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Jenny Taylor was a good wife and mother, she taught Sunday school at her local parish and at 36 was still pretty enough to stop traffic. She kept herself in shape but wasn’t likely to be seen dressing provocatively. Not that she was conservative just proper. After all her father had been a minister and she learned the value of morality and virtue from an early age. Jenny was always helping people, doing what see could in her neighbourhood to help out, helping families in need. She was always glad to help.

When Dave, her husband asked her if his Dad could live with them. She said she’d be happy to have Brian in her home. Brian had been living with Jeff, Dave’s brother, and his wife Paula but she was expecting a child very soon and Brian would be in the way. Brian was 72 and in need of minor nursing care. Minor in the fact that he had fallen had injured both hands and arms in a fall nearly a year ago. He had to have several surgeries to repair the bones and ligaments but was slowly on the mend. Dave explained that she might have to help Brian with personal matters, getting dressed etc. But she wasn’t concerned, Dave said he would help as he could but his Dad was a proud man and he wouldn’t accept help from him in any way personal.

“Dave, I raised three kids and have mended more scraped knees, bloody noses than I care to remember. Your Dad will be in good hands.”

Brian arrived at the airport two days later and moved into the biggest of the guest rooms. Jenny and Dave’s house was big: three bedrooms upstairs, a big kitchen, living room with dining area and family room on the main floor with three bedrooms for the children in the basement along with another large family room and Jenny’s sewing room. Jenny’s children, the fraternal twins Mathew and Christine were just 18 and Luke, the youngest was 15. Jenny and Dave had gotten married after Jenny finished high school and had a started a family right away. Dave was four years older than Jenny they had met at church. Dave worked with his Dad at the plant. The work was brutal and monotonous but it paid well. They had a happy marriage and fairly ordinary sex life.

Jenny rushed the children off to school and went up to visit Brian in the guest room. He had only been in her home three days but she was concerned. He hardly spoke, didn’t eat much and as far as she could tell he wasn’t sleeping well.

“Brian I notice you haven’t been sleeping well. Is there any thing I can do to help?” Jenny was her cheerful self and made Brian feel he could ask her anything but what he needed help with wasn’t appropriate to ask his daughter in law or so he thought.

“Jenny, I’m okay just a little jet lag. Sorry I snapped at the kids this morning. I’m not use to teenagers-

“Well I’m glad to hear nothing is wrong and don’t worry about the children. Matt and Chrissie love you as we all do. You can be yourself here.”

“Thanks Jenny, you really do make me feel welcome.”

“Think nothing more of it Brian. You’re a guest in our home and if there is anything I can do to help you in any way please just ask.”

“I will Jenny, thanks.”

Jenny helped Brian out of bed and into the en suite bathroom. Jenny was glad she didn’t have to help him wash. Nudity was a problem for Jenny. However, Brian could clean himself but needed her help in and out of the shower. She had to help him dry his back and legs; drying himself was nearly impossible with the casts on his forearms and hands.

Brian was more cavalier about his nakedness in front of Jenny and this made her more uncomfortable. Several times she had seen his naked rear-end and torso. As much as Brian would have liked her to towel him dry completely including his privates, Jenny wasn’t capable of doing this and he knew it. Besides he would need her help with something else. Making her uncomfortable wasn’t going to make it easy to get her to help him.

“Jenny, I’m sorry you have to help with so much. Hopefully, the casts will be off soon and I’ll be able to do more of this stuff for myself.”

“Brian it’s not trouble at all.” Jenny said looking away as Brian pulled up his underwear. Her face was flushed and she was afraid her nervousness was making Brian feel unwelcome.

“Well it’s a little embarrassing for me to have to be nearly naked in front of you like this.” Brian looked himself over realizing that a towel was the only thing between him and Jenny.

“Oh… I haven’t seen anything. Err I mean your… It’s okay Brian I’m not embarrassed. Just think of me as…” Jenny was flustered and trying not to blush, “just pretend I’m not here.”

“That’s not easy Jenny, you’re a very beautiful woman and besides I’d have to talk to you in case I slip or something.” Brian looked directly at Jenny and see could her faced was beet red but his compliment had reached her and she started to look up from the floor.

“Thank you Brian, that very nice of you to say. I forgotten what a charmer you were. I think we’re doing just fine.” Brian was nearly dressed so Jenny was happy this was nearly over until bedtime, casino şirketleri when she helped him out of his clothes and into bed.

