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Body Oil Strip Party Chronicles

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[Our inspiration: hedonist Omar Khayyam, “A book of verse beneath the bough; a jug of wine, a loaf of bread and thou”]


If you organize a body oil strip party we’d like to chronicle how it went here. Before we get on to the exciting stuff, let’s agree that sex is good for more than just procreation and that medical science has proven it. Physicians Masters and Johnson, in their book Human Sexual Response, concluded many years ago humans are healthier both mentally and physically with having regular sex, any sex.

Married partners William Masters and Virginia Johnson liked to study and watch couples fuck. Many of the couples were married, but others strangers. They included straight, gay, and bi men and women, 694 in all and ages from 18 to 89.

You can read Masters’ & Johnson’s minutely detailed work, but if you don’t want to be running for the medical dictionary every third word I suggest you might want to know how it inspired the first body oil strip party with students in their 20’s at the University of Tulsa in 1971, and how a beaker of body oil enhanced pleasures and made this kind of strip party popular. The history of that first body oil strip party can still casino şirketleri be found.

A body oil strip party is such an excellent ice breaker that people only curious about sex games, or held back by inhibitions, are eased into the group. They are willing to attend knowing they can leave at any time. And being a game of chance, gambling with their clothing, no two sessions are alike. First time players know that shedding their shoes and socks are no big deal as other players are shedding more. If they stick down to their underwear that is no big deal either, they wear less at the beach. And one surprise after another keeps new recruits interested as more and more players get naked.

The beaker of body oil becomes useful so a person can continue playing after losing all garments, competing now with his or her body. That is when the real fun begins.

The true body oil strip party history gives a pretty detailed check list on how to host your own body oil strip party, but I can cover most of that here.

When you decide to organize a body oil strip party the first question is who to invite if you don’t know a group of like-minded people. Masters & Johnson had a bigger casino firmaları challenge recruiting, talking just plain folks [not prostitutes] into letting the two watch them fuck. We’re just inviting people to a party where they can leave at any time. You will get plenty of takers and a great way to meet new people. You might want a balance of men and women, or maybe not. Screen as you like.

And you may have more fun if not overly judgmental in recruiting, inviting a good cross section: not just straight and bi, but the wife wanting a break from a drinking husband who can’t get it up or the husband wanting to escape a cold wife for awhile. Who really cares? M&J report one guy came to their sessions because it was the only time he could get laid. How about the disabled veteran or that lonely widow/widower? If not too narrow in recruiting you can draw from singles groups, social clubs, personals, online hook-ups, even senior centers [they know having sex is fun too].

Of course the ideal party location is a home, apartment or even a hotel for privacy. The body oil strip party book reports the original number was a small group of eight. Your party would admit players on a check list with güvenilir casino any guests pre-approved and all furnishing contact numbers in case of some emergency. With all checked in, hang a do-not-disturb sign, turn off all phones and lock the door. Loosen up the guests with cocktails, plus pot really makes the gathering fun. Then start the strip party as everyone is relaxed and loose.

With players naked, and body oil being applied, things can really get hot. It can go as far as hosts and guests allow, either at the party or in private later. If your party turns into a real sex-fest, and we accept the findings of M&J that sex is healthy—both mentally and physically, then you and the others will have no hang-ups in both giving and accepting open sexual pleasures from strangers and friends. To paraphrase Shakespeare, The quality of sex is not strained. It is twice blessed: It blesseth (s)he that gives and (s)he that takes. Indeed, Masters & Johnson report at the end of their book how their players found open fucking ” … of significant importance in their marriage … improve the effectiveness of their individual and mutual performances … elevated their levels of sexuality.”

So let us know if you organize a body oil strip party and how it went, that can even be the basis for your own sexy contribution to Literotica. And let us know so we can prompt people to read about your own experiences at the party.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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