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Breast Obsessed Gentleman-Pig

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All characters are over the age of 21 and all sexual situations involve only persons of 18 or above.


Tits. Big bodacious tits. That’s what Bill registered when he first met Nan. She was fully clothed but her sweater clung to what was obviously a large chest and was tight enough to suggest a narrow waist. She was an attractive woman- probably about 30 like him- but it was the mounds of her sweater that held his attention.

He couldn’t estimate the size of her breasts with any certainty but she definitely had a hot body- top heavy and otherwise trim. In his mind that was the perfect body type. She had enough height to never get dumpy in middle age and to make whatever she wore look good. Indeed she looked like a sexy actress or physical fitness spokesperson- having the body type and face that look great as they age.

Of course, aging was far from Bill’s focus. He wanted to get a better view of Nan’s tits and perhaps develop a relationship with her. He could already start imaging how she might look and feel if he could get her sweater off. He was already fantasizing about enjoying his hands all over her starting with her big tits.

Meeting Nan wasn’t a total surprise but he hadn’t known what she looked like. She was being introduced to him at a trade show business dinner by his boss. Bill knew he had to act like a professional. It was business and his boss was standing next to him.

The boss had previously mentioned Nan to Bill as a possible future part of the company. The boss had heard good things about Nan but didn’t know her. He’d suggested that Bill get to know Nan a little at the trade show and get a sense if she might want to join the company. The boss said he couldn’t speak to the woman without getting into offers and possible salary which he wasn’t ready to do.

Nan held a position comparable to Bill’s in another company in their field so he was a logical guy to chat with her informally without getting into actual offers.

After a brief introduction his boss had feigned a need to greet someone across the room and left the two of them to talk. Bill was eager to spend time with a beautiful woman like Nan but had difficulty keeping his eyes up. Her body was much more interesting than small talk about business.

He was a tit man; he’d spent years checking out every set of large tits that passed anywhere near. Bill thought he knew how to be discrete. Being a pig and staring at a woman’s tits never ended well. Being respectful and subtle was how Bill acted whenever with a woman. He considered himself an expert at checking out a woman’s chest without her knowing.

Within about 30 seconds of the start of their conversation Nan made an exaggerated cough and said, “Excuse me. Could you get your eyes off my chest and look at my face while we’re talking?”

Bill was speechless for a moment. Finally, he stammered, “I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to be piggish. I…”

Nan laughed and said, “It’s alright. You weren’t being as bad as most guys. I just thought I’d have some fun busting you.”

“I’m really sorry if I offended you. As you said I’m sure I’m not the first guy to… ah, notice that you…ah…are wearing a beautiful sweater.”

“Nice try, but at best I’d grade your recovery at a “C”.

“I’m sorry. I don’t know what to say except that I’ll try to be more respectful.”

“B, maybe a B plus,” she replied.

“Seriously,” he said. “I have two older sisters. When I was about thirteen they gave me a lecture about how to act around girls. There was no mention of ‘sex’ until I was 18; it was all about respect. On my 18th birthday they explained things with slightly more mature content. They stressed how offensive men could be and that I shouldn’t act that way. I try to follow what they said.”

“Good for you. Keep practicing. I won’t lecture you or beat you up like your sisters might have done.”

“It wasn’t all negative. After I was 18 they gave me hints about how to act, how to be a better kisser and even about how to please a woman with oral sex.”

“Wow. Oral sex with your sisters must have been pretty exciting for an adolescent boy.”

“No, no” Bill blushed and stammered, “We didn’t actually do it. They had an illustrated biology book and simply explained things. We did kiss as a part of my later lessons but that was as far as they would go.”

“It’s okay. I was just busting you again. It’s none of my business what you did with your sisters. They should be thanked for making you a better man for women to be with. I assume their lessons were at least partially successful. You’re not in jail for sexual assault. Did make you a better kisser and lover?”

“I like to think so.”

Nan said they should probably change the subject and talk about work for a bit. After a few minutes Nan said she’d guessed why Bill’s boss had introduced him to her and made it clear that she wasn’t looking to change jobs. She was on a good track for advancement in her company and saw no benefit to giving that up. Bill said antalya escort he understood but suggested they have dinner the next night at his company’s expense. He joked that it would be a nice free meal and it would make him look good with his boss. He added that it would give him a chance to show that he was a gentleman. Bill mentioned an excellent restaurant in the city which was an added enticement. Nan accepted his invitation and they set up a time and place to meet.

