she started to stroke him with her left hand.

She giggled as she stroked both of them at same speed and then tugged at Mark so he stepped forward and the too cocks were nearly touching.

Tracey laughed as she playfully hit Marks cock with David’s and then rubbed them against each other. She then continued to slowly stroke both of the hard cocks feeling the heat from them filling her whole body. Tracey then put a hand on each side and rubbed their cocks between them, laughing as she looked at them sandwiched between her hands.

As she looked up at David and Mark they both indicated she should stand up which she did. David was very tall to even when she was stood up Tracey was level with his chest. Mark was only a few inches taller than her so she was looking almost directly at his face, which was dominated by a huge grin as he felt his sister’s hand, working his cock.

Both boys then started to stroke up and down her breasts and stomach feeling the warmth of her gorgeous skin.Tracey gently swayed her body in response to the hands on her breasts and tingled every time a hand moved down her tummy, wondering where it would stop.

Gradually the boys got braver and as their hands reached the top of Tracey’s panties they continued and stroked across the black fabric that covered her pussy.

Tracey almost trembled as she felt the two hands in turn moving across her, each time with slightly more pressure on her pussy.

David looked at Mark and grinned as he rested his had on the side of Traceys knickers, when Mark saw what David was doing he also moved his had to the side of her knickers and then slowly they both started to pull down.

As Tracey felt her panties being pulled down she felt her throat go dry, a mixture of emotions ran through her. Some of her wanted them to stop but this was overwhelmed by the urge to have her pussy uncovered so their hands could feel just how turned on she was becoming.

As Tracey’s knickers came down the light brown hair around her pussy became visible and as the boys saw this the pulled her knickers down further to uncover the whole of her. David then moved his hand across the top of her pussy and then down to touch her lips, as he did Tracey without thinking moved her feet so her legs were slightly apart. Mark was transfixed watching his friends hand stroking Tracey’s pussy and after a few moments David moved his hand away to stroke her hips and round to feel her perfect bottom.

Mark then heard Tracey quietly say “Its ok, you can touch it bro”

Nervously he moved his hand down her stomach, across the soft hair that surrounded her pussy and felt the wetness of his sister. As Mark stroked her Tracey started to slowly move her hips so her pussy was moving against her brothers hand. She was getting lost in the sensation and was now holding both their cocks and had stopped wanking them and was just running her finger over the tips of them feeling the soft gooey wetness of them.

David moved so he was behind Tracey and she felt David kissing and stroking up and down her back while Mark touched her as he kissed and licked her shoulders and down to her breasts. Tracey closed her eyes as the feeling of the hands and tongues exploring her skin felt like a soft warm rain on her skin. Tracey felt herself being enveloped in a feeling of passion and without saying a word she grabbed her brother’s head and pulled him towards her. She kissed him and pulled him closer so she could feel his skin against hers,

Mark was initially suprised by the feeling of Tracey kissing him hard on the lips but he found himself responding and they were kissing deeply with their tongues exploring too.

Tracey felt David’s hand moving down her bum and she moved her legs so he could trace round to her pussy.

As Davids started to stroke her, it was like a bolt of electricity and she kissed her brother hard. She could feel güvenilir casino Mark’ hard cock pressing against her tummy and as David’s hand stroked and explored her pussy she slowly moved up and down against her brother’s body. David was now increasing the intensity of his hand on her pussy and the boys felt Tracey start to tremble gently as the feelings started to fill her whole body.

David moved closer and slowly started to kiss her neck and at the same time watch Tracey and Mark kissing. There was something so sexy about watching them kiss and sensing their tongues darting around each others mouth. David rubbed Tracey faster and kissed up her neck to her cheek. Tracey opened her eyes and turned her head to kiss David and she smiled as she turned back and kissed Mark again.

As Tracey felt her orgasm building she reached down and started to stroke Marks cock, rubbing it up and down her tummy as they kissed.

David gently patted her arse with his right hand while his left hand rubbed her clit faster. Tracey started to tremble more and David felt her bum start to move back and forwards as her orgasm got closer. Mark responded as Tracey rubbed his cock faster and knew he was going to explode quickly. Tracey moved her hand up and down his cock faster as her orgasm started and abandoned herself to the feeling that raged throughout her body.

Marks cock exploded and as she felt his hot cum hit her skin she stroked faster and pushed her tongue deep into his mouth. She pushed her arse back so two of David’s fingers were deep inside her and she felt her pussy grip them tight as the spasms of her orgasm continued.

Tracey moaned loudly as she moved her body up and down her brothers body spreading his cum all over her tummy. David’s hand continued to tease her pussy and Tracey felt her legs shaking as the orgasm flooded round and round her body. Mark held her close with his hands on her hips as he felt his whole sister’s body move against him and he marveled at the feeling and vision of his sister enjoying a massive orgasm.

As the orgasm subsided Tracey kissed Mark again and then turned and kissed David. His cock was hard and Tracey smiled as she moved down his body and licked the end of his cock. She licked and nibble round the end of his cock and tasting him and sensing that he would need very little encouragement to orgasm. After a few moments David was unable to contain himself and his cock started to twitch as his cum erupted out of the tip. Tracey continued to lick round his cock as the hot white fluid shot out, some flying past her head, some landing on her tongue. She laughed as she tasted him and continued licking him wanting to tease every last drop out of him. As she felt the flow subsiding she gently took his cock and sucked it deep into her mouth before letting go and standing up so she could kiss him.

All three of them were still lost in their individual thoughts of the whole experience as they fell back onto the hay bales smiling and giggling. Tracey lay between Mark and David and was the first to speak

“Now that….” she said giggling ” is what you call an orgasm!”

They all smiled and David said ” Well its OK Trace we had to work hard but I think you were not too shabby in the end!”

They all giggled as they lay there looking up at the roof of the barn and then across to look at the naked body next to them. After a few minutes Tracey looked towards her brother and caught him looking up and down her body. His gaze was becoming focused on the light brown hair above her pussy that he could see as his eyes looked down her tummy.

“Hope it meets your approval bro?” she said,

“Oh yes urh sorry, its very very nice indeed” he stammered.

David laughed, and said ” I think Trace he wants a better look at your you know….”

It dawned on Tracey that although her brother had seen her pussy when the boys had taken her knickers off he would have been unable to see it as she held him close while Davids fingers had given her a wonderful orgasm. It seemed strange but totally natural to Tracey and she moved so she was kneeling next to Mark. As her brother lay there he could see her whole body and her pussy was within reach if he stretched out his left hand. Tracey closed her eyes and slowly ran her hands up and down her body, moving her hips from side to side. When she opened her eyes she could see Mark totally transfixed watching her body move and she smiled as she saw his cock hardening again as he watched his sisters naked body moving around. David was watching Tracey’s back and did not say anything as he felt this was a moment between her and her brother that he somehow should not interrupt.

Tracey took her brothers hand and started to stroke it up and down her pussy, gradually showing Mark where to touch her and how much pressure to apply to turn her on. As she felt the feelings intensify she could not help herself and she took her brothers hand and positioned it so she could move her pussy so two fingers were at the entrance to her. She then moved so that Marks fingers were moving into her pussy and she started to rock backwards and forwards on her brother’s hand. Mark was almost paralysed as he felt his sister fucking his two fingers and watching her hips move up and down slowly was the most beautiful sight he had ever see or could ever hope to see.

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