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Bound and Trained by Panties Pt. 02

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If Tom’s mind had been enthralled with Patty before, it was completely possessed now. In the days that followed their bondage session, he had even contemplated breaking into her house to get the panties she had refused to give him that first day.

“It will only spoil you!” she had told him when he complained about not getting them.

“And I don’t like whiners!” she had added.

Yes, their relationship had changed. He understood that. Patty wasn’t just the hot-bodied, sweet girl he had pined for in the beginning. She had taken on a dual role in his mind now. She was not only his sex partner, but his tormenter of sorts. Not that Patty was controlling his life hour to hour overtly. No, it was much more subtle than that.

Tom spent his time now closing his eyes and pulling her cunt scent up in his imagination. After these interludes he always tried to call her to see where she was. Was she out sharing those panties of hers with another bondage freak? Strapping them over his face until he shot loads into the air? This could be a game she was playing with a couple dozen different guys he finally guessed.

But all his calls to her went to voice mail and she stopped coming around to Dave’s house as well. He began driving by her home looking for evidence of these other men. Then after he saw her car there one day he went and knocked on the door. There was no answer.

He became convinced at that moment she was ducking him. He was sure that she was in her room right now tying some other Freaky Fred to her bed! Maybe she was even charging him money?! He needed to take action!

He made his way around to the side of her house and hopped the fence. Her window was in the back at the corner so he edged his way up to it. He took a quick peek inside like they do in cop movies during gun battles, feeling all the while like he was completely justified. He discovered then that he had very limited visibility because of the sun and her interior curtains. After this he decided to just put his ear to the glass. He listened for several minutes and then was startled by the sound of the back sliding door as it opened. In panic he tried to turn and run, but he didn’t make it to the corner before he was stopped by a voice.


He froze in his tracks realizing he was caught and recognized. But then a feeling of relief came over him. It was Patty and she was calling his name! And he swore he heard longing in her voice! He turned back to her slowly and there she stood in only her underwear and a high cut T-shirt, her face a vision of cuteness.

“Heeey Patty!” he answered with a bogus intonation of surprise.

“What are you doing here?” she asked as she brushed back her “just out of bed” hair.

“Well… I knocked on the door and… no answer so I… got worried… you know.”

“Were you peeking in my window?”

“Me? No! I ah, just wanted to check and make sure no one had broken in…”

“Get over here!” Patty suddenly demanded, pointing to the ground in front of her bare feet.

Patty’s voice was still sweetly feminine, but there was a new authority to her tone that made him instantly comply. He walked over to her with the meekness of a school boy.

“So you think you can play games with me?!” she charged.

He couldn’t think of any good comebacks at this point as she stood before him with her chest thrust out and her hands on her hips.

“Get in this house!” she ordered, pointing into the living room.

Tom proceeded in with a true sense of uncertainty. The room was darkly lit. There was a flat screen TV against the wall on his left and a couch just in front of him. Patty slid the door closed behind them.

“Stop right there!” she commanded.

Tom stopped in front of the couch and turned back to her. He had never been sexually intimidated before, but watching Patty walk towards him now with her strong shifting quad muscles made his back shiver and his stomach tickle. She was in her natural state in those nighttime panties of hers and he wondered if they were receiving a load of her pheromones from her own excitement. She got right up in his face next, her bangs almost covering her mascara-smudged eyes.

“Get your pants down!” she told him, “I want those pants and underwear on the floor!”

He did as he was told, and to his surprise, his cock fell out partially erect.

Patty sat down on the couch and ignored his prick. She put her sturdy knees together like the steady saw horses they were and then placed her hand on them.

“Get down here!” she directed.

Tom trembled with fear and excitement. Even his mouth became dry as he started to descend to her lap. And as his abdomen landed on her full, rounded thighs a feeling of exhilarated helplessness overcame him. His knees were off the floor now, and his cock, as it turned out, was pushing up against the side of her leg bicep, the same muscle he had lustfully slobbered over that first day at Dave’s house. The sensation of his gland against her leg muscle sent new tremors through casino şirketleri him as blood started to rush to his face. She set her palm down flat atop his naked ass then as if to claim it.

