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Bottom Feeders

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Big Tits

My shower with Sally, naturally, went pretty well, with her taking full advantage to seduce me … hey, why wouldn’t she … and why wouldn’t I yield to the seduction? No matter how many people I slept with, Sally was still my first Bottom slut … my official fiancee and someday soon my senior wife. Shannon was a very close second in terms of being intimate with me, emotionally and otherwise, but Sally was the one who brought me home … the one who introduced me to the new life that I now had, less than a week before. I spent a good bit there with Sally before we finally turned off the water, only to find Shannon standing there with a kiss for both of us … not a chaste kiss, either. She also dried both of us off while fondling us before we got dressed again.

Naturally, we had yet to really solidify our plans … and everyone’s plans. This was all tentative, but we could discuss that as we went out to eat breakfast that morning, as we all headed out to do. Bobbie’s was a very solid, classic diner, run by Bobbie Lee Harris, a chain-smoking, somewhat foul-mouthed local short order cook who had gone into business for herself years ago. She had to be sixty by now, but that didn’t matter. She had a real presence that I hadn’t counted on until I met her. She also made it plain that she liked what she saw with the group … except that Jan was miserable.

Pulling us aside, Bobbie told us that the breakfast was gratis, but that Marsha and Jan needed to make a final choice about their relationship and where they wanted to go. It was plain that Jan had something to get off her chest and she apparently broke down now, needing to say it to Marsha. I thanked her and gave Marsha and Jan some space while we ordered our meals, nice and greasy as ever … Once more, Sally and Shannon proved just how much appetite two young adult ladies could have, despite their slender figures.

“Well, I’ve learned a lesson or two here. Jan confessed that she’s cheated on me plenty and that she has felt guilty about getting all jealous about it me and others … she’s going to try to work out our jealousy issues. From here on out, no more pretenses. We’re swingers. It’s just that she is strictly gay and I am bi,” Marsha announced after a conversation that we all pretended not to notice while we ordered our meals.

“Hey, everyone, let’s not act like it was some soap opera. I was just playing the martyr to get her to be faithful while I fooled around, but I realized that I wronged her, making her feel guilty while I was a pussy hound myself. Now, let’s order and eat, shall we? I’ve got one hell of an appetite!” Jan was back to her usual rough, good humor despite her earlier tears … a rare soft side to Marsha’s rather butch partner.

“Now, that’s the Jan that I know and love,” Bobbie chuckled, “Honey, if we were swingers and I dug chicks, yeah, let’s just say, I’d be on both of you like butter on biscuits. Unfortunately for both of us, I’m straight as they get, I smoke like a chimney, I have a husband at home who doesn’t share nothing, and that’s probably for the best.

“He’s fairly liberal for a man of his type, Billy, that is, but he still doesn’t share or run around. Says that he did his lady killing when young and doesn’t have the need to prove a thing, to use his words. I think that it’s because he’s old enough that he covets other men’s hash browns, not their wives. He likes his beer, poker, and smokes, though. And his fishing and hunting. But in case you’re wondering, yes, we still get it on a couple of times a week, which is not bad for our age.”

“Hey, the main thing is to pursue your own happiness without harming others, right?” I chuckled…

I’d known and heard of people similar to them and they weren’t harming anyone, so I saw no reason to push or pull them out into my own way of life … those that I had influenced had been those indicated by some event in our lives … and even then the signals could get crossed once in awhile. If Billy and Bobbie were happily monogamous and married, that was their business and their right to be happy that way. I, for one, wasn’t going to try to change what worked for them.

“So, Marsha tells me that she’s running for the legislature and that you’re starting a new church. Is that true? What kind of church? It’s not a normal one, I gather. A bit more liberal, inclusive, and freethinking, I gather. She says that you’re Jewish, too, which could make for some interesting influences, I suppose. Now, I am open to such things, as long as you don’t start orgies or anything like that. I meant what I said about Billy and I being strictly faithful to each other. I would like a church or religion that is more, shall we say, tolerant in general,” Bobbie smiled while pouring us some coffee and noticing that neither Belle, Mary, Michelle, Miranda, nor Erica wanted any.

