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Billy Finds Mom

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In the darkness, I heard him get out of bed and pad down the hall. The fridge opened, closed and he went back to his room. I had been in bed for hours, unable to stay asleep. Thoughts of the incident with him, that day, ran through my mind. I was uncomfortable with them. My skin burned, possibly like it would in the hell I would be consigned to for thinking such things, but I couldn’t help it. Just as I would manage to get to sleep, I’d wake up, pictures of him in flashing in my head, causing my loins to tingle. Then I’d forcibly shove them from my mind and try to sleep again. What was wrong with me? Billy is my son! No decent mother thinks of her child in a sexual way, even if they are 18.

I laid there aching with lust and torturing myself for it. That day, I’d walked into his room without knocking. There he stood, naked and damp from the shower he had just taken. He was gorgeous, but that wasn’t the disturbing part. I couldn’t tear my eyes from his flaccid cock, exhilarated at the sight. It wasn’t shrunken like I was used to seeing after a male showers. It had obviously been erect very recently. Helpless to stop myself, I didn’t avert my eyes right away, but did turn my body quickly enough to disguise my lingering glance. “Oh my gosh. Honey, I’m sorry.” I could barely choke out the words. Then I realized, to my shame, my pussy was hot in my jeans. I could swear I felt wetness too. I moved quickly for the door. He didn’t say anything, but I was sure he was smiling. He always enjoyed when I embarrassed myself.

I had managed to maintain my thoughts through the rest of the day, until I hit bed. Then all bets were off. My mind went wild with the possibilities. It had been a long time since such heat blazed through my imagination and body. I fought hard to quell the fire, but it always reignited, came surging back hotter and wilder each time I awoke. Finally, I could take no more. Maybe if I eased my tension, if I indulged my lust enough to climax just once, I could let it go and rest.

Tentatively at first, I allowed my hand to drift slowly down my tummy, until it rested on my pubic mound. I felt so ashamed. It was difficult to touch myself, but I did anyway. Slowly and lightly, I stroked my whole pussy, tickling the outer labia. Combing the neatly trimmed hair with my fingers, it didn’t take long before my forbidden desires returned, inundating my brain with images. My body reacted without hesitation. Thrills coursed through my legs and sex, I breathed in deeply and exhaled my guilt. I probed myself, teasing my clit; it quickly became engorged, popping out from its hood. Spreading my legs, I put two fingers into myself. I was hot and soaking wet. Mmmm…it was fabulous and lessened my guilt and inhibitions. Sliding in and out a couple strokes, I drew the moisture up to my clit. Slick and satiny, my fingers rubbed, first in a V on either side, then directly on pearl. It wouldn’t be long, I was in such a heightened state, my climax would be swift. My thoughts returned to Billy, standing naked. Cock hanging between his legs. I imagined what it feel like, deep inside me. Quickening my pace, I made circles directly on my button. His cock hardened in my mind. Circle, circle, stroke, stroke….ahhhhhhhhhh…I let go and came, with a great shudder.

In the morning, I managed to drag myself out of bed, exhausted from the lack of sleep and mental anguish I’d put myself through. Thankfully, it was the weekend so I wouldn’t have to function at work like this. I was sure I looked like shit. Thankfully, my mind being so dulled, I hadn’t started the next round of kicking my own ass. But, I was curious about what my reaction was going to be when next I saw Billy.

Later, sitting alone in my room, Billy came strolling in. “Hey Mom! How’s it going?”

I roused myself. “Um, fine honey. What’s on for today with you?”

“Aw, work later. Um.”


“Can I have a couple bucks? Til payday? I don’t have much gas and my last check was a little short because I didn’t get to work full days. I’ll pay ya back, promise!” He bussed my cheek, putting his arm around my shoulders.

My heart jumped and melted all at once. I couldn’t deny him anything right now. “Okkkk. $20 do? Get my purse.”

“Yeah! Thanks Mom. I love you, you know that?” He smiled that charming freaking smile he has.

“I know, I know.” I grinned at him. He was so damn cute. He had never met a stranger in his life. He was the friendliest kid, ever, I thought.

I had him and his sister, Kelly. Kelly was 16 and pretty much a social butterfly. She flitted in and out and I allowed that because Kelly was never any trouble. She got excellent grades and was really an overachiever. I was lucky to have two such easy kids. Their dad was working on a special assignment in another state. Would be for 3 more months. He came home about every 3rd weekend to see us. With him out of the picture, at least I wasn’t tearing my hair out dealing with troublesome kids.

Billy came back with my purse. “Here ya go mommmmmmm!”

