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She stepped from the shower and gently patted herself off with a towel. She inspected her nude body in the mirror with pride. Her second baby had given her the lovely big full breasts that she loved and for some reason were way more sensitive this time around. She’d kept herself in shape after the baby. She always felt so much better when she was exercising. It made her horny too which she wasn’t about to complain about. Her gently rounded belly led down to the neatly trimmed patch of pubic hair that marked the top of her womanhood. She had Mark to thank for keep her groomed. He loved playing with her down there.

She cupped her breasts, pinching the nipples until they grew hard. A familiar ache began to grow in her loins. Not yet, she thought, as she forced herself to stop. Her husband was away on business for a few days and today was to be special. She had made plans with a friend.

As far as her friend knew, they were going for a swim her new pool and waste the afternoon away in the sun. Nicole had arranged for her mum to mind the children for a couple of nights while she “chilled out” for a bit. Mum was good like that. But Nic had other ideas. Her plans included the sexual conquest of her younger friend. She had lusted after Anna for some time. Anna’s blonde beauty would tempt anyone to such a pursuit. She was tall and slender, with a delicious figure and long hair. Her fair looks contrasted with Nic’s dark hair and eyes.

Anna was two years Nic’s junior. The two had met in mothers group after Anna decided to join after her first baby. They hit it off straight away. Thankfully, Anna had a similar mum and had also arranged a baby sitter, but only for one night. Nic had to work fast. While as far as Anna knew, Nic’s interest was friendship. However, Anna had given subtle signs, intended or not, that Nic felt meant seduction would not be rebuffed. A lingering touch, an embrace held just a split second too long. An admiring gaze. The signs were there. Nic felt the risk was worth it. She had not been with another tekirdağ escort woman in two years. It was time.

After doing her makeup, Nic slipped into a nice breezy sun dress, the kind that Mark loved mainly because they were see through in the right conditions. God that man drove her wild. He had opened her eyes to a sexual lustful world that she never knew existed and she was so appreciative in so many ways. Right on time, the doorbell rang. Ana was wearing a wrap around skirt and tank top. The outline of her nipples against the light fabric made it blatently obvious that she was braless. Nic greeted Anna with a quick hug and invited her into the kitchen for a glass of Chardonnay. The two women made small talk as Nic opened the bottle.

Anna leaned forward to accept her glass and Nic passed a comment about how great she looked in the top. Anna thanked her and candidly said it was too hot for a bra. Nic picked up on that and suggested they swim and sunbathe topless. Anna laughed and responded, “If your yard is that private, why not go nude?”

Nic said, “I can see that your totally shameless. That makes two of us.” She sipped her wine and gave Anna a seductive look. Nic then wiggled her shoulders, playfully shaking her breasts in the process. She caught Anna’s stare and saw her mouth open just a bit. Then she saw the younger woman blush. “You can leave those clothes here if you like and I’ll get you a robe from my bedroom. If you chicken out, you can put a cossie on.”, Nic said with a wicked grin.

Nic began to undo the buttons of her blouse. Anna unwrapped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. She then approached Nic and gently slipped a hand under the blouse and cupped her left breast. Nic was taken aback. The younger woman was taking the lead. “Oh yes.” was all Nic could manage, before Anna’s mouth met her own. The two women’s tongues entwined, probing, searching. Anna’s mouth moved quickly to Nic’s sensitive ear flicking the lobe and exploring the sensitive flesh where tekirdağ escort bayan it joins her neck. Almost immediately Anna’s mouth was closing on Nic’s right breast as her fingers teased a hard nipple.

Her tongue danced on one nipple while she gently rolled the other swollen bud between her thumb and forefinger. The two women broke their embrace enough to peel off their remaining clothing and move into Nicole’s bedroom. When they renewed their sex-play Nicole suckled her new lover’s breasts, each in turn. Anna sighed with the attention and stroked her partner’s lush body. Her fingers delved lower, until they just grazed Nic’s now dripping pussy. Instinctively, the older woman pressed her pubic mound up to meet Anna’s fingers. Anna deftly parted the pouting lips and inserted a finger up to the first knuckle. Her thumb found its mark and began slow circles on the clitoral hood. Nic’s lust began to overcome her. She pushed Anna’s head down and begged for her to use her tongue.

“Oh Anna! Give it to me, fuck me with your tongue. Suck my pussy!”

Anna’s oral movements on Nicole’s dripping pussy was relentless. She licked her lips lovingly, then sucked them into her mouth. When Nicole thought she could stand no more, Anna began thrusting two fingers into her lover while her tongue flicked against Nic’s swollen clitoris. She continued this rhythm until Nicole screamed her pleasure and began moaning for her not to stop.

Her first orgasm hit her with full force. Waves of pleasure swept over her. She was writhing in pleaure, one hand on the back of Anna’s head, the other kneading her left tit. She lifted the swollen orb and began to suck her own nipple as the second orgasm hit her. She pushed her spasming cunt into Anna’s face and collapsed in rapture as Anna’s mouth sucked her clit and her tongue lashed it into final release.

Now it was Anna’s turn. Nicole rewarded her lover with a deep kiss and began to explore her silken body with her mouth and hands. It had escort tekirdağ been so long since she had enjoyed the taste of another woman’s pussy. Sometimes, during masturbation, she would lick her fingers to enjoy the taste and smell. Now it was here. No need to pretend and no need to hold back. Anna was all the woman anyone could want. Nicole gave ample attention to Anna’s beautiful tits. They were, by far, the best she had ever enjoyed. Apart from her own at least.

Anna’s breasts were round and full, pure white and unblemished. The nipples were thick, made for sucking. The areolas pink and large. Fifty cent piece nipples Mark would call them. More like million dollar nipples, Nicole thought as her mouth and tongue explored her lover’s treasures. Nic’s lust quickly overcame her musings as she felt the need to taste Anna’s now dripping snatch. Anna’s pussy was cleanly shaven except for a little triangle of hair above it. Her clitoris was swollen and prominent. Nic began by going everywhere but there. Her fingers just grazed Anna’s pussy lips while her tongue and lips worked on the younger woman’s inner thighs. Nic was drawn to the heat and musky odor of Anna’s womanhood.

She probed the silken tunnel of Anna’s sex, while gently flicking her clit with her tongue. As Anna responded with a moan, Nic’s mouth became more insistent, her tongue aggressively lapping at Anna’s clit. Her hands moved to Anna’s lovely asscheeks. As she sucked Anna’s pussy, her fingernails dug into the tender flesh of her arse. Anna’s cries became louder as she enjoyed her friend’s attentions. Anna could hold back no longer. Anna came with a force that shocked even her. She had needed a good orgasm for quite some time now.

After the first orgasm, Anna quickly shifted her position. She gently pushed Nic on her back and, squatting above her and scissored her legs with Nicole’s. With her left knee below and her other leg above, it enabled the two women to grind their pussies together. Nic reached up to fondle Anna’s tits while Anna enjoyed the ride of her lifetime. The two wanton lovers rubbed and humped their wet, silken snatches together until they came, orgasming simultaneously and collapsing into each others arms.

Nic stroked her young lover’s body and thought of the toys in her night table. It was still early in the day and she was still hungry for sex

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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