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Amateur Blowjob

Jodi was EXTREMELY unusual. She had an amazingly beautiful face, with luminous green eyes that seemed to look right into your soul. But that was FAR from the only thing guys noticed about her.

She was very tall – at least 6’2 – and insisted on wearing heels every day that made her several inches taller. I would guess she weighed about 170 pounds, but she didn’t in any way look fat. She had straight, light-brown hair that she had cut into bangs, then flipped at her shoulders. She had a great figure – a perfect hourglass – at least when you were looking at her from the back. Her legs, arms and torso were toned and well-muscled.

She also had the biggest pair of tits I – or anyone else I knew – had ever seen, either in real life or in a magazine.

There seemed to be nothing but breast from her neck down to her navel. I couldn’t even credit their size. They were just… HUGE. It seemed like this woman was wearing two basketballs on her chest. Jodi had to wear shirts that were several sizes larger than if her chest was a “normal” size. Even when she wore a bra, her breasts would bounce as she walked. I could only imagine the back trouble she would have later in life.

I’m sure the snickers and stares embarrassed the hell out of her. I would see guys walk up to her and start talking to her chest. I honestly felt badly for her. My friends would joke that her tits came into a room five minutes before the rest of her. Even my own father once pointed her out to me while she was (unfortunately) doing the backstroke at our local pool, referring to her as “Miss Water Wings.”

For my part, I would wait on Jodi when she came into the pharmacy in which I worked as a stocker and delivery boy. It was a nice, easy job that I had through most of my college years. Whenever she would come into the store, I would engage her in conversation. She could talk about anything – sports, music, current events, history, politics, you name it. Always, but always, I studiously maintained eye contact with her. I just felt it was polite. I got the idea she liked having someone to chat with. We found that we had mutual friends, and that she was three years older than me. My boss would always say to me after she left, “What an AMAZING lay she must be – if she didn’t kill you with that chest first!” I would just laugh it off. I never thought of her like that – and I was probably the only guy in the neighborhood who didn’t. She was just a nice girl who would come into my store, buy stuff and chat.

I once ran into her at a mutual friend’s party. She was wearing an oversized black shirt, tight jeans and her usual heels. She greeted me, asked me to next to her on the sofa and began talking about the previous night’s baseball game. Believe me, she knew her shit – statistics galore, history of the game, you name it. I felt like I was talking to one of my guy friends. I lost track of time while we were talking, but I know that the whole time I was staring right into those jade-green eyes. Finally, one of my friends pulled me away from her, saying “You’ve had enough conversation with the Boobsie Twins here. What’s the matter, too afraid to make a move?” I shot a dirty glare at my friend. As he pulled me across the room and out the door, I looked back, and with my eyes appealed to her: forget him, he’s an asshole. She smiled and nodded.

It was a steaming hot Friday night in early July, a few months later. I was now 20. It was about 7:20 – closing time was 8 – and I was just starting my cleanup routine when I heard the phone ring. I heard the pharmacist talking to the customer, taking down a delivery order. This close to closing? Damn, now I’m not going to get home ’til late. My boss read me the order and the address, and said, “Could you make this delivery now? I know this is not on your way home, but the customer was insistent that she needed her stuff tonight. She also specifically asked for the ‘cute, skinny delivery guy’ (I was 5’10, about 140). I can clean up and close without you. She has a charge account here, so you don’t have to worry about collecting money.” Of course I would oblige – another tip meant some extra pocket money for the weekend. I bagged up the order, and jogged the ten blocks or so to the address my boss had given me.

When I rang the bell of the apartment and the door opened, there stood Jodi – towering over me, wearing a white tube top against which her enormous tits strained, and through which huge nipples poked. Her midriff was exposed, showing a hint of taut belly and a perfect naval. She was also wearing a lime-green mini-skirt that seemed to end about six inches below the belt-line on her hips, showing miles and miles of well-muscled legs, and her usual four-inch heels. Her hair had been done, and her long fingernails recently painted and shaped into crimson daggers. She didn’t really need makeup, but she was wearing rouge and bright red lipstick which accented her full, pouting lips. Against me, in my t-shirt, ataşehir escort bayan gym shorts and sneakers, she looked the epitome of classy. In fact, she looked downright gorgeous.

“MIKE! Hi! I’m glad you got here so quickly.” She took the bag from me.