“Ok, I expect this back ya know!”

“I know.” He kissed my cheek again. “See ya!”

Off he went, having no idea what was going through casino şirketleri my head.

A couple weeks went by. I had pretty much dropped my guilt and Billy never said a word about the towel incident. I had almost forgotten, well, it wasn’t on the front of my mind anyway, when Billy came in late one night. He got something to drink from the fridge. “Hey Mom, had a good time today!”

“Oh good honey! Bet your tired!”

“Yeah! I need a shower. We were in the river today.” He’d been water skiing, jet skiing and tubing with his friends.

“You need a shower bad then. Yuck!” The river wasn’t the cleanest place. “Go on then. Luv ya!”

Off he went. I could hear the shower running. He spent 20 minutes under the water. He came out the door and said something I couldn’t understand. “What? What did ya say?” I shook my head and went down to his room. “Billy, what did you…” I stopped in mid sentence. There he stood again. All naked and skin still damp from the shower, and again, no towel. I thought I would faint. Goddamn he looked beautiful! His cock was unfurled like the last time. After 20 minutes in the shower, it should have been shriveled; I knew what he’d been up to. I had to recover now. I turned quickly away. “I’m sorry Billy. I didn’t mean to do this again.” I was red to my ears.

“Hahaha…it’s ok Mom. Wait a sec.” He was laughing under his breathe. “Ok, turn around.”

I turned, with my eyes down, then let them drift up from the floor. I could see the towel was back around him. Finally, I met his gaze. He was smirking. “Darn Mom! Whassup with you? You’ve seen me before.”

“Well, honey. It’s been a long time and um, you’ve grown up.” I was embarrassed and perturbed.

“Heck, you saw me a couple weeks ago. Don’t be so uptight.” He seemed to be enjoying my discomfort.

“I know, but honey, you’re grown up now. It’s not right for me to see you naked anymore.”

“Come here.” He held out his arms for a hug. I walked over to him and held my arms out to give him a hug. He reached out and pulled me close in. I held him tight, patting his back, and he rubbed mine. Billy shifted his head back to look me in the face, then leaned in as if to kiss me. I offered my cheek, but he took my chin in his hand turning it towards him, then kissed me full on the mouth. I was shocked. I broke free of his embrace.

“Billy! What are you doing? You can’t kiss me like that.”

“Mom. I want you.”

What? Huh? He wants me? “You can’t. You’re my son.”

“I know. But I want you. I’ve wanted you since I can remember. I love you Mom.”

I was shocked to hear all this. I had no idea he felt this way. It was like a blow to my head. “But Billy. How? It’s not right.”

“Mom. Shhhh. It doesn’t matter to me. I’ve been waiting. Here’s my chance.”

“No, baby. We can’t. I’m married, to your Dad. Everything is wrong with this.” I was arguing, but with my last scrap of integrity. I knew what I had been thinking, only weeks ago.

“Mom, I know all that. I’ve thought about it. You are my mother and you are married, and married to my father, but I love you. I want you in everyway possible.”

I sat down on his bed and patted it for him to sit beside me. His clean scent filled the room. I took note of his muscled chest and the whispy hair on it. Damnit Irene, shhhh! “Billy, I understand where you are coming from. All boys love their mother, unless of course she’s a vile abuser, but I can’t let you act on it. It would destroy our family. Do you understand? It could get out of control and leave deep scars.” I was pleading for my sanity as much as for our family.

He looked distraught. My heart broke for him. “Mom, you can’t mean that. I saw how you looked at me when you caught me naked the last time. It wasn’t motherly.”

“I know sweetheart. I let my womanly instincts get the better of me. However, it has passed. I thought it was over.” Not completely, but he didn’t have to know he stimulated several masturbation sessions.

“Please Mom. You can’t say no forever. Please just think about it. Don’t say anything more. Just leave now and don’t say anything more about it. OK?”

“Ok honey.” I got up. Stunned and wobbly legged, I left the room.

Days passed, Billy and I seemed to be ok. The morning after the scene, he came out of his room like it never happened. No looks, no stares or other evidence of distress. Now a week later, still nothing. I started to relax, but also, somewhere deep inside me, I was becoming disappointed. I lusted for him. His kiss, thinking of his naked cock, I wanted him now. To have him touch me, kiss me, to use his lust on me. I tried to be normal around him, but it was preying on my mind.