“This is what happens to sneaky liars!” she pronounced, speaking as a mother does to a child.

Then he felt her hand lift off of his rear and come down with surprising force. The stinging pain surprised him.

“Ow!” he bellowed with an annoyed tone.

“Did I hear a complaint?!”

“No! I’m sorry. No.”


Patty, it was clear now, was not going to “play spank” him. She liked the role of the dominant apparently. The second slap rang out even louder and another short vocalization shot out of him.

“What was that?!” she challenged.

“Nothing! Nothing.”

Her slaps were coming in wide and finishing with a deflected up stroke as they impacted his ass. The sting of them made it hard for him to appreciate his naked contact against her since each time his mind got back to the sensation of his prick pushed up against her leg another swat came in. The only mental solace he got was the thought that this might be the lead in for another great bondage session.

After several more roundhouse ass wallops Patty’s hand came to rest on his lower back.

“Well? Are you sorry for your misdeeds?” she asked.

“Yes I am!!” he stated with real contrition.


Patty stood up and he slid off her knees to the floor. Then she reached down and took him by the collar.

“Come with me, my little peeper!”

She led him across the living room on his hands and knees and then instructed him to crawl to her room. As he did she walked behind him planting her foot in his ass occasionally to help him along.

“That’s it! You know the way!” she goaded.

Tom’s face was flushed with heat as he tried his best to crawl faster. Patty was obviously into a level of sex that he had not been exposed to before. She had a remarkable dichotomy to her personality he thought, that no one would ever suspect upon meeting her.

With the next prod of her foot her heel impacted his testicles.

“Let’s not pussyfoot around!” she warned him.

Pussyfoot! What a choice of words he thought! It summed up everything she was to him at that moment! The firmness of her foot between his legs urging him forward! The promise of her mind-dominating pussy musk to come! He wanted to hear her repeat that word all day long!

Pussyfoot! Pussyfoot! Pussyfoot!

The word must have come from the linguistic association of “pussies” with weakness and indecision he reckoned. He realized now how wrong that association was!

He finally arrived at her bedroom and continued in, his hands and knees sinking into the low shag carpet as he went. He crawled past her electric-green plastic table with the lava lamp and then saw her 60’s era record player and 33 rpm vinyl collection. She noticed him eyeing it.

“You like Sixties music, Tom?”


“Good.” she replied, planting one last kick into his bum crack.

When Tom reached her unmade bed he stopped and looked back to her like a dog awaiting further instructions.

“Okay, get up there!” she told him.

As Tom complied and put his naked ass down on her sheets he noticed that his member was starting to stir again. Patty was unconcerned. She simply went over to her bedside night stand and pulled a pair of panties out of the drawer. She hung them in front of his face.

“Were these what you were looking for, Mr. Peeper?”

Tom’s face glazed over and a dizziness filled his mind as he beheld the holders of her sex sweat.

“Well?!” she demanded.

Tom nodded weakly.

“I thought so.”

She swung them at her side as she walked back over to her record collection.

“Who’s your favorite artist from the Sixties, Tom?”

He was stumped momentarily.

“Ah, Beatles?” he replied, thinking they were a pretty good choice.

“Hmmm, not very original.” she judged, “Who else?”

Tom tried to think hard.

“Paul Revere and the Raiders?” he finally offered.

Patty shook her head.

“Okay, let me play something good for you.” she insisted as she pulled out one of her albums and cued it up on the turntable. She turned the lever and seconds later the album dropped. She went into her closet and retrieved a pair of black boots as the needle arm swung over and landed on the vinyl. There was only a minimal hiss from the record as she deftly slipped the boots on and struck a pose in the middle of the room, waiting for the song to start.

Tom couldn’t imagine what was coming, but he liked the look of her in panties and boots! Then he heard the unmistakable walking double bass line fill the room. Patty immediately strode toward him with a long lunging gait and then pivoted and walked back. She stood there with her back to him undulating her body to the bass rhythm until her hips shifted back and forth sharply to the four drum beats that marked the end of casino firmaları the intro. Patty turned back and pointed at him as the lyrics came in.

“You keep sayin’- you’ve got somethin’ for me… Somethin’ you call love- but confess…”

Now she started strutting toward him again, wagging both her index fingers while still holding the panties.