“Let me guess … pregnant, all of you? I remember carrying my Bruce, Bubba, and Betty. Yeah, we went strictly with ‘b’ names for our three. Everyone thought casino siteleri it was cute, though some in my family still think the name Bruce is too high falutin’. Well, that’s Georgia for ya. Would ya believe that I was once a real Georgia Peach, too, back in my day. A beauty in a redneck sorta way. Hey, I know what I am. I’m a high-school dropout and I had years of hard work, raisin’ babies, and finally got enough nerve to go into business after my divorce from Ned.

“That’s when Billy took me in and gave me the money to do my thing. My eldest, Benny, yeah, even then I went with a ‘b’ name, still helps me run the shop, the only one who will, though he spent a nickel in the slammer for a bit before getting back to work here. Would you believe, after his parole was done, he married his parole officer? No joke! Benny and Jenny, names that rhyme, odd as that is. He says that it is because he knows that she can own guns and lend him one if he should need to protect his house. I’m not sure if that’s a joke or not in his case. She’s very high-brow, old money, and he’s just like me … a blue-collar, redneck short order cook.

“Anyway, what is your church gonna be like?” Bobbie probed further.

“We’re still working that out, as it happens. You’re welcome to attend services, though we tend go naked. We might have to limit that for the after services and certain events. Word of warning, the majority of members are into each other … specifically, fucking each other. Including some serious kinky stuff. So, some of our activities might be a shock or turn-off. Including orgies, but again, you’re perfectly free to opt out if you feel the way that you’ve said. Same with Benny and Jenny, too. Feel free to only attend the more … family-friendly services if you wish. We have to be willing to evolve and respect everyone’s lifestyle if we expect others to do so as well.

“That being said, several of our folks are outright nudists, myself included, so when even the normal services are being held, we’re going to be naked as the day that we were born. I don’t think that nudity is automatically sexual. It’s just natural. So, yeah, even the services where no sex happens … we’re going to be clothing-optional. Wear or don’t wear whatever you please, whether it’s your birthday suit, a bikini, a shirt, panties, yoga pants, or a T-shirt and jeans. You can even go fancy and wear your Sunday best if you prefer. It doesn’t matter.

“And at home, well, let’s just say that the Bottoms … well, you might already know what they’re like … I’m the family patriarch there now, succeeding Mama … I say succeeding, because I don’t think, judging from what I’ve heard, that anyone can quite ‘replace’ her. We eventually plan to set up a commune of sorts, though you won’t have to live there to attend the church,” I laughed as intimated about my new family that had adopted me as their head.

“Yeah, sugar, everyone here knows about the Bottoms. That’s just the way that they’ve been, as long as I can remember. You date a Bottom girl or guy, you know what you’re dating, what you’re getting into from the outset, which scares some off and excites others. Billy dated Melvin’s mother once or twice and there were rumors that he was the real Daddy to one of them, which is another reason why we can’t join the gang-bang, orgy stuff … he doesn’t cotton to incest himself and there was always a chance that Melvin might be his. He doesn’t judge the Bottoms for it, though. He said that it’s none of his business who screws who. I’m not sure if he’ll attend at all, but I might, at least once, to see what it’s like.

“Anyway, your money’s no good here, as I said. Jan and Marsha are family to us. Always have been. Same with Rick and Nadine. You make them happy, you make me happy for that, if nothing else. And your money will never be any good here. Don’t worry about me. I’m good for a few more years and then I’ll have to retire, anyway. Money’s not an issue for me anymore. House has been paid down years ago and we don’t own but the truck … and that was paid off when Billy sold his Harley. We’ll probably sell the house and truck someday, get us an RV, and travel the country a bit before we kick the bucket. Given how much we smoke, drink, and eat fatty foods, I don’t know how much time we have left,” Bobbie mused before skipping off to take another order and keep the shop running smoothly.

“She’s a character for sure,” Carver chuckled.

“Oh, yeah. They call her ‘Aunt Bobbie’ in some quarters. She didn’t bother to mention that Billy has his own still, did she? And that Benny still sells pot from his own house … and that Jenny is in on it. Sweet old lady, true, but feisty as you can see at times, and definitely runs this place with an iron fist. Benny doesn’t dare fart without Mommy’s say-so when it comes to this diner. Probably a good thing, given that she knows her stuff. Daddy always said that he thought that Billy was his actual father, but no one can ever prove it.

