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Brandy’s Family Reunion Ch. 03

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Brandy looked nervously around the picnic table at the faces of her relatives. They stared back at her with a hunger that frightened the tempting teen.

But Brandy wasn’t seated at the lakeside table with them, she was lying on it and was totally naked. There seemed to be no escape and an occasional hand would reach out and paw at her. She felt so vulnerable, as they all clearly lusted after her.

At the center of the table was an empty hole, for placing an umbrella. Suddenly a cock rose up through it, right between Brandy’s legs, making her gasp. It was long, thick and fully erect. She knew what was expected of her, so she got onto her knees, positioning herself over the intruding member. With her relatives encouraging her, she slowly lowered herself onto the cock. Brandy moaned loudly, as she completely impaled herself. Her audience cheered as she began to slide up and down on it. With her arms behind her head and her chest out, she posed like a pin-up model. Brandy settled in on it and began to move her bum rhythmically. Her breasts bouncing freely as she rode the cock. Her moans of pleasure were drowned out by the enthusiastic cheers of her admirers.

Brandy was giving an incredible performance, when her Aunt Vicki appeared appeared at the table. She threw a beach towel over her niece’s shoulders, shielding her from the rest of the family. A chorus of boos rained down on them as Vicki took Brandy by the hand and helped her down, leading her through the crowd and towards the cabins. As they got closer to them, Brandy heard a phone ringing in the distance.

Suddenly Brandy opened her eyes, she was in bed, in her little cabin. Her cell phone ringing from the nightstand. It was a dream. It was just a dream…

She reached for the phone.

“Did I wake you up princess?” It was her father.

“No, no, I’m up Daddy.” She tried to sound convincing.

Brandy listened groggily as her father informed her that he would be even later than he thought arriving at the lake. Things at the office were not wrapping up as quickly as he had planned. He promised he would be there as soon as he could and that he missed her.

“I miss you too, Daddy.”

As Brandy hung up the the phone, she stared up at the ceiling. He sounds really stressed out, she thought. I hope he’s ok.

Since she was awake, Brandy decided to hit the beach for a while. As she walked across the soft grass towards the lake, her grandfather called out to her. “Brandy! How about giving me a hand?”

Near the picnic area, Brandy’s grandfather was firing up a grill. Seeing his granddaughter in her bright, blue bikini, was getting him fired up as well.

She smiled and walked towards him with a bounce in her step and in her bikini top. “Hi Papa Jack, what’s cookin’?”

He laughed at her playful choice of words. “Thought I would get started of on brunch before the natives got restless.”

Jack was in his glory working the grill and being assisted by his beautiful granddaughter. His sunglasses allowed him to keep one eye on the meat he was cooking and one on Brandy. She wore an apron to keep herself clean, but every time she turned around he got a glimpse of her round little bum, peeking out from the apron opening. “Ok, I think these are just about ready Brandy.”

“I’ve got the buns,” she innocently replied.

“Don’t I now it,” he joked. Wrapping an arm around her waist and giving her a playful pat on her bum.

“Papa Jack!”

He scooped up a hot dog. “Ok, Brandy, open those buns.” She giggled as he placed the dog inside. “Sure you won’t have one?”

“No thanks. I only eat veggie burgers and dogs, remember?”

“Oh, that’s right,” he recalled

“Besides, I am going out for the day with Aunt Vicki. Speaking of, I am gonna be late. I gotta go jump in the shower.”

“Not without a kiss for the cook,” he countered.

“Silly grandpa.” She leaned in and gave him a peck on the cheek and scurried back towards her cabin.

Brandy had a bad habit of being late, even for things she was looking forward to. Today she had planned to spend the day with her Aunt Vicki. The next town over from the lake was a tourist spot and Vicki knew they could have some quality girl time there.

Brandy quickly undressed and jumped in the shower. As she began washing, her mind wandered to the day, almost two years ago, when she attended a pool party at a cousin’s house. Brandy had no idea that her white, one-piece suit became transparent, once she emerged from the water. Luckily, her Aunt Vicki swooped in and threw a towel around her and escorted her into the house. But not before Brandy gave many of the guests an unexpected look at her blossoming, young body.

As Vicki approached Brandy’s cabin, her mind flashed back to that day at the pool party as well. She remembered how much she enjoyed helping Brandy strip out of her wet suit, towel off and put on some dry clothes. Vicki feared her actions were as transparent as her niece’s bathing suit. But Brandy seemed totally oblivious casino şirketleri and even appreciative of the assistance. Truthfully, it was Vicki who was thankful.

