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Breaking All The Rules, part 3

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Chapter nine. Day two, the beginning of the end.

Tuesday morning back at my house I awoke in a spooning position, with Marley Paterson’s bare ass cheeks grasping my stiffening prick. Her ass cheeks felt so damned inviting. I found myself wanting to roll her over on her perfectly flat tummy, then slowly force myself inside her snug pussy from behind, so I could wake the beautiful young teen with a hot early morning fuck.

For some reason since these events began, starting at the high school then winding up at my house wrapped in the arms of a beautiful teenage girl. I suddenly lost my teachers ethics, throwing my cares to the winds of the Great lake states September sky’s. Not caring about my career or possibly my freedom, but enjoying every strange beautiful moment that followed from this time on. Oh what the hell, why not I said to myself I’ve already broken every rule of ethics a teacher should obey.

After our love making last night Marley was completely worn-out, and so was I. We made love one more time before both falling asleep in each others arms. I hear her breathing, placing my hand over her firm round breast I feel her heartbeat. This makes my cock hard once again. “Not again.” I tell myself, but yes I’m hard again. Holding my stiff member in my hand, I push myself in between the folds of her pussy.

“Good morning Thomas,” she says startling me, smiling at me from over her shoulder.

“Well good morning to you sweetheart.” I say without pulling my cock from the folds of her sex, it seems she doesn’t care that I’m about to have my way with her. Without asking her permission I push deeper inside her, she pushes back into me. Without saying anything more we start our morning, just as we ended our night.

Fucking, making love I’m not sure what I should call it. All I know at this time is, I cant get enough of Marley’s tight little pussy. The little head of my cock tells me, this will be a great way of washing my once usual boring Tuesday morning blues away.

I hear her gasp. “Yes Fuck me….Oh Thomas, you really know how to wake a girl up don’t you!”

I begin thrusting my hard member inside her wet cunt, she pushes back against my thrusting cock. I gasp my pleasure fucking her hard, just the way she likes it. “Mmm oh baby, you’re so fucking tight like this.” I press my lips to hers kissing her passionately as we fuck one more time before school starts, not caring about anything but pleasuring each other.

With my cock still buried deep inside her snatch I roll her over on her tummy. In pushup position with my hands planted firmly on the bed, I ram myself harder and faster inside of her love hole. Last night I learned, she loves being fucked hard and fast. She gasps feeling every inch of my member plowing inside of her sweet young body. “Oh God yes, fuck me fuck me hard your making me cum,” she exclaims.

“You like it hard, don’t you baby!!” I hear myself saying things to this young teen that I’ve never said to any woman. I’m fucking her so hard from behind, I hear the flesh of my thighs smacking against the soft white skin of her ass cheeks. She tells me what I want to hear. “Yes Thomas, fuck me, fuck meeeee.”

Hearing her scream out like this, I hope my neighbors don’t call the police thinking I’m torturing some young teenager to death. Speaking of torture I cant cum, I’m hard as a rock, but I cant cum. Our night of love making spent any reserves of sperm I once had inside my groin. Suddenly this makes me feel like superman, yes I’m wearing this sweet young teen out with one extremely firm morning hard on.

Looking at my bedside clock I see we’ve been screwing for over twenty minutes, all to suddenly my alarm clock rings spoiling the intensity of our love making. Seeing it’s getting late I pullout and roll away.

She pants out of breath. “That was totally fucking awesome…Come on teach, lets do it again!!” she says, sounding never worse for wear. “Ha..ha, oh baby I would love to do it again, but we need to get ourselves showered and dressed then off to school…Come on babe, it’s Tuesday morning.” I think of something as I get out of bed.

“Marley, you cant be seen riding in with me. You told your mom and dad, you were spending the night at Jenny’s place, right.” She slid her still nude body to the edge of the bed. “Yes, but you can drop me off nearby Jenny’s house, on your way to work. I’ll walk to where she waits for the bus in front of her house.”

We showered together, she washed my body and I washed hers. Eagle Lake high school rules for faculty require me to arrive at least one hour before the students arrive. We quickly dressed Marley brought extra school cloths in her school back pack. Today she slipped into a blue long sleeve blouse, and a black pleated skirt. I liked the panties she picked out, there made of pink lace. I could see through them, her dark black pubes appeared through the thin pink lace. “So Marley, are you going to expose yourself to me like yesterday. I do like those panties your wearing, you look sexy in pink lace !!” She hugged me and looked into my eyes. “Why yes Mr. Anderson, I’ll do anything for an A!!”

It’s a short five block drive from my house to Andria and Jennifer Baker’s house. I dropped Marley off on the corner near some tree’s trying to conceal my car from view. Hoping Andria Baker, my old teenage sweetheart and now the school principal wouldn’t notice me dropping Marley off at the corner. She started to lean over and give me a kiss. “No Marley…Not in public.” I hated to say.

“Oops, sorry Mr. Anderson. You’re right, we do need to be discreet.” She opened the door stepping out into the cool September morning air. “Goodbye Thomas, oops I mean Mr. Anderson, see you in class.” I sat idling by the curb watching her walk away. “Damn she has such a sexy walk” I thought to my self just before she disappeared around the corner.

I had to drive passed Andria and Jenny’s home, glancing over I saw Andria walking towards her car getting ready to leave. She must be running late, she should’ve been at the school before me to unlock the school doors. I also spotted Jenny and Scarlet as they stood outside waiting for the bus. I noticed Scarlet looked totally different, other than her usual aqua blue fleece jacket she’s wearing a short plaid pleated skirt, which hangs a few inches above the knees. Her red hair is braided into a French braid. And from what I can see of her face, she’s wearing eye shadow complete with eye liner and pink lip gloss, with just a slight bit of rouge on her high cheek bones. “Wow Scarlet,” I say under my breath. “Your new look, fits you well.”

Jenny’s shag cut blond hair is blowing in the breeze, she’s wearing a tan suede jacket over what I can see of a knee length floral print dress. She sees me driving by, I hear her saying. “Did you and Marley have fun last night Mr. Anderson.” Oh shit, I say out loud. I hope Andria didn’t hear what her daughter just said. Turning onto the next street, in my rearview mirror I see Jenny and Scarlet turn there attention to Marley as she walks up the sidewalk. I see Andria stopping her car at the end of her driveway apparently speaking to Marley.

