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Between Her Breasts Ch. 03

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I woke up early, hard and ready, but a slight exploratory touch on Tees breast let me know with a sleepy grunt and roll over that she was likely not going to be my willing partner to dissipate that morning’s desire. Sleeping naked makes me this way generally, and as I’m not a fan of rejection in general I don’t normally sleep nude, but the possibility of a morning tussle with Tee won over the night before. It makes my head spin with want all night long, and I love that feeling, it makes my world a much happier place. So I went to bed naked and of course woke up with a stiff, hard cock.

Not giving up, I pushed myself closer to her, putting my stiff member up against her ass, feeling the softness of her panties (black? pink?) gently warming my balls. Gradually I push my hips into her in and my balls crushed nicely against her, my cock shifting forward and up, the pressure making me even harder. Imagining my cock head straining and peeking forward from between her ass cheeks, small folds of panties and lace on each side, slowly, slowly my hand moved to her hip to feel the soft flesh where the panties narrow from front to back.

A cute grunt of some unknown word followed by a quick batt of my hand, and I know my luck is not running hot this morning. I might as well get up, so quietly roll out of bed to let her rest. Glancing at my closet mirror the silhouette of a man with his cock out proudly erect stares back. The early morning light shows faintly a tall trim man with mussed hair and 3 day whiskers, pulling a lose shirt over his narrow frame. It’s still me, I haven’t changed much in the years we’ve been together, maybe a few extra pounds in the middle but nothing a month or two minding my diet wouldn’t fix.

I imagine Tee’s body, and know how she has changed. As a woman, her modifications have been more pronounced than mine, and they are elaborations of her best physical assets: her hips are rounder, her ass is fuller, and her ample tits bigger and more voluptuous over time. Which for me is a remarkable validation of how lucky I actually am in life, to have the love of this hot and frankly stacked woman.

But this elaborate reflection was not assisting me at all this fine morning. Clearly I was not going to be pleasuring myself anywhere on or near Tee, and given my state of mind, not pleasuring myself was not an option – I would have to take this double negative and make it something more positive. Porn.

I had seen links to paizuri in the past, it’s really just Japanese titfucking, which on the surface isn’t that much different than any other titfucking. The difference, apart from the obvious that these are asian women sucking and titjobbing, is that for some reason the asian women do not have the skanky look that most of the white or black stacked titmodels have. They cover their mouths when they laugh, smile sweetly when they’re pumping a cock between their breasts, and then seem generally delighted when they get a load of cum on their face or between their tits. And what tits! I never really thought about asians having racks, but the talent for these clips vary from engorged milkbags to out and out melons, and they know how manipulate them to make a guy come. Although some of the videos can be a little strange, and most of the time the penis is digitally blurred for some archaic reason, in general the paizuri video captures the essence of an amazing titfuck, with big nipples and fleshy generous tits rubbing non-stop until orgasm.

On this particular morning, my perusing landed me at a japanese site similar to youtube, with everything from kitten videos to blogs dedicated to any number of fetishes, not least of which was my new personal favorite, paizuri. So many videos, so many great pov views of Japanese women getting their heavy tits stuffed with big, blurry cocks. I cycled thru them, seeing different positions and skills, sometimes the gal sucking on the tip as it slid thru a massive cleavage, others with the man on top pumping away to finally land a load of cum in the hair of a raven headed asian cutie. And with most of them, that lovely smile, as if to say “Thank you for coming on me, may I have another?”

Needless to say, with my hand as partner that morning I was ready in very little time to ease my troubled mind, the seemingly unending video selection allowing me to be even more selective as I saw a woman’s fantastically big boobs stretched tight against a clinging bra, a cock repeatedly pumping under the front stretching strap to finally spurt cum over their rounded tops and trickle down a beautiful neck. After this a woman kneeling in front of a man slouching on a sofa, his shaft buried in her ample cleavage, sucking a mans cock to the left of her while she pushed her rack together and bounced them up and down on the first guy’s prick.