Vicki tapped on the front door and then walked right in. She smiled when she heard shower running and walked towards the bathroom. The door was open to allow the steam out, so Vicki peered in. The position of the mirrored medicine cabinet and a clear shower curtain provided her with a perfect view of her gorgeous young niece. Vicki was slightly envious of Brandy’s body, it was so young and firm. But her envy was nothing compared to the lust she felt. She watched as Brandy sensually lathered herself up. She seemed to be really enjoying the feel of the hot water on her skin. Basking in the stream as it sprayed her breasts. Then Brandy turned and let the water rinse her little bum. It was so round and plump. To Vicki it looked like a ripe peach, begging to be bitten. Vicki was getting quite aroused and had to calm herself down. Patience Vicki, patience, she told herself. She decided she would bide her time. By the end of the day, that ass will be mine.

Brandy skipped into her bedroom, wrapped in in a towel and was surprised to see someone waiting. “Aunt Vicki!”

“You didn’t forget about our date did you?”

“No, no of course not Aunt Vicki.”

“You better not have, you little freshy. Here, I’ve laid out some clothes for you to wear.”

“Oh, uh, thanks, but I was gonna wear…”

“No, wear these.”

Vicki was a striking, dark-haired woman. At 39 years old, she maintained her athletic build from many hours at the gym and on her bike. Her piercing eyes often made people back down, including her niece.

“Sure, ok.”

Vicki had gone through Brandy’s drawers and pulled out a pair of small white linen shorts and a ruched, tank-style halter top, with a swirly white, pink and brown pattern. It had a built in bra, so the only other item needed was underwear. For this, Vicki had chosen a tiny white lace thong. She sat on Brandy’s bed waiting for the towel to drop, with lust filled eyes.

Brandy was proud of her body and enjoyed showing it off. It never occurred to her that her aunt actually wanted to see her naked. So she happily exposed herself and talked excitedly about the day ahead. Vicki smiled approvingly as Brandy revealed her stunningly sexy body, which was toned and now tanned to perfection.

They climbed into Vicki’s SUV and drove away. Brandy felt happy to be getting away from the lake. Her aunt peppered her with questions about her future plans, which Brandy felt unsure about. So Vicki reassured that she had plenty of time to figure it out and not to worry her pretty little head. Vicki’s reassurances were comforting to the younger woman. The conversation turned to boys and then, to Brandy’s surprise, to girls!

“Have you ever kissed a girl before Brandy?”

“Well, one time at a party, we were playing truth or dare. They dared my friend Lauren to kiss me and she did.”

“Really? Well, how was it?”

“It was ok, I guess. I mean, she was a good kisser. Her lips were soft and tasted like cherry lip balm. All the boys were cheering us on.”

“Yes, I’m sure they enjoyed seeing that. Are you two very close?”

“Oh yeah, she is my best friend. We were on the cheerleading squad together.”

Brandy giggled, “since that night, I call her my bestie, with benies.”

“Best friends with benefits,” Vicki chuckled. She reached over and placed a hand on Brandy’s thigh. “You are so cute.”

Vicki had planned a wonderful day of indulgence for Brandy. She took her niece shopping and bought her some new outfits. She also brought her to a salon for a manicure and pedicure. The only thing Brandy loved more than attention, was being pampered. Today she received plenty of both. Later, they went for a nice lunch out on a deck overlooking the water. Vicki offered Brandy a margarita, which she eagerly accepted. Brandy leaned back in her chair and thought, this is what a summer vacation should be like.

On the way back to the car, the Vicki noticed a lingerie boutique. “Brandy let’s check this out.”

“Oh, fun!”

As they entered they were greeted by the shopkeeper, an older woman, in her fifties. “Hello ladies. Let me know if I can help you find anything.”

Besides lingerie, the store also had a selection of adult novelties. Brandy seemed to enjoy browsing the racks and Vicki realized this was a golden opportunity. “See anything you like?”

“Well, I really like this, but they don’t have my size.” Brandy had picked up a sexy lace babydoll with matching thong panty.

The shopkeeper was within earshot and responded. “Oh yes, that one is very popular. I will have more in a few days dear, why don’t you try back dear?”

Vicki saw some adult costumes at the back of store and decided to take a look. There were all the typical outfits, schoolgirl, sexy nurse and french maid. The one that really caught her eye, was a harem girl costume. It was very casino firmaları little material, and what was there was designed to to make the wearer look like a sexy slave. She held it up for Brandy. “You would look great it this. Do you ever go to halloween parties?”

