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Blind Date Awakening Ch. 03

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It might be helpful for those of you who haven’t read chapters’ 1 and 2 to read them before you read this one. That way you could better understand everything that went into getting Charles and Karen to this point.

There will be at least one more chapter to come — a lot of that will depend on your comments after you read this. Since these are my first submissions, I really value your comments and opinions. They encourage me to write even more!


Charles had missed mornings like this. For the last two years, his attempts at deep, body and mind-refreshing sleep had been interrupted by the dreams of Jessica. He figured those dreams were his last chance at holding on to the life that he and Jessica had together, before she passed away from cancer. But partly because of those dreams, he had not allowed himself to live again. Instead, his life was spent doing two things — working, and hiding out in the condominium they had purchased together.

But this morning was different. The dreams did not come. There was nothing to interrupt his sleep, and as he stood up beside the bed, he realized that he felt better this morning than he had in a very long time.

He noticed his nakedness, and began the backwards-thinking process in order to remember how he had gotten that way. He remembered first coming into the bedroom and slipping in between the sheets, then remembered thinking about his sister Karen, then remembered coming from her bedroom, and finally remembered shooting cum all over her breasts and stomach as she jacked him off.

Charles made his way into the bathroom that was attached to his master bedroom. As he relieved himself, he took a quick trip back to recall the events of the past two days, beginning with the blind date that has been set up for him by his regional assistant Stan and his wife Lori; the surprise that the date was his sister Karen; their time together on the date, which had started to bring Charles out of the black fog in which he had lived since Jessica had died; and then going back to Karen’s apartment, where an innocent hug and kiss had progressed to Charles and Karen fucking as they crossed the taboo line of incest.

They spent the next day together. Bookmarked by their newfound sexual appetite for each other, they talked and shared their intimate thoughts. Charles had found out that his sister had been unable to find a job and had nearly depleted her savings, so he told her she could move in with him, since he had his three-bedroom condo all to himself. She had done just that, taking her own bedroom across the hall from his. Before they had gone to sleep, they had gotten each other off orally, since their earlier fucking had left both of them slightly sore from a lack of usage prior to their blind date.

By this time, Charles had brushed his teeth, then opened a dresser and grabbed a pair of jogging shorts. He opened the sliding door and went out on the private balcony. It had been built so that it wasn’t visible from anywhere else in the building. He remembered mornings where he and Jessica would sit together on the outdoor love seat, naked and cuddling with each other to fight off the morning chill. The nipples on her small breasts would stand out in the cool air, and he would take them between his fingers and gently massage them, his goal to hear her break the silence of the morning with a lusty moan. At the same time, she would find his cock and gently stroke it with her hand until it was fully aroused. She would shift and climb up on his lap, her back facing him, and slowly lower herself until they were one. While continuing his attention to her nipples, she would raise and lower herself on his cock, never rushing, but instead allowing the heat they were creating to gradually radiate through their bodies.

Finally he would feel the stirrings deep behind his cock that his orgasm was on the way. It was his signal to release one of her nipples and slide his hand down to her silky folds, seeking out her clit, and gently massaging it. He would gauge the pressure he applied to her based upon the immediacy of his own orgasm: if he was close, he would be more intense with her, and if he was still a ways away, he would be more gentle, with his goal of the two of them cumming together. After they had cum, she would stand up and give him a quick critique of his performance — cumming together would elicit a “great job” comment; otherwise, he’d hear something like “nice try — better get it right tomorrow.”

Thinking upon those times had caused Charles’ cock to begin to awaken. He headed back inside his bedroom, and then on into the hallway. He noticed Karen’s bedroom was still closed, and remembering their “agreement,” he allowed her to have her privacy. He headed into the kitchen, looked into the refrigerator, and saw the ingredients necessary to make some killer omelets. Charles found the sauté pan he normally used, and began to work on cooking breakfast for he and his sister.