As I tried to live with my thoughts, I saw him in various stages of undress. Swimming in our pool or going out to the river. His skin was deeply tanned and he looked delicious. His Dad hadn’t been home in more than a month, he just couldn’t get away. I was starting to ache on that front too. Though, truth be told, he had lost interest in me anyway so even if he was home, it wasn’t like he would solve my problem either. Masturbating was becoming my hobby.

A casino firmaları few more days passed, I’d been on vacation for a week thinking my hubby would be home, but nope. I was nearing fever pitch. I suppose it was the lack of distractions. Kelly was out of the house working or hanging with her friends. Billy was home more than her, but it was late at night and he was out the door for work as soon as he woke up each morning. I didn’t want to do anything with my friends since I was really enjoying having nothing to do, only nothing left me with lots of time to ponder thoughts, moms shouldn’t ponder.

One night, before my vacation was over, I was reading and drinking wine. It hit me. What if I feigned being drunk, passed out? He had taken advantage of the situation in his room. Maybe I could encourage him to take advantage of this situation? Hm. He would be taking advantage but it would relieve us both of having to explain it to each other. Sounded reasonable. At this point, I was ready to make any effort. All I could do was try.

The evening wore on. I sat there, barely able to contain myself. Waiting. It was already midnight, but I knew it could be an hour or more before he got home. I watched TV compulsively changing channels. I drank another glass of wine, but was far from drunk. My mind raced at light speed. Would this work? Did I want it to? What if it did? I was getting dizzy. I laid down to gain my composure.

Just a little while later, I heard Billy come through the door, so I pretended to be passed out. I had my legs spread and my head off to one side. He walked in the room saying “Hi Mom! Ooops!” He stood there, I guess waiting to see if I woke up. He walked over to the couch. I heard him drop to the floor. His body gave off heat, as he got close up to me. Several minutes passed, then I felt pressure on my tits. He was carefully fondling me through my shirt. I wanted to look, but didn’t dare. I let him think I was asleep. I had all the props for him to see. An empty bottle and glass were on the table. I was wearing pajama shorts with no panties and a really tight tshirt, of course no bra. My pussy was visible with my legs in this position. I smelled like wine, which turned out to be a good idea, it had relaxed me.

Billy kneaded and lightly caressed my breasts, cautious not to disturb me. Gently pinching my nipples, though not hard, I could tell he was testing, seeing how much he could get away with but also he was enjoying himself. Like he hadn’t had a chance to check out tits before. Then he lifted my shirt and his lips softly began to kiss and suck them. Oh God! It was exquisite, I could almost cum. As a baby, I had nursed him and now he was suckling me again. That thought increased my excitement. He spent some time licking around the areola, nibbling and grazing me with his teeth. I tried to control my breathing, but it wasn’t easy.

He stopped and fumbled with something. I didn’t dare open my eyes to see what was going on. He sat down on the edge of the couch, down by my knees. His hand brushed my thigh and I knew what he was going to do, he pushed the crotch of my shorts aside. Pulling my legs further apart, I could hear him breathe in my scent. He must’ve stared at my pussy for a while and then made a decision. He used his finger to trace around my labia. I couldn’t help it, I stirred a little. He backed off, I was sure he was watching me to see if I was waking. On a previous occasion, he had seen me passed out and asleep on the couch. He knew how deeply I slept in this condition. With this in mind he continued to explore his mother. Several minutes passed before he tried again. Knowing what was coming, I controlled myself when he began again. Lightly moving his finger, he investigated me. Gently moving aside the layers of flesh, little by little until he had access to my opening where he inserted a fingertip into me. A buzz rushed through me in either direction away from my pussy. He was checking my reaction again, but I didn’t flinch, much as I needed to.

He pushed in more deeply. Feeling around and probing. Then he turned his fingers upwards and found my g spot, rubbing it back and forth. I don’t think he understood what it was, just that he could feel something different there. I knew I couldn’t keep from moving too much longer. I wanted to writhe on his fingers. I would have to react, but pretend I wasn’t aware it was him. I let out a sigh and moved my hips, certain that he would think it was a dream like reaction on my part. “Mmmmmmm.”

Billy froze. Keeping my eyes closed I murmured again. “Mmmmmm.” He held still. I guess he was waiting to see how conscious I would get. Imperceptibly as possible, I allowed my hips to move in their natural rhythm as his fingers began to work in me. Ohhh God! I was dripping. His fingers slipped easily in and out. What a turn on, having my son manipulate me sexually, I would have to cum soon. My body was responding, I couldn’t stop it. He continued massaging my g spot, speeding up and slowing down, harder then softer. My breathing was erratic. Without words, he seemed to be urging me toward climax and I would have in a few more strokes, but then he brought his mouth down, güvenilir casino warily, on my clit, delicately sucking it into his mouth. That was all I needed. I came like a fountain, hips rolling against him.