“Hey, Jodi, I won’t keep you long. You look like you’re heading out for a date.”

She laughed heartily. “Really? No, I’m home tonight. I just wanted to dress comfortably. It’s REALLY hot out there, isn’t it? You’re soaking wet, even though you only walked that short distance.”

“I didn’t walk, I jogged.” As always, I looked directly into her eyes.

“In THIS heat? I like a man who wants to keep himself in shape. Would you like to come in for some air conditioning and a cold drink? I’ve got the game on if you’d like to watch with me.”

Even before I had a chance to answer, she pulled me by the arm into the apartment, then closed and double-locked the door behind me.

I sat down on the couch while she poured some cold lemonade. She said to me, “Why don’t you take off that wet shirt? I don’t want you catching cold. Here, towel off.” She tossed a towel my way. I didn’t see any harm in taking off my shirt, so I did so. I rubbed myself down with the towel. She looked me over and said, “Hmmm… hot body. Oops, I’m sorry. I have no edit mode at all. I’ll bet you say that to girls all the time.”

“No, actually. My parents brought me up to respect women. I may think it, but I’d never say it.” I was suddenly ashamed of the comment my father had made about her. I was now almost certain she’d heard it.

She brought over the drinks and sat down – not next to me on the couch as I’d expected, but on the floor at my feet. We sipped our drinks and made some small talk about the game as it progressed. Still, when we talked, I made sure I was looking right into her eyes – even though her cleavage, which with her enormous breasts looked the size of the Grand Canyon, was clearly within my line of sight. It almost seemed as if she was tempting me to look at it. I maintained my gaze, looking at nothing but her face.

I then noticed something else kind of odd. As she sat down, she rested her hand lightly on my leg. As the conversation went on, I noticed that, slowly but surely, her hand was creeping up my leg. Coincidence, I decided. I dismissed it from my mind. The last thing I needed was a boner to show Jodi how I REALLY felt.

“Nice place you have here, Jodi. You and your parents?”

“Nope, just me. My parents live a couple of floors up. They helped me get this place. I run my own business – fashion design. I’ve had it since college. The second bedroom is kind of my studio.”

“Wow, that’s cool. A beautiful, single lady of means. I bet you have a lot of guys.”

“Only business partnerships. I don’t date very much. I haven’t found the right guy – yet. Well, let me correct that. I think I might have found him, but…” Her voice trailed off and I looked at her. She suddenly had a pensive look on her face, nibbling her lip, as if she was trying to make a major decision right then and there.

Suddenly – it happened in less time than it takes to describe it – she stood up, pulled off her tube top, and sat down on my lap, straddling me. Her strong, thick legs pinned my arms to my sides. She grabbed my head and pushed it in between her massive breasts. She then began feverishly humping me, moaning and rolling her head around. My cock grew instantly hard, and I could feel the wetness of her pussy through my shorts – she wasn’t wearing underwear. I was too surprised by the unexpected movement to react – but seeing as she had four inches (eight counting the heels) and about 30 pounds on me, I doubt I could have pushed her off even if I’d tried. I also realized that I couldn’t breathe with my face mashed into her chest, and I began struggling.

She realized what was happening, and let my head go. I tilted my head back, gasping for breath.

“Jodi, what the FUCK is going on here?” As if I didn’t know.

No response. She took my head again and kissed me, driving her tongue deeply into my mouth.


She turned her body slightly so that I was face to face with one of her huge nipples. “Suck my tit… RIGHT now! Don’t talk… just SUCK on me!”

Held against the couch by her weight as I was, I obliged. I obviously wasn’t going anywhere unless I did.

“Ooh, yeah, baby, that feels SOOOO good. Suck it! Suck it HARD! Make my nipple hard! Oooh, GOD, you are making me so wet!!! How HARD your cock is getting!! I can feel it! I’m going to take care of that nice hard cock of yours!! SUCK my tits!!” I took a breath, and she then turned so that the other nipple was right in my face. She took my head and drove my mouth down onto her other nipple. She humped and groaned as I sucked her.

She stopped her grinding, then turned so that her whole body was facing right escort kadıköy at me. This time, I couldn’t help but stare directly at her tits… the one thing I had always avoided doing. She spoke, harshly at first:

“My whole life, I’ve been defined by THESE!!! My tits. All people are ever interested in is my tits. They don’t care anything else about me. They figure that because I have huge tits, I must be some brainless bimbo who only knows about one thing! I have a Bachelor’s and an MBA, and I run a business, and nobody seems to care about that. Yeah, I’ve had sex a few times, but the guys didn’t give a shit about me afterward. It’s like I was some kind of score, or prize. ‘Oh, yeah, I banged the babe with the huge tits.’ It’s DISGUSTING how people act!!!!