About five minutes into his preparation, he heard her casino şirketleri bedroom door open. She looked into the kitchen and saw what he was doing, which caused a smile to come across her face. He walked around the breakfast bar and into the kitchen proper. As she rounded the corner, Charles saw that she was wearing a baggy t-shirt that didn’t really do her body justice. He was about to say something to that effect when he dropped his eyes lower and saw that the shirt stopped right above the swell of her ass, her genitals in clear view beneath the dark bushy triangle. He laughed to himself, thinking she must have forgotten her panties. His cock immediately lurched upward as she reached around him from behind and locked her arms around him in a big bear hug.

Charles was dicing onions for the omelets at the time, but he figured he’d better put the knife down, since her hug was having the effect of reducing his muscles to putty. After setting the knife on the cutting board, he spun around and faced her, reaching his hands down behind her to grab both naked cheeks of her ass. Their mouths locked onto each other; their lips could not contain the wild thrusting of their tongues together. As Charles massaged his sister’s ass cheeks, she moaned deeply into his mouth.

Eventually Charles broke the kiss, to Karen’s dismay. He looked down on her beautiful face and calmly said “Omelets.” With that, he turned back around, picked up the knife, and continued with his onion dicing. It wasn’t as easy as before, however, for two reasons — first, his cock was now standing at full mast, which means he had to back away from the countertop a little, and second, Karen had discovered said full-mast cock, and was now groping it through his shorts.

Charles paused his dicing for a minute, and reached down and slapped Karen’s hand, and she grudgingly let go. She stepped beside him and watched as he continued his omelet preparation. This was another side of Charles she knew nothing of, and she marveled at the level of skill he was displaying. The first eggs went into the sauté pan, followed soon by other ingredients he had prepared.

While it was cooking, he turned to Karen. “You can help out — forks are in the drawer to my right, and the plates are in the cabinet above it.” Karen moved around him and opened the drawer, finding the forks where he said they would be as she grabbed a couple and put them on the counter. She then reached up to open the upper cabinet, but the plates were just out of her reach, so she moved closer, stepped up on her toes, and found she could just reach the plates this way.

Charles started laughing softly to himself again. He had set her up, and now he was going to make her pay for grabbing his cock earlier. Knowing that her already too-short t-shirt was going to be raised higher because of her reach for the plates, he snuck his right hand down beneath her ass cheeks, and finding her pussy gaped open, quickly jammed two fingers into her wet canal. Karen shrieked and pulled back at this unexpected invasion, but Charles was relentless, and kept his fingers lodged deep within her vagina. He began to flutter them, causing her to shriek again as she bent over at the waist, laying her forehead on the counter, completely helpless to his digital assault. Realizing his first omelet was done, he withdrew his fingers, causing Karen to moan in disappointment. She stood back up and looked at him in time to see him put the two fingers in his mouth and proceeded to clean her juices off. He then reached up and got two plates down before shutting the cabinet door.

After making the second omelet, they stood at the counter, eating together. Charles started smiling once again, and Karen could tell that something was up. She smiled back and said, “What?” To which Charles replied, “you know, your pussy tastes really good with this omelet. I think I could stand for some more of that!” He put his plate down, took his plate from her, and then suddenly reached all the way around her waist and lifted her up, turning her and placing her naked ass on the breakfast bar.

Karen had no idea what this madman was doing, but she knew it was going to be a new experience. When her ass cheeks hit the counter, she screamed, “Shit, Charles, that’s COLD!” He gently pushed on her chest until she leaned back on her elbows. He then grabbed behind her knees and pulled her legs up until her heels were on the edge of the counter, exposing her pussy wide in front of him. Reaching back and grabbing his plate, he put the omelet next to her on the counter, then leaned in and forcibly ran his tongue over her pussy lips, starting down by her ass before finishing at her clit.

Karen cried out, “Oh my god!” at the unexpected attack on her pussy. Charles repeated his tongue stroke, then picked up his fork and took a bite of his omelet. He repeated this procedure over and over until his omelet was finished. Because he was alternating between her pussy and his omelet, she was just starting to feel the tension casino firmaları that occurred as she began her orgasmic climb. But now that the omelet was finished, she figured she would receive his full attention.

