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Bisexual Fuck Buddies Ch. 01

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Frank spat on my cock and started stroking it with his fist. I leaned back on the couch and enjoyed the feeling off his hand on my hard shaft. He occasionally stuck out his tongue to lick the sensitive tip of my ten-inch cock. Frank knew exactly how I liked my cock sucked. He wrapped his lips around the tip of it and sucked on it like he would suck a pacifier.

“Oh shit,” I whispered, “that feels so fucking good Frank.”

I was whispering because Frank’s younger sister was sleeping in the guest bedroom. She had a fight with her boyfriend and was spending the night at Frank’s place. Frank and I had been best friends for over ten years. We were also lovers, bisexual fuck buddies. We had shared boyfriends, girlfriends and had experienced some very hot times with bisexual swingers over the years.

“Oh yeah,” I moaned somewhat aloud, “fuck my asshole with your finger Frank.”

“Shh! Erik.” whispered Frank. “Keep your voice down! You’ll wake up Julie.”

Julie was a wild girl, a real firecracker. She was eighteen-years old, about five years younger than Frank and me. She had golden blond hair and beautiful blue eyes like Frank. She always dressed according to the latest MTV fashion. These days she was copying Britney Spears’ dirty-sexy look, wearing low-cut jeans that showed her erotically placed butterfly tattoo and shirts or halter-tops that revealed her perfectly toned stomach and belly button piercing.

I suspected that Julie knew about Frank and I being lovers, although she had never questioned or confronted me. She did tease me a lot though and made smart-ass comments about our friendship anytime she would get a chance. Now she had left us in the living room to watch TV and had gone to sleep in the guest room.

“Oh yes. Suck my big cock Frank,” I said when he started taking my cock deeper into his mouth.

I enjoyed the feeling of his warm mouth around my cock and started running my fingers through his soft blond hair. He slid one more finger into my eager asshole and started fucking it a little harder. From time to time he would look up at me with his deep blue eyes to see if I were enjoying his treatment of my cock.

He concentrated on sucking me with his eyes closed for a few minutes. I knew that I was going to cum in his mouth in a couple of minutes if he kept on sucking my cock like this. He opened his eyes and looked up at me. Suddenly his eyes went wide with an expression of terror and he removed his mouth quickly from my cock.

“Oh Jesus! Julie!” he almost shouted. “What the fuck are you doing here?”

I turned my head and looked up. Julie was standing there with her elbows on the couch, leaning forward and watching us. She had a grin on her face and her blue eyes were filled with lust. Frank was not wearing his underwear because he was planning to ride my cock after sucking me. He got up to his feet and covered his hard on with his hands.

“It’s ok Frankie,” Julie said softly, “I just want to watch. Don’t stop. Please!”

“Shit. What the hell? No,” said Frank nervously and ran out of the living room.

I was surprisingly relaxed and made no attempt to cover my hard shaft. I turned around and watched as Frank disappeared into his bedroom. Julie looked very hot wearing a short and sheer purple nightie.

“Oh man. I always knew that you two were fucking each casino şirketleri other,” Said Julie, “I was just hoping that you’d let me watch!”

“Oh Julie. Frank is not like you,” I replied. “He is a bit shy. You caught us by surprise girl!”

“Fuck that shy shit. I wanted to watch you fuck my hot brother. Was that too much to ask?”

I was suddenly more excited than ever. I thought about the possibility of a threesome with Julie. No that would be wrong. That would be incest. Frank and I had been in many unusual erotic situations, but never incest. My heart started beating faster. I wanted to fuck Julie. But even more than that I wanted to watch Julie and Frank fuck each other. I needed to take control of the situation and make that happen.

“I fucked up badly. Didn’t I Erik?” Julie said almost crying. “Frank has been nothing but nice to me. I didn’t mean to scare him like this.”

I walked around the couch and over to Julie. I stood right in front of her with my huge hard on exposed to her. I put my right hand on her pretty face. Her skin felt so very warm and soft. She had tears in her beautiful eyes.

