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Breaking Lance Ch. 08

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Lance wakes up feeling warmth against his back, he opens his eyes and sees Vince’s arm wrapped around him, he lets out a little contented groan and hugs Vince’s arm, so this is what it feels like to wake up with someone next to you.

Vince is already awake but doesn’t want to move, it feels so wonderful spooning against Lance, feeling his warm slim body next to his.

Lance senses that Vince is awake and rolls on his back, “Good morning beautiful,” Vince says.

“Hey handsome,” Lance says smiling.

Vince strokes Lance’s naked body, “How you feeling?”

“Wonderful,” Lance replies and burying his head in to Vince’s neck he wraps his arms round him and hugs him tight.

“Woah, what did I do to deserve that?” Vince asks.

“I want to thank you,” Lance says.

“What for?”

“For opening my eyes,” he looks Vince in the eyes, “I had no idea I was gay but now it feels so right.”

“Glad I could be of help,” Vince says then he gets up and before Lance can do anything pulls him off the bed and hauls him over his shoulder.

“ARRGH! What you doing?” Lance cries.

“It’s time for a shower young man,” Vince says as he carries him to the bathroom.

“I could have walked you know,” Lance says relaxing over Vince’s shoulder.

“Yeah but this is more fun,” Vince says.

Once in the shower they pretty much do what they had done the previous day, piss play, an enema but Vince hooks Lance’s arms to the ceiling to wash him, Lance enjoys the feeling of helplessness as Vince soaps all over his body.

The dry off and walking into the bedroom Vince opens the curtains, he sees in the distance a young man walking up the street towards his house.

“The paper boy is here, I forgot he comes this morning for his collection,” Vince says.

Lance looks out of the window, “He’s cute,” he says without thinking, he suddenly realises that he is now looking at other guys sexually.

“Yeah, isn’t he,” Vince says.

“Have you been with him?” Lance asks.

“No, he only turned 18 last week, I won’t go with anyone younger, I think he may be gay though.”

“Do you think he’d like to play?” Lance asks, his cock starts to grow.

Vince looks at Lance in surprise then a huge grin fills his face, “You little tart you, I like your thinking,” He ties Lances hands behind his back, “Come down stairs in 5 minutes and kneel by my feet, don’t talk to him or me, you know, speak when spoken too.”

“Yes sir,” Lance says obediently.

“Oh wait, I know,” Vince goes to a drawer in his bedside cabinet and pulls out a ball gag and puts in Lance’s mouth. Lance looks at Vince alarmed.

“What’s this for?” Lance tries to ask but instead it come out as “Wmmff difff ffrrrr?”

“I want it to look good,” Vince says.

Just then the door bell rings so Vince puts on his dressing gown and heads downstairs.

“Hello Bobby, come in,” Vince says as he opens the door.

“Hello Mr Tranter,” Bobby replies, his voice still sounding as though it still hasn’t quite broken.

Bobby is slim, fairly tall and sports a nice head of red hair. His face is very cute and dotted with freckles across his nose, and has big blue eyes that show his naivety. Bobby is one of these trendy kids with his jeans riding low showing his underwear and the shape of his cute ass. For his top he is wearing a zip up sweat shirt with a hood.

“Now Bobby, I’ve told you call me Vince.”

“Sorry yes Vince,” Bobby says as he enters the house.

“Take a seat, I’ll just get you a drink, Diet coke was it?” Vince asks.

“Yes please Mr Tr… I mean Vince,” Bobby feels a little uncomfortable calling Vince by his first name but the man is very friendly and he likes his company.

Vince returns with a glass of diet coke and hands it to him. “Here have a seat,” Vince says.

Bobby sits in an armchair next to the fireplace and Vince sits on the sofa that is opposite the fireplace but adjacent to the armchair.

“So how have you been? Turned 18 last week I hear,” Vince asks. Bobby nods. “Did you have a party?”

“Not really, just a drink with some of my family,” he replies.

“You know it must take you ages collecting the paper money if you stop at everyones house for a drink,” Vince says in jest.

“Oh no, Yours is the last on my round, I only ever stop at yours for a drink,” Bobby says sipping his coke.

“Why is that Bobby? Why do you like stopping at mine?” Vince asks.

Bobby suddenly looks nervous as though he’s been caught out, “Er.. um.. well..”

Vince laughs, “It’s ok Bobby, I like having you here, it’s nice to have someone to chat to,” he says alleviating the tension. Bobby laughs nervously.

The truth is that Bobby had heard rumours about Vince, about him liking boys and has often been seen with them entering his house. In the few months Bobby has been visiting Vince he’s seen no evidence of this and he doubts the rumours are true, even so he’s taken quite a liking to Vince and he stills hopes that maybe something could happen. Bobby is painfully shy though and for all the will in the güvenilir bahis world he just hasn’t got the courage to make any move.