What finally casino şirketleri got me spilling my load though was something that I had not seen before, but have fantasized about many times since. A lovely woman lifts up the bottom of a too small, brightly colored tank top, and her partner slowly eases his cock into her tits, under the stretching fabric. His head pokes thru while he kneads and pushes her breasts together, so they swell up around the edges of the fabric top. At some point he comes on her tits and shirt, but I was already spent before then, it being on of the most arousing things I’d ever seen in porn. I imagined the same with my own big-boobed star, Tee.

* * * *

A few days later I stopped by the mall, with the intention of picking up a few things I needed for my closet. It was really something of a happenstance, but I passed by a major retailer known for their low prices and cheap quality, and it occurred to me that maybe it was time to start to move this forward a little with some nice little tit tops that could be freely stained with cum. I stepped in with building excitement and looked around for the women’s tops, seeing some brightly colored fabrics in the adjacent aisle.

Racks of cotton tops with thin fabric, thick fabric, low cut, buttons, everything I could imagine packaging up Tee’s plentiful chest right there waiting for me to pick out. It was electrifying. As I moved thru the racks, seemingly a responsible, mature man picking out birthday presents for his gal, I could feel myself expanding against the front of my jeans. A bright purple neon cotton top, scoop neck with little sleeves that would bunch up around her bare shoulders – I took an extra small from the rack and my cock gave a little throb, imagining how she would look in this incredibly small and stretching top, her boobs straining against the thin fabric, finding relief only by expanding up and out. Another one, mustard yellow with a low back and front, with thick straps and a line of piping that would sit wonderfully under the roll of her chest. I selected a small for this one, knowing that the fabric was tighter than the purple, and some point tight could be too tight and deform the lovely shape of her breasts.

Waiting in line, I could feel the wetness of my excitement and my pants with a bit of a bulge in them. The young teller, wonderfully busty, her cleavage peeking thru a nice blouse, let my mind wander even further taking in her lovely eyes and ample bosom. She smiled and rung up the tops, my eyes glancing from the shirts to her face to her boobs and back to the tops. I looked again to make sure my rod was not obscenely bulging or creating a wet spot next to my pocket, and while the shape was noticeable it wasn’t actually looking too threatening, so I said thank you, glanced once more at the crease of the voluptuous tits, and left the store, smiling ear to ear.

* * * *

I spent the rest of the day in a state of buzzing excitement as I thought about how to introduce the subject of the tight tank tops, how I would talk her into putting one on, then how I would talk her into letting slip my cock up into her cleavage. There were any number of scenarios, and my sex addled brain could not concentrate fully on any one of them for long, so I spent the day with a pulsing johnson just imagining how it might play out. The shirts I put into the closet with her other best friend her bunny, assuming that it would be as good a place as any to keep these little cum stained somethings, as I was so confident they soon would be. Tee could keep them separate from her normal clothes in a spot just for me.

She finally came home and I distractedly made small talk, watching her figure as she moved about the kitchen and the house in some pretty tight jeans. We sat on the sofa and chatted for awhile, her low cut top giving me wonderful views of her cleavage, and remarkably enough she was wearing a thin black top, low cut and stretched over the valley of her breasts. Not as tight as the tops I had in mind for her, but nonetheless an intense view into what might be to come, and every time she leaned forward her boobs swelled against the fabric and I gazed distractedly at them, my cock giving a little spasm each time.

It must have been fairly obvious, as she asked with a small grin if I needed a little relaxation. My moment!

“I have a surprise for you, Tee.”

“Really?” She looked me in the eyes, then slowly her gaze shifted down towards my crotch.

“I got a few clothes today from the store, I’d very much like you to try them on.”

“Hmm? Like what?”

“Well, just one piece for now. Why don’t you come with me?” I stood up and took her hand, intending to go to the bedroom.

“Can you bring it to me?”

I almost ran to get it, returning and handing her the casino firmaları mustard top. Smiling, I said “I think this would look very good on you, you should put this on … right now.”

As any woman might, Tee looked at the tag first. “Nice fabric, but it’s a small! It’s not going to fit!”

