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Bitch Heels

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Author’s Note:

I wrote this several years ago for a friend.

She features in this particular story. 😉


The knock on the door comes unexpectedly. I put down my book and slide off the bed to see who would be knocking on my bedroom door. I open the door and she pushes me forcibly inside the room. I’m completely speechless; rendered so by her sudden appearance and forceful manner. I start to speak when she shoves me back against the wall and points at me sharply. “Don’t,” she says, as the words die on my lips. Still a little dazed by all this, I take the time to see what she’s wearing. A sundress of course – she knows me well. It’s green and I find myself wondering if it’s THE green dress. I can’t tell if there’s anything underneath, but I can see hose or stockings – and wow – the heels. How can she walk in those things? They have to be 4-5 inches tall. Spikes, too. Bitch heels – that’s what they are. Like something Joan Collins would look right at home in.

This assessment of her wardrobe passes through my head in an instant before I am jolted back to reality by her hand on the crotch of my pants. I look down at her hand, then up to her eyes. Again I start to speak but she cuts me off with a sharp breath. She has her left hand on my shoulder like she is leaning against the wall I am backed into, with her right hand rubbing my crotch, which is quickly starting to have the intended effect.

“I don’t want to hear anything come out of your mouth that isn’t a moan, the word ‘yes’ or my name. Understood?” Her tone is forceful and brooks no argument. I decide at this point to keep my mouth shut and just nod. “Good,” she says “you catch on quickly.” She continues to rub my now swollen cock through my pants, as she glances down appraisingly at the bulge it has created. She looks back up into my eyes and says “so this is MY cock, isn’t it?” I can only nod. “Good. I have a use for it today,” she dikmen escort bayan says with a sly grin. My mind starts to spin more quickly than I can keep up with. I raise my hand to touch her. She stops rubbing my cock and pushes my hand away. “No. You are here for ME. If I want you to touch me, I will TELL you.” She looks at me sharply to make sure I understand.

She reaches down with both hands to unzip my pants, lowering them along with my boxers to my knees. My rock hard cock juts out towards her. She returns one hand to my shoulder and with the other hand begins to stroke me slowly, pausing every so often to give my cock a firm squeeze. She watches the way my head throbs as she strokes me, before rolling that sly smile up towards my eyes again.

“I guess I need to get this wet before I can use it, don’t I?” I can only stare at this point as she begins to slide slowly downward, balancing on those spiked heels. The hem of her dress rides up her thighs, revealing the tops of stockings. My mind boggles at what might be further up. Never taking her eyes off mine, she leans forward and engulfs my cock into her warm, wet mouth. “Mmmmmmmmmm.” She moans around my dick, making me shudder with the vibrations of the sound. She starts to slide her mouth rapidly up and down my shaft, pausing every once in a while to pay special attention to the head. My eyes are rolled back into my tilted back head, as my knees get weak and I can only moan. I reach down and put my hand on the back of her head, but she instantly slaps it away. I have to stick my hands behind me against the wall in order to behave myself. Looking down I can see that her other hand is slid underneath her skirt, but I can’t see what it’s doing under there. I find myself wishing desperately that I could.

After another minute of her amazing mouth on my cock, she suddenly stops. I refocus my eyes and look down at her. She’s looking up emek escort bayan at me with my cock glistening wetly just in front of her face. She stands back up and looks my in the eyes. “Now I’m going to fuck MY cock until I come all over it.” she says in that sharp, slightly bitchy tone.

“Oh god” is all the response I can muster.

She turns around, giving me a nice view of that green dress clinging to her firm ass, before she reaches down and pulls the hem up over her hips. The tops of her stockings are revealed along with a white garter belt, a noticeable lack of panties and one VERY wet pussy.

She bends forward, showing off the way those “bitch heels” tone her shapely calves and thighs while reaching back between her legs to take ahold of my wet cock. She positions the head of my cock at the entrance to her wet slit and in one incredible motion, impales herself on my hard-on. I can’t keep myself from reaching up and grabbing her by the waist, but she grabs both of my hands and pushes them off. She doesn’t move for a few seconds and I can feel her muscles massage me before she starts to slowly slide back and forth on my cock, moving the entire length of my shaft before slipping it all the way back into her dripping wet cunt. I am so turned on that every stroke seems to last an hour. She begins to pick up speed, balancing on those spiked heels and bouncing her sexy ass against my hips as she fucks me.

Working herself into a solid rhythm, she begins to give voice to her pleasure, moaning aloud as she writhes and bucks on my cock. My voice joins hers and as though they had a mind of their own, my hands again reach out to take her by the waist. This time she allows them to stay as she begins rapidly approaching the point of no return. She begins to fuck me hard and fast, slamming that supple ass against me with wild abandon. I am holding back like crazy now, trying not to finish for fear eryaman escort bayan of the punishment that may bring. Then like the floodgates being opened, she starts to come. It begins as a low rumble in her throat, and soon rises to an animal pitch as she thrashes wildly on my rock hard cock. Her muscles are squeezing and massaging the length of my cock as she comes. I can feel her juices mingle with the sweat running down my thighs as she begins to relax, panting and sweating.

Then, suddenly the Bitch is back. She reaches back and shoves both of my hands off of her waist before sliding off of my still throbbing cock. Her dress falls back into place as she stands up and turns around to face me again. She reaches down and once again takes ahold of my cock, just letting it sit in her hand. “Mmm. I like getting to play with MY cock.” I am looking at her with a combination of awe, arousal, disbelief and hope. Hoping like hell she’s not just going to leave me this way. She starts to turn away and I begin to voice a protest which causes her to turn that sharpened stare upon me once again. “Yes? Did you have something to say?” I nod. “What was it?” I glance down at my still rigid cock in her hand. “Oh.” she says somewhat sarcastically. “Did you want to come too?” I nod vigorously yes. She thinks for a moment, idly fingering my shaft. “I guess you were good today, weren’t you?” Again I nod vigorously.

She takes a firmer grip as she begins to stroke my cock again. There is no buildup this time, not that I need one. She strokes rapidly and I can feel myself careening off of the cliff into the void almost immediately. I shoot so hard it lands halfway across the room, and she continues to stroke me with each spurt, until I have to reach down and grab her hand to get her to stop. The pleasure is too great and my cock too sensitive. I stand there breathlessly, holding her wrist, leaning back against the wall, eyes closed when a slap to the cheek jolts me out of my reverie. I look into her narrowed eyes as she jerks her wrist out of my grip. “Didn’t I tell you not to touch me?”

She fixes that stare on me for just a few seconds before she turns and struts out of the room on those heels, closing the door behind her.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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