She was right. Charles performed the bottom-to-top forceful lick once more, but instead of stopping and releasing at her clit, this time he latched on, sucking and licking her button with fervor. At the same time, he drove the same two fingers he had used on her before deep inside once again, thrusting them in and out rapidly. Between the cool of the counter on her ass, the pressure on her elbows holding her up against granite countertop, the wild licking and sucking on her clit, and the rapid probing of her pussy, Karen quickly became overwhelmed, and before she could even yell out, her orgasm overcame her to the point that all she could do was grunt as she panted for air. Charles kept his pace up for what seemed like forever, before he finally slowed and let her back down. He took his fingers out of her pussy and with both hands, reached around and helped her set up straight. Together they held each other, he standing on front of the breakfast bar, and she sitting on its edge, her pussy now dripping its juices on the counter below.

Charles gently lifted her off of the counter. They continued to hug, as Karen laid her head on his shoulder. As they broke their embrace, Charles glanced at the clock on the range and noticed it was just past 10:00 a.m. He looked back at Karen, and gently ran his fingers through the hair that was framing her face.

Charles said, “We’ve got less than five hours before Stan and Lori come over. Sometime between now and then, we’ve got to decide what we are going to tell them. Have you been thinking about this?”

“A little,” Karen replied. “I’ve got a couple of different thoughts, but I also want to hear what you think as well.”

Charles kissed her gently on the lips. “Tell you what — you go shower while I clean up in the kitchen. When you are done, I’ll grab a quick shower, and we’ll meet out on the balcony.”

“That sounds like a plan. You really know how to take care of me, don’t you?” As he glanced at her, she reached her fingers down to rub her pussy lips, then brought them back up and tasted herself, trying to see what kind of reaction she could get out of him.

Charles reached around and lightly swatted her left ass cheek. She jumped slightly, then with a quick “I’m going, I’m going…” turned and headed to her bedroom, playfully rubbing her ass as she walked.

By the time his shower was done and he was dressed, Karen was already sitting out on the main balcony off of the living area. Charles had just thrown on his long swim trunks and a t-shirt, since the plan was to hit the pool after Stan and Lori had arrived. As he stepped out onto the balcony, he noticed Karen had done the same thing, putting on her new black one piece with a pair of shorts below. He realized how often they had the same thought without even planning it.

Charles sat in the chair next to Karen, then reached over and grabbed her hand. They looked at each other and smiled. Charles had started to realize just how relaxed he was when Karen was with him. It was becoming an extremely comfortable relationship.

Charles spoke first. “When they see you here with me, they are immediately going to know that the relationship went just past the first blind date. So…do we tell them that we are brother and sister, or do we let them think we didn’t know each other before we met on Friday night? Then if we tell them we are brother and sister, do we tell them that our relationship is now more than that, or do we leave that part out?”

“Whether we tell them about the incest part or not, I at least think we have to tell them we are brother and sister,” Karen replied. “I don’t want our relationship to be totally based on lies in front of our friends. We are brother and sister, and they need to know that.”

Charles agreed. “So then the real question becomes whether we tell them about our physical relationship or not. What are your thoughts about that?”

“I don’t know, Charles — that one is a little more complicated. If we don’t tell them, then anytime we are with them, we can’t even so much as hold hands, let alone kiss or even flirt with each other, which I’d kind of like to do anytime I’m with you!” As if to prove her point, she pulled the right side of her swimsuit strap down her arm far enough that her nipple came into view.

Charles laughed as his sister exposed herself. “Stop it! We’re trying to have a normal conversation here! Can’t you stop thinking about sex for even a few minutes?!?”

“Charles, before Friday night, I’d stopped thinking about sex for a long time. So you can’t blame me after what we’ve done with each other if the thought of what you do to me is still strong in my mind!”

“Ok,” said Charles, “I’ll give you that one. But seriously, we need to get this figured out.”

“You always were the güvenilir casino one who knew how to take care of me…I guess you’re still doing so, in more ways than one!” Before she pulled her strap back up, she rolled her nipple between her finger and thumb, causing a little moan to escape her lips.