Jenny woke up about 3am, she heard voices coming from Brian’s room. She got up without disturbing Dave, which wasn’t difficult as he slept deeply.

“Brian, are you asleep?” Jenny could hear that his TV was on and assumed he’s fallen asleep watching it. She walked into his room expecting him to be asleep.

“No I’m awake.” His reply startled Jenny.

“I heard your TV… I’m sorry to disturb you. Are you still having troubles sleeping?”

“Unfortunately yes.”

“Is there anything I can do? It’s been three nights Brian. I’m getting worried about you.” Jenny sat at the edge of Brian’s bed.

“No thanks it’s something I have to work out for myself.”

“Well maybe we should take you to the doctor tomorrow perhaps he can prescribe something to help.”

“Jenny, sleeping pills at my age aren’t good besides, I could sleep if I wasn’t so pent up.”

“I’m not sure what you mean.”

“I can’t release myself.”

“Well I’ll help you go to the bathroom. Here let me help you up.”

“No! No! Jenny I don’t that kind of release!”

“Well there’s no need to shout.”

“Sorry Jenny, I’m really am but I meant sexual release.”


“Don’t be shocked please. I didn’t mean to embarrass you. But this wasn’t a problem before my accident. It’s only been a problem for the last two months since I’ve gotten off the muscle relaxers and painkillers. And only recently it’s been affecting my sleep. So you see there’s nothing you can do to help me.”

“Well, I’m am shocked. I’m not use to such frank discussions but I sympathize with your plight. But surely you don’t need… it to sleep?”

“Jenny, I really don’t want to discuss my sex life with you. It’s too personal for both of us to talk about. But if you must know, I’m use to doing it every night.”

“Every… well I mean… I didn’t mean to ask such a personal question…” Jenny was unable to control her embarrassment and started to shake a little from the tension.

“Jenny I’m sorry I’ve shocked you. You’re a good person, a sweet and kind person. I really appreciate the love and kindness you’ve shown me. I know you want to help but its only another four weeks until the casts come off and I shou…

“Please don’t say it… I understand what you mean. But you can’t go another month without sleep. We must get you help right away. Maybe there is something I can do?”

“Do you really want to help?”

“Yes, of course I do. I’d do anything for you.”

“I can’t ask for your help, it’s not right. You’re my son’s wife. I can’t ask you to help me with this.”

“Dave wants me to help. He asked me to, I’ve helped clean and dress you, there must be something I can do. Please Brian let me help.”

“Alright but pleased don’t be shocked or get mad at me.”

“I won’t, I promise.”

“Would you give me a hand job?”

“No! I can’t do that.” Jenny said no but not because she was a prude but because she didn’t know what Brian meant. She was embarrassed to ask him but knew it must be something sexual.

“I’m sorry I shouldn’t have asked you. Please don’t be angry with me and please don’t tell Dave.”

“Brian, I’m sorry I didn’t realize the only way to help you was sexual. I shouldn’t have offered to help.” Dave and Jenny had sex in the missionary position, she rarely gave Dave oral sex, and the only time Jenny had an orgasm was when she masturbated, which she also did rarely. She wasn’t sexual and was uncomfortable about sex, it wasn’t a topic of conversation at the church on a Sunday morning nor with the ladies with whom she was friends.

As she got up to leave, she turned to Brian and surprised herself when she asked Brian what he meant by a “Hand Job”, he didn’t laugh at her just apologized for embarrassing her and said it was okay he’s deal with it somehow.

“No Brian, I want to help but you know I won’t do anything sexual. I’m married to your son after all.”

“Jenny, I’m not asking you to cheat on my son. I just need a release since Alice died I haven’t been with anyone and until my stupid accident I didn’t need any one’s help. But since I’ve been here I haven’t been able sleep and it’s because I can’t… well you know.”

“Oh” Jenny blushed even more now. It was pretty clear Brian was asking her to masturbate him. She didn’t know you could do that for someone and she was certain Dave would not approve. “I’m sorry Brian, I can’t do that. I wouldn’t know how to do it, I mean… without it being sexual.”

“Did you wash your children when they were little?”

“Yes, of course, I did. “

“Did you also wash their privates?”

“Well it not the same thing, I mean I’m their mother and besides I wouldn’t be washing it.”

“Your right I’m sorry for asking you Jenny please don’t say anything to Dave. I don’t want him to kick me out of here.”

“Brian that would never happen. We love you. Let me think about what casino firmaları you asked maybe if I think about it from a medical point of view I can help you.”

“Thanks Jenny.”