“I decided a while ago that I was going to try an experiment. I was going to see if I could find a guy… ONE guy… with whom I could carry on a half-hour long conversation without him ONCE looking at my chest. I decided that if I could ever find that guy, I would give him what every guy I’ve ever met has apparently dreamed of – ME, completely and unreservedly. I would take that guy home and fuck him nearly to death!”

She then changed her tone, speaking to me in a dreamy, seductive voice that took me aback. I had no idea she’d ever felt this way:

“Remember Joey’s party? When we spent so much time talking about baseball? Well, baby, that night you won the prize. You were looking into my eyes the whole time. I wasn’t just a pair of boobs to you. For once, I felt like I was being talked to like a REAL person. I’ve ALWAYS felt that way when I’m with you. I saw a clock out of the corner of my eye, and knew we had talked for close to an hour when your jerky friend pulled you away. And NOT ONCE during the whole conversation did I see your eyes travel down to my chest.

“If not for your friend,” she added, “what’s happening right now could’ve happened that night.”

“It wasn’t something I ever did consciously,” I said to her, twisting uncomfortably beneath her weight, “but I always like looking people in the eye when I talk to them. It’s just being courteous. You don’t have to do this.”

“Oh, but I DO!!!”, she exclaimed. “I REALLY, REALLY do. For once in my life, I want to be fucked by a man who thinks of me as a PERSON, not as a sex object.” She started taunting: “What’s the matter, Mike? Are you gay? Not up to the challenge? Don’t you want to have sex with me? Don’t you want to be the envy of all your friends – to be able to say ‘I fucked Big Boobs Jodi all night, but she practically begged me to’?”

I didn’t like having my manhood questioned. “No, I’m not gay! And any guy would be crazy not to want to screw you. It’s just…”

“You didn’t expect it”, she interjected. “You didn’t expect me to just jump your bones as I did. I wanted to make sure you wouldn’t leave!”

Her weight on me was becoming unbearable – never mind the fact that my cock was now fully hard and straining for release. “Jodi, please get off me.”

“Right now, as I see it, you have two choices. Door # 1 is you tell me now you’re going to stay here and fuck me all night. Door # 2 is…” She briefly humped me again. My cock, covered by my shorts and underwear, slipped about half an inch into her soaking womanhood. I groaned, and she shivered with pleasure. “… we stay here, and we do this, until you agree to stay here and fuck me all night. Mmmmm… see how hot and wet my pussy is? I know you can feel that right through your shorts. I want to see how big that cock of yours is. I know that every guy in the neighborhood wants to be where you are right now.”

“Okay, okay. Just PLEASE let me go and I’ll take my pants off.” She was nearly crushing me.

She smiled, licked my face from my right ear to my nose, then got up. “Let’s see what you’ve got. SHOW me! I want to fuck you so much right now I can’t stand it!”

I kicked off my shoes and socks, then pulled my shorts and underwear off together. Her eyes lit up when she saw my six inches of manhood spring out at full attention. She walked around behind me, admiring, then stepped out of her heels and pulled off her skirt. She then grabbed my left arm, half-twisted it behind my back, grabbed my cock with her other hand, and propelled me towards the bedroom.

When we got inside, she turned me and roughly shoved me backwards towards the bed. I landed on my back, my legs off the edge of the bed. She then jumped on top of me, knocking my breath out of me, twined her legs around mine, and without seeming to care slammed her smoldering, soaking twat onto my cock. “Now let me have it!”, she screamed. “Let me FUCK you!!! Let me SUCK that cock into my pussy!! FUCK ME, FUCK ME TIL I SCREAM!!!!” She held me by the wrists, and pumped madly away on my manhood. I felt her shudder as she moaned “OOOOooohhh, you’re making me COOOOOME!!!!” Her pussy tightened its grip on my cock as she pumped maltepe escort away. It didn’t take me long – maybe three or four minutes – to blow a tremendous load into her. I shouted out “Oh, YEAAHHHH, here it COOOMES!!!” as shot after hot shot of cum poured out of my cock. I gasped and writhed as she screamed her pleasure, almost smothering me with her tits again as she ground her whole body on me.