Charles waited until her breast was secure inside her swimsuit before he continued the conversation. “So let’s say we are going to tell Stan and Lori that we are having a sexual relationship even though we are brother and sister. What happens then?

Karen thought for a few seconds. “Well, I guess they’ll either accept us, or they’ll be upset and not want anything to do with us again. I don’t know if I can handle that. Lori has been pretty much the only friend I’ve had since I moved here. She has been my support system as I’ve shared my job search failures with her. You know we met at the gym — well, to help me out since times have been tough, she’s paid for my last two months’ membership. I can’t afford to lose friends like that.”

Now it was Charles’ turn for pondering. “Stan is certainly the closest friend I have as well. And to tell you the truth, I don’t have any idea how he would react to this news. I would hope that he would understand — even if he didn’t agree — and see how happy we are with each other and then not pass judgement.”

“And if they are our best friends — really our only friends — then we should be truthful to them. We shouldn’t be deceiving friends in that way. I think telling them is a risk we have to take.”

Karen looked over at Charles. The sound of the city ten floors before them wasn’t enough to squelch the roar of silence they experienced as neither one was ready to say what they were both thinking. Finally Karen spoke up.

“I think we know what we have to do. We have to tell them, and hope they love us enough to understand.”

Charles nodded in agreement, as he looked over and locked eyes with Karen. Then a small smile curled from is lips. “This is going to be tough on us. But can you imagine how they are going to feel the first time we tell them?”

Karen laughed now. “I guess we need to look at it that way – maybe it won’t make it so uncomfortable for us!

She then reached out and grabbed Charles’ hand. “No matter what happens, even if they turn and run screaming from the apartment, the most important thing is that as long as I have you, I can make it through anything!”

Charles squeezed her hand, then stood up from his chair and pulled Karen up in front of him. He leaned into her ear and whispered, “I love you,” and before she could respond, he picked her up at her waist and threw her over his shoulder. Karen shrieked and started playfully kicking, but stopped when he brought his hand up and smacked her lightly on the ass.

He opened the sliding door and took her in next to the couch, where he un-ceremonially dropped her gently on the plush cushions. Then taking a cue from her earlier actions, he grabbed the strap from her swimsuit and drug it town past her elbow, exposing the same breast Karen had shown earlier. He kneeled down and grabbed the erect nipple in his mouth, gently biting and pulling with his teach before he bathed it with his tongue. Karen moaned louder this time, but as quickly as it had started, Charles abandoned the nipple and deftly pulled her strap back up, securing the breast once again.

“C’mon, you horny woman — we’ve got a party with our friends to get ready for!” And with that, he turned and headed into the kitchen to start planning food for their friends.

They busied themselves with their preparations. Realizing there wasn’t a lot of food in either the refrigerator or pantry, they made a quick trip to the store, deciding to go in their casual swimming wear. The menu planned out, they proceeded to get everything ready, so that when the time came to eat (assuming Stan and Lori stayed after they dropped their bombshell on them), they wouldn’t have to wait on prep time. By the time they were satisfied with their planning work, it was nearly 3:00, the time they had told Stan and Lori to arrive.

Both of their heartrates had started to increase as the clocked moved closer the zero hour. Charles pulled Karen into a hug, and lowered his mouth down to her lips. Their kiss was easy and gentle, perhaps designed to calm both of them down. As they were preparing the food for the party, they had discussed exactly how they were going to tell Stan and Lori, so when the doorbell rang, they broke their kiss, and Karen headed off into her bedroom.

Charles looked around the condo like a nervous host, and satisfied with how it looked, headed to the door. He twisted the knob and the door gradually opened, and there stood their expected guests. He invited them in, and they stepped into the condo before Charles closed the door behind them.

Stan was dressed pretty much like Charles was — long trunks and a t-shirt. Lori was wearing a light airy blouse with a stylish pair of shorts. If she had her swimsuit on, he couldn’t tell. As she stepped in, she immediately reached for Charles and gave him a hug. It had been a while since she had seen him, so she was taking advantage of this opportunity to let him know how much she still cared for him.

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