“Now try to get some sleep.”

The next evening around 11pm Brian heard Jenny creeping into his room. He had the TV on real low so she wasn’t sure if he was awake.

“Hi Jenny”

Jenny was very nervous she had though about what Brian asked all day and had prayed for guidance. Just as she asked God if she should give Brian a “Hand Job” a ray of sunshine shone down of her from an opening in the clouds. She wasn’t one for signs but felt no guilt when asking the question. Guilt according to her father was God’s way of letting us know right from wrong. She didn’t feel guilty about it and when she mentioned to Dave that his Dad had asked for more personal help. He thanked her for being so helpful and said how much he loved for being willing to help his Dad so much.

“Hi Brian. I decided to help but if you don’t mind you’ll have to tell me what to do. This will be our little secret. The whole house is asleep and I’ve locked the door to your room.”

“Thanks you so much Jenny I really appreciate it. I’ve been going out of my mind due to lack of sleep. I thought up an arrangement to keep this as clinical as possible.”

“Well as long as we get you back to sleeping regularly then it’s a small sacrifice.”

“First I was thinking, that if you pull a chair over and put your hand under the covers then you won’t have to see me naked and we both can maintain some dignity.”

“You mean I won’t have to be naked?”

“No, no of course not. You’re doing me a big favor. I want you to be as comfortable as possible.”

“That sounds okay to me. Can we start? I’d like to get back to bed soon.”

“Okay. Just put your hand under the covers and take a hold of my cock.”

“Oh okay”, Jenny blushed. She didn’t use slang terms for private parts of the body and was a little shocked by Brian forthright nature.

“Then start rubbing it up and down.”

Jenny pulled over a chair and quickly put her hand under the covers and felt around for Brian’s cock. Her heart was racing, her face was flushed and she was trying to look anywhere but a Brian’s crotch. Her hand brushed against Brian’s leg then his pubic hair then she recalled her hand. She started giggling and tried to hold her composure.

“I didn’t realize how difficult this would be I’ve never been with anyone but Dave. His is the only… thing I ever touched.”

“It’s called a cock, Jenny or penis if you prefer. Maybe we shouldn’t do this?”

“No Brian I can handle it. Oh that’s a pun isn’t it? I’ll try again.”

Jenny was determined to “handle it” after all this was just a clinical procedure. Her hand went under the covers and finally made it’s way to Brian’s cock. When it jumped at her touch she yelped and quickly put her free hand over her mouth. She didn’t pull her right hand out as before and this time put her hand around Brian’s cock.

“Well I thought we were nearly done for with that yelp. But I’d say you handled it nicely.”

They both shared a smile and a chuckle. Then Jenny started moving her hand up and down. Brian was amazed at her resolve. Her hand moved like a piston up and down at just the right rhythm.

“Am I doing it alright?”

“Jenny, you’re a natural.”

Jenny blushed with Brian’s compliment and was surprised at her ambition. She thought she should slow down but with each full stroke Brian’ cock got bigger and bigger. She realized very quickly that Brian was bigger, much bigger than Dave and she was surprised at his hardness. She even caught herself wondering just how big it was.

“Ahhh!” Brian let out a big husky sigh, “keep it up Jenny you’re doing just fine.”

Jenny realized her hand was hot, her throat was dry and tight, her chest was heaving and she was getting excited. Her panties were wet. She was desperately trying to get a hold of her emotions but Brian’s cock was straining in her hand. She knew that it was wrong but she wanted to give Brian release and she didn’t feel guilty about it. She gripped Brian’s cock very tightly and held onto the arm of her chair very tightly.

“Do it Jenny. Rub it, that’s it get a good grip on it, girl. Make me cum!”

Brian’s words emphasized the sexual nature of what they were doing. It wasn’t like washing her children it was like FUCKING. The word rang in Jenny’s head like a gong. She didn’t use such words; she wasn’t use to being called girl or being asked to make someone cum. Jenny’s hand stopped.

“Brian, please don’t say thing’s like that I’m trying to help you. This isn’t supposed to be sexual.”

Brian gritted his teeth he was close and didn’t want her to stop.

“I’m very sorry Jenny, I lost myself in the moment. I was thinking of Alice…” Jenny saw the tears welling in his eyes and started stroking again.

“That’s okay Brian. If thinking of Alice helps you…” Her words trailed off, Brian’s cocking was starting to throb güvenilir casino and for the first time she look at Brian’s crotch. She gasped when she saw the tent his cock was making in the covers. He had to be a foot long, she thought. That’s when it happened.