With that scene out of sight, my mind wanders back to memories of what Marley and I did in the privacy of my home this morning, last night, and the events at the school in my class room; receiving oral sex from Marley, then getting it on with her and Jenny after school. I know what I’ve done is against the rules, although Marley and Jenny are both seventeen; which is a year over the age of consent in the state of Michigan. As a teacher I know there’s a clause in the law stating, teachers and law enforcement officers aren’t protected by this age of consent ruling. I could either go to jail or ruin my teaching career for what has transpired.

“Dammit. Why is everything I like, either illegal immoral or fucking fattening,” I say to myself just before driving into Eagle Lake highs faculty parking lot. As I park my car, Andria Baker pulls her car into a spot beside mine. My heart races fearing she might’ve heard her daughter yelling out to me as I passed by her house. To my relief she peers back at me smiling and waving. I smile and wave back, happy to know she either didn’t hear her daughters remark, or didn’t comprehend the meaning of Did you and Marley have fun last night.

I step from my car and wait for her, leaning against my door. She grabs her briefcase and steps from her car smiling, happy to see me. Her smile brings back fond memories of our long ago passionate teenage relationship. “Good morning Thomas, did you get a good nights rest last night?” The thought going through my head is. Oh Andria, if you only knew. But I didn’t say this to her of course.

“Well yes I slept just fine Andria Harvey.” Hearing me say her old maiden name, a wide smile rolled across her face, her blue eyes seemed to sparkle.

“Why Thomas Anderson, you’re the only one who’s spoken my maiden name in years. I miss my old last name.” She peers around the lot making sure no ones nearby. “And I also miss you….I know how wrong it is for me to say this, but Dammit I’ve never really gotten over you. Now everyday since you came back…I keep thinking of the good times we had back when we were lovers.”

I sense by the emotional tone of her voice, she isn’t making this up as she speaks with me. And do say, at the ripe young age of forty-two Andria’s still a very attractive lady. She’s wearing her frosted blond hair down today, instead of up the way she wore it yesterday. She’s wearing a snug fitting gray-tweed business jacket above a snug fitting matching tweed skirt, the skirt hangs about six inches above her knees.

I should’ve chewed her out, for thinking the star quarterback she dumped me for back in the eighties was the better man. Memories of what I did in my classroom with her daughter Jennifer and Marley came to mind, this thought made me feel I’ve gotten even with her for breaking my heart so many years back. Then guilt came into play, even though I so enjoyed what I did with her daughter and her friend, I suddenly found myself looking into her blue eyes feeling shame for what the girls and I did. I quickly chase my guilt away, replying.

“I’ve missed you too Andria. When I came back to Eagle Lake to apply for this job, I was seriously hoping you were still single…But then I found out you were married. Ha, and apparently your husband makes a good living. I’ve seen your home, it’s beautiful place. I hate to say this Andria, but maybe dumping me back when we were teens was a good thing for you, you landed yourself a wealthy man, not a poor teacher like me.” She looked into my eyes shaking her head no.

“Thomas, my marriage to Carl has been pretty much just a sham. He and I have grown apart from each other, the only thing that keeps us together is Jenifer, her big brother David is going to college at U of M,” she sighed her body language changed. “Thomas I think my husbands gay, he doesn’t even sleep with me anymore. I’ve asked him to just confess to me, but he won’t.”

“Maybe he’s just getting bored with the marriage.” I said.

“No, that’s not it. There’s an old college friend named Danny, he moved to town about a year ago. Danny’s full out flaming gay, Carl’s been hanging out with this guy a lot lately. The dental convention Carl’s going to this weekend, is in Las Vegas. When I found out he’s going to Vegas I asked if I could go, he just shrugged it off saying, he needed to get a way for a while.”

She paused in thought, I heard sadness mixed with anger in what she said next.
“I heard him talking to Danny on the phone a few days ago, I guess he thought I was out of the house. It broke my heart when I heard him ask Danny to go to Vegas with him.”

It flashed through my mind to say. Well bitch, that’s payback for you dumping me. At one time I was in love with you woman, you broke my heart. But no, I didn’t say that. Looking into her ocean blue eyes, I saw her pain, tears began flowing down her cheeks. Without thinking I hugged her trembling body to mine, and right then and there as I held her. Feelings for my old flame began to burn once again.

Her voice trembled. “Oh Thomas…I’m so sorry for the way I treated you, back when we were young. You were such a sweet guy back then, and you still are,” she pulled away wiping her eyes. “Thanks for the hug, I really needed that.” she said attempting a smile.

Now she had my heart, I found myself not being able to resist my one time long ago girl friend, in the same way I couldn’t resist her daughter and Marley yesterday during and after school. Oh no, I thought to myself. What the hells going on here. Where in the hell did my self control go. It must’ve been the warm feeling of her body against mine on that cool September morning. I couldn’t help but tell her.

“Hugging you was just what I needed too.” Yes that’s exactly what I said to my ex girlfriend, the woman who gave birth to Jennifer, the girl I had sex with bent over my classroom teachers desk yesterday afternoon. Hoping she wouldn’t see the guilt in my brown eyes I told her. “Okay sweetheart, what would you like to do this weekend while your possibly gay hubbies away in Vegas.”

A big smile appeared on her full pink lips, her once sad blue eyes opened wide.“Well….Being as Carl’s going to Vegas, lets you and I get a room at the MGM Casino hotel in Detroit.” She winked and smiled at me, the same way she used to do back when we were teenagers, the same way she did yesterday after she came on to me in my classroom. Memories of the time she and I had sex in the girls locker room flashed through my mind. “Yes,” I replied. “That sounds fun.”

“Lets do lunch in your classroom today?” she added with a smile.

“Sounds good to me,” I replied looking into her smiling blue eyes. “We can sit and talk about the old day’s.”

With our plans set for lunch we walked towards the school saying no more. But as we casino şirketleri walked I began thinking. My god, I spent the night with my teenage student, and yesterday I fucked her daughter and Marley, right here in this school. A school she’s in charge of. What the hells going on here, have I stepped into the twilight zone or something.

Chapter eleven. Having Andria for lunch.