“No Julie. It’s ok,” I said softly. “It’s no big deal. Frank was just startled to see you. I’ll fuck him in front of you. I’ll even let you help me fuck him. It will be fun.”

“I even made myself pretty for this,” she replied. “Do you like the way I look?”

I looked at the pretty girl. I pulled her into me and hugged her tightly. My cock was pressing against her sexy stomach. I ran my fingers through her soft and long hair. Her scent filled my nostrils. She smelled like fresh flowers.

“You look so fucking beautiful.” I said into her ear. “Now let’s go talk some sense into your brother.”

I took her tender hand in mine and we walked towards Frank’s bedroom. I knocked on the door but did not wait for him to invite me inside. I opened the door and walked in holding Julie’s hand in mine. Frank lay on his bed with a thin bed sheet covering his cock.

I sat on the bed and casually removed the sheet from him. I was looking into his eyes and smiling at him. Julie stood right beside the bed. I was happy to see that Frank did not attempt to stop me from removing the sheet.

“It’s ok Frank. She didn’t mean to scare us or anything like that,” I said to him with confidence in my voice. “She just wanted to watch us fuck.”

“How long have you known Julie?” Frank asked his hot sister.

“Hmm like forever!” Julie replied. “It’s ok Frankie. I have sex with my girlfriends too. Even mom has sex with her girlfriends. It’s no big deal.”

“Mom?” Frank asked with amazement. “What do you mean?”

“I caught her in bed with Barbara once. She was licking mom’s pussy. It was so fucking cool. I confronted her later and she confessed.”

“No way! Unbelievable!”

“Yeah and she even told me that Barbara has started fucking Brad, her own son. Can you believe that?”

“Shit! This is crazy stuff. Mom told you all that?”

“Yeah. Wait. There is more. She also said that she would fuck you if you weren’t gay!”

“What the fuck is that supposed to mean?” Frank was upset now. “I’m not gay. I’m bi. There’s a huge difference.”

While the brother and sister were talking I had started caressing Frank’s muscular and lean body with my left hand. I cupped his big balls casino firmaları with my right hand now. Frank looked at me and started moaning softly.

“Julie sit down on the bed next to your hot bisexual-and-not-gay brother now,” I said playfully. “Kiss him and make up with him!”

Julie obeyed my order promptly. She took Frank’s face in her beautiful hands and kissed him softly but passionately on his mouth.

“Frank stop being such a shit head and open your fucking mouth,” I ordered Frank. “Your hot sister wants to kiss you with her tongue. Come on guys. You two are the hottest people I know. I want to see some tongue action.”

Julie darted her cute tongue into her brother’s now open mouth and kissed him deeply. Both of them started moaning and breathing heavily. Frank’s cock was fully erect now. I spat on his cock and started stroking it gently.

“That’s not good enough guys,” I told them. “I need to see how much you love each other. To prove it to me you have to get nastier than that. Julie spit into your brother’s mouth!”

Julie collected as much saliva as she could in her pretty mouth and spat a big load into Frank’s waiting mouth.

“Swallow it Frankie,” she said to him. “Ooh I’m getting so fucking wet down there.”

As Frank swallowed her saliva she reached down for her pussy with her left hand. She lifted her nightie and started rubbing her clit with two fingers. I slid two fingers into her hot and wet pussy and started fucking it. Frank reached down for the bottom of his sister’s nightie and pulled it over her head. Her large right breast now was right in front of Frank’s mouth.

“Suck on my stiff nipple Frankie. Ooh please!” Julie begged her brother. “Erik, fuck my pussy harder with your fingers.”

Frank took his sister’s long and stiff nipple into his mouth and started sucking like a hungry infant. Julie started moving her hips up and down and from side to side.

“Oh God damn. You two are going to make me cum so fucking hard,” she exclaimed almost out of breath.

I was stroking Frank’s hard shaft with my left hand and fingering his sister’s hot pussy with my right hand. Julie started moaning louder and pressing harder on her own clit.

“Cum for us Julie baby,” I urged her. “Cum for me!”

Julie’s body went tense as she came hard in front of her brother and me. After she was done cuumming she leaned forward and kissed my lips softly.