Jenny came. It wasn’t big but it made her squirm in her seat and she gasped.

“Are you alright, Jenny?” She clenched her legs together.

“Ah, yes… Yes, just a cramp. Are you nearly there?”

“Yes just keep it up.”

Jenny couldn’t speak she didn’t know what to think or to say. She was an adulteress. Another man, her husband’s father had brought her to orgasm just by having a big cock. She continued in silence just watching her hand through the covers stroking Brian’s big cock.

“I’m cumming Alice, I’m cumming!!!” Jenny didn’t even hear Brian. She just mindlessly stroked every drop of sperm out of Brian’s cock. Not for want but for being lost in a fog of regret and desire. What concerned her most was that she didn’t feel guilty. She just looked at the joy on Brian’s face and then his crotch and her hand still stroking his cock.

“Jenny, I’m done. That’s it you can let go now.” Brian was tired and Jenny was still jerking him off, “Jenny we’re done now.”

“Sorry… Sorry Brian, I was lost in thought. I’ll go wash up.”

Jenny went into Brian’s bathroom and immediately started crying she brought her right hand to her mouth so Brian wouldn’t hear her. She tried to control herself it was only a hand job. It wasn’t really sex and she hadn’t really cheated on Dave. Besides she was only helping out a sick relative. It was clinical, a medical procedure.

“God he smells good”, Jenny was still feeling the effects of her orgasm and her hand was covered in Brian’s sperm. She never told Dave but when she gave him head the sperm was her favorite part. Dave rarely let her swallow as he always pulled out and put his penis in her; the rightful place for sperm her father would have said. But every so often she got a taste and she liked it. But Brian’s had a smell that was enticing, it was thick, heavy and animalistic. Jenny started licking it off her hand and her other hand dropped to her crotch.

Brian watched Jenny play with herself and lick her hand clean. If he were a younger man he’d be fucking her now he thought. Then true to his word he fell asleep.

Jenny came against her hand, still surprised at how guiltless she felt, and washed hands and face.

She hadn’t noticed that the door was wide opened and faced Brian’s bed. Not only that but the light from his TV lit up the small bathroom. Brian could have seen everything she did. Luckily he was snoring. He hadn’t seen her she was convinced.

She walked back to her own bedroom and once inside took off her soaked panties. She quickly replaced them before getting into bed with Dave.

The next morning she helped Brian get dressed after the kids had left. Brian said nothing of the night before and treated her with respect and courtesy. She was impressed with him. All he thought about was making her comfortable, all she kept thinking about was his cock. Several times she caught herself looking at his crotch and thinking about what his thing looked like when fully erect.

That night at 11pm Jenny crept into Brian’s room and was surprised to find him wide-awake. He hadn’t lied to her he must need to cum every night to go to sleep. She didn’t believe anyone had that kind of stamina let alone a 72-year-old man. Perhaps her 18 year old could do that, she thought to herself.

“Is that you Jenny?” Brian asked as he rolled over towards her.

“Yes, do you need… help tonight?” Jenny’s voice sounded hopeful.

“Yes please. If you’re up to it?”

“I can handle it.”

They both laughed again as Jenny pulled a chair over and went straight to Brian’s cock.

Fifteen minutes later Brian was cumming and Jenny’ panties were wet but she didn’t orgasm this time. She waited a few minutes for Brian to roll over. She then hurried into Brian’s bathroom and again left the door open because she needed to put a fire out in her crotch. She sat on the toilet and quickly pulled the crotch of her panties aside and started fingering her clit her left hand. She barely licked her hand clean and quickly put a finger up her pussy. As before, Brian fell asleep watching his daughter in law masturbate and lick her fingers and clean off his sperm. He wondered how long before she would give in to her desire.

Jenny moaned loudly but was reassured by Brian’s snores. She continued to bring herself to orgasm thinking of Brian’s cock. She came hard against her hand with a finger buried deep inside her. “Oh Brian” escaped from her lips. Her fantasies had never been so vivid or real.

After washing her hands and face she left the bathroom and nearly left his room but couldn’t resist walking back to his bed. She was going to lift the covers and look at his cock but her conscience got the better of her. It would be wrong to invade Brian’s privacy by spying on him while he was asleep.

The next night the routine repeated itself as before. Only this time it took 25 minutes for Brian to come and Jenny had to switch hands and use some Vaseline to prevent chafing. Brian also surprised Jenny when he came.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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