Just then Lance walks in the room his cock fully erect and swinging as he walks, Bobby almost drops the glass, his mouth does drop though, wide open. Lance kneels down next to Vince but makes sure his cock is clearly visible, his heart is pounding, this is so daring. Bobby’s heart is racing too, like a steam train at full speed, a naked boy has just knelt down next to Vince with his hands tied behind his back, a gag in his mouth and an erection that is pointing to the sky. It looks like the rumours are true after all. Bobby’s head is spinning, he doesn’t know what to make of this, is this Vince’s boyfriend? Is the fact he naked mean that something might happen? Why is he tied up? Why does he have a gag in his mouth?

“Oh this is Lance,” Vince says, “he’s staying with me for the weekend, say hello to Bobby Lance.”

“Hmmmomm Bmmbbmm.”

“H-h-h-hello,” Bobby stutters, not knowing where to look, he is sweating now and a sizeable bulge has risen in his trousers. Vince smiles now knowing that Bobby is turned on by seeing Lance like this, Bobby ties to hide it by covering it with the glass and his hands.

“You’re probably wondering why he’s tied up,” Vince says. Bobby nods. “Well he lost a bet with me and he has to be my slave for the weekend.”

“S-s-s-slave?” Bobby almost drops the glass again. It’s at this point that Bobby thinks he should probably leave but his cock is so hard it would be obvious so he feels trapped there, plus he really doesn’t want to leave.

“Yes in fact I was about to punish him, he didn’t make the beds properly this morning,” Vince says.

Lance looks up at Vince, ‘Aw crap,’ he thinks, he hadn’t counted on Vince dishing out punishment, and what’s this making the beds? He’s obviously making up a punishment for Bobby’s sake.

“You don’t mind if I give him a spanking do you?” Vince asks, “I’m sure you’ve seen it all before.”

Bobby grips the glass tightly his knuckles turning white, in fact Bobby has never seen it before, this is really bizarre what is happing in front of him but his cock stiffens even more at the though of seeing Lance get spanked. Vince lifts Lance up and facing him away from Bobby get’s him to lie across his lap, Vince adjusts his legs so one is up on the couch and one on the floor so they are wide enough for Bobby to see Lances hole and his cock pointing down and being pushed back between his legs by Vince’s knee.

Bobby swallows hard seeing Lance like this, Vince starts spanking Lances bare ass.


“Mmmmph!” Lance shouts.

“Does your daddy spank you when your bad Bobby?” Vince asks.

“Er n-n-no, I d-d-don’t have a d-d-d-daddy,” he stutters.



“So who punishes you when you do bad?” Vince asks.

“N-n-n-n-no one,” Bobby replies, he can’t keeps his eyes of Lance’s butt getting spanked and his hard cock that is now dripping precum.



“So what happens when you do bad?” Vince asks.

“Er I j-j-just get t-t-told off.”



“What’s the worst thing you done bad Bobby?”

“I s-s-stole fifty quid from me m-m-mom once.”



“Oh Bobby that was really naughty and you didn’t get a spanking for it?”

Bobby shakes his head.



“Don’t you think you should get a spanking for it?”

Bobby swallows hard “Er I g-g-guess so,” he says.

Vince stops spanking Lance and lets him up, Lance resumes his kneeling next to Vince.

“Come here Bobby I think you need to be spanked for stealing that money, something that bad needs to be punished,” Vince says in a strong calm voice.

Bobby starts shaking, he goes to put the can on the table but his hand is shaking so bad he has trouble putting it down. Vince grabs his hand and helps him, then keeping hold of his hand pulls the boy over to him. Even though Bobby is shaking Vince can see it’s what he wants, it’s in his eyes. To calm him down Vince strokes his hair with one hand and strokes his ass through his undies with the other, only half his ass is showing as the trousers cover the other half. In this position Bobby is starting directly at Lance’s hard dripping cock. When Bobby has calmed down enough Vince brings his hand down with an audible slap, Bobby grunts.

Bobby can’t believe this is happening, one of his wildest fantasies is coming true. When he was fourteen he had been messing around with his uncles laptop and carelessly dropped it, his uncle was furious and gave Bobby the strap. Bobby had found it had turned him on big time getting the strap from his uncle that immediately after he went to the bathroom to jack off.

“You’ve been a bad boy haven’t you Bobby?” Vince queries.

“Yes sir,” Bobby replies his voice cracking with nervousness.



“These trousers are in the way, stand up Bobby,” Vince commands.

Bobby stands up and Vince unfastens his belt güvenilir bahis siteleri buckle, within seconds his trousers are round his ankles and the bulge in his underwear is very prominent, Lance looks in astonishment, it’s huge, is everyone bigger than he is? Vince leans over and removes Bobby’s shoes then helps him out of his trousers.

