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Bible Erotica 03

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[My last offering was a little too horrific for some, but I only embellish the tales. I do not make them up! (See the story of Jael in the Non-consensual Sex section if you dare.) With this one, I hope to please some who found offense in the latter tale. The Bible tells the story of the world’s first MILF!]

Potiphar only cared about the food that went in his mouth. That was obvious to anyone who looked upon this rotund, Egyptian troll. But it was even more obvious to his wife, Zuleika. She was not only aware of his voracious appetite for food. She was all too cognizant of his total lack of appetite anything else—including her.

That was not always the case. Three decades ago Zuleika was a priestess in the temple of Hathor, the Egyptian goddess of fertility. Barely out of her teens, Zulieka was a favorite of many who sought the goddess to bless their fields, herds, and families. After offering tribute money, a supplicant would disrobe and enter the priestess’ chambers to perform a ritual of his choosing. Potiphar worshiped with Zulieka regularly.

Zulieka, naked save for the ceremonial horned headdress of the cow-goddess she served, would take all fours for Potiphar. A powerfully built man in those days, Potiphar enjoyed mounting the priestess from the rear. The thought of his stiff member thrusting between her swollen, slippery labia and her full breasts swaying in matching rhythm still aroused Zulieka. She felt her own hand reach up and pinch a nipple or wander down to madly stroke her clitoris as the pious Hathor worshiper pumped purposefully into her. She proudly held her horned head high, acting the part of a bovine beauty being ravaged by her brawny bull.

And what a gifted bull he was in those days! Not only was he well-endowed and strong, he had a stamina unmatched by any other petitioner who frequented the temple. Just as Potiphar felt her body tense with the coming spasm of her climax, he would withdraw and casino şirketleri drive his fleshy spear deep into her anus, continuing to fuck her as he reached to pinch both hardened nipples roughly. This would almost always drive Zulieka over the edge She arched her back, feeling waves of passion course through her young, oft-used body.

As her climax ebbed, Potiphar was usually reaching his. At the last moment he would pull out of her tight hole and kneel before her as she took his member directly from her ass into her mouth. Zulieka savored every drop of the hot fluid mixed with the tang and musk from both of her spent orifices. She would milk every drop from him, sucking him strongly and licking his shaft from tip to base, nibbling gently on his balls.

Hathor worship turned into infatuation for Potiphar, who after months of paying tribute to the cow-goddess, took the temple prostitute as his wife. People talked, to be sure. But they spoke only in the softest whispers. Potiphar even then was well-connected with the Pharaoh and was a wealthy man in his own right. Zulieka was commonly known as the “noble whore,” but no one dared utter that name where they might be overheard. Pharaoh’s dungeon was filled with those guilty of far milder slander.

Zulieka, snapped from her reverie, realizing that her hand and drifted between her thighs. She had been absently stroking herself off as she recalled those lusty sessions with a man who was now a functional eunuch. His genitals were in tact, but did not function of Potiphar’s own volition. At sixty years of age, he had lost all desire for carnal pleasure. Instead his once hard body grew soft, bloated, and impotent.

The exact opposite was true of his fifty-year-year old wife. Her once firm breasts now sagged ever so slightly, and her tummy was no longer taut. But the conflagration of concupiscence burned even hotter than when she was a favorite of Hathor’s faithful.

As a member casino firmaları of the Dynasty’s ruling class, she had outlets for her feral desires. Her handmaids and houseboys, captives from Egypt’s conquests, serviced her more than domestically. A sampling of the fairest young women and men from every land and language were hers as she commanded.

While any of her servants were hers to command as she would, the same was not true of the servants purchased for her husband alone. And, as fate would have it, it was one of those servants for whom her aged loins longed.

Joseph, a Hebrew captive, was a perfectly chiseled man decades her junior. Potiphar had taken to this young man, placing him in charge of the household. Joseph was given complete access to anything in their abode, with one exception. Zulieka was specifically proclaimed to be off-limits.

This did not stop Zulieka’s longings. The very sight of Joseph’s bronzed and beefy form would bring moisture to her nether lips and a flush of heat to her cheeks. Daily she flirted with, brushed suggestively against, and overtly propositioned the Hebrew. And each time he remained loyal to his master and politely, but firmly resisted.

On this day, after again being rebuffed by Joseph, Zulieka’s lust demanded release. She reclined on her ivory couch and called Niko, a slight young Asian servant who often was called upon to slake her mistress’ varied and sometimes twisted sexual appetites. Niko was always an enthusiastic partner whether she was called upon to perform or receive cunnilingus, stimulate her mistress’ pussy with fingers or other available objects, or even be whipped with leather straps wielded by the kinky noblewoman.

Today Niko was bidden and told to bare her slight, young body before the lusty Egyptian. Zulieka commanded Niko to sit at her feet and suckle each of her toes. As the Asian maid’s mouth pleasured her lower digits, Zulieka, reclined naked on her güvenilir casino ivory bed. Nicko’s talented tongue darted between mistresses’ toes, and her hands worked on her feet. Grasping a heel in one hand, the slave massaged roughly and with her other hand she lightly raked her long nails the length of the arch. Zulieka murmured approval, but her mind was elsewhere.

Desire for Joseph was morphing into rage. How dare he refuse her advances! Who did he think he was! He would pay!

Niko’s mouth continued to feast on Zulieka’s toes, but her hands began rubbing and kneading the shapely calves of the erstwhile temple prostitute. As Niko’s hands moved up the stems toward the bowl of the Egyptian’s sex goblet, her lips followed.

Zulieka’s hand moved to her swollen lower lips. She tenderly teased her mound above her furry triangle. The pleasure from Niko’s ministrations and the ire at the Hebrew prig melded into a single flame in which carnal and murderous lust were inseparable. She slid three fingers easily into her dripping quim while contemplating the revenge she would have for the one who scorned her.

He would pay. She would grab his cloak as he fled from her attempts to seduce him. He would pay dearly.

Niko, had mounted her mistress, straddling Zulieka’s mouth with her tender pink treasure. Zulieka grasped her maids ass cheeks and pulled the fragrant twat to her, lapping greedily. When Zulieka’s hands moved from her own sanctuary, Niko’s took their place, parting the lips and lowering her mouth to consume her mistress.

He would pay. Rage and wantonness reached feverish heights. She devoured Niko and was being devoured in turn. She would cry rape, loud enough to be heard by her servants. They would join her has she told a sordid lie that would lead Joseph to like in a dank cell.

Her body tensed as rivers of pleasure rippled through her. Niko’s juices flooded her face, and with spite really aimed at Joseph she let a stream of urine spray into the mouth of her maid who responded in rapture.

The two collapsed upon one another, thoroughly sated. But a plan had been devised that would bring Potiphar’s wife even more sadistic satisfaction.

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