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Bisexual Black Man’s Lady

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Hey, there. My name is Nicole Calixte. I’m a six-foot-one, curvy and big-bottomed young black woman living in the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. I’m a student at Hannibal College in Brockton, a historically black private school named after General Hannibal Barca of the Carthaginian Empire, the legendary enemy of ancient Rome. Life is okay these days. I’m in my junior year. Next year, I will graduate with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. My next stop will be the police academy. I want to be a cop. My life is cool except for one glitch. My boyfriend Anton Vieux is bisexual. And I’m not sure I can handle it.

It’s funny how most people can look at you and get your life wrong. Because I was born to a wealthy Haitian-American family, most people who meet me think I’m a stuck-up Black American Princess. My father, Nicolas Calixte is a lawyer and my mother, Elisabeth Jameson Calixte is a television writer and producer who travels a lot. She’s worked on television shows ranging from Law & Order to The Game and Smallville. We do alright for ourselves. My brother Jonathan is a cadet at The Citadel, one of America’s top military colleges. Yeah, most people think my life is perfect.

My friends and family were stunned when I chose to attend Hannibal College instead of Boston University, my parents alma mater. I’ve gone to white schools all my life. I wanted to be around my own people. Other talented African-American students and professors. That’s why Hannibal College appealed to me. I just wish more black students joined our ranks. Hannibal College is a really nice school and all, but lately the sons and daughters of the black middle and upper classes have opted for the big white schools like Boston College and Northeastern University instead. I chose it because I liked its history. Founded in 1948, Hannibal College is dedicated to the education of the African-American student.

These days, it has eighteen thousand students and a six-hundred-person faculty. The school’s student body is fifty five percent African-American, twenty eight percent Hispanic, ten percent Asian and seven percent Caucasian. While academically rigorous, Hannibal College is also known for its athleticism. The school’s athletic department sponsors men’s varsity Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis, Golf, Volleyball, Football and Track dikmen escort bayan & Field along with women’s varsity Softball, Basketball, Cross Country, Cycling, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis, Golf, Field Hockey, Equestrian, Track & Field and Volleyball. We compete in the NCAA Division Two.

I’m Captain of the all-new women’s Field Hockey team. I’ve always loved field hockey, even though it’s a mostly white sport. I played it in high school and I intended to play in college. Through my teammate and best friend Juanita, a tall, dark-skinned Haitian-American gal, I met the handsome Anton Vieux. A six-foot-three, broad-shouldered and muscular black stud who took my breath away. He was all that and a bag of chips, folks. A very handsome guy that all the chicks on campus seemed to want. Black, white, Hispanic or Asian. All the chicks wanted him. He and Juanita were second cousins. She told me all about him. Anton used to attend Roxbury Latin Academy, an all-male private school. He was a very smart, funny and friendly guy. When most people meet him, they think he’s a football player or a basketball player. As it turns out, he plays Golf. He’s the only black guy on the men’s golf team and one of the best golfers the school had ever seen. I think we might have another Tiger Woods on our hands.

As you can imagine, I wanted to get to know this brother. And so I did. Juanita introduced us. Anton took one look at me and he was smitten. It’s not his fault. I’m just plain gorgeous. Not bragging, just being honest. I’ve got face, chest, body and booty. Being tall, athletic and curvy, I’m built like one of the Williams Sisters, but with the kind of booty Queen Latifah would envy. Needless to say, the brothers are always gawking when they see me. Anton and I started hanging out and the rest, as they say, was history. We became the golden couple on campus. Two star athletes who represented the black student population in traditionally white-dominated sports. I led the Hannibal College women’s field hockey team to many victories over teams filled with white chicks from all over New England. And Anton was doing the same thing with the men’s golf team. We were both stellar academics too. Yeah, in many ways we seemed like the perfect couple.