“Take of your top,” Vince orders.

Bobby complies unzipping his top and revealing a slim smooth and somewhat sunken chest.

Vince pulls Bobby back onto his lap.


“Oooohhhh!” Bobby cries out, it sounds more like a groan of pleasure rather than pain.

“Are you going to steal from your mother again?” Vince asks.

“No Sir, sorry Sir,” Bobby replies.

Lance is amazed at this boy, he’s a natural sub, he got into calling Vince Sir, without even being told to.



“I don’t think you can feel it properly through these undies,” Vince says.

He grabs the waistband and slowly lowers them down, Bobby’s hard cock is stopping them from going any lower but his buttocks are fully exposed now and Vince resumes.



“That’s better,” Vince says.

He caresses Bobby’s round orbs for a while causing him to whimper with pleasure.



Vince pry’s open his ass cheeks exposing Bobby’s anus, “You have a nice ass Bobby, have you ever had a cock in here?” Vince asks as he runs his finger over Bobby’s hole.

Bobby gasps, “N-n-n-n-n-no Sir.” He whimpers at the suddenly possibility he may get fucked.

“So you’re still a virgin Bobby?”

“Y-y-y-y-yes Sir.”


“What else have you done bad Bobby? What else do you need to be punished for?” Vince asks.


“URRGH! I stole a shirt from a shop once,” Bobby confesses.

“What? Shoplifting? Wow Bobby that is serious, I think you need something a bit more substantial than my hand. Stand up,” Vince orders.

Bobby stands, Lance looks at the bulge in his underwear again, it’s straining to get out and there is a wet patch where his cock has leaked precum.

“Kneel down and put your hands behind your head,” Vince commands.

Bobby complies and Vince gets up, Lance and Bobby both look at him, as he got up his dressing gown opened enough for his fully erect cock to stick out, Bobby gasps when he sees it.

“Now don’t move, I’ll be back in a moment,” Vince says.

Bobby and Lance stare at each other, looking at each others cocks and back at their faces. Bobby is still shaking but not with fear or nervousness but with excitement, he’s never been so turned on. Vince returns with the paddle and a few other items that he places behind the sofa out of sight. He walks behind Bobby and removes his robe, his cock standing proud, Lance’s mouth waters.

“Stand up,” Vince commands Bobby. Bobby does so and Vince peels down his underwear freeing Bobby’s cock that springs up and points directly at Lance. Lance marvels at it’s size, it’s the same as Vince’s, a good nine inches, but not as thick.

“Keep your hands behind your head at all times,” Vince orders Bobby, he places one hand on Bobby’s stomach then swipes at his ass with the paddle.



“You bad boy Bobby, don’t you know shoplifting is illegal?” Vince asks.

“Y-y-y-yes Sir,” Bobby whimpers.


“ARRRGHHH! I’m sorry Sir.”

“So you should be.”





“Are you going to do it again?”


“URRRRGGGGHH! N-n-n-never Sir!”



Lance is looking at Bobby’s face, he doesn’t have a look on pain, it’s more like he’s in the throw of complete passion.


“URRRRRRGGGHHHHHHH FUUUUUUUUCK!” Bobby shouts and his cock suddenly blasts out a thick rope of spunk a good four feet in the air, it startles Lance and lands on his face and chest. Vince sees this and quickly acts.


“URRRRRRRRGGHHHHHH!” Bobby cries as he continues to blast his cum in the air and shower Lance. Lance wishes he didn’t have the gag in so he could catch some in his mouth.

It doesn’t seem to stop, it keeps blasting out of his cock smothering Lance who is so turned on by it that if his hands wasn’t tied he wouldn’t be able to resist wanking and blowing his own load.

“My God Bobby, when did you last cum?” Vince asks.

“A week ago Sir,” Bobby pants.

Vince stands behind Bobby and wrapping his arms round him holds him close, his cock pressing in between the cheeks of his ass. Bobby goes to lower his arms, “Keep your arms up,” Vince orders, “Do you like my Slave Bobby” Vince asks softly in his ear as he gently caresses Bobby’s body, Bobby groans with pleasure as he experiences the touch of another man on his naked skin for the first time.

“Yes Sir,” Bobby groans.

“What do you like about him?”

“He has a nice eyes Sir.”

“What else Bobby?”

“Er he has a nice cock.”

“What would you like to do to him?”

“I’d iddaa siteleri like to kiss him Sir.”

Vince walks over to Lance and removes the gag, “Ok Bobby, you can kiss my slave now,” he says.

Bobby walks over and drops to his knees in front of Vince still keeping his hands above his head.

“You can lower your arms now,” Vince tells him.

