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Book 01: A Match Made Ch. 06

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You wouldn’t think that buying a silly ole ankle bracelet in big old Chi-town would be a problem. Well, here’s what we found. A lot of stores in the neighborhood aren’t open on Sundays. Fine jewelry stores didn’t carry them. There was a place that wanted $74 dollars for something that neither of us liked. I did see a store we’d go back to when this adventure was concluded. Kara was getting frustrated. I finally asked the very nice lady for some help. She sympathized.

“It’s kind of a pain, but did you think of Macy’s?” Hell no! I looked at blondie; she looked at me.

“Please!” Now tell me honestly — how do you say no to eyes like that in the face you love? I kissed her hungrily. Iryna smiled warmly at the two of us. We said goodbye and hurried to the car.

“We’re not too much of a drive away from somewhere I kind of want to go to. I promise we’ll go to Macy’s afterward.”

“What’s the store you’re so hot to trot about, baby?” I told her. She squealed. No really! “What are we getting?”

I shrugged and said, “Whatever we want. I have no agenda. We’ll shop and see what we like.” Kara giggled. We were back in our regular clothes by the way. On a hunch, I suggested that we check and see if the restrooms at the zoo were in better shape than the one at the beach. They were; we changed. No hanky panky either. Honest!

“Hey blondie, open that blouse while we ride.” They really do go gray just that quickly! Blondie squirmed as she undid the three buttons. I reached and teased a nipple, which had already gotten hard.

“You like this don’t you, lover?” She nodded.

“It started out as a lark, a fantasy,” was said with a shiver. “There are times I just want to scream; it’s all I think about every once in a while. I love you so much for feeding it, letting me… experiment.” You looked out the window and giggled. “There’s a car next to us and they saw me.” I saw Kara turn toward the window and take her girls in her hands.

“Puppies or kitties?” She laughed.

“It’s been a while since we used those names, Lissy. They’re puppies; puppies with real big eyes. They’ve opened up the windows and are screaming things at me.”

I got a little worried. We don’t need a car full of idiots following us. This is supposed to be a fun thing that we do just for her. I looked, put on my turn signal, and made a quick left into an alley. I scooted a couple of blocks, made a quick right down a one way street, hotfooted it a block, made another quick right, and headed back north at the first opportunity. Yup, there they are — the blue Escape.

Kara, who had watched wide eyed as I did my little hot rod act, asked, “What are you doing?” I pointed.

“See the blue Ford. That’s the puppies.” I wanted to try and get behind them. “Wave bye bye.” Blondie looked at me.

“Really?” I laughed, finished the left turn I’d started and took her hand. She had finished buttoning the shirt.

“No, of course not. I just wanted to ditch them. You can leave that open if you want. Or not. I don’t want you to stop, Kara. We both have to be careful, that’s all.” She nodded.

“It was pretty stupid of me goad those boys. And that’s what they were, too. They probably spent the afternoon at the ball game or the beach, got wasted — whatever. I didn’t think of it. Actually, I didn’t think. Shit. Thank you, baby.”

“You’re welcome, sweetheart. Those beauties belong to me. You can show ’em where and when you want; we just have to be careful.” I pulled into the parking lot of our destination. Hmm.

“Ya know what. We’ll find a spot on the street. If those knuckleheads come back to this area I don’t want them seeing the car in this parking lot. They might guess we’re in the store and cause some trouble.” Maybe I’m over thinking this, but I’d rather be over cautious than sorry. I found a parking spot on a side street.

On a hunch I said, “Swap tops with me, lover.” Lover stared wide eyed. I laughed. “I know; but if they see us on the street, they’ll be looking for your top on a blonde, not on a brown haired older woman.” She made pouty face.

“You do not look like an older woman, woman.” Gorgeous got to her knees and kissed me. “You’re fabulous and I’m sorry I was a goofball and I love you… and get your hand outta there.”

Feigning innocence, I said, “What? All I did was rub a finger or three over kitty; a very damp kitty I might add.”

We did that top swapping thing and headed across the street.

“Those fingers of yours are deadly, but in a good way.” I turned and smiled.

“Good! They’re supposed to cause that reaction!” A nod and a smirk were my response.

“I know. They do.”

Walking into the store was like walking into a playground of just about any fantasy or fetish you could ever imagine. It was the chain’s first venture into the city and it was a great location. You really can’t help but stand and stare in disbelief.

“I want to find you a collar, lover.”

“You do?” I nodded.