All seemed right with the world. Anton was sweet, funny and a great guy. Also, he elvankent escort bayan had a banging body and knew how to use it. Let’s just say the brother knows how to lay pipe, folks. I remember some of the wild times we had in my dorm. Anton awakened in me passion I didn’t know I had, folks. I used to swear I wasn’t the type of sister to suck a brother’s dick but Anton changed that. I mean, with him I felt like I could let go of my inhibitions and do just about anything. I would lay him on my bed and suck his long and thick, uncircumcised black cock like cock sucking was going out of style. I sucked his dick and licked his balls until he came, then I drained him with my mouth. I loved the taste of his cum. No two men taste alike. Anton tasted better than any man I’d ever been with.

My man didn’t just know how to receive. He was a real giver, too. He would spread my legs and breathe in the scent of my pussy, inhaling it like sweet perfume. Then he would lick and probe my pussy like his life depended on it. He had a lot of skills, too. He knew how to make my toes curl. The dude turned me from sexually naïve to a real sex freak and a screamer. What can I say? Anton rocked my world. For him, I would do anything. Hell, I even gave anal sex a shot. And it used to be on my list of things not to do. One afternoon, I got on all fours before Anton, face down and ass up. I offered him my ass. He was surprised, but took me up on my offer. Anton lubricated my ass with some lotion and pushed his cock into my asshole. Slowly, he worked his dick into my ass. I’m not going to lie and say it didn’t hurt. However, it did feel kind of good. Much better than I thought it would, in fact. I found myself liking anal sex. Pretty soon, I was taking it up the butt regularly. I liked having Anton’s dick in my ass. It felt kind of good. And I didn’t feel abased while we were doing it. I was making love with the man I loved. What could be wrong with that?

Yeah, life was good for Anton and I. Until the day he dropped a bomb on me. He told me he was bisexual. Did I mention it was on my birthday that he shared this revelation? Yeah. We were at a nice, quiet little restaurant on Brockton’s West Side. Just two lovebirds celebrating. That’s when he dropped this bomb on me. Excellent timing! I basically assailed him with questions. emek escort bayan Was he serious? Had he been with a man before? Was he planning on leaving me? He answered no to all of the above except for the question about him being serious. He said he’d never been with a man, but had felt attracted to both sexes his whole life. His religious convictions prevented him from acting out on his forbidden feelings. I thanked him for his honesty, then I left. Anton remained seated, looking very sad. I’m not one to cause a scene in public but I had to think about this.

That night, I lay in my bed, tossing and turning. How could this be? My Anton was bisexual? How? I’ve made love with that man hundreds of times. If he weren’t a college student-athlete, he could have been a porn star. He knows how to rock a woman’s body. Hell, he left me breathless sometimes. His lovemaking was beyond intense and his bedroom skills were second to none. Outside of the bedroom, he was the perfect gentleman. Well-mannered, kind, friendly and affectionate. He was very attentive to my needs. Emotionally, physically and sexually. He was always there for me in times both good and bad. The perfect boyfriend. How could he be bisexual? What could I do to make him mine completely? Why did he feel drawn to men? Wasn’t I enough? I’m damn good in bed. I do it all. Oral. Vaginal. Anal. Doggy style. Role playing. You name it, I do it. None of the men I’ve been with have had anything to complain about. Why wasn’t I enough for Anton?

I thought about all the moments Anton and I shared together. I still loved him. And I knew he loved me. Maybe we can work things out. Maybe him being bisexual doesn’t have to be the end of us. I mean, after all, he was honest with me. If he hadn’t told me, I never would have known. My Anton simply looked too manly and too tough for me to ever imagine him being with another man. So I decided to give him another chance. I called him, and told him I’ve had some time to think. I thanked him for his honesty, and apologized for running out of the restaurant. He was cool about everything, and told me he’d abide by whatever I decided. I liked hearing that, but the way I see it, it takes two to tango. This was about us, not about me. So I went to the student center to see Anton. And I saw him there, looking fantastic. My man. The guy who made me the envy of all the sisters at Hannibal College. He held his hand out to me, and I took it without hesitation. Together, we strode through the campus, and talked. I think we can get through this. We’ll work things out. We have to. I’m not giving up on Anton, even though we’ve got major issues to overcome. He’s my other half.

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