“Thank you Erik. That was so fucking nice.”

“Don’t mention it baby. The pleasure was all mine. Now I need you to help me fuck your brother’s asshole.”

“Oh yeah,” her face lit up with excitement, “just tell me what you need me to do. I’m all yours.”

“Ok. We need to lube up his asshole first,” I told her, “and usually I use a lubricant, but since you’re here I want you to use your saliva on him. It will be more fun for you to do it this way.”

I told Frank to lay on his right side and lift up his left leg, then told Julie to get her face as close as she could to her brother’s exposed asshole. Julie was as happy and excited as a little girl and did exactly as she was told. She put her brother’s leg on her shoulder, her nose literally touching his asshole now.

“Oh Frankie. This is so much fucking fun. Your shithole looks so cool,” Julie said in a little girl’s voice and giggled.

“Now stick güvenilir casino your tongue out,” I told Julie, “and carefully lick his asshole for me.”

I watched Julie’s beautiful face intently from up close. She stuck her tongue out and licked Frank’s anus carefully.

“Ew! It tastes like ass!” she giggled again. “No I’m just kidding bro. It actually tastes good. Once you get over the shit part!”

The three of us started laughing. I stretched Frank’s ass cheeks with both hands and told Julie to slide her tongue into her brother’s asshole. She probed her tongue into Frank’s asshole and past his anus. Then she took it out and put it back in again.

“Oh fuck sis,” said Frank. “Yeah it feels so good. Fuck me with your tongue.”

Julie teasingly bit her brother’s balls in between tongue-fucking his asshole. I was falling in love with this hot girl. I sucked on Frank’s balls and kissed Julie’s hot mouth alternately, licking her ass-flavored tongue and spitting into her mouth while caressing her golden blond hair.

“Now spit into his asshole honey,” I directed her, “then carefully stick one finger into it. I want you to lube it up with your saliva. That’s it. Now you can use two fingers. Start fucking your brother with your fingers.”

Julie’s face looked so damn cute as she concentrated on finger-fucking her brother’s tight asshole. She used a twisting motion each time she slid her fingers deep inside Frank. Her face looked very serious as she furrowed her brows in deep concentration on her task.

“Do you like it Frankie boy?” she asked her brother. “I feel your asshole stretching and relaxing now.”

“Yeah sis. I love it. It’s so fucking nice. Do it harder!” replied Frank.

Julie started fucking her brother’s asshole fast and hard now. Once in a while she would stop to spit on her fingers. I was fondling his balls and stroking his hard cock.

“Ok Julie. You can stop now. I think he is more than ready for my cock.”

Julie and I switched places and I positioned my cock right on top of Frank’s eager asshole.

“Julie grab my cock and push it up his hole” I ordered her.

“Oh my fucking God!” she exclaimed. “This looks so fucking cool. He is going to fuck your ass now bro. Oh shit I wanted so much to see this with my own eyes.”

I put Frank’s leg on my shoulder and pushed my entire cock up his asshole with one quick move. He grunted loudly as my cock filled him up. I did not move for about a minute or so then started fucking him slowly. His asshole felt tight and nice around my cock.

“Fuck him harder you son of a bitch. Fuck my hot brother!” Julie urged me and I obliged her.

“Oh shit sis. Stroke my cock for me. I need to cum. Please!” Frank was begging his sister.

Julie grabbed her brother’s cock firmly and started stroking him forcefully. With her other hand she fondled his swollen balls. She put her lovely mouth on my nipple and started sucking hard on it. All my senses were overloaded with pleasure and lust.

“Oh God I’m cumming sis,” Frank announced and shot his hot load all over Julie’s hands and arms.

“Oh fuck yeah! I’m cumming too!” I shouted and shot my load of cum up Frank’s asshole.

I stayed inside Frank until the last drop of cum was squeezed out of me. Then I collapsed on top of his body. Julie kissed us both.

“Thank you guys. I really loved it. This was so much fucking fun” Julie said and smiled. “I can’t wait to tell mom about this. Frankie I think she will jump all over you once you tell her you like women too. I can’t wait to see you fuck her!”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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