It was noon when I walked down the hallway from the teachers lounge finding Andria waiting for me at the door of my classroom, she smiled that smile she always wore when she was happy, or looking forward to something. This particular look caused me to forget everything I should’ve remembered, my heartbeat quickened. I smiled back before stating her maiden name knowing she likes me to say it. “Hello Mrs. Harvey, oops I mean Mrs. Baker. Well anyway come on in and have lunch with me.”

“I miss my old last name,” she said stepping in behind me. Once the door closed behind us, lunch turned out to be the last thing on her mind. She flung her arms around me. I couldn’t resist her advances, we kissed, her hands went directly to my ass cheeks and my hands did the same to her. Tugging on the material of her gray tweed skirt, I hiked it up over her blue silk panties.

“Oh Thomas,” she whispered breathless. “Your kisses still make my pussy wet.”

“And your kisses still get me so damned hard.” I gasped.

She giggled like a school girl reaching down to fondle my cock through my tan dress pants. “Ooh you are hard aren’t you baby.” Looking up at me, she slowly dropped to her knees in front of me. I unbuckled my belt as she unzipped my fly. She almost ripped my boxer briefs from my hips, trying to get at her lunch time treat consisting of my hard cock. Pulling my briefs down all the way my cock sprang out like a jack in the box. She stroked it speaking humorously. “Well hello Tom’s penis, I do believe you’ve grown bigger since the last time I saw you.”

Saying no more she wrapped her lips around my stiff member, my mind flashed back to when she and I were young. From this flashback, I began comparing the way she gave head to the way her daughter Jennifer gave head. I came to a conclusion that I liked the way both of them did me. I let her work her lips, mouth and tongue magic on me tingling cock for a good long time, enjoying every erotic minute of her oral skills.

“Ahh…yes Andria, that’s just the way I like it.” I moan, feeling her warm tongue lapping at the sensitive head of my manhood feeling her soft lips stroking my shaft. Knowing we don’t have much time, I tell her. “Andria what you’re doing feels fantastic, but please let me return the favor. Stand up, take your panties off and go sit on my desk with you sexy legs spread nice and wide.”

She did as I asked without hesitation. “As I remember,” she says. “you were pretty good at eating my pussy, back when we were young.” Hiking her skirt she quickly wiggled out of her panties carelessly dropping them to the floor. I helped her up on my desk, then lowered myself down placing my face directly into her musky sweet scented pussy.

“MMM…Baby you still taste so good.” I said after giving her a couple exploratory licks. I used my thumbs and forefingers spreading her cunt lips wide, then I placed my lips on her swollen pink clitoris. She began softly moaning. “Yes Thomas, suck my clit,” her body shivered. “Yes, please eat me the way you used to Ahhhh.”

I licked and sucked her cunt lips, poking my tongue and fingers deep inside her now sopping wet pussy. Yes, this poor neglected woman was soaking wet. I ate her for at least ten minutes, bringing her to a raging climax. She came hard, almost sliding off my desk. Her body shook violently, I heard her gasp. “Oh My god, that was fucking great.” I looked up from my task, seeing she’s smiling, her eyes are closed.

She opens her eyes. “Thank you, I really needed that,” she said flirtatiously. “Now you go have a seat in your chair Thomas. I’ve always had a secret fantasy of fucking a teacher as he sits in his chair, now I have my teacher and his chair.”

She quickly stood from my desk and began unbuckling my pants, I let my pants drop to my ankles then quickly sat down. Looking down, I saw my cock standing strait up at attention. As I remember from the old days, it really turns my ex on to fuck in public places. She straddled her long legs to each side of my chair then reached down taking hold of my erection, flashing a smile she looked into my eyes, lowering her wet pussy over my rock hard cock. I’ll never forget how perfectly warm and wet the inner walls of her sex felt, as she forced every inch of my member deep inside.

I held her by the hips assisting her as she used her legs, raising and lowering her body up and down stroking my cock with the velvet walls of her cunt. The only sounds in the room were our soft moaning and grunting, we did our best to be quiet but the years we spent apart from each other stoked our passionate side.

“Yes keep fucking me like this Baby.” I say, looking into her blue eyes.

“Hmm, you like what I’m doing don’t you Thomas.” She began riding me harder, the inside of her sex gripped my cock like a vise. It felt so good, my mind wandered away from the fact we’re doing this on school property. The warm tingling sensations in my cock shaft and groin made me forget about Marley and Jennifer. Now all I could think of or feel, was Andria and her hot cunt.

I began feeling an orgasm building in my groin. Wanting our taboo encounter to last longer I did my best to hold back, but she was riding me too hard, the inner walls of her sex clutched my shaft way too tightly, there was no way I could ever hold back. I gasped. “Andria, I’m cumming…I shouldn’t cum inside you.” She wouldn’t stop riding me, there was no way I could pull out. I came erupting hot streams of sperm deep inside her. “Oops.” I said, looking into her eyes.

“Mmm,” she moans. “I like how it feels inside me.” What she said next sent chills down my spine. “Oops I’m not on birth control,” seeing my shocked expression she adds. “Oh don’t look so worried Thomas…I won’t get pregnant, giggle. At least I hope not.” Placing her lips to mine, she eases my mind with a deep kiss.

Suddenly from behind, we hear. “Mom…What the hell are you doing.”

In our haste to rekindle our long time over due sexual reunion, we forgot to lock the door. Both of us turn our heads at the same time finding Jenny, Marley and Scarlet standing in the room. I almost laugh, seeing the shocked looks on all of their young faces, especially Scarlet. Her expression was a look of puzzled curiosity more than shock. Jennifer’s expression was anger, and Marley seemed a bit turned on at the sight of seeing her friends mother sitting half naked on my lap.

Andria quickly slid from my lap, my limp dick flopped out. Andria’s skirt was still hiked up over her hips, as she struggled to push it back down sperm leaked from the folds of her bright pink vaginal lips.

“Mom…What about daddy?” Jenny exclaimed. Slipping back into her panties Andria did her best motherly damage control. “I’m so sorry baby, this was all just one big mistake, please don’t tell your father.” She looked at Marley and Scarlet, speaking in a pleading voice. “Girls please don’t tell my husband, or anyone else about this. This is a very private mater, do you understand what I’m saying?”

A clever grin appeared over Marley’s lips. “It’s going to be a long school year Mrs. Baker, we’ll need to discuss a few things before we agree not to tell on you, big bad adults.” She turned to Jennifer. “What do you think Jenny?”

