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Billy on the Rooftop

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Suffice it to say we met online and had a brief coffee meeting to see if we clicked. We did! But we were not able to get together right away and over the next few months we spent many hours sending sexy emails back and forth. He was building me to an excitement the like of which it had been years since I experienced. He was in his early twenties and I am in my mid forties, he wanted to learn and I wanted a hard young body.

It took a long time before we actually got together but when we did it was truly amazing. To this day I envision it as a scene from a sexy sexy movie.

Billy was leaving town for good to begin his career, it was time, he was nearly 24. I sent him a message.

“Last chance Billy, midnight, roof of the parking garage.”

He knew what I meant. I thought though that after all the false starts he would not show up.

It was midnight and I was just getting off work. 30+ and humid. Mid July. I had just finished my shift, climbed the stairs to the roof of the mall where my office was located and I opened the door to be hit in the face by a wave of heat that nearly knocked me over.

I walked to my vehicle in my high heeled sandals picking my way over the rough pavement delicately when I heard the low rumble of his car’s engine. The baby blue Honda drove around the corner into sight and pinned me in its headlights like a startled deer.

I walked slowly and nervously toward the vehicle, the drivers side window rolled down with equal slowness. As I reached the car I could smell the pheromones, his and mine. My knees casino şirketleri began to shake with excitement.

I approached the open window with great trepidation and expectation of nothing.

“You showed up!” I gasped breathlessly.

He grinned up at me,

“Give me a kiss baby”

I leaned into the car and he grabbed me by the hair and gave me a deep kiss, a very deep kiss. I felt his eager tongue entering my lips and searching around, and then he caught my bottom lip between his teeth and tugged.

I get chills just thinking about that first kiss. It seemed to last a lifetime but was over far too quickly. His voice was gruff and his eyes lightly glazed as he gestured to the empty seat beside him.

“Get in.” He panted.

I hurried to the other side of the vehicle and let myself in, being careful not to bump my head on the low roof. He reached over to me and softly stroked my cheek with his work toughened hand. I shivered at his touch, craving more.

“I want you.” He croaked. He turned away from me to concentrate on driving his powerful car away from the public area where my coworkers were beginning to arrive to find their cars.

He raced over the roof and found a concealed spot deep in the dark shadows of the garage roof. He slid the car to a full stop and shut the rumbling engine off. He got out and walked to my side of the vehicle and opening the door took my hand helping me to my feet.

He pulled me roughly toward him and kissed me again. This time with more passion. His lips were perfect, soft casino firmaları and firm at the same time. His need became more apparent; his erection grew larger and more urgent. He pressed harder against me, pushing me up against the car grinding his hips into mine.

I was losing myself in his kiss; he would be amazing if his tongue was on my now throbbing clit. His hands began rubbing at my body almost pawing, gentle but urgent. He again pulled me only this time away from the car and grasped at the globes of my ass and began to knead at them as he rubbed his hardened cock more forcefully into my belly.

His kisses grew more fervent, his breath was heavier and his eyes were smoking with desire. My heart was pounding as I pulled away from the kiss and looked into his beautiful green eyes. I was melting with need. I wanted him then and there. But I forced myself to take control back. I smiled at him.

“Slow down baby boy.” My words were coming in quick gasps, “let’s make this last a few minutes, okay?”

We chuckled softly easing the tension but none of the passion. I changed places with him so he was leaning up against the car now. I reached for his belt buckle with both hands and grinned up at him when he gasped.

The buckle clanked as I undid it, I could feel Billy’s stomach tighten automatically as I undid the button on his jeans and started to slowly slide his zipper down. I pulled his open fly apart and slid my hand in to find a wet spot on the front of his boxers, he must be ready, oh boy was he ready.

I pulled the güvenilir casino front of the boxers down and his cock sprang proudly out. Jutting fiercely forward his cut head angrily red and straining to get my attention. I dropped to my knees to worship the beast with my ready mouth.

I suckled greedily licking and slurping at the oozing head, I could hear him moan and I looked up at him watching me and I grinned at him my mouth full of cock. I could feel his body shudder. Pushing his pants down a little further I tried to free his manhood completely and let his balls out into the hot night air. I stroke gently on his soft smooth balls then smothering them with kisses as I wetly drew them into my eager mouth. One at a time I rolled them carefully between my teeth and tongue.

I could feel his breath coming in shorter harsher pants. His deep voices rumbling his pleasure. He was purring and grabbing at my head.

“Suck it” he exhorted.

I stuck his cock back between my lips and began to suck it in as far as I could. His thick head was almost choking my throat as he began a slow rhythmic pumping of his firm young hips. Driving his cock in and out of my drooling mouth I felt him start to tighten up. His breathing stopped completely.

He thrust one final time and roared like a beast as his hot young semen streamed down my throat and oozed out the sides of my still cock filled mouth. I smiled up at him while I licking him clean and swallowing every drip.

Damn he looked hot leaning up against the car with his cock hanging out his pants and his chest still heaving from the exertion of his orgasm. His young face glowing as he alternated between grinning and trying to talk.

I will always remember him that way and never forget the night I got to suck Billy on the rooftop.

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