Lance who was sitting back on his legs kneels up so that Bobby’s face is just inches from his own. Bobby nervously places his hands on Lance’s shoulders and leans in, Lance moves in to meet him. Bobby closes his eyes and anticipates the moment when their lips meet, when they do he lets out a soft moan, Lance’s lips are soft and he can taste his cum on them. He can feel Lance’s tongue seeking entrance to his mouth so he opens his lips and lets the invading tongue explore. Vince unties Lance’s hands from behind his back and now free Lance quickly wraps his arms round Bobby and pulls him close smearing the cum on him between them. They kiss passionately while Vince sits back down on the couch and watches them stroking his cock at the same time.

As they kiss Lance caresses Bobby’s back and buttocks and Bobby takes his cue and does the same.

“Do you like Bobby Slave?” Vince asks Lance.

“Yes Sir,” Lance says breaking from the kiss.

“Do you think he would make a good Slave?” Bobby looks at Vince with a hint of fear but mainly excitement at possibility of being a slave.

“Yes Sir, he’s very obedient,” Lance replies.

“Bobby, have you ever sucked cock?” Vince asks.

“N-n-no Sir,” Bobby replies.

“Why don’t you suck on my slaves cock?” Vince says.

“Y-y-yes Sir,” Bobby immediately gets down and takes Lance’s cock in his mouth sucking on it hard.

“Slowly Bobby, lick the head some first,” Vince instructs him.

Bobby pulls away and looks at Vince feeling a little foolish at just diving on Lance’s cock the way he did, he follows Vinces instructions and licks at the head. He licks some of the precum oozing out, it tastes nice so he licks at it some more.

“Ok Bobby now put his cock in your mouth and suck it in slowly, use your tongue when it’s in to massage it,” Vince coaches.

Bobby does so, he now has the very first cock in his mouth ever, in that instance he knew he was born to suck cock, it feels the most natural thing in the world to him. Lance groans as he watches Bobby’s virgin mouth slide over his throbbing cock, he leans back and grabs hold of his ankle while placing his other hand on Bobby’s head.

“That’s it Bobby, suck him in deeper, use plenty of saliva,” Vince instructs as he slowly jerks himself to two hot naked boy’s having sex right in front of him.

Bobby gags when Lance’s cock touches the back of his throat, “You’re doing really good Bobby, when you feel you’re about to gag next time swallow and push hard.” Vince says.

Bobby does so but doesn’t get it right and still gags when Bobby’s cock touches the back of this throat. He tries again this time as he swallows Lance’s cock slides down the back of his throat and he realises his nose is against Lance’s groin. Lance groans loudly as he feels his cock head slip down the boy’s throat.

“Excellent Bobby, keep doing that,” Vince encourages him.

Bobby takes up a rhythm sucking Lance in deep then out to the tip, Lance groans each time Bobby sucks him in deep letting Bobby know what a wonderful job he is doing. Bobby is please he is able to bring so much pleasure to Lance so he picks up his pace sucking Lance in harder. Lance feels the pressure in his balls and he know he’s about to cum.

“Urrghh permission to cum sir!” he gasps.

“Would you like my Slave to cum Bobby?” Vince asks.

Bobby pulls of gasping for breath, “Yes Sir!”

“Would you like my Slave to cum in your mouth Bobby?”

Bobby doesn’t pull off he just makes a noise affirming Vince’s question.

“Ok Slave you can cum,” Vince says to Lance.

Lance is already at the point of no return, “URRRGHH FUCK! I’M CUUUMMINNNG!” he shouts as his cum blasts into Bobby’s mouth. Bobby sucks furiously as the spunk fills his mouth, he swallows it as quickly as he can but it’s filling up his mouth fast, some leaks out and trickles down Lance’s shaft.

“How was that slave, did Bobby give good head?” Vince asks.

“Yes Sir! He gave amazing head,” Lance replies.

Bobby gets up feeling really proud, Vince can see that Bobby’s cock is as hard as before.

“I think one good deed deserves another don’t you Slave?” Vince asks Lance.

“Yes Sir,” he replies.

“What would you like to do to repay the favour?” Vince asks.

“I’d like to taste his ass Sir,” Lance replies.

Vince likes the way Lance thinks, he was thinking the same thing himself, “Lie on floor Bobby, on your back,” Vince instructs him.

Bobby does so and Vince gets up off the couch and kneels above Bobby’s head. “Lift up your legs,” Vince commands. As he lifts his legs Vince takes hold of his feet and pulls them to his chest, Bobby is now looking up at Vince’s hard dripping cock looming over his face,

Bobby’s ass is fully exposed and Vince gives Lance the go ahead. Lance waists no time and his tongue immediately begins licking around Bobby’s tight virgin hole. Bobby gasps at the sensation and looks down at Lance between his legs.

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