Jennifer’s mood changed, from an angry daughter to the flirtatious girl I knew from yesterdays encounter, but what she said almost sent me into cardiac arrest.

“Don’t worry mom, because Marley and I fucked him yesterday after school.”

This of course is when the shit really hit the fan. Andria gasped in disbelief and anger.

“You what…You’re kidding right Jenifer. This is no time for joke’s young lady.”

“No mom, I’m not kidding. It was my idea, I knew he was a lonely man, because you told me he broke up with his fiancé just before he moved back here. So I decided to have some fun. You know, see if he’d take the bait. I sent Marley in yesterday at lunch time, she did a real good job getting him primed up. Then we both came in after school was dismissed and we had us a nice little threesome!!”

Andria leered at me with angry eyes. “Thomas, is this true?” her voice was filled with anger. I was speechless at first, I didn’t know what to say, so I lied.

“No Andria….I would never even think of doing something like that!!”

Marley spoke up trying to defend me, but only made maters worse. “Jenny, we promised we wouldn’t tell anyone. Now he’s in trouble and so am I….What if my parents find out.”

SMACK Andria slapped me so hard I saw stars, as I held my sore cheek she yelled. “Your fired, pack your things and leave this school as soon as you can. My god Thomas, Jennifer’s my daughter, she’s only seventeen and so is Marley. You’re a teacher, what hell’s wrong with you.” After ranting, she began to cry. Without warning she rushed from the room. Jennifer looked at me.

“I’m sorry Mr. Anderson…I fucked up. I thought she would understand.”

Buckling my pants I told her. “She’s your mother Jennifer, why would you think she would understand. Did you think she’d just up and say. Oh what the hell, its okay if everyone fucks the new history teacher…I’m not mad anymore.”

“I haven’t fucked you yet, Mr. Anderson.” We all turned to look at Scarlet, she’s the one who blabbed this remark. I collected what belongs I had from my desk, throwing everything into my briefcase then addressed Marley and Jenny.

“I’m sorry girls, I should’ve never let what started yesterday happen. Jenny your mother’s right. I’m a teacher, I’m supposed to control my urges. I’m the one who fucked up in this case.” I started for the door. “Now if you’ll excuse me girls, I need to get my ass home. I have a fresh bottle of Jack Daniels and a quarter ounce of good weed to enjoy, before the cops come knocking on my door Goodbye.”

I threw the door open then began walking towards the exit, fearing the cops would be waiting outside for me before I could ever leave school property. Back in my classroom Jenny left to go find her mother, hoping to persuade her not to press charges against me, Marley followed her. Scarlet decided to skip her next class, she left the room walked down the hall and exited through the rear doors of the school. Her plan is to go say a prayer to Jehovah, hoping god will solve all of our problems.

Chapter eleven. Scarlet’s erotic miracle

Scarlet found a nice quiet spot, just behind the football field, kneeling down she began to pray. From a short distance away, the two boy’s I nicknamed Beavis and Butthead, Jason Dunkin and Ted Turner stand behind the football field bleachers watching Scarlet. Jason’s seventeen years old with brown curly hair, Ted’s slightly younger with red hair, pretty much cut the same way as Jason’s. Both boys are skipping class, the same class Scarlet’s skipping.

They’re hiding out near the bleachers doing their favorite hobby, which of course is smoking pot whenever and wherever they can. Ted nudges Jason. “Hey man isn’t that Scarlet McPherson?” he says, handing what’s left of a joint to his long time friend. “Yeah dude,” says Jason. “but what the hell is she doing man.”

“Looks like she’s pray’n or something,” says Ted. “Man she looks a lot different than she used to Jason. Did you notice how foxy she looks with makeup on, and she wore that sexy school girl dress today. Man I’ve always thought she was pretty, but now.” Jason finished Ted’s sentence. “Yeah dude, she’s fuck’n hot….Hey lets see if we can get her to smoke with us. Come on dude.”

They both walk side by side to where Scarlet’s kneeling saying a silent prayer. Ted’s voice trembles. “Hi….Scarlet, is everything okay.”

Scarlet looks up smiling. “Oh hi guys, you startled me. But yes, everything’s going to be just fine. Especially now that I’ve talked with Jesus…What are you boys doing out here, aren’t you supposed to be in third period home-ech class?”

The boys laugh in their Beavis and Butthead snicker. “Nope, we’re skipp’n class,” Ted replies. “And from the looks of things, you are too.”

Jason cuts in. “Yep, soon as the bell rings, we’re heading for the nature trails out behind the school, principal Baker won’t look back there for skippers,” he said, sounding sure of himself.

“Well do you boys mind if I join you,” said Scarlet, standing from her kneeling position. “I’ve never skipped a class before, it sounds kinda fun.”

A few minutes later they’re hiding in the schools nature trail area, just as the bell rings, starting classes for third period.

“Here Scarlet take a hit of this, it’ll get’ya right in-tune with nature,” says Ted offering her a toke of a freshly lit joint. After her sleepover with Jennifer Scarlet’s now in her, I’ll try anything phase. She feels a need to have as many worldly experiences as possible. She took the joint from Ted then placed it to her lips, inhaling a little to much she began coughing.

Ted pats her on the back. “Cough. Oh lord…cough. I guess I took to much,” she says. “That’s okay Scarlet,” says Ted hugging her body to his. “everyone does that at first.” He enjoys the feeling of her warm body on his fingertips. She finds herself enjoying his touch as well, feeling his fingertips caressing her along the spine.

“Wow Scarlet, you sure look real pretty today,” he says.

Jason cuts in. “Yeah Scarlet. Ted Ain’t kidd’n, you look hot today girl.” He places an arm around her back just as Ted’s doing and begins messaging her too. She took another drag of the joint, this time she inhaled the sweet smoke without coughing. “Smoking this stuff is so sinful, but I like how I feel. It’s almost as casino firmaları good as sex.” she says exhaling smoke.

“That’s right girl,” says Jason. “It is almost as good as sex,” he runs his fingertips up and down her back. “Scarlet, I’ve always thought of you as a virgin. How would you know anything about sex?”

She smiles, feeling the euphoric affects of the weed. “Well you thought wrong Jason, because I know all about sex. And as far as my virginity goes, I’m almost a virgin.” She thinks of what she saw me and Andria doing, adding memories of what she and Jennifer did last night. A clever smile appears, she glances at Jason and Ted. “Have either of you boys, ever had sex with a girl before.”