“Yeah, my friend Lauren usually has one at her house.”

“Well, you would really turn heads in this.”

Brandy thought the costume was hot and eagerly accepted the gift and her aunt’s compliments.

While Brandy continued to browse the racks, Vicki moved to the register and handed the costume to the cashier. She pointed to a strap-on dildo in the display case below. “I’ll take that as well.”

“You’re a lucky woman,” the cashier purred as she rang up the items. Vicki noticed the woman, stealing a glance over at Brandy. “Your girlfriend…she is absolutely delicious.”

“My girlfriend? Yes. Yes, she is.”

As the pair walked back to the car, Brandy put her arm around her aunt. “Thank you so much Aunt Vicki.”

Back at Vicki’s cabin, Brandy began unpacking her purchases, while her aunt poured them each a glass of wine. After they finished a glass, Vicki suggested Brandy try on her new clothes. “You can model them for me, sort of a little fashion show.”


Brandy disappeared into the bathroom, while Vicki sat on her bed and poured them a second drink. Using her laptop, she turned on some music. “Ok, let’s start the show!”

Brandy began parading out every few minutes in a different outfit, posing before her aunt. She did a turn and and walked back into the bathroom. She was really hamming it up, as the wine and attention from her aunt were intoxicating to her. Vicki would nod approvingly and praise her after each new look.

After the last outfit, a sexy little black dress, Brandy sat down on the bed next to her aunt. “That was fun! Thank you so much for the new clothes Aunt Vicki.”

“You’re welcome dear. But there is one more to model.” Brandy looked at her quizzically. “I really want to see you in that harem girl costume.”


“Do as your told Brandy.”

Brandy responded to her aunt’s stern tone. “Ok.” She stood tentatively and walked back into the bathroom. Brandy changed and also put her hair in a ponytail and applied some eyeliner, to give herself a more exotic look.

Meanwhile, Vicki called up some arabic music on her laptop as she waited for her niece to emerge from the bathroom. “How are you doing in there, my little harem girl?”

“I’m ready, I think.”

Vicki looked up and could not believe what she saw before her. It was the most erotic sight she had ever seen. Brandy stood posed with one hip thrust out to the side and her hands high above her head. Vicki’s eyes traveled down her body. The costume accentuated all of Brandy’s best assets. A transparent white veil covered the lower half of her face, drawing attention Brandy’s big brown eyes. Her chest was thrust out in a pink sequined and beaded bra with fringe hanging down. The fringe stopped short of her sexy stomach. On her hips hung a sash, with silver coins, that jingled as she moved. The pants were essentially small pink panties, with loose transparent white leggings attached.

“What do you think?” She innocently asked.

“I think you look like a lovely, little slave. Turn around. Slowly.”

Brandy giggled and did as she was told.

“Mmm, just beautiful. Now, belly dance for me.”

“Aunt Vicki?”

“My pet, while you wear that outfit, you are my slave and you will refer to me as mistress. I want to see you dance and don’t disappoint me.”

Brandy laughed nervously. “Um, yes, mistress.”

Brandy wasn’t sure exactly how to belly dance, but she was enjoying all the gifts and attention from her aunt. Years of dancing and cheerleading had toned her body and Brandy had great instincts on how to move it.

She began by making circling motions with her hands over her head. She tried to follow the slow seductive rhythm of the music. Next, she pressed her palms together and moved her head from side to side, while looking directly at her aunt. Who smiled approvingly.

Using fluid movements, Brandy’s arms began snaking down and out to her sides, while her hips began to sway, shifting her weight from foot to foot.

Brandy began sensually rotating her shoulders and undulating her stomach. Her aunt seemed to approve, so she turned to the side and began to exaggerate this movement more. The motion caused her chest and stomach to rise and fall like a wave.

“Very nice. Don’t stop Brandy.”

“Yes, mistress.”

The tempo of the music picked up, so Brandy increased her speed. She began twisting her hips, shimmying from side to to side and causing the coins to jingle. Leaning back slightly, she began twisting, thrusting her hip towards her aunt.

A high-pitched horn began to dominate the music. So Brandy moved her body even faster, to keep up. She was losing herself in the seductive music. She had never felt so sexy before, as güvenilir casino she did performing like this, for her aunt.

She began to turn, still rolling her hips and drawing shapes in the air with her hands.

“Now, come closer.”

Brandy, almost in a trance, swayed her arms overhead as she wiggled her hips and danced to the bed. As her arms moved out in front of her, she twisted her shoulders and breasts, as if offering herself up to her aunt.