“It doesn’t have to fit, really. Put it on won’t you?” I smiled again, and she looked at me sideways.

“OK perv. I’ll be right back.”

I sat on the sofa and looked around the room, imagining what might be coming next. Would the shirt make her boobs pop out on the top like the video? How would I get to the point of titfucking her, should I kiss her breasts first and get her in the mood, or…?

“Tahdah” she giggled as she walked in wearing her new top, her jeans still on. Her tits were certainly popping out of that little mustard shirt, there was no question there. I took it all in with no hesitation or attempt at subtlety – the fucking swell of those boobs, her nipples pointed in little buds below the stretching rim of the neck, darker against the yellow fabric. The tight pull of the fabric gathering in the rounded sides of her tits and flesh on her ribs, making jutting swelling mounds, gently moving with Tees breaths.

“Ahh…Umm…Yeah…” I managed to get out, my eyes still fixated on what were, thanks to the tightness of the tank top, pretty massive looking tits. No question about foreplay here, she put on the top, she knows what’s coming.

Taking her hand, I pull her towards the sofa then sit her down, gazing at her swollen cleavage from above.

“Just lay down for me.”

“Like this?”

As she lay back on the sofa pulling in a pillow for her head, I undid my belt and slid off my jeans. My cock popped out straight – following it I straddled her there and then, laying my cock on the tops of her tits and pushing its head into the soft mounds now pushing their way up towards her chin.

“You are incredible, Tee. Your breasts are just incredible.” I pushed the tip in a little farther as she looked up at me.

“I know. Wanna fuck my tits?” I was surprised but willing, and knew my opportunity was at hand.

Grinning like a schoolboy, I lifted up the underside of the tight top and slid my cock into her bosom. The feeling was overwhelmingly soft, and with a slow push the head came thru the pillowed cleavage above and sprang up to attention when I had pushed it the whole way in. My balls were crushed against the rounded bottoms of her now sandwiched tits, the curvature of her cleavage above bulging from the pressure of my big cock on the inside and the shirt gallantly straining to hold her large breasts from the outside.

Her nipples were lost in the tightness of the fabric, so I reached down and gently pinched each one thru the smooth cotton; thumb and forefinger tweaking slightly to get them slowly standing to attention. I watched as the areolas contracted and created a small shadow line around her buttoned nipple points, and she moaned slightly when I brushed them again with my thumbs.

The fact that Tee was enjoying this as well drove me further, and I slowly pushed my thumbs into her new nipple knobs as my hands squeezed against the outside edges of the cleavage, bulging where they fought against the resistance of the shirts’ neck strap. Her boobs swelled even more against my stiff member, so I pushed my hips in a little bit more, the tip moving towards her chin ever so slightly. The cock tip strained as it projected proudly through the soft flesh of her tits, the shaft disappearing into her flowing cleavage, and the thin curved neckline of the tank top enclosing it all.

Backing out slowly, I watched as her boobs moved in unison around my retreating cock, the swelling less pronounced at the release of pressure from between them and the tight top adjusting to the changing landscape. Her nipples briefly relaxed to the sides as I pulled my hands away to let the top do the work of nuzzling those boobs against me. Another quick thrust of my hips and my cock popped from her cleavage again.

“Ungh!” she squeaked, not prepared for my quick shove against her big boobs. I did it again with the same movement, watching her tits bounce as my cock head popped up again. The shirt, expanding and contracting each time I thrust, held those amazing boobs in place while I titfucked Tee with reckless abandon. I grabbed a fleshy orb in each hand again and pushed them into my cock, watching the swelling of her cleavage at the binding of the low neck line, and the rhythmic appearance of my dick with each thrust.

It was as much perfection as I had imagined. Precum had made a slippery and shiny track for my shaft, and for the next few minutes, I was fucking those bouncing tits with total concentration, completely absorbed in watching them and güvenilir casino my cock move in unison, pushing and swelling, cock head bobbing up and tits bulging thru the fabric.