What she said arouses them both. They aren’t exactly ladies men, but they are opportunist. Now the opportunity to have sex with a real live girl, instead of jerking off to porn has finally come knocking. Ted perks up. “Oh sure we’ve had sex with a shit load of babes,” he nudges Jason. “What do ya say buddy, lets teach Scarlet what we know.”

A big smile rolls over Jason’s lips. “Hell yeah Ted. I’m game, that is if Scarlet’s into it,” he hugs Scarlet, placing his lips close to her ear. “What do ya think babe, would you like us to teach you what we know.”

Hearing his question, and feeling his warm breath caressing her ear sends warm tingling sensations rushing through her body. Ted leans over stealing a kiss, she accepts it with ease. Before Ted’s kiss, Jenny Baker was the only person she’s kissed, a kiss from a boy is just what it took for her to agree to their offer.

“Why yes I’d love, you handsome boys to show me what you know about sex.”

Each boy wasted no time, they began fondling her breast. Jason unbuttoned her white blouse. Ted lifted the hem of her skirt and began stroking her pussy. There’s no fear in Scarlet’s mind, she has wanted this to happen since she was a slightly younger girl. Even before she let Jenny seduce her last night, she’s laid alone at night fingering herself, fantasizing she’s with a man. Now she thinks in her very pleasured mind. “Two guys at the same time. This is so sinful, but I like it.”

Ted broke her train of thought. “Hey Jason, lets lay our jackets on the ground.”

“Yeah now your think’n buddy,” says Jason. “we won’t get bitten up by chiggers and ticks when we start getten it on.”

The boys laid their jackets on the ground, luckily for all of them it’s a mildly warm mid September day, being hot blooded teens engaged in their first threesome helped them stay warm as well. Both boys watch the cute red haired blue eyed teenage girl drop her skirt, then without hesitation she wiggles out of a pair of clean white cotton panties. Now wearing only her unbuttoned blouse her bra and white tennis shoes she sits on top of their jackets, from her viewpoint she watches red haired Ted drop his pants and white underwear, his already hard cock springs out surrounded by a thick red bush of red pubic hair.

Jason lays down beside her, pushing the cups of her white lace bra up exposing both full firm breast. Seeing his brown haired friend getting started without him Ted quickly joins in, laying beside her he begins fingering her cunt lips. Feeling Jason’s mouth sucking her nipples, and feeling Ted’s fingertips stroking her pussy, she moans. “MMM, what you boys are doing, feels so good.”

All things considering, both boys act like perfect gentlemen. Each doing everything they can to pleasure one of the very few girls they’ve ever been with. Ted began kissing her mouth, his tongue licked at her lips, she returned the kiss. Jason kept playing with her tits, fondling and sucking them. He’s known Scarlet since their early school years, and even back then when she was a little girl, her breast were taking shape. Now he has his chance to explore her firm round D-cups, and he’s having the time of his life. Ted decides it’s time to see if Scarlet is truly serious about experiencing sex with two guys at the same time.

Raising onto his knees he scoots down then lays on his belly. “Spread your legs Scarlet, let me eat your pussy.” Before going down on her, Ted exclaims. “Wow Look at this Jason, she shaves her bush into a red V.” He’s never actually eaten pussy before, but he’s seen it done in a few porn movies. He inhales her sweet scent, then begins doing what he’s seen so many experienced male porn stars do in numerous videos both online and on DVD.

As Ted licks and sucks her pussy Scarlet forces her lips to Jason’s, he’s kissed a few girls, knowing what to do he lets his tongue play with hers. She likes how he kisses, but she’s not sure who she likes kissing more. Is it Ted or Jason, she thinks, or is it Jenny who kisses better. I think I like them all Is what she concludes. Feeling Ted’s tongue and fingers stroking and licking her clit, she breaks from Jason’s kiss, humping Ted’s face gasping.

“Ted, you’re almost as good as Jenny Baker, she licked me down there last night,”

“Jenny ate your pussy last night,” Jason exclaims. “I didn’t know Jenny Baker is a lezzy.” Scarlet does her best to explain, while enjoying Ted’s oral pleasure.
“No Jason, she’s not a lesbian, she um likes boys too….Oh Ted that feels so nice.”

Ted looks up from her crotch. “Can I have sex with you first Scarlet, every since I was ten years old I’ve wanted to do it with you. Please can I be the first one.” he begs playing with her pussy lips.

Jason cuts in. “No Ted, I’ve known Scarlet since we were in preschool together. I wanna be the first.” He gives her a kiss, pulling away he pleads. “Please let me be first.” .

“Gee…I wish both of you could do it with me at the same time. But I don’t think it’s possible, giggle. I guess you guys will be taking turns.” Its Jason who comes up with the next brilliant idea. “Hey I know what. We can double penetrate you.”

They both grin at each other then high five. “What do’ya think about Jason’s idea Scarlet. Do you wanna DP?” says Ted, grinning from ear to ear. She ponders his question. “I don’t exactly know what double penetration is…But heck, I’ll try anything at least once. Now how do we do it?”

They didn’t explain double penetrating is done with one mans cock entering her pussy, while the other man enters her still virgin asshole. They figure being as she’s let them go this, she’ll go along with it. In baseball terms, they’ve already been to second and third base, now it’s time for a full speed home run. Ted and Jason want to have at least two of Scarlet’s bases, or should I say holes loaded by the time they’re finished. Now it’s time for both stoned out teens to slide in for their first DP.

“Ok Ted, you take her pussy. I’ll take her back door, I’ve always wanted to do a girls back door,” says Jason.

Scarlet cuts in asking curiously. “What’s a back door Jason?”

“Your going to find out in in few seconds. Now move over baby, let Ted lay next to you on our jackets.” Ted lays down. “Okay Scarlet, sit your pussy over his cock.”

Doing as Jason tells her, she straddles Ted’s stiff member. Ted takes hold of her hips explaining what he knows. “Okay girl, lower your hot little pussy over my prick.”

