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Beth and Shirley

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The coffee was about done when there was a knock on the door. Beth knew who it was and just yelled to come in. Shirley entered the kitchen and went to the cupboard to get a cup for herself.

They were quiet until they sat down and sipped for the first time.

“How was Tom after I left Beth? Did he get upset, I know he suspected something was going on between you and me.”

“No he was ok. You are right that he suspected our relationship has been going on for some time. We talked about it for quite a while and he understands that it has only been for relief and that I don’t intend to leave him for you or anyone else.”

“So where do we go from here. Are you and I done or can we continue. I really need you to make love to me and I know that with all the hours he works you need me also.”

“He says he is ok with us continuing but he wants to be aware of our lovemaking. He asked if you were off limits and I told him he could fuck you if you and he wanted to but I would prefer to be present like we were last night. I don’t feel comfortable with him in a one on one with someone else. I guess I really couldn’t complain if you got together with him but I don’t want it to be a regular thing like he has two wives.”

“I understand completely Beth and as much as I want to fuck him again I will honor your wishes and only do it with your invitation. I have to tell you that the threesome with you was out of this world. I have been soaked ever since I woke up this morning thinking about it.”

Shirley spread her legs and lifted her skirt to show Beth her wet naked pussy. She lowered her hand to the junction of her legs and toyed with her clit while she sipped her coffee. Beth was still in her shorty night gown and played with her pussy also as they talked about the sex party they had the night before.

Beth got up to get the coffee pot and refill their cups and as she bent over to fill Shirley’s, she felt her fingers pinch her nipples. She giggled as she topped off the cup and put the pot down before she leaned over and kissed her friend passionately on her mouth. The fingers on her breast slid down to her pussy and two fingers slid all the way in. Shirley played with Beth’s g-spot causing her wet pussy to drip all over the kitchen floor. Beth’s eyes rolled back in her head as she had her first orgasm of the day. casino şirketleri Her pussy erupted in a massive squirt surprising Shirley as she fingered her friend.

Recovering from her cum, she took her friend by the hand and led her to the bedroom, pushing her down on the bed. Kneeling on the bed she hooked her fingers in the waistband of the skirt and removed it baring Shirley’s cunt. She bent down and licked her clit a few times causing it to harden and slink out of its hood. She slipped two of her fingers into the wet twat just like had been done to her and rubbed her while sucking her pussy. Shirley blasted off like a rocket, arching her back in a powerful orgasm. Fluids poured out of her soaking the bed and Beth as she lapped up the ejaculate like it was the magical fountain of youth.

They rested side by side talking and playing with each other.

Shirley left after a short while and Beth puttered around the house until I got back from my golf game. “How was your day babe , did Shirley come to visit this morning?”

“Yes she did and we had a nice talk about what we discussed this morning and yes we fucked around a little.”

I just laughed and patted her on the ass to let her know it was ok as I passed on the way to take a shower. Stripping down I stepped into the shower and my thoughts drifted to the image of them playing with each other. My cock got hard and I couldn’t help stroking it until I blasted my cum against the wall. I noticed some movement and could see Beth watching me as I satisfied myself.

I dried off and went into the bedroom to get dressed. We weren’t expecting company so I just grabbed a pair of shorts and a tee shirt. Beth was just as casual as we sat around making small talk. I really didn’t know what to talk about after our threesome last night and our discussion this morning. I noticed that Beth had removed her bra and wondered if she had plans for later.

I grilled a nice Salmon fillet for dinner and we sat down to enjoy our meal.

“I told Shirley I told you that you could fuck her if you both needed it but I would prefer it to be a threesome. She agreed to that but I am realistic enough to know that you two will get together again when I am not here.”

“When are you ever not here with me?” I asked.

“Well maybe if I have to take a business casino firmaları trip or go to visit my sister for a day or two.”

“You know the chance of that happening is slim or none. You don’t travel for business and when was the last time you went alone to visit any of your family. Just don’t worry about Shirley and me, just let what happens happen.”

Beth looked worried and I continued:

“Now that everything is out in the open you don’t have to sneak around anymore. If you two want to mess around just do it, if I come home and walk in on you it is no big deal but don’t be surprised if I drop my shorts and fuck one or both of you. I really like Shirley and her pussy is tight and very tasty just like yours. I think we should stop overthinking this and just accept the fact that our friendship has changed from casual to friends with benefits.”

Beth shook her head agreeing with me and she came over and sat on my lap. Her boob peeked out of her shirt and I licked her nipple a few times before taking it in my mouth sucking it. My fingers snuck up her shorts and I played with her bare pussy lips. I could feel her start to moisten as I probed her pussy hole with one then two fingers. I couldn’t get very deep but what I was doing made her squirm and groan.

My cock hardened under her ass and I wished she was naked so I could poke her with my bare cock. She got off my lap and walked toward the bedroom looking over her shoulder in invitation. By the time I joined her she had lost what little she was wearing and so did I. She was propped against the headboard with her knees raised and spread wide. I started to get next to her and she pointed to the foot of the bed and I sat there watching her. One hand held her pussy lips open while the other played with her clit and love hole.

Her breasts moved around with the action of her arm that was masturbating her va-jay-jay. They normally perched firmly on her chest and I loved to just look at them when she walked around topless. Her nipples stood in the center of her areolas and were a deep pink.

I went back to looking at her cunt and her inner lips and vagina had turned a deep red showing her excitement. She rubbed faster and faster as she got closer to her orgasm. Her hips pumped up and down imitating a fucking action. I noticed that her ass hole and pussy güvenilir casino was clenching as she got closer and closer. Suddenly she arched up until she was supported by her feet and the back of her head and squirted the length of the bed hitting me in the face and chest. The wail and scream should have drew the cops to my door but at this point I didn’t care.

Beth collapsed on the bed and I went to her and took her in my arms until she returned to the living. She rested with her head on my chest and was playing with something on my stomach. I glanced down and realized that I had cum when she did and she was playing with it pushing it into a neat pile. When she had as much as she could get she leaned down, sucked it all up and swallowed it.

A couple of weeks passed and I didn’t know if Beth and Shirley had any fun together. I had been busy working and had to take a few days out of town on business so I suspected that they had played together.

I finally got some time off and we were relaxing by the pool when Shirley came through the back gate. She didn’t say anything but just stripped off her clothes and dove in the pool. I got up from the chaise and got her a glass of wine handing it to her as she got out of the pool. I had my bathing suit on and she hooked her finger in the waistband and stripped them off me. Beth didn’t wait for her to do the same to her and was naked in a flash. I sat down on my chaise and she joined me, sitting on the end facing Beth. My cock couldn’t help getting hard with two beautiful naked women within arms reach.

Shirley’s hand drifted over and took my cock in hand slowly stroking it up and down while she had a conversation with Beth. I was in no danger of shooting off so I just sat back and enjoyed the action and the view. I couldn’t help comparing the boob action on Shirley with the action I remembered on Beth a few weeks ago. Beth just sat there flashing her pussy from time to time as she played in her folds. Shirley could only behave herself for so long and she bent over and took my cock in her mouth sucking gently. I loved the way she sucked cock, just sucking the tip and slowly stroking the shaft. I knew I wouldn’t last long as I could feel my nuts tighten. She stayed right there as she felt me tighten and the head expand as I filled her mouth with my cream. She made sure I was drained and got up going over to Beth, bent down and snowballed my cum with her. Beth accepted all that she was given as the smacked their lips swallowing my cum. I had the feeling that our relationship was progressing further than we had expected.

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