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Black Cheerleaders Rock!

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How are you folks doing today? I want to tell you the story of how I met my wife. I was only a University freshman when I met her. She was simply the most amazing chick on campus. Vanessa Saint Richard. Daughter of Boston-based Haitian-American Lawyer James Saint Richard and Brazilian-born Canadian Real Estate Legend Maria Ramos. A five-foot-nine, lean and athletic young woman with golden brown skin, long Black hair and light brown eyes. This African-American princess ruled the Carleton University campus.

That’s right. Does that surprise you? A Black woman basically runs the social scene at Canada’s Capital University. And everyone knew it. Jennifer Saint Richard was Captain of the Cheerleading Squad. There were thirty young women on the Squad and only six of them were of African descent. There were three Latinas and two Asian young women. Yeah, women of color are an anomaly on Canadian cheerleading squads. Yet a young Black woman ran the whole show. Amazing. How did so do it? With strength, determination, and the inability to take no for an answer.

I’ve always been fascinated by North America’s Black women. Black Canadian women are okay but African-American women fascinate me. They’re amazingly beautiful. They’re also smart, strong and passionate. They fear no one. Growing up, I had crushes on Black American female celebrities like Hollywood actress Angela Bassett, TV Legend Jada Pinkett Smith, World Tennis Champion Serena Williams, Pop Culture Icon Pam Grier, Award-winning Singer Alicia Keys and many others. I fell in love with a young Black woman named Elise Nielson during my senior year at New York’s Saint Joseph Academy. She was the first gal I ever made love with. After graduation, she went on to attend Boston College. These days, she’s dating a football player from the University of Massachusetts. I’m so jealous!

Who am I? Aabideen Akbar Mahmoud. A young woman from the United Arab Emirates. My family moved to New York City when I was much younger. I grew up in America but will always feel like a foreigner here. I stand five feet nine inches tall, chubby and busty, with dark bronze skin, Black hair and pale brown eyes. The life of an Arab woman in North America is never easy. I have family in the United States of America, particularly in New York City. I’m attending Carleton University on an academic scholarship. There are quite a few people from the Middle east living in the City of Ottawa. However, I can’t stand to live in the City of Ottawa. If you ask me, Ottawa is home to the most bigoted and racist people on the planet. They hide their contempt for immigrants of non-European origin behind their fake smiles. I can’t stand the typical Canadians. I find the sons tokat escort and daughters of immigrants from the Caribbean and Latin America to be really nice people. That’s why most of my friends at Carleton University were either Black or Hispanic.

Among these lively young men and women, I felt quite welcome. Most people assume I’m Hispanic due to my looks. I don’t find this annoying or offensive in the least. I have lots of friends from Latin America. However, I’m a proud Arab woman. Being an Arab gal in a very Western City wasn’t easy. A lot of the White guys and White chicks at Carleton University didn’t hide their contempt for Muslims, especially Arab women like myself. I complained to the Dean of Students but she told me there was nothing she could do. Canadians are racist. That’s the way they all are. All of them without exception. And they’re not changing anytime soon.

When I heard those words, my heart sank. I was bitterly resigned to my fate. I tried to balance my life and be faithful both to my Arabic heritage and the things I had to do to survive in North America. I often wore brightly coloured T-shirts and jeans, but I also wore the hijab. The Canadians always gave me funny looks because of this. I’ve come to accept the fact that all Canadians are racist bozos who hate Africans, Asians, Hispanics and Arabs yet hide their bigotry behind fake smiles and a supposed politeness. At least in America you know what you’re dealing with.

One day, this racist fat White chick basically cornered me in the cafeteria with two of her White female friends. They called me a towel head and told me to go back to the Middle East. Defiant to the end, I spat on the face of the fat White chick nearest me and smacked another. That really pissed them off. I’m not exactly a dainty dame. I stand five foot nine inches tall and weigh two hundred and ten pounds. I grew up with four older brothers in New York City so I knew how to fight. However, I was outnumbered. I was about to get my big ass kicked when someone came to my rescue. It was none other than Vanessa Saint Richard, the tall and sexy Haitian chick from the Carleton University Varsity Cheerleading Squad. She waded into the White chicks and kicked their butts. Wow. I had never seen anything like it. The bigoted chicks ran off, unable to take on the strong Black woman.

And that’s how I met Vanessa Saint Richard. She was absolutely magnificent. Vanessa looked into my eyes and asked me if I was okay. I nodded, fascinating by how beautiful she was. She was half Haitian and half Puerto Rican but considered herself one hundred percent Black. She kind of reminded me of that sexy Black actress who played tokat escort bayan T.I.’s love interest in the hit movie ATL. In other words, she was amazingly beautiful. I was too mesmerized by her natural beauty to say anything. Vanessa assumed my silence was due to shock. Lucky me. She escorted me to the campus security office where I reported the incident. The three White chicks who attacked me were subsequently thrown out of Carleton University. Thanks to the strength and bravery of a young Black woman, justice was done. To say that I was enthralled by Vanessa would have been an understatement. I was ready to worship her as a Nubian Goddess.