Feeling a bit nervous at the thought of officially losing her virginity Scarlet slowly lowers her virgin sex over Ted’s cock. She feels the warm head of his cock touching the lips of her cunt. The idea of screwing two boys at the same time, and this thing called a DP they’re speaking of sounds kind of weird and scary. But on the other hand, she’s the most adventurous person in the entire McPherson family.

“Do it Scarlet, shove my cock in your pussy,” says Ted, anticipating finally losing his virginity to a girl he’s been secretly infatuated with for years. Her body trembles feeling the circumcised head of Ted’s cock against her cunt lips, she feels it slipping in inch by inch. The warmth of his member starts tiny electric tingling sensations pulsating from the inner walls of her sex. Finally after carefully stuffing every inch of the boys cock in, her voice trembles. “I did it Ted, look it’s all the way inside me, giggle. Your pubic hairs tickling me.”

Seeing his opportunity Jason kneels behind Scarlet, telling her. “Lean over give Ted some kisses.” When she starts kissing Ted, he takes advantage of her upturned ass. But first he spits on her anus for lubricant, feeling what he did Scarlet breaks from the kiss exclaiming. “What the heck are you doing Jason.”

He presses the head of his cock against her sphincter, shoving his cock in he tells her. “I’m lubricating your back door, so I can do this…That’s what I’m doing babe.”

“Ugh oh…Now I know what a back door is,” she exclaims feeling her anus being stretched open.

“Just relax Scarlet’s,” says Jason. “Ahh yes, just like that baby, you’re doing it right. This is so cool, I’m watching my cock disappear right up your asshole. Do you like it,” he says. “Am I hurting you baby…Because I don’t wanna hurt you.”

“No, ugh…It doesn’t hurt, ugh. As a mater of fact, it feels kinda good.” She feels stuffed full, at first she feared the pain, but to her amazement there’s minimal pain. Now any pain she did have, has turned to pleasure. Feeling Ted’s cock buried deep in her pussy, she feels it pulsating. This sends small shock waves of pleasure throughout her body.

Unknown to her, she’s officially taking Ted and Jason’s virginity. Up until this time they’ve only masturbated to way too much internet porn. Now all three virgins begin awkwardly grunting, gasping and moaning. Ted makes short hard thrust inside Scarlet’s totally wet pussy. There isn’t much of anything she can do, being sandwiched like this between two young men. All she can do is enjoy feeling each teenage boys stiff pricks being shoved inside two very sensitive orifices of her body

Jason’s enjoying feeling her tight anus clutching his cock like a soft vise. His cocks not exactly long, but it is pretty thick in girth. Peering down at the sight, he’s amazed to see how wide the girls anus can stretch. Scarlet’s body trembles from the pleasure of having both holes filled with warm cock meat.

“This is even better then Jenny’s dildo,” she moans, feeling Ted’s pubic hair touching the bare flesh of her crotch. “Mmm Ted I love the way your penis feels inside me.”

Jason grunts. “Do you like how my cock feels in your ass baby.”

“Ugh…ahh. Yes, I like how your cock feels too….Ugh, I like it a lot.”

It’s a cool Michigan September day, but all three teens are sweating as they rock in passionate rhythm with each others young inexperienced body’s. Small orgasms rush through Scarlet’s body. Jason fights the urge to cum to soon, and so does Ted. They keep rocking their young bodies together in one steady erotic motion, enjoying every moment of this chance encounter.

Chapter twelve. True confessions.

Jennifer Baker and Marley caught up to her mother, just about halfway across the high school football field. Andria bummed a cigarette from a friend, she quit smoking two years ago but the events leading to this moment gave her a sudden urge to smoke. She hears Jenny call out. “Hey mom, wait up.” turning around she sees her daughter and Marley running her way.

“You should be in class right now girls. Go back to school, before I write you both up for skipping class.” she says, in a scolding voice blowing smoke from her lungs.

“Go ahead mom write me up, but leave Marley out of this. I deserve it after the crap I pulled on Mr. Anderson,” she pauses then pleads. “Mom, please don’t fire him. And please by all means, don’t call the police on the poor guy.”

Andria puffs the last drag her cigarette then drops it on the ground. “Why shouldn’t I report him Jennifer, the guy let two underage girls seduce him. And to top things off, one of the girls just happens to be you.”

“Because It’s all my fault, and little bit of yours. You told me about the way he was back when you were lovers in the eighties. Mom you made this guy sound like he was some kind of Casanova or something.”

“She’s right Mrs. Baker,” says Marley. “He is a Casanova, you should’ve never dumped him, he’s really a nice guy.”

Andria snickers. “Yeah, well he can be a Casanova in the state pin for all I care.”

“No mom,” Jenny pleads. “Please stop and think, just give him a chance. I think you still have feelings for him, even after all these years.”

Andria pauses in thought then takes her daughter and Marley by the hands. “Walk with me girls, lets talk about this back on the nature trails, it’s a lot more private back there.” After a few steps she speaks up, telling the girls what’s really on her mind.

“You’re right Jenifer I do love the guy….I mean I like him, but I’m married now. Besides that I’m pissed off at him, because I think he had sex with you just to get back at me for dumping him…But I guess the man should be angry, I broke his heart. And it was all because I thought Sam Dickson, Eagle Lakes star quarterback was going to make it big in football. A few months later, when we were going to college at Ohio state Sam dumped me for a Buck Eye cheerleader, and I deserved it for what I did to Tom….But I don’t know if I can forgive him for what he’s done with you and Marley.”

“Mom, dad told me he’s gay,” Jenny confesses. “I told him to tell you, but he never did….I’m not blind mom, I can see you’re not happy in your marriage to daddy. This is your time for a second chance with Tom, come on give him a chance,” she chuckles. “All things considering, I think he’d be a great stepfather.”

Marley cuts in again. “She’s right Mrs. Baker, give him a chance. I know Tom Anderson’s not gay, he’s to good at eating pussy to be gay.”

After Marley gave her opinion, they walk in silence taking a few steps into the high school science nature trails. Jenny’s about to speak when Andria raises her hand motioning her to be quiet. In between sounds of tweeting birds and güvenilir casino rustling leaves she hears voices in the distance behind some trees about thirty feet up the path.

Suddenly they all hear a young mans grunting voice. “Oh baby, your asshole is so fucking tight.”