“You watch, slot oyna though. She’ll be there, but Billy won’t. The man has never wanted to see us in case it confirmed what he feared … that we’re his grandkids. He might surprise us, though. I might be totally wrong,” Belle commented as she ate her waffles with plenty of whipped cream and orange marmalade.

“Great food, either way,” I noted while shoving some biscuits and gravy into my mouth.

“The best breakfast food here, bar none. Why do you think that I’ve never bothered opening up until after noon? I ain’t stupid,” Evan laughed, “I could never compete with Bobbie in the breakfast area and I’d never try. She doesn’t mess with my supper and I don’t mess with her breakfast. She closes at six and I open at noon. We divide and conquer lunch between us, but breakfast is her show and supper is mine. It’s kind of understood.”

Sally had to run to the restroom right then and so I didn’t see her for several minutes while we kept eating and chatting, but when she returned, she had a very stunned look on her face. I mouthed a question and she wrote something on a napkin, which she passed to me. I looked at it a couple of times before I made sense of it, because she had written in her usual chicken scratch, but there it was.

“I walked in on Benny sucking a woman’s tits as if he were still an infant or something. Wow … I would never have guess with that one,” Sally’s note read.

Right then, Bobbie approached our table and whispered to us, “Hey, about what you saw … please don’t tell Billy. He wouldn’t understand. That was Jenny … they’re into adult nursing … it’s not something that Billy thinks that a real man does, you see, but it’s comforting and pleasurable to them and they’ve been doing it ever since their third kid. Most people wouldn’t get it, but it helps their marriage and all that.”

“Hey, we’re cool. No need to worry about us. We’re very open-minded and all that jazz. If Benny and Jenny want to make it a liquid lunch date, that’s fine by us, right, Sally?” I smiled at my fiancee, who winked at me and then at Bobbie.

“Hey, mum’s the word,” Sally joked, her eyes full of mischief.

“Well, that’s not all that there is to it, just so you know. Benny … well, he can’t have kids himself. It’s something due to mumps, I believe. So … Jenny, Betty, Benny, Bubba, Bruce, Betty’s boyfriend Howard, and I … we’ve made a sort of deal among us. Nothing that Billy needs to know about, but I’m telling you because I trust you. The deal is this. Bubba, Bruce, and Howard all sired the kids on Jenny … with Benny’s blessing.

“It wasn’t artificial or in vitro, either. No doctor would agree to that, I think. They got it on and knocked her up in turns. The little ones have no idea that Benny’s not technically their real father … He raises them, they call him ‘Daddy’, and, well, everything goes pretty normal, aside from the arrangement about Jenny sleeping with those three guys. Anyway, Benny gets to suck Betty’s tits as well as Jenny’s and everyone’s cool with that.

“Jenny doesn’t fuck around, you see … it’s not like she’s a cheater, swinger, or anything like that. They don’t have an open marriage or poly or whatever. It’s just that everyone pulls together to help make healthy kids. No other girlfriends are involved, neither Bruce’s nor Bubba’s. They wouldn’t know us well enough to understand. It’s part of why neither of them have gotten too serious with a girl, though. They don’t want to cheat on someone, even for that.

“Jenny doesn’t fuck Bruce, Bubba, or Howard any other times … just when they’re trying for another baby. They all fuck her each time and she doesn’t know who the father actually is. However, the downside is that Betty gets … well, she gets a bit horny during her monthly times and Howard doesn’t like to go there, if you know what I mean. So, again, someone has to step in and that’s part of Benny’s job, too. He fucks Betty, yes, his own sister, whenever she has her period. Just then. Not to get her knocked up. Not any other time of the month, either. And he sucks both women’s tits … regularly.

“Neither Billy and I are part of that, except that I know and he doesn’t. It’s best to keep it that way, too. So, now you know our secret. Billy and I are pretty old-fashioned in our own marriage, but perhaps we can pick up some tricks to make that more fun … if he’s open to it. He’s branched out a little here and there. He goes down on me now and he didn’t use to do that, I can tell you. I suck his cock and I didn’t use to do that, either.

“No, we don’t do anal. It’s not that I’m a prude. It’s just that … well, Ned used me that way a lot and it brings me flashbacks. Very unpleasant, painful memories, if you catch my drift. We’re both very faithful to each other and all that jazz. No deals, not even the kind that Benny, Jenny, and company have. I do swallow, too, something that I never did in the past. So, anything else that you want to know?” Bobbie canlı casino siteleri explained a bit more than we expected.