But he didn’t stop, he began lapping all over my pussy now confident I wasn’t going to wake up and get angry. No nuance, just heat and passion, his youth and eagerness I thought. I loved it. It had been so long, maybe even never, since I had a man consume my pussy like this. His mouth, slurping, lapping and teasing my clit, quickly brought me to the brink again. I think he could tell. I could hear his breathing was deep and ragged. He took his fingers out and plunged his tongue into me. Fucking me with it and working my nubbin with his thumb. He did both, harder and faster. The tension was building in me again and then with a long exhale, it was released. Oh God! How could I do this? Yet the climax kept crashing over me. I let go of another sigh. “Mmmmmmmmm…” but still, I kept my eyes closed. I was determined to keep up my ruse.

He slowed and stopped, then got up. I hoped he wasn’t finished. I wanted him to continue, to do everything he wanted to do to me; I was deciding this would be the first and last time so it had be as total an act as it could. I lay still and waited. I didn’t want to give up yet. There was movement and I recognized the sound of clothes dropping on the floor. In a second, I had my answer. Billy moved my body very slowly and carefully opening my legs further and moving his weight between them. He leaned down and I felt what had to be his hard cock. He moved it around in the moisture with his hips, then pushed into me a little at a time. I felt a sting in my flesh as it parted for his hardness, even though I was very slick. It gave me some odd thrill. My son was again responsible for deep feelings in my pussy but in a pleasant way this time. There were lots of those thoughts as he moved slowly and deliberately at first. He pushed further in with each stroke. I continued my unconscious movements like a woman; I had long since given up the pretense of motherly distance and responded like a woman, but quietly. I thought I’d be able to continue to play unconscious and get away with reacting as long as when this was over, I stayed “passed out.”

As his pace increased, I met his every move so I could get him in as far as possible. It was like we were breathing together, as one, through our connection in my body. My body where he started life, connected to me. He bent down and sucked my tit. I sneaked a peek at him. I loved seeing his mouth on my breast. I made a mental picture I would visit in the future. He was pulling on the nipple with his teeth and sucking some more. It only increased the thrill. Like I was nourishing him once again? I loved the thought of that.

Billy pushed back up on his hands and began fucking me hard, like a jack hammer. I felt electrified. I absorbed the impact, lifting my hips to meet his every blow. He slammed into me over and over. I could feel a shudder deep within me. I was going to cum again. I could also feel the pressure mounting in his body. His rhythm would break, but then he recaptured it, pounding relentlessly into me, breathing, raggedly. He pounded, slipping easily in and out of my sodden pussy, I wanted to look down to see it, his beautiful cock, glistening. But I couldn’t risk it. I was hanging on the edge. Then, I let go and came.

I felt his climax was nearing. His body was jerking. He was going to cum in just….a…few…strokes…ahhhhhhhhhhhh…He came in me. I could feel his hot semen shooting into me. His cock jerk with every ejaculation. My pussy muscles pushed hard against him as I was reaching climax when I convulsed and came more. He kept moving, but soon was out of steam. He quietly withdrew and repositioned my leg. Ignoring the evidence left within his mother, he pulled my shorts and shirt back in their proper places, to make me appear unmolested. He gathered his clothing and walked softly from the room. I listened, he was on the stairs, his door closed and I knew it was safe. My fingers sought out the heat of my pussy. Finding what I was looking for, the juices of our lovemaking, I tasted it, relishing this moment, but I knew I couldn’t let this happen again. I was already filling with guilt.

Quietly I walked up the stairs. My head was spinning from what I had just done to my mother. Elated at finally making love to her, but I was also feeling some guilt over taking advantage of her. When I got to my room, I closed the door and lay on my bed. Closing my eyes, I brought scenes of what just happened to my mind. I would’ve liked it if she were conscious so I could see her eyes. I had watched her closely, hoping she might wake up and take pleasure from it if she did. I wanted to see if I brought her to the ecstasy I felt. I made her cum, I knew that for sure. She had to think it was a dream and was reacting to that. Just these few fleeting thoughts made me want to go back down and have her again. However, I couldn’t risk that, it would be too dangerous if she didn’t want to. Lying naked on my bed, I grabbed my cock. It was still somewhat damp. I checked around it and found some juice, wiped and licked it. I could taste my cum but I could taste mom too. I quickly grabbed my shorts and rubbed all over my balls and cock. I wanted to capture as much evidence as I could so I could savor it later.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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