Feeling the blood rushing thru my head, my body began to tighten with the impending crush of orgasm. I slipped thru those wonderful tits a few more times then pulled out, one hand mashing on the side of Tees boob to create a generous deep cleavage, and with my thumb pulling down hard on the neckline her tits bulged out even more. The edges of each nipple showed thru the expanded frame of the stretched shirt as I grabbed my cock and aimed it squarely at those heaving jugs.

Orgasm overtook me as I watched rope after rope of cum bath the exposed cleavage with their sticky whiteness. Cum landed on the stretching shirt between her tits, but most found a home farther up along the soft rolls of the cleavage. I squeezed her breast harder and was rewarded with another final blast that landed along her nipple line, the cum oozing down below her top along the curve of her breast.

Watching the cum slowly run downhill thru the valley of Tees tits, it began to create a wet spot against the soft fabric of the shirt midway down her chest. I let go of my cock and pushed against that spot with my hand, watching the fabric color darken as it soaked up the sticky mess I had just left all over Tee’s tits. Still hard I pushed my cock tip into her nipple and the fabric against my soft member was electric. I felt a little spasm and there was a small wet spot right at the center of her budding nipple of where I was pushing, highlighting it wonderfully. I pushed in again, and watched the rest of the playful breast respond in kind.

Transferring to the other one, I pushed again into that nipple with my cock, and watched her tits move with the pressure. Cum still clung to the insides of her breasts above the neckline of the shirt, slowly draining down the sides of her tits, making shiny tracks as they snaked into her cleavage.

Feeling completely satisfied and wholly ready for more, I could see Tees eyes closed and relaxed, her lovely lips parted slightly. I bent to kiss her softly. Her breath warm, she whispered “All done?” and smiled.

I lifted up the bottom of her shirt, and placed my cock back in between her big tits again. Using both hands I pushed each side of her still clad rack up against my member and slowly rotated them around me, feeling the slick cum coating my whole cock. I pushed up further and ran the head thru what cum was left still clinging to the slopes of her expanding cleavage. My balls crushed against her chest, I guided my cock head towards her chin as I reached behind her head and slowly brought it up, her lips now directly ready to receive me.

She was not fully aware of what was about to happen until my cock pressed against her red lips. “Open” I said, and she did. I slid my cum covered cock into Tees mouth a few inches, her tits pushing up and out obscenely with the pressure of my slow thrust. My dick was riding in the middle of a gorgeous rack with the end disappearing in her mouth as she sucked the cum off me. It was near heaven as she kept working at it, making sure she got all my ejaculate licked or sucked off. I came again, this time straight in her mouth as she sucked it all while my dick sat squished between her big tits, my balls trapped in fabric below. When I pulled out my dick was clean and shiny, and Tee had sucked any remaining cum off of it.

I disentangled my cock from her tits and the shirt, and sat back on the sofa, spent. She sat up.

“Ah nah swallahing” she said and was about to get up to spit out my cum in the sink.

“Wait a sec.” I positioned myself in front of her on the sofa and pulled her top again so the neckline was just above her nipples, and the tightness of the fabric along with her sitting up now pushed her tits out even farther than any time during out tryst. They really jutted out, the tops bulging against the sides, her areolas stretched out with the weight of the tits above pushing down on the clinging fabric.

I softly touched Tees lips as she looked at me quizzically. With my index finger, I slowly pulled her naturally pouty lower lip down. She looked at me still, not understanding. Running my finger along her jaw, I pulled down with the slightest movement and her mouth began to open. Understanding but eyes showing some surprise, she lazily parted her mouth as a slow stream of cum and spit ran over her lower lip to land on her bulging breasts below. She moved her head slightly, and the stream drizzled over each full boob in turn. I could see it slowly descend from her rounded breast and gather again in the already wet shirt.

Taking her hands, I pushed the palms onto her glistening orbs and we rubbed my cum on her tits in unison, my hands guiding hers as they caressed and stroked those big lovely boobs.

After her shower to clean up that sticky mess, I asked her if I could save the shirt as a memento of an amazing bout of lovemaking.

“Perv” was all she said.

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