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” She grinned.

“The truth canlı bahis şirketleri is… I’m not sure which one of us will like it more.” You’re absolutely right. “We can both wear it ya know.”

We both liked the black collar. It was black, 3 inches tall, had red stitching, a buckle, and alternating spikes and studs.

“When we’re finished shopping, will you wear this out of the store?” I looked; blues glittered with mischief.

“If that’s what my miss wishes, pet will certainly obey.” Her eyes closed as she took a deep breath. I smiled. Whatever the reason, this touches something very primal deep inside Kara. And I love her enough to play along.

I thought Kara might lose it completely when we saw a collar that came with a little leather strip that was held in place by four studs. The strip held a metal loop that held two chains that had adjustable nipple clamps on the end. At a little under $50 it was the most expensive toy we bought — by far! But the excitement in her eyes made it impossible not to add to our stash of goodies.

“Will you put it on me before we go to Macy’s?” I smiled and kissed her.

“Of course I will lover. It excites you to wear it doesn’t it?” She nodded, her grays dark.

“Honest to god, Lissy, I wish I was ribboned. I’m so turned on I might cum.” I did the humane thing; I pulled Kara to me, put my hand under her skirt and teased her till she did. She shook as I held her. I groaned as her fingers dug into my arm. Breaths were rapid and shallow. I made sure to hold her tight in case those legs I love gave out.

Once we were back in the car blondie had me secure the collar while she put the clamps on her nipples.

“How tight should they be?”

“I’m not sure you have much choice with these. It doesn’t appear you can set the tightness like I can with mine.” How odd that I’m calling nipple clamps ‘mine.’

“Ooh, I like this!” I looked; this won’t do.

“Get the clip on your entire nipple, lover, not just the bottom half.” The pout was gorgeous.

“You do it then.” I smiled.

I did it right. First I sucked the nipple into my mouth; that included a little bite. I flicked it a little to be sure it was firm, pushed the opener and put it on the entire bud. That’s much better! I did the same to Sunny.

“I love it! Can we switch tops please?” We did — quickly. Blondie buttoned hers and reached for the rear view mirror to see how she looked.

She squealed; seriously! And bounced on the seat with excitement.

“I look so sexy!” Yes you do! “I’m absolutely in love with the collar and everyone is gonna know where the chains go and what’s on the end of them.” Grays smoldered as she leaned and kissed me. Zowie!

We yakked about this and that as we made our way downtown.

“I don’t like the clamps as much as mine. I prefer being able to determine just how tight I make it. You do look sexy as hell with that collar though. And you like it; that’s all that matters.”

“I’m such a nut. I want to wear the damn thing everywhere; including work.” Oh my god!

“I’m looking forward to getting away, lover. I can’t wait.” Kara smiled and took my hand.

“I am too! I know my way around Saugatuck like I imagine you do South Haven. I just wish it was for more than a long weekend. But we’re going; that’s all that matters.”

“I wish it was too. But we’ll have a real vacation; maybe over the winter, but for sure next summer. Meanwhile we’ve got to get our housing situation resolved and move in together.” I looked at my girl. “You were serious about getting married weren’t you?” She looked a little surprised I brought it up.

“There’s a hell of a long way to go before we can even talk seriously about it, but yes, I was.” Her eyes had a little bit of ‘plead’ in them when she added, “It’s nice to think about as much as anything.” I can’t argue with that.

“I was surprised when you said you wanted a butt plug. It’s not too long, though. Will you let me try it after you do?”

“Of course I will. I’ve kind of had a fantasy about anal play anyway, and I loved how you made love to me that night. I guess I’ll find out how it feels. I had a thought that wearing it when I’m ribboned would be interesting. I’ll let you know.”

We parked at Water Tower and headed in. We found what floor fine jewelry was on and headed to an elevator.

My honey looked at me and said, “We could spend an entire weekend in this place.” I laughed.

“That would be the end of a wonderful romance, lover.” The woman to my left laughed. “You too huh?”

“Yup, if I don’t know what I want, I look online. This place is mayhem on a slow day.” We waved as we exited.

The blues eyed me and smirked. “What? She heard me and laughed.”

“I know; I heard. I knew you weren’t going to grab her hand and ditch me or anything. She was cute too.” She was!!

I gave you a peck and said, “So are you, blondie; so are you!” She blushed. It happens every time!

“It’s gorgeous; I love it, Lissy!” That’s all I needed to hear canlı kaçak iddaa when we asked the sales associate to get the anklet out of the display case.