Bill arrived at Nan’s hotel early the next evening and took up a place about thirty feet from the elevators that Nan would be using. His position was about half way between the elevators and the main entrance through which they’d be exiting. This was one of his strategies for checking out a woman without being caught. He’d see her first and she’d need to walk toward him. It was perfectly normal for him to watch her and he wasn’t expected to walk toward her more than a token distance since it was away from their route. He would be able to stare at her and take in her whole body as she crossed the lobby without being creepy.

Nan didn’t disappoint. As the crowded elevator emptied he began his assessment. She looked tall and sexy with her brunette hair shining in the downlights that flooded the area. She was wearing a red form fitting dress that ended above her knees. Her lower legs were well shaped and displayed nicely atop tall heels. One could visualize her thighs through the fitted skirt of the dress-she was definitely fit.

As she neared he was mildly disappointed that the dress had a very high neckline and long sleeves. There wasn’t much bare skin. In his fantasy she would be revealing some cleavage and the dress would be much shorter but he knew better. This was a business dinner or perhaps a business date.

The size of her breasts and her hourglass shape were tastefully showcased by the tight dress. The dress was probably an expensive one. It was classy and fit her perfectly. She wasn’t flaunting her body but with a body like hers her shape wasn’t easily disguised.

Her chest was large enough to have been created by an excellent plastic surgeon but Bill guessed it was natural. From the brief conversation they’d had he didn’t think she would have gone through breast enhancement only to later criticize a man’s ogling her.

As she neared Bill thought he could detect a bounce to her tits which further suggested her tits were real. It wasn’t a scientific test but in his male mind the little bounce was enough to whet his appetite and confirm the absence of implants. Natural was so much better than enhanced. He could almost feel her tits in his mind as he visualized what was under the dress.

When Nan was close she said, “I feel like I just went through an airport screening. Did I pass?”

Bill indicated confusion at her inquiry but Nan persisted, “You might think you were subtle but you weren’t. I think I’ll have to have a talk with your sisters. It’s rude to mentally undress a business woman in a hotel lobby.”

“I’m sorry,” said Bill contritely. “I didn’t think I was being rude. I was just appreciating your dress and how nice you looked.”

“Well, in the brief time we’ve spent together my clothing certainly seems to have drawn your attention,” she replied in a pleasantly teasing manner.

“You’re very beautiful. I won’t apologize for noticing that. I’m sorry if you thought I was inappropriate but I can’t pretend not to notice. The dress is red and it looks very good on you. I’m sure you’d look great in a brown bag but in the dress you’re wearing you’re striking.”

“Okay. Okay. In part I was just busting you again. You weren’t too creepy as I walked over but I did feel like a lab specimen. Did you get the reservation we discussed?”

“Yes. We have plenty of time. The restaurant is just a short cab ride away.”

At dinner the couple talked about a wide range of things. Bill gave her a one sentence pitch about how great it was to work for his company and she gave him as similarly short rejection. Bill jokingly said that was enough business; he just needed to be able to tell the boss that he’d tried.

On more personal topics it was soon established that they were each single with no children and no significant others. They lived in the same city- perhaps a twenty minute drive apart. Brief descriptions of colleges attended, siblings and past places they’d lived and some past job experiences were exchanged.

As dinner progressed they found that they were enjoying each other’s company. While technically it was a business dinner between strangers they both felt very comfortable speaking of personal matters.

Well into dinner Nan said, “I have to ask. Tell me more about your sisters and their sex lessons. Images of women in their early twenties educating their little 18 year old brother have been in my head since you mentioned it.”

Bill explained how after non sexual talks about respect on his 18th birthday they had focused on basic ‘birds and bees’ education antalya rus escort followed up by lectures about not following other boys if Bill thought they were doing something wrong. They were so discrete he had to ask what they meant which prompted their first references to breasts, bottoms and legs. He learned a few off color words and phrases that other boys might use and was schooled not to do so himself.

After that the lessons had been more sexually explicit. He learned that women didn’t like being objectified. He shouldn’t stare at their breasts, shouldn’t touch a girl inappropriately and the like. Eventually his sisters had given him hints about talking with girls and how to kiss and hug. He learned about condoms and sexually touching with a girl. These lessons had involved kissing and then some tongue kissing. Those sessions had greatly aroused him.

Seeing his obvious arousal had prompted his sisters to explain about masturbation. They explained the physical basics of how a man could relieve the pressure that he felt and explained that it was a private matter but not a shameful one. In the end they told him it was okay to beat off in private and had given some practical hints to avoid getting caught by his parents. In response to Nan’s direct questioning he’d said his sisters had rubbed his cock through his pants a little as part of the lessons but there had been no direct genital touching. He was sent to his room to ‘take care of that.’

