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Bisexual Somali Manhood

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Meet Mokhtar “Moe” Ismail, a tall, handsome Somali Muslim gentleman living in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. He moved there from his native Somalia ages ago, and has been living here ever since. By day, Mokhtar is studying Business Management at La Cite Collegiale, and hopes to get a government job someday. Mokhtar is thirty two years old, but believes it’s not too late to accomplish his dreams…

By night, while the rest of us are sleeping, Mokhtar runs a cleaning company called M.C.S. or Moe’s Cleaning Service. They’ve got the contract on a lot of the big buildings in downtown Ottawa, from the corporate offices on Metcalfe, Albert and Bank Streets, to the Canadian government buildings located further down in the Capital’s downtown core.

Mokhtar wants to expand his business, and for that to happen, he needs to hire competent people. One of Moe’s new hires is a young Somali Muslim woman named Choukri Abdi. Tall and thick, with a curvy, brown-skinned body which she always hides under traditional Islamic clothing, with her long dark hair almost always tucked under a Hijab, Choukri Abdi is mighty fine in a lot of ways. Too bad the gal is dumber than dirt…

Mokhtar has a problem, ladies and gentlemen. The Somali Muslim brother not only swings both ways, which is, in and of itself, perfectly okay, but he’s also a sex addict, which is not cool at all. Addictions of any kind can definitely mess with a person’s work flow. Let’s put it this way, if billionaire Bill Gates had an unmanageable addiction, it might interfere with him successfully running his business empire.

Mokhtar recently had a scandal at work. He had to fire someone who was once close to him. Moe hired a young Somali Muslim guy named Bashir Warsame, who was working for the cleaning company while attending Algonquin College. At first, Bashir was a hard worker. The brother showed up at work on time, did his duties, and Mokhtar had no complaints. One night, while working late, Mokhtar and Bashir had a moment of, ahem, male bonding, and things got dicey from there.

Translation? Mokhtar was taking a piss when Bashir Warsame, a married man and father of two, came onto him. The whole thing happened after hours, in the men’s washroom of a certain building on Albert Street in downtown Ottawa. Mokhtar was taking a piss when Bashir offered to suck his dick. What do you think Mokhtar said?

“Boss, I’ll suck that dick better than your girlfriend does,” Bashir offered, and Mokhtar, who did not have a girlfriend at the time, took him up on his offer. The Bisexual young Somali Muslim dude got on his bahis firmaları knees and sucked the hell out of Mokhtar’s dick. When Mokhtar came after getting deep-throated by the rather eager Bashir, Bashir surprised him by drinking every last drop of his cum. How about that?

“Hmm, you’re a talented young man, Bashir, I see a real future for you in my company,” Mokhtar said, and Bashir smiled. The two men continued to work together for ages and while they tried to be discrete, things have a way of getting out. Moe’s Cleaning Service is a small company after all. They have only about thirty employees, and what goes around definitely comes around, as they say.

Given his position, Mokhtar should definitely have tried to be more discreet in his dealings with his male lover Bashir. They both had a lot to lose. In fact, Choukri Abdi, one of Mokhtar’s new hires once caught him and Bashir getting busy in the office. Choukri, both disturbed and oddly turned on by the sight of two dark-skinned, manly Muslim guys having sex, wisely kept her mouth shut.

“Choukri, if you tell anyone about me and Bashir, you’re toast,” Mokhtar told her, as he confronted her after the, ahem, moment of surprise. Mokhtar had Bashir on his desk, bent over and ass spread, and he was slamming his dick into Bashir’s ass when Choukri walked in on them. Damn that Hijab-wearing bitch for not learning to frigging knock, Mokhtar remembered thinking at the time.

After firing Bashir due to his lackluster performance ( at work, not in bed ), Mokhtar tried to get back to normal. He began to notice that his employee Choukri ( whom he basically threatened, should she open her mouth and divulge his sexual secrets ) started coming around the office more and more. Sometimes, Choukri came by just to say hello, and other times she stopped to chit-chat. Mokhtar took one too many looks at Choukri’s big ass, and decided to go after her…

Mokhtar is a cunning and ruthless guy, and he didn’t get to his position in a hostile place like Ottawa without a talent for reading people. Now, logic dictates that Choukri Abdi, as a Somali Muslim woman who is deeply religious, should be hostile to the fact that her boss, Mokhtar, is Bisexual. Mokhtar saw a mixture of lust and submission whenever he looked into Choukri’s eyes. The gal had easy lay written all over her, so he went for it…

When Choukri came to work earlier that night, Mokhtar summoned her to his office. Choukri went in panic mode, thinking that Mokhtar would fire her. Most cleaning companies paid minimum wage, but Mokhtar paid his workers sixteen kaçak iddaa dollars an hour, a cut above the Ontario minimum wage. He was a tough boss, but a fair one. Still, Choukri had to admit that she was a little afraid of Mokhtar…and being afraid sometimes turned her on.