Andria knows who the voice belongs to, it’s non other than Jason Dunkin, a boy who she’s dealt with off an on for miner situations over the years. He’s not a bad kid, he’s just a little rebellious. They all step lightly down the trail, walking towards where they’ve heard Jason’s voice. Coming closer they hear a little more.

“Ugh Oh god yes guys fuck me…fuck me.” Both Jenny and Marley know Scarlet’s voice, and so does Andria. She fears the worse for one of the few true virgins enrolled at Eagle Lake high, thinking she’s being raped.

Rounding a bend in the trail looking to their left, behind low bushes and saplings, they find Jason kneeling behind Scarlet still ramming his tool up her ass. She’s still sandwiched under him with Ted Turner’s cock buried deep inside her sex. In the heat of teenage passion Jason, Scarlet and Ted keep doing their nasty deed unaware they’ve just been caught.

Andria, Jenny and Marley’s mouths drop open in shocked disbelief of what they’re witnessing. Andria fears Jason and Ted are raping poor Scarlet, they’re all watching from behind the teenage threesome. If she were able to see the pure bliss smile on the girls face, she would realize the girl doesn’t just want this, she needs this. Without considering or caring about the fact she was just recently caught doing, almost basically the same thing with me, she yells out using a voice authority.

“Jason Dunkin and Theodor Turner, get away from her Now Boys.”

All three teenagers are way too involved in their passion to stop doing this carnal act. Chills run down her spin hearing Ted exclaiming. “Oh fuck, oh shit I’m going to cum, get off me Scarlet.” Jason grunts out of breath. “Oh..ugh..oh..aaaah.”

Scarlet remains silent, she has already climaxed at least five times being pinned between the two overly horney boy’s. Smelling the scent of fresh semen mingled with natures essence. Andria imagines seeing sweet innocent Scarlet McPherson, waddling down the halls of Eagle Lake high, due to a swollen pregnant belly carrying Ted Turners unborn child in her womb. Wiping the image from her already stressed mind she yells out. “Jason, Scarlet, Ted. Stop what you’re doing Right Now God-dammit.”

Once the blood rushes from Jason’s little head to the actual brain in his skull, he hears Andria. Realizing they’ve been discovered by the principal, her daughter and Marley he pulls out a little too quickly, his cock pops from Scarlet’s anus sounding like a cork exiting a Champaign bottle. He tries standing up, but his legs are too weak from his orgasm. The poor boy falls backwards, landing on his back looking up at principal Baker and the others. Flashing a nervous smile, he stammers.

“Um Well hi there Mrs. Baker, Jenny, Marley…Um, ha, its a really nice day for a walk in the forest…Isn’t it ladies.”

Scarlet lifts her sexually exhausted body from Ted’s shrinking erection and stands up on wobbly weak legs. Ted sits up finding principal Baker and the girls eyes staring directly at his sticky wet shriveled penis, he covers his groin.

Fearing they’ve raped poor Scarlet Andria directs her attention to her. “Are you alright Scarlet, did these boys hurt you baby,” she says concerned.

Scarlet’s reply isn’t what she expects to hear, the girl grins from ear to ear before joyfully exclaiming. “Oh yes Mrs. Baker. I’m more than okay. I feel fantastic.”

“Scarlet please tell me you’re on birth control,” says Andria, realizing by the pleased look in Scarlet’s eyes she was obviously a very wiling participant.

“No, Mrs. Baker I’m not, but if god wants me to have a child, its his will,” says Scarlet in her usual carefree positive voice. She looks at Jenny and Marley. “Hi girls, hey you should’ve came with me. I had so much fun….You were right Jenny, breaking my cherry with your dildo last night, did make it easier to be with a boy, giggle. I was with two boys at the same time, have you girls ever done that before.”

Ted pulls his pants back on pleading for discretion. “Please don’t say anything to my mom and dad Mrs. Baker. I promised them I wouldn’t have sex until I was at least eighteen.”

Jason doesn’t seem to care, remembering something Scarlet revealed he turns his attention to Jenny. “Hey Jenny, Scarlet told us a few things about your little sleep over last night, snicker. I wish me and Ted could’ve been there, it sounds like you girls had a real good time.”

Jenny’s face blushes three shades of red. “I don’t know what you’re talking about Dunkin, so shut your mouth, you hear me.”

Ted pleads his case almost in tears. “We didn’t rape Scarlet, she wanted us to have sex with her….Please Mrs. Baker, don’t tell my parents.”

Scarlet comes to his rescue. “Don’t worry Ted, she won’t say a word about this,” she winks at Andria. “You wont tell on us, will you Mrs. Baker. Just remember, I know your secret,” she glances skyward. “And so does god, he knows everything doesn’t he.” Hearing Scarlet’s threat Andria reluctantly agrees.

“Okay Scarlet, I guess you’re right. There’s no need to make a big deal out of this,” adding a little jab of her own. “But as far as god goes Scarlet, he knows everything you’ve done today too.”

Hearing talk of the principals secret invokes Jason’s curiosity. “Hey Scarlet, what kinda secrets are you talking about, involving our good principal.”

Suddenly surprising everyone Scarlet grabs hold of Jason’s shirt with both hands, pulling him close she looks into his eyes. “Her secret is none of your business, so you better keep your mouth shut about this,” she gives him a kiss, pulling away she adds. “You got that baby?”

Jason stammers nervously. “Yeah Scarlet, cool out girl. I get your drift.”

She pulls Ted in for a kiss too. “I know you’ll keep quiet, right Ted,” her voice sounds unusually flirtatious. He smiles finally having his chance to shine for a girl he’s secretly admired for years, but he stammers too. “Well yeah sure babe…I won’t say a word about anything. Huh I didn’t hear a thing about any secrets.”

Suddenly to Scarlet’s surprise Ted pulls her close for one more passionate kiss. Everyone looks awkwardly on, watching the red-haired teens carry on like long lost lovers. Finally getting her fill of their teenage passion Andria breaks them up, acting like a true high school principal.

“Okay you two break it up. All three of you, get your asses back to school and finish your forth period classes.” She looks at her watch then back at Jenny and Marley. “I need to leave campus for a while girls, there’s an old friend I need to see. And being as Mr. Anderson’s away from his class, I’m giving you girls the duty of filling in for him this afternoon while he’s away.”

Chapter thirteen. Drinking my sorrows away.