It was on sale. Who knows about these things? We bought two. You’re saying ‘duh.’ I know, but with the sale price we could have gotten four!

We had to find chairs and put them on.

“How about mine on my right leg and yours on your left?” The grin was gorgeous.

“I want to do naughty things to your body, baby!” I shivered. “They’re so cute; all those hearts. The clasp looks easy to do.” She leaned and kissed me. Mercy! That kiss said I’m going to get a workout tonight. Kitty was panting.

“Kitty said to tell you she loved that kiss and that she’s looking forward to tonight.” Kara giggled.

“It’s hysterical when you tell me your pussy talks to you.” I feigned a look of aghast.

“You mean you and yours don’t ‘communicate.'” More giggling.

“Well yeah. Mine doesn’t talk to me like yours does.” Just stop it blondie! You’re killing me. “Will you please put this thing on me?” I grinned.

“You just want a chance to flash me.” She turned a deep red. How funny! I was only half serious.

I got out of the chair and on a knee. I put her foot on the knee. She was panting. To my delight, she unzipped the zipper a little more. I winked as I put the clasp together. Her hands were shaking with excitement.

“All done.” I got to my feet and held out my hand. Kara shook her head. My eyes opened wide. My god; she was in the midst of an orgasm! I have no idea how I missed the signs. Her eyes never left mine. I bent and kissed her; she moaned. I stood in front of my lover, waiting for her to come down off the high. It must have been a combination of the clamps, the orgasm I gave her at the toy store, and the excitement of putting the anklet on while flashing me. Sensory overload came to mind. It was the only thing I could attribute it to. Kitty was insanely jealous by the way!!

Gray eyes closed and my cutie shivered. She blinked a couple of times when the blues opened, focused, and found me. And smiled when I held out my hand and took it. We walked hand in hand to the elevator, Kara on my right. Two women, two anklets, one heart. She put her head on my shoulder and sighed in the elevator.

“I know you’re wondering and I have no clue.” I kissed the blonde locks.

People got on; people got off. It made for one long ride. We headed to the parking garage once we’d been set free.

“Get in the back seat.”

“What? Why?”

“Just do it.” Bossy isn’t she! I did.

You’d unzipped the skirt nearly to the top. You climbed on me, pushed my shorts and panties to the side and mounted me. Your grays were wild with lust. There was no way I was going to stop you. I’m not sure if I could. You were in the grip of an urge I was familiar with; every once in a while the primal need for pleasure overwhelms everything else. I did what I could to help you. Me? If I cum, great. Honestly, you wanted me; you were so much more important than me.

Your eyes were clamped shut; your face mirrored the urgency, the effort and the need you felt. I was content, along for the ‘ride,’ smiling as our pussy’s sloshed, tingling as pleasure rolled through me.

I was shocked when I felt the orgasm explode in my depths. My cry of surprise rang out in the car. Your eyes opened; the look was gorgeous. Mine closed as a slow heat rolled from deep in my core, spreading, leaving pleasure in its wake. My hips had sped up, almost without me noticing. I noticed I was moaning as I pushed against you. One of us was grunting; maybe both. I felt you tense; the scream filled the car. God yes, Kara!! I didn’t know I could give more but I did. ‘Another gear’ is all I could think of. It’s probably silly but all I know is what I wanted. You were a bitch in heat. I love you and wanted you to suffer the glorious bliss of your wanton need.

I think we both finished at the same time. My legs were spread as it is; you lay with your head in your arms on the back of the seat. It was beastly hot in the car. We were both short of breath; I think the oxygen in the car had been used as we fucked. I took a deep breath, smiled, and hoped your needs had been met.

I giggled at the thought that rode through my mind. I was the corner of the desk, the washing machine on spin cycle. You were the horny vixen needing her cum. That we were in the car, slick sex to hot pussy, was because we love each other and you chose me to be your partner in your wild erotic moment.

“Thank you, baby.” I wanted to cry. Isn’t she sweet? I know you like pretty much like I know me. It was over now and you were embarrassed at your wanton carnal display.

I reached, caressing your breasts under your top. You laughed.

“That was part of my why; at least I think so.” I nodded.

“I wondered if it wasn’t a case of sensory overload.” You giggled.

“Those are mighty big words, baby!” I laughed.

“If the fire has been put out… for now, would you please canlı kaçak bahis put my undies back in place.” You lifted your head and stuck out your tongue.

