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She could feel the sweat forming on her skin; the crowded room, the lights, the coughing… Her suit pants and jacket became uncomfortable, sticking to her body in all the wrong places. She felt so restricted- the urge, like an itch, to rip her silky mocha hair from its bun and let it cascade down her back, to rip off her clothes and bask in the sunlight…

Not now, she told herself. Focus! This is an emergency press conference and I need to report it well. Fuck, Mark needs me to report this well.

Oh, Mark. Her editor. Wasn’t that supposed to spell “trouble”? Her stomach clenched at the thought of him, heart beat quickening, nipples standing erect as statues, the sweat suddenly becoming reminiscent of something more carnal than press conferences. The flash of last night: *soaking sheets, gasping for breath, Mark’s muscled arms collapsed affectionately and protectively over her heaving naked breasts.*

She felt her face flushing, her concentration slipping further and she forced herself to focus on the mayor, on his beer belly and balding head, on his cracked freckled lips and the news they emitted.

“We’ve already held an emergency meeting- we will get to the bottom of this. This city does not tolerate hate crimes and that is exactly what we are taking this horrific sabotage of our cultural center to be! If you have any information…”

Over, finally. Now she just had to get to the newsroom and come up with an article. Then she could see Mark, go back to their newly shared apartment and take a long shower and read the latest thriller she’d picked up…

Trowsley News headquarters was small and she slipped into her little booth after maneuvering around countless other little booths and busy reporters and seemingly uncountable coffee cups. Her fingers attacked the keyboard with the ferocity that only passionate writers have until the article was finished. She picked up her phone, dialed extension 240, her fingers trembling slightly in anticipation of the voice that would appear on the other end…

“Hello?” answered antalya escort an obviously stressed masculine voice.

She cleared her throat, “Mayor’s press conference is finished.”

“Jossy!” his voice immediately blossomed into something affectionate, surprised, pleased. “I’ll be right down.”

Jocelyn smiled to herself. Even though they’d been seeing each other for over six months, they’d agreed to keep their private lives separate from their careers. He might be her editor here, but, damn, he was her lover everywhere else and it certainly showed in his reaction to her on the phone. She was lost in a land of intimate moments and steamy nights when she felt the hand on her shoulder. Startled, she turned and drowned in those puppy dog hazel eyes and resisted the urge to kiss his lips as his mouth pulled into that sexy, slanted smile. He licked his lips, winked at her, and she felt a furnace between her legs. She knew she was already wet.

He pulled a chair next to hers. Technically, he could access her work from any computer in the newsroom, but he had always preferred the old-fashioned way of surveying article and author on the same page, so to speak. His eyes glued on the computer screen, never leaving the smudges of words, he murmured, “Baby, it’s gonna be a late night. Don’t wait up, OK?”

Cat-like, Jocelyn stretched her arms back and her chest out, “Well, I was going to take a shower and read for a while. I won’t go out of my way to stay up for you, though.”

He felt a slight flutter of disappointment. Some of their most passionate moments had been after he’d had long, stressful, late nights at the News, but it seemed Jossy wasn’t interested this time. Quite suddenly, his scanning eyes stopped moving and creases formed on his forehead.

“John didn’t say… this?”

He pointed to the passage, which read, “…any information, please call the large, swollen clit. The pussy, so itchy, wanting the enflamed cock to scratch it.”

Mischievously, Jossy smiled, “What a good editor you are, catching such glaring alanya escort mistakes.”

Mark laughed, shook his head, and erased the lines, “You naughty vixen, you. As much as I appreciate it, please keep your articles G-rated, young lady. OK, all finished. You’re good to go. We have you on budget for the Macy piece tomorrow, don’t forget.”

Jossy yawned, “You want some coffee?”

“Sure, that sounds good.”

“I’ll bring it to your office in fifteen. I think it would be in your best interest to be there,” her hand slipped to his crotch as she stood up. She felt his cock harden against her hand, strain against his slacks, and it sent tingles throughout her body.

His eyes widened, “I thought we agreed… I mean… This is work… Jossy?”

“Shhh,” and she was gone.

Fuck, he thought, his pants bulging, his heart racing, his face red, his entire being longing for the silk of her flesh, the flash of her teeth, the flesh of her breasts, the lips of her womanhood. How does she do this to me?

Fifteen minutes later, his door opened abruptly, no knock, and he looked up from his crammed desk…

“I brought coffee,” she said sexily. “Black, one sugar.”

He gaped. Her suit jacket was completely unbuttoned, and there was nothing save a black lacy bra between him and her breasts. She set the Styrofoam cup on the desk in front of him, keeping one hand behind her back. She leaned low so he could see her magnificent cleavage, so she could tease him with her enticing titties.

“Th-thanks,” his face so pale, his cheeks so red.

“And,” she grinned, “I brought a little treat. Close your eyes.”

He closed them, his heartbeat pounding in his throat, in his ears, his penis practically popping from his pants. He heard that familiar click of heels, something clink on the desk top, and he felt his pants being unzipped slowly.

“Stand up,” she commanded.

He stood. She pulled his briefs down to the floor, kissed his penis- then he was aware of the absence alanya rus escort of her, heard something click and begin to spray, felt something cool and light being applied to his member. Mark’s cock stood parallel to the ground, hard as rock and long as a lickable, layered popsicle. The faint aroma of sugar filled his nostrils, and soon his penis was covered from head to base with whatever Jossy was applying. Whipped cream, he knew instinctively.

He opened his eyes, watched her fall to her knees, her eyes wild with fiery passion, and her chin nestled into his forest of dark, pillowy hair as she began to slowly lick every speck of cream off him.

He closed his eyes, his lips stuck in a desperately tight smile.

When all the cream was gone, she caressed him, held him at the base and slowly took all of him in her warm, damp mouth. She let her tongue explore his swollen cock, twirling it around his head until his legs shuddered and his hands gripped her shoulders tightly.

“I want you to come,” she commanded, then began slowly pumping him with her mouth.

With one giant convulsion, he came. She swallowed his salty juices, pulled her head back, licked a stray line of cum from the corner of her lips, and smiled contently.

“So, Mark, I think you might just be ready to go back to work now.”

He grunted something inaudible and collapsed back into the chair, tugging on Jossy’s waist until she sat on his lap. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her neck softly, like a whisper.

“I’ll see you later, darling,” she said and stood up, zipping up Mark’s pants in one quick, efficient motion.

“I cannot wait,” he replied, grabbing her hand as she began re-buttoning her suit jacket. “Let me.”

Very slowly, he cupped her C-sized breasts in his hands, pulling gently, massaging, fondling. He traced little shapes on the skin between her collar bone and her tits until he drew goosebumps and she let out a tiny moan and then he buttoned her up.

He kissed her cheek and winked as he picked up the can of whipped cream and placed it in a central position of honor amidst the clutter.

“I love you,” she whispered.

“I love you, too, baby. So, uh, yeah, you’d better keep your eyes out tonight. I heard a rumor that a certain pair of handcuffs have been feeling neglected lately…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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