I began drinking as soon as I came home, knowing strait Jack Daniels will make it easier for me to carry out my final plan. By this time I’m pretty well lit, I’ve lost all track of time. I have my 38 caliber snub nosed revolver laid out on my coffee table in front of me. No I’m not planning to shoot it out with the police, whenever they come to arrest me. My plan is to drink a little more liquid courage, then place the gun to my head and pull the trigger. I’ve never been suicidal, and by this time I’ve already placed the gun to my head twice. “I guess I’m not drunk enough.” I say slurring my words. Putting the gun down I take one more big swig of whisky. “Just numb my brain a little more,” I say. “when my brains good and numb, I won’t feel the pain when the bullet tears through it.”

I think of Andria, the whisky won’t wash away memories of how good it felt to make love to her one more time. Dammit I’m still in love with the woman, now she hates my guts. And she has every right in the world to hate me. I fucked her daughter for Christ-sakes. And if she only knew the details of the things I did with Marley Patterson. All I can say in my defense is, I’m addicted to sex. But as a teacher, I should’ve never allowed myself to succumb to my urges the way I have. Suddenly my doorbell rings causing these shameful thoughts to fade, a thought rushes through my intoxicated brain. Oh shit, the cops have finally arrived.

“Come on in officers, the doors unlocked.” I slur. Much to my surprise, when the door opens there stands Andria shadowing my sore eyes from the afternoon sun. “Well…hello Mrs. Harvey…I mean Mrs. Baker. Did you bring the cops with you, or are you here to bring me in yourself, so you can make a citizens arrest on me. Ha, then you can completely humiliate my dumb ass…Right babe.”

She steps in closing the door behind her. “No Thomas, there are no policemen waiting outside to arrest you, nor am I here to bring you in myself. But what I am here for is to apologize for the way I over-reacted back at school today. And I’m offering you your job back…That is, if you want it back.”

“Andria I’m pretty damn drunk, but I think I heard you say. You came here to apologize to me, hiccup. I’m sure you must’ve meant, you didn’t come here to apologize!!”

She chuckles. “No Tom, you heard me right the first time.” Stepping closer she looks down at the gun laying on my coffee table. “What’s the gun for Thomas?” she says in concern.

“It’s for when I’ve finally drank enough liquid courage, to pick it up and shoot my self…That’s what its for, my dear.”

She picks it up, flashings a nervous grin she tells me. “That’s a foolish idea Tom, here let me make this thing safe.” She opens the cylinder, dumps all six bullets into her hand then places them safely in her jacket pocket. “Thomas I know I broke your heart years ago when I dumped you, and I’m so sorry for that,” she pauses then softly blurts out. “I still love you, will you please give me a seconded chance.”

Not believing my ears, I slur my reply. “Did…I hear you say. You still love meee.”

Smiling reassuringly she sits beside me. “Yes you heard me right,” she says before planting a kiss on my cheek. Hearing these comforting words I lay my head on her breast. “I love you too Andria Harvey!!” I say. At this point neither of us speak a word, with the calming beat of her heart drumming softly in my ear I fell sound asleep with memories of these words echoing in my head. “I still love you.”


At some unknown time my alarm clock begins to ring, its ringing makes my head hurt severely. As I fumble around for the noisy clock, someone turns the light on. Now my heads not the only thing hurting.

“Hey my eyes, turn the light off dammit. Its burning my retinas out.”

I hear Andria’s voice. “Oops sorry Tom, I should’ve warned you. After all you were pretty drunk when I helped you to bed yesterday.” Her voice sounds soothing to my aching head, but I keep my hands over my eyes shielding them from the light. I hear Marley’s sweet voice. “Come on Mr. Anderson, get your butt out of bed.” I hear giggling near by, it sounds like more then one teenage girl in my room.

The next voice I hear is Jennifer Baker. “Get up, it’s time for work,” she says. Pulling my hands away from my eyes, I see Andria, Jennifer and Marley standing next to my bed smiling down at me, they’re all dressed and ready for work and school. Then to my surprise Scarlet steps in exclaiming.

“Rise and shine Mr. Anderson, the lord has granted you another day, so get your ass out of bed.” Sitting on the edge of my bed she hands me a cup of coffee. “Here’s your first cup of coffee sir, now hurry and get your shower, because I’ve just finished making you breakfast out in your kitchen,” caressing my hand she adds. “You really need a woman around here Mr. Anderson, your place is a mess, and you don’t have enough pots and pans.”

Chapter fourteen. Breaking a few more rules.

When the weekend finally came around Andria and I went on our weekend date, while her gay husband went to Las Vegas with his lover. We spent the first night of our getaway screwing like horny teenagers at the MGM Grand casino in Detroit. We left the girls alone at her house. Later on that evening I heard Andria talking to her daughter in a phone conversation as I lay beside her.

“Jenny, did I hear you say Ted and Jason came over with Scarlet. Okay well I don’t mind that the boys are there, but make sure Scarlet knows, if she’s going to have sex with them to make sure they wear condoms okay baby.”

The next day tragedy struck the Baker family. Jenifer called her mother, the poor girl was so upset, I heard her crying and speaking in a panicked voice.

“Mom…Please come home, daddy had an accident in Las Vegas. Oh mom this is so awful.”

“What’s wrong baby.” Andria says in a concerned motherly tone. I was sitting close enough to hear Jennifer gasp in tears. “Mom….Daddy’s dead.”

Later on after investigating deeper into what happened to poor Carl, we found out he was having anal sex in a fancy marble hot tub. He slipped, hitting his head on the hard marble surface, it killed him instantly. Andria and Jennifer were both completely upset over his death, after all the guy was her husband and Jennifer’s father. But me, although this might not seem right to some. I’m happy as a lark, because now I have my onetime teenage flame back in my life. Within a few months, our relationship has blossomed we’re now engaged to be married.

But there’s one problem, the problem is I’ll soon be Jennifer’s stepfather. And I cant get the memories of what I did with her and Marley Paterson off my mind. Being Jenny’s best friend Marley comes to visit almost every day, and Scarlet McPherson comes over too. All of these girls are so sweet and affectionate, they love hugging me. And whenever possible they flirtatiously fondle my crotch and my ass. Oh well what can I say, Andria forgave me once before. Hopefully if me and the girls do break the rules, she’ll forgive again Right?

The End……. 8/ 5/ 14. Should I write a sequel?

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