“You had an orgasm too, wench, so shut the fuck up.” I flicked the nipple that was still held prisoner. You moaned. “God, that is sooo good. Wanna go again?” I just might.

I pulled you to me and we kissed like the lovers we are. Good lord, I really just might!

“You better get off of me or we just might have to do this — or something like it, again.” You lifted and stared.

“You really want to?” Umm!

“Here’s the dealio. We’ve probably pushed the edge of a whole bunch of envelopes doin’ the nasty in a big garage like this. Unless there are a whole bunch of pervs watching us, we’ve gotten away with it. It’s a little bit of a shocker that I want to go another round with you, and it will probably fade by the time we get back to your place. But we really should get some kind of decent and get the hell outta here.” I kissed you and continued.

“On the other hand, if this is how it’s gonna be with you, your nipple clamps, and these anklets, we’re going to do one hell of a lot more toy shopping in the not so distant future.” You could see in my face that I wasn’t kidding. I could see in your face that you wanted to hotfoot it back to the toy store. And that you wanted more sex. So did I.

“I’m hungry.” I laughed. Leave it to blondie to add more silliness to the moment.

I pushed your head toward kitty; you smacked her. She was most pleased; she’s very odd! I can’t believe both of our kitties weren’t in a coma!! Especially Kara’s.

“Not what you had in mind for dinner huh?” The grin was wicked — and gorgeous.

“Are you assuming again, baby?” I shivered, closed my eyes and shook my head. This woman!!

Parking is expensive; we giggled, agreeing that we got our money’s worth!!

We had dinner on the west side at one of the many restaurants that had sprung up in the last five plus years. The success of the winter sports teams led to a flock of new businesses. They were open on weekends during the summer and were happy to see us.

We’d ordered and our drinks had been served when you said, “Give me your panties.” I nearly broke my neck.


“I just got my period and need to go to the ladies room. I don’t have panties on, remember? Give ’em to me.”

I had shorts on. I grabbed her hand and off we went. Geezuz! We got lucky; there was an open stall. I pushed her in first, locked the door, and stripped. Yes, the blues glittered. Yes, I laughed. I handed her my way more than damp panties. Blondie did what she had to, put a liner in the silk just to be sure, and pulled them over her hips.

I had pulled my shorts up. That didn’t seem to dissuade her. Really? Here? Now? Kitty was all for it; two thumbs up. My nipples were… what are nipples? Absentee ballots? We’re all one big happy family. Oh my god; I’m laughing. I’m becoming blonde — if only in my silliness! Whatever this is I’m doing, I’m having way too much fun with the telling.

The two of us giggled and blushed as we washed our hands. We walked back to the table to find our entrees waiting. Fish and chips times two. Kara ordered first, it sounded good, and I said, “Make that two.”

It was delicious!! They must change the oil regularly. I’m going way out on a limb that it’s what makes the difference. The fries were crisp and delicious as well. Not too much salt either! Cole slaw — have I told you about my cole slaw thingie? If a restaurant does good cole slaw the rest of their food will be better than fine. That’s totally one woman’s opinion and you can take it to the bank!!

“How do you want to be fucked?” Leave it to blondie to bring me back to the moment. Kitty was still in a coma. I was still enjoying a surprisingly good dinner. Thoughts of sex, though never too far away, had faded somewhat. I smiled.

“Given your recent change in availability, I think I’ll leave the evening’s agenda up to you. Pet.” I saw the glitter in blue eyes and hoped I had pushed my honey just far enough to take me somewhere new. I suppose it was the wanton, erotic display in the store and garage. I do know that I was a little surprised I wanted another go with her in the back seat.

Neither of us spoke again as we ate our dinner. In a crowded restaurant, where no one knew us, the sexual tension was palpable. I reached my hand for hers; Kara took it without looking. I shivered. God I love you!

I opened Kara’s door; she pushed me against the car and kissed me. I couldn’t breathe as it was, from the anticipation of what she was going to do to me when we got home. This was turning into as carnal a day as we’d ever had. Add to that — much of it had been played out in public. I wasn’t sure if that had been by accident or design — nor did it matter.

“I know this is lust talking, Lissy, but I’m so in love with you that if we could find a judge to marry us… I’d do it.” She kissed me again. “Thank you for making this what it’s become. Now take me home so I can wreck you.”

You’re probably tired of me leading you to water and then not giving you details — but trust me, she did!! I shivered when I thought of that night. Um, I’ll be back in a lil bit. Someone’s calling me!!

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