“…You’ve been messin’ where you shouldn’t a been messin’… And now someone else is gettin’ all your best…”

She swung her arms and stepped in place now.

“These boots are made for walkin’… And that’s just what they’ll do… One of these days these boots- are gon-na walk all- o-ver you!”

She had one boot extended toward him as the chorus finished as if to foretell his future. Then the walking bass beat returned and she slunk back toward her closet to get her tethers. She returned just in time for the second verse.

“You keep lying- when you oughta be truthin’… And you keep losin’- when you oughta not bet…

She ground her body towards him now holding the panties against her stomach. Then she flipped them at his face and pulled them back. She pretended to sniff them as she moved in and pushed him back onto the bed. Tom fell over as if in slow motion as Patty seized his crumpled pants and began to tie his feet to the footboard. His prick responded immediately and lifted up into the air as she finished the knot. She stepped up onto the bed and straddled him just as the chorus returned.

“These boots are made for walkin’… And that’s just what they’ll do… One of these days these boots- are gon-na walk all- o-ver you!”

Patty dipped down and shimmied her torso and then put one boot on his cock to force it down. Then she stepped up and stood astride his head swaying her body to the bass again. From Tom’s vantage point this position revealed that her panties were wet and pinched up between her ample thighs and well-peaked butt cheeks. Tom imagined how good they would be to sniff now that they were moist from her exertions. Yes, if she sat on his face now that would be all he would need to blast another load into the air! He swore he smelled their musk from where he was!

Before long the horns that signaled the end of the song were blaring and Patty squatted down and finished tying him to the bedposts.

“Well! What did you think?!” she asked elatedly.

“Pretty good! Nice beat!” he told her as he continued to stare at her sweaty crotch.

Patty noticed where his eyes were going.

“I think my little peeper needs his panties now! What does he think?” she pondered as she let herself fall back onto her hands, her hard ass landing on his stomach, her thighs opening.

Tom went rigid as he felt the pressure of her sex parts on him and witnessed her twat-dampened panties on full display. His body bucked up reflexively.

“Simmer down, Cowboy!” Patty playfully remarked.

Then she picked up the panties she had taken from the drawer and lowered them onto his face. As she did this her weight shifted forward and pushed air out of his lungs.

“Huhhh! Shit!” he gasped as he sifted the musk out of the fabric of the panties with his nose in its full concentration!

“Is my panty boy happy again?” she asked laughing.

Tom seemed to have gone away mentally.

“Pussy boots… pussy boots…” was all she heard him murmur as his eyes stared blankly at the ceiling from around the panty mask.

“Tom! Can you hear me?” she called out, thoroughly entertained by his predicament.

After she shook him his eyes were able to focus on her again.

“Yeah, I’m okay… just drifting…”

“Good. Are you ready for your sleeping blind?”

“Do we really need it?” he asked.

“Are you questioning me?!”

“No. no.”


She then applied the blind over the panties which made him look like a weird Science Fiction creature. But this Sci Fi lifeform had a proboscis that projected out from his mid- body!

“God Tom! Your cock is so hard already!” she exclaimed as she studied the swollen condition of his gland.

Tom let out a groan and a whimper, but then Patty’s cell phone rang.

“Be right back, Peeper.” she said before answering the phone and leaving the room.

Tom wondered if it was another guy making an appointment for kinky sex. He suddenly felt ridiculous and stupid. Was he nothing but a toy for her? She returned a minute later.

“Oh my! Look at that cock still standing tall!” she gushed, “I think we need to give it some attention!”

From total darkness, Tom released another weird-sounding squeal of pleasure with this suggestion. But what he wasn’t ready for was the sensation of warm, wet lips suddenly sweeping down over his member!

“Ohhh Jeez!” he cried as his cock was completely taken in by her mouth after this.

He listened to the suction sounds and concentrated on the lips and tongue moving over his sensitive skin as his hands strained against the tethers. Her mouth gripped him more firmly after awhile and made güvenilir casino slurping sounds. Then the sucking ceased.

“How do you like that?!” Patty asked.

“Oh fuck! Yes! I like!”