I learned a lot more about Vanessa Saint Richard over the next few months. She was the most interesting person I met. So fine, sexy and sincere. The combination was rare in Canada. She reminded me so much of the strong Black women I knew in Harlem, a suburb of New York City. Makes sense since she was born in the United States of America. In Massachusetts, to be exact. Vanessa maintains dual American and Canadian citizenship. During the summer, she vacations at her father’s house in Boston. Her parents are divorced but still amicable. She confided in me that she wanted to live in Boston after graduating from Carleton University. Well, I shared that sentiment. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life in Canada. In America, people are more genuine. Your friends are your friends. And your enemies are your enemies. You can easily tell them apart because people are usually brutally honest. In Canada, the bigots are polite and flash you a fake smile more often than clowns. They make me sick.

The school year went by pretty fast. I had become Vanessa’s new best friend. I helped her with the preparations for the annual party thrown by the Haitian students on May 18, internationally known as Haitian Flag Day. It was a very lively party. Hundreds of young men and women of Haitian descent from schools like the University of Ottawa, Algonquin College and La Cite Collegiale came to Carleton University for the party. We had a good time. It was at the party that I noticed that while Vanessa was friendly to everyone, she didn’t appear interested in men. My heart skipped a beat when I realized that. Could my gorgeous Haitian-American Princess be queer like me? I could only hope.

After the party, Vanessa and I went to my dorm to chill a little bit. We sat on my living room couch and watched TV. They were giving the movie The Incredibly True Adventures Of Two Girls In Love on the Diva Channel. It’s an old lesbian classic. An old flick about an interracial lesbian relationship. An upper-middle-class Black chick falls escort tokat in love with a working-class White tomboy. Talk about a mismatch. Vanessa watched it with interest. Especially the love scenes between the star-crossed lesbian lovers. Wow. I sat on the couch wearing a red T-shirt and shorts. Vanessa wore a short dress and a T-shirt. She looked simply delicious. Tentatively, I touched her thigh. She looked at me but didn’t move my hand away.

Emboldened, I caressed her shapely thighs, and looked into Vanessa’s eyes. In those lovely brown eyes of hers, I saw an intense desire. That’s when I kissed her. Our lips met, and it was the most passionate kiss of my life. Gently, we undressed each other and began exploring each other. I caressed Vanessa’s ripe, full breasts and gently licked the areolas. Gently I spread her thighs, and slipped one finger inside her already wet pussy. After a minute, I added another. She seemed to like that. Vanessa moaned as I began fucking her with my fingers. Smiling, I began licking and fingering her. She tasted absolutely wonderful to my lips. My sweet Black Goddess.

Vanessa and I went to my bedroom, where we continued our fun. I went down on her, licking and fingering her sweet pussy. Then she went down on me. My Vanessa licked and fingered my pussy with gusto. Hell, she made me purr like a kitten. I took out my bag of toys to spice things up. I handed Vanessa a sleek pink dildo and she used it to fuck me. I rubbed my tits together as she thrust the dildo into my cunt. I told her to fuck me hard and she did it happily. My sexy Black Princess fucked me hard, making me squeal in delight. I was only too happy to return the favour after.

This time, I wore a strap-on dildo. And I heartily fucked Vanessa with it. First, she sucked my dildo and I must say the sight of her sucking it sent a thrill in my pussy. Then I put her on all fours, caressing her sexy, heart-shaped booty before sliding my dildo into her pussy lips. And just like that I began fucking my sexy Black Goddess. Vanessa was a real screamer as I fucked her with my strap-on. I loved every minute of it. I buried my dildo deep into her cunt and spanked her big butt. We had a lot of wild, kinky fun during that first night.

The next morning, I woke up next to my Vanessa. And she looked so lovely. I kissed her lips tenderly and told her how much she meant to me. Vanessa smiled and told me she cared about me too. What a pair we made. A Black cheerleader and an Arab woman, both lesbians, meeting and falling in love at a Canadian University. Now you’ve seen everything. It was just the beginning for Vanessa and me. That summer, I accompanied her to Boston and met her father. He was cool with his daughter dating me. We were officially a couple, and would eventually move to Boston together after graduating from Carleton University. I love my Black Goddess. And I would eventually marry her in a legally binding ceremony attended by both of our families in Boston. Life is perfect now.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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