“Hey, that’s alright with me. I’m no prude, either, as you can see,” I grinned and everyone broke into laughter about that.

Shortly afterward, we hugged Bobbie and left the shop, all of us astonished at just how kinky people could be that folks had known all of their lives. Lowell suggested that the Bottoms’ way of life had rubbed off on others at least a little and I took that idea seriously. While I left the information about the new church with Bobbie, I wondered if she or Billy were quite ready for the effects of hanging around polygamists, swingers, and nudists so much. Then again, evidently, Billy might not show up after all.

When we arrived at the adult theater, I was surprised at just how crowded it was for late morning, close to noon on a Wednesday. I wouldn’t thought that, in such a small town, there would be that much traffic, even in the sole porn shop in the community. Even so, that wasn’t the only shock which awaited me. We set foot inside the place and were immediately greeted by a slap to Aaron Jones’s face from the proprietor, Nancy Ramirez, a petite Dominican whose strength belied her short stature and small build.

“You lying, racist, piece of shit! How dare you knock up my daughter and two of her friends, try to make them get abortions, preach against interracial fucking and marriage, lead a picket of my shop, and then have the nerve to show up here! Get the hell out, you filthy worm! Chinga tu madre (go fuck your mother)!” Nancy slapped the deacon repeatedly, having seen through his disguise.

“I’m … very sorry, Nancy. Look, I know that things have gone downhill since we were kids. I get that. I … I hope that you can forgive me. I was a rotten person, a real hypocrite and a prick. I’ll pay child support or whatever, but I really am sorry about this. I never expected to knock them up. I thought that they were on the pill and then I found out that they weren’t. Look, is there any way to make peace between us? None whatsoever? I’ve joined a new faith and it is teaching me how wrong I was, about race, sexuality, all that jazz. The things that I condemned on Sunday, yet practiced on Monday. What can I do?” Aaron pleaded with Nancy.

“Sure, but you may not like it. You have a few choices. One is to marry my daughter or one of her friends, but she picks which one. You still keep fucking the ones that you don’t happen to choose … and you can’t neglect your present family, either. That means ex sex and fucking anyone else that you’ve been fucking … you would just have to step up to the plate. Judging by your connection to the Bottoms and such, you must be screwing a lot of folks. It also means screwing your mother-in-law, namely me … and once in a while, helping out at the glory holes with people that I choose, but you don’t know who they are.

“A second is to marry me and have some variant of the same situation as before. A third is to become our sex slave … not just briefly, but permanently. Note that I’m no prude, obviously, since I run a sex shop. I just don’t like people treating my daughter and her friends as their shameful secret while preaching against us. If you had knocked her up and then showed interest in being there for her in some way … and her friends, that would be different. Anyway, you’d have to service us for life. There is no escape clause in this. You would never be free of your bondage to us. Me, my daughter, and her friends. You’d live with us, above this adult shoppe, for the rest of your life as a kept man. Fucking us and whoever else we had in mind.

“Oh, and naturally I’d invite your ex and your whole family over regularly to fuck you as well. What do you say?” Nancy made it abundantly clear that she was in earnest.

“Well, marriage isn’t really an option for him, at least not how you mean it, as he’s not going to divorce Annie, are you, dear? And he’s already agreed to be my slave. However, I have a solution, if you’re okay with it. You could rent my slave boy here regularly, though he would still have obligations to his Mistress and family during that, plus anyone else in our circle. You’d pay that rent in favors … whatever sexual or other favors I had in mind. That’s one way that he could atone with you.

“And you get the bonus of being in the inner circle … the group, as it were. This means sex with me, with Carver, with George, with all of my slaves, including Megan and the other Joneses … and with the Bottoms especially. I think that George here would agree to that. Wouldn’t you, my sweet, wonderful man?” Candy explained, tugging Aaron’s cock to make her point as she locked lips with me, with Carver, and even with Nancy.

“I like this option, Mom. Come on, go for it … We’d all get to borrow or rent him, right? Not just Mommy here, am I right?” Nancy’s daughter, Consuela, made it quite clear what she had eavesdropped and still wanted Aaron’s rod.

“Exactly. If you’re agreeable to it, he’ll still be quite the busy boy, but you also get many partners to fuck. How about it?” Candy extended her offer, now being very sure of my blessing and that of others.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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