“Keep dancing.”

Brandy continued to sway as Vicki placed her hands on Brandy’s slender waist. With the teen’s sexy stomach only inches from her face, Vicki leaned in, and began planting soft kisses on it. Brandy tried to back away, but was held firmly in place. Vicki paid extra attention to Brandy’s small belly button. Licking from below it, up Brandy’s abdomen. Brandy shuddered at the feeling of having her stomach touched like this. Before she could even react, she felt herself being turned by her aunt’s strong hands. Now facing away, she felt her aunts hands slide down to her hips. Where she promptly removed the sash and tossed it aside.

“Aunt Vicki?”

“Keeping dancing my pet.” Brandy obeyed and continued swaying, she could feel her aunt’s hot breath on her behind.

“Faster! Shake your ass for me.”

“Yes mistress.” Brandy obediently wiggled her teen tush faster and faster, much to her aunt’s delight. Brandy was able to keep her body relatively still and shake her behind, as if it was detached from the rest of her. Vicki smiled wickedly as she watched her niece perform for her.

Unable to resist any longer, Vicki pulled the harem pants down. The elastic waistband, which held them up, now sat under Brandy’s bum, pressing it up and out even further. Impulsively Brandy reached to pull them back up, but Vicki was quick to reprimand her. Playfully slapping her bum and ordering her to bend over. Brandy complied and was rewarded with a flurry of kisses, licks and playful nibbles on her beautiful bottom. Brandy was surprised by the attention her body was receiving and how good it felt.

“Oh! Mistress, what are you doing to me?”

Vicki stood her niece up and wrapped her arms around her from behind. She pressed her body against the smaller woman and kissed her neck, while one hand reached around and began caressing her breasts. Brandy breathed heavily as Vicki began whispering in her ear and nibbling on it.

“Did you like dancing for me, my pet?”

“Yes mistress.”

“Are you a good little slave, that does as she’s told?”

“Yes mistress.”

Vicki glanced up and checked the mirror above the dresser, to see Brandy’s face. Her eyes were half open as Vicki reached for the clasp that held the sequined top on and undid it. Vicki watched her niece’s reflection as she squeezed her perfectly perky, teen breasts.

“I liked watching you shake these for me.”

Brandy’s only response was to lean back, rest her head on her aunt’s shoulder and close her eyes. Surrendering herself completely. When Brandy offered no resistance to being undressed, Vicki pulled the harem pants down to the floor allowing Brandy to step out of them.

Vicki took a moment to look her niece up and down. Brandy stood, panting, completely naked except for the veil, which hung just below her big brown eyes. Vicki escorted Brandy to her bed and ordered her to lay down. Brandy stared wide-eyed at her aunt, as she began to undress herself. Leaving only a black lace bra and matching panty. She climbed onto the bed and onto her prey, ready to satisfy her wildest desires.

Vicki lifted the veil and ran a finger across her nieces full lips. She eased one into Brandy’s mouth and played with her tongue. Instinctively, Brandy began sucking on the finger. Vicki leaned in and replaced her finger with her lips. Kissing her niece deeply and passionately, while her wet finger found one of Brandy’s hard nipples. She continued to kiss Brandy, down her neck, to her breasts. Sucking one sensitive nipple and then the other.

Vicki’s talented tongue continued its journey down Brandy’s beautiful body. Kissing and licking the teen’s tight tummy. When her aunt’s head moved down between Brandy’s legs to her shaved pussy, it caused her to tense up. No one had ever gone down on her before and she wasn’t sure what it was going to feel like.

“Mistress? What are you going to do?”

“I am going to taste your sweet little pussy,” Vicki purred. The comment filled Brandy with fear and anticipation.

Vicki licked up and down her nieces outer lips, making Brandy gasp. She was warm, wet and despite her fear, wanted more.

Vicki had eaten a lot of pussy in her day, but none were this sweet or satisfying. She listened as Brandy began to pant and toss her head from side to side. “Oh, oh!”

Vicki buried her face between Brandy’s legs and worked her tongue deeper inside of her, causing her niece to writhe around on the bed. “Oh, oh! Oh mistress!”

“Mmm, you taste so good baby. You’re sweet as honey.”

Vicki spread Brandy’s pussy with her fingers and licked her clit.

Vicki paused to ask, “who does your little honey pot belong to?”

Between moans Brandy mustered a meek response. “To you mistress, my little honey pot belongs to you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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