“Have a seat, Choukri, seriously, park that beautiful butt here, I need to talk to you,” Mokhtar said to a nervous-looking Choukri, who stood at his office door. The young Somali woman sat down, and Mokhtar smiled, stroked his goateed chin, and closed the door behind him. Choukri thought he was in a bad mood and tried to placate him…

“Mokhtar, um, sir, I really wanted to apologize for barging in on you and, ahem, Bashir,” Choukri said, and the young woman began mumbling a thousand apologies. Choukri did not want to lose her job, because she had rent to pay, and there was also the matter of her studies at Everest College, located inside the Saint Laurent Mall’s lower levels. I will do anything to keep my job, Choukri thought.

“Well, Choukri, I have good news, I am not going to fire you, I think you’re a beautiful and strong young woman, in fact, I am here to offer you Bashir’s job, now that he’s gone, you will do ALL the things he did for me and the company and more, is that okay?” Mokhtar said, flashing her a lascivious smile. Choukri looked at him, and swallowed hard. When Mokhtar looked her up and down lustfully, she felt a wetness begin between her legs…

“Moe, am I as tight as the guys you usually bang?” Choukri Abdi asked, and the plump young Somali Muslim woman winced as Mokhtar worked his dick deep into her backdoor. Anal sex is considered haram by the majority of Muslims, but Mokhtar simply couldn’t get enough of it. The only problem Choukri had with that is the fact that Mokhtar didn’t care if he parked his dick inside a woman or a man…

“Hmm, you’re much tighter,” Mokhtar said, laughing, and he playfully smacked Choukri’s plump ass while banging her tight backdoor. The two of them were in the basement of Place De Ville, the mega-corporate complex housing the headquarters of the Canada Revenue Agency in downtown Ottawa. Just a couple of cleaners getting busy, nothing to see here…

“Go slow,” Choukri whispered, and she fingered her pussy, which was sopping wet. While Choukri would be the first to admit that Mokhtar’s big ole dick felt good inside her asshole, she was not the least bit comfortable bent over the cleaners office desk, which was cold, and metallic. Her breasts, pressed against the cool metal, felt more than a bit sore.

“Let’s switch up,” kaçak bahis Mokhtar suggested, as if sensing her discomfort, he made Choukri switch positions. Choukri found herself lying on Mokhtar’s office desk, legs resting on his broad shoulders as he angled himself the right way to dick her down. Choukri fingered her pussy as Mokhtar pushed his dick right back into her asshole, after smearing some extra Aloe cream to help smooth things along.

“Take my ass, it’s yours, just fucking take it,” Choukri heard herself squeal, and Mokhtar laughed and continued to fuck her in the ass. Moe has a talent for finding out which women and which men he can bend ( sometimes literally ), and he is almost never wrong. Spotting and manipulating those who are weak is a gift, Mokhtar thought, smiling.

Just like her predecessor Bashir, Choukri was submissive, eager to please, right down to her core. Oh, and top of that, the curvaceous young Somali Muslim woman was blessed with a nice ass. Mokhtar fucked Choukri’s beautiful ass, savoring the feel of her tight hole around his dick just like he used to savor that of Bashir. Female or male, a hole is a frigging hole, and Mokhtar likes to feed them his dick…

“Good girl,” Mokhtar said to Choukri, after he pulled his dick out of her asshole. Choukri took a breather, and smiled nervously at him. Mokhtar smiled at her and said some sweet words, the kind that he knew women liked to hear after sex. They needed to hear those things especially after doing some really freaky stuff that they didn’t think they were capable of really doing…

“Mokhtar, you’re strict and bossy but I like you, you don’t need to fuck boys asses, whenever you feel horny, just call me, and I’ll come, you can have my ass and my pussy anytime,” Choukri Abdi said, licking her full, lovely lips. Mokhtar nodded and smiled at her, pleased by her choice of words. Looks like I found a true replacement for Bashir, Mokhtar thought, amazed.

“Choukri, my sister, you’re amazing, I need a woman like you in my life,” Mokhtar said, and he kissed her on the forehead and playfully smacked her big butt. Women, got to tell them what they want to hear, Mokhtar thought, amused. Choukri Abdi smiled at her boss, pleased to see that underneath it all, her control-freak boss had a heart. They were going to have lots of fun together, that’s for sure…

“I’m going to to the washroom to get cleaned up, see you soon, boss-man,” Choukri said, and she awkwardly gave him a hug. Mokhtar, who, like a chameleon, could become whatever his lovers/playthings/victims, whether female or male, wanted him to be, smiled and gave Choukri a warm hug. He winked at her and watched as she smiled and walked away. She’ll be fun to play with for a few months, then I’ll move on to someone new, Mokhtar thought confidently.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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