We both lay, legs intertwined, she still holding me by my wrists and pinning me to the bed, for a long time. My cock was still twitching inside her pussy; I had been so stimulated by her that I wasn’t going down so quickly. We were both sweating heavily. Our breath came in ragged gasps. I was having trouble even drawing breath; I’m sure she had no idea how massive her body was compared to mine. I don’t know what kind of guys she was used to screwing before; they must have been linebackers. She occasionally kissed me on my neck or my cheek. She finally softly cooed “Oooh, Mike, that was absolutely FABULOUS! You have got a MAG-NI-FI-CENT cock! Best dick I’ve ever had in me. That was just great for a warm-up!”

Warm-up? To me, that sure as hell felt like the main event.

Jodi then got off me – finally, some relief! – swung my legs over so that I was completely on the bed, knelt down between my legs and began sucking my cock. At first, I thought she was just doing it to clean off the remaining cum and pussy juice left over from our “close encounter”, as she was licking the tip and sides slowly, carefully… but I soon realized, as she started sucking me more closely and quickly, that she intended this as a full-fledged blowjob. I had just shot a gigantic load of cum less than 15 minutes ago, and she expected me to re-load my torpedo tube THAT quickly? I tried to squirm away from her, but she grabbed me around the waist, lifted my lower torso partially off the bed and sucked harder. “JODI!!!”, I yelled, “STOP it!!! Give me a fucking break! I CAN’T come again that soon!!!!”

She completely ignored me. My cock did too. It was back to full hardness after just a few minutes of her sucking.

I had never met a woman who was physically stronger than I was, but I had now challenged her several times and had been beaten back every time. Since I couldn’t move, I just lay back on the bed and let her work. Don’t get the idea that I wasn’t enjoying what this incredible specimen of womanhood was doing to me. It’s just that I felt she was overdoing it. I’d give her what she wanted, surely. Just that she should give me a bit of time to recover. She seemed actually serious about fucking me all night. I was wondering how long I’d last.

She could obviously go all night if she had to. She increased her frantic pace, moaning and sucking, trying to build me to my crescendo. And, against what I believed were my personal capabilities, she succeeded. I suddenly felt the pressure, began gasping and writhing, and screaming out, “I don’t believe it. Here it comes AGAIN!!!” She spat out my throbbing dick, dropped my lower body onto the bed and pumped furiously away on my dick with her right hand. I bucked my hips, and screamed “AAAAGGGHHH!!!” as my cock exploded for the second time in less than half an hour. The first shot hit her directly in the nose, the second in her right eye, the third splattered her right cheek. The rest dribbled out onto her hand.

I slumped back, exhausted, my chest heaving. I then looked down at my cock, which she was still pumping. It was absolutely beet-red. Then I looked at Jodi. She had a satisfied, lascivious look on her face that told me she wasn’t done yet. She let go of my cock, then made a big show out of gathering up my cum and lathering her own face with it, all the while licking her lips and moaning. She even stuck a little-finger full of my spunk into her mouth and licked it off.

Jodi got up for a moment, telling me not to move – I was so worn out I wasn’t going anywhere anyway – and went into the bathroom to wash her face and re-apply her lipstick. When she returned, she plopped herself back down on the bed, and held me closely. She then looked at me, smiling. “My pussy is so wet. I can’t wait for you to be inside me again.” She held me tighter as she tried to throw her leg over my pelvis. I tried to push her away and get up, but she again pushed me down and tried to climb on top of me. I was able to hold her off for a second.

I told her, “Hold the phone. You’ve just made me come twice, REALLY quickly. There is NO WAY I’m going to be able to get it up again that fast. What are you trying to do, kill me?”

She looked at me, confused for just a moment. Then she smiled and lay back down next to me. “You’re right. I’m sorry. I was SO bound up in my idea of servicing you – I wanted you to feel like you had a sexual slave who would perform any act you wanted, for as long as you wanted – that I forgot that you DO have your limits. Yes, I want to spend this whole night pleasing you sexually in any way I can. I DON’T want to hurt you, or scare you off.

“Please, baby, don’t leave. I just got so caught up in the moment. I forgot about YOUR needs. I REALLY want you to stay. I promise I won’t make you fuck me again until you’re good and ready.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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