“Goood! Because I have another surprise for you!”


“Yes! Are you ready?!”

Tom’s body was wracked by a tremor just then.

“Oh god!” he whimpered

“Okay, here it comes!”

The next thing Tom felt were feet indenting the bed on each side of him, then the weight of a naked ass pressed down onto his face. He felt the lips of the pussy smash onto his mouth squarely. The scent was the first thing he recognized. It was perfumed by soap a bit, but the undercurrent of musk came right through. He pushed his tongue up against the seam of the twat and took his first real taste.

“Oh yeah! That feels so good!” Patty blurted joyfully, “Lick that cunt!”

Tom couldn’t believe this was actually happening to him. Her musky fuck hole and ass where pressing down around his mouth and nose now and all he could emit were muffled groans as his tongue pushed up against her meat and then finally into it! All of her twat’s life force and cock love were running down his face at that moment and that was exactly the way she wanted it!

“Oh yes! Do you feel how wet that pussy is!” Patty called out.

As she rode his face she also played with his cock. She spat on her hand and worked it over the gland as his tongue explored her clitoris. She was rocking back and forth with excitement soon and yanking on him rather roughly. But just when she seemed to be close to climaxing, she abruptly rose up off of him. The loss of her seemed to leave him in mental turmoil and confusion.

“What?” he complained, “Wait!”

The next event came without warning as well. He was left in the dark completely, so to speak. It may have been beyond the imaginings of his mind and this may explain his reaction because after he felt the feet change sides, the only sensation he was aware of was her hand gripping the base of his prick. This is why the entry up into her caused such a complete shock to his system. He shook and pulled at the ties that bound him like a man having a seizure as his member was swallowed by her warm, wet, elastic flesh. His cock was held by her quite well for several minutes while the electical waves rumbled through him.

“Oh fuck!” he called out as he writhed.

But there was no reply. Not yet. She only proceeded to move him in and out of her, quite slowly at first, but then in quicker, shorter strokes.

Tom became hyper-energized and ecstatic then, causing his body to flop around uncontrollably beneath her. The feeling of her cunt around him was sensory overload, but at the same time he was stifled by his inability to see her reactions and feel her body with his hands. He had an overwhelming need to get free! He had to somehow find out what was happening to him right now and take in all the reality of it. He needed to watch her as she fucked him and then push himself over her and fuck her back with all the passion he had in his body at that moment! But he was forced to accept his situation finally and let the cum rise up out of him and fill her.

“That’s my baby!” Patty said as his balls were rubbed to coax out his semen.

She kept the same rhythm throughout his climax as his hands and feet pulled uselessly against the robe ties. He was covered in sweat and his breathing came only in large gulps as his orgasm crested and then slowly waned.

But receiving all his cum had only made her more aroused as she started to hump him now with proper energy. He heard her puffing over him and expelling little grunts as she shifted herself up and back with more immediacy. She was going to get herself off and her determination was soon rewarded as her pussy tensed and began to throb around him. She seemed to climax through her gritted teeth or at least that’s how it sounded.

A minute later Tom felt the hard tension of her body against him give way and he only heard descending sighs after this. She had ridden him to a peaceful conclusion.

His arms and legs went limp now as he felt their bodies disconnect. His cock fell out of her erect and landed exhausted on top of his abdomen. He stayed still and entertained a feeling of weightlessness for some time until Patty removed the sleeping blind and the panty mask from around his face.

“It’s a little bit different in the dark, isn’t it!” she commented.


As she untied his hands and feet he saw she had already put her panties back on. He thought about how his cum must be seeping out of her strong, tight cunt at that moment and he started to move towards her, but she ordered him back.

“Let’s not forget the rules!” she told him, “Do you need another lesson?”

No, he didn’t. He got out of her bed and pulled up his pants and rubbed his sore ass as he remembered the last one. Was Patty always going to be a mystery to him he wondered? Perhaps, but as long as the mystery felt like this he was not going to complain. He just had to be sure to keep this new secret safe from Darcy and Dave.

Or was it a secret at all?

Stay tuned for Pt. 3 of Bound and Trained by Panties:

Patty Pulls the Furry Rug Out

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