Nan confessed that she found the story arousing and wanted more details about how his sisters looked, did they intentionally arouse him and the like. He answered as well as he could but reminded her that he was young and inexperienced at the time.

“Did your sisters have big breasts? I’m wondering if that prompted them to teach you about piggish men,” Nan said. Bill confirmed that they were each well endowed- a fact that had probably played a role in his growing up as a fan of large breasts. When Nan asked if he knew how large they were he blushed. He admitted that he’d secretly checked out the labels in their bras and found one sister was a 34D and the other was a 34DD.

Nan then asked, “Did you ever see them topless?”

“No, not really. Once or twice I was able to get some glimpses when they were getting dressed but they never intentionally showed me anything.”

Nan then asked whether Bill had dated women built like his sisters- women with breasts of their size or larger. Bill was embarrassed and tried to evade answering but Nan wouldn’t let the subject go. Finally Bill acknowledged that of the girls who had let him under their clothing all but one had been an A or B cup. He had dated one college girl who was somewhat on the heavy side. She’d worn a 34C bra. He’d been to strip clubs and seen breasts of many sizes but to his regret he’d never been intimately involved with anyone with breasts larger than the one girl who was a C cup. Bill said he was ashamed to admit it but she’d gone on a serious diet and lost a lot of weight while they were dating. Her breasts had shrunk to B cups and he’d soon lost interest in her. That was when he knew he was a breast obsessed pig and had to fight his base instincts if he wanted to be a gentleman.

Nan seemed intent on embarrassing him when she said, “So your girlfriend worked hard to make herself more attractive and you dumped her?”

“Well, it wasn’t all that dramatic. I just… I began to realize that my primary attraction to her had been that she had bigger breasts than my prior girl; when her breasts got smaller the rest of our relationship wasn’t much.”

“That really sounds shallow. A woman has to wear at least a C cup bra or you’re not interested. You’re supposed to want more in a woman than big breasts.”

“I understand that. I was only a freshman in college. I’d dated several girls that weren’t well endowed. I was drawn to the girl I’m talking about because her breasts were bigger. With her getting smaller I was back to dating another girl whose assets didn’t turn me on so much.”

Nan gave him a sad exaggerated pout and said, “Poor Bill…” She then added in a playful way, “Well, that could change; no one knows what the future holds.”

Nan hesitated and then said that she’d grilled him enough. “I’m not the harsh feminist you might have thought last night. Well, perhaps part of me is but let me try to explain.”

Nan then said that-as Bill had experienced when they first met the prior evening-she was fed up with piggish men who constantly stared at her chest. His sisters had probably had the same experience which was why they’d schooled him on how to act.

“Large breasted women are constantly thought of as sex objects,” she said. “In business the men I meet assume I’m mindless. They can’t get their eyes off of my chest. They only half listen to me; they’re too busy visualizing me topless. I’m sure my ass gets a lot of attention too but I don’t have the guy’s behavior right in my face.”

Nan explained antalya ucuz escort that many business women had similar experiences. She’d participated in various women’s forums where the subject had been a primary topic.

Nan hesitated and then said, “Speaking for myself I have somewhat of a dilemma. While men are frequently crude and piggish I know my breasts are prominent and attractive to men. That’s not anyone’s fault.

‘Some women slouch to lessen the apparent size of their breasts. Others wear bras that are designed to minimize their breasts. I feel sorry for them and get angry thinking that thoughtless men caused their reaction. I’m proud of my body. I spend a lot of hours working out to keep it looking good. I saw a sweatshirt recently that summed up my life. Across the chest it had arrows pointing up and said ‘My eyes are up here’.”

Bill was reluctant to say anything for fear it would be the wrong words or that Nan would object to his tone. In his mind she sounded very self- righteous and perhaps more trouble than she was worth. On the other hand he couldn’t resist any chance he might have to get her clothes off. Finally he said, “If you’ll pardon the expression, I would think most women would love to have your problem.”

“I know. You’re right. I didn’t mean to sound like I was complaining. In my own way I was trying to apologize for being bitchy to you last night. I could tell you were trying to be respectful; you weren’t very good at keeping your eyes above my shoulders but you were probably above average. I shouldn’t have criticized you when I was just meeting you.”

“I did try to be polite and business-like but it was tough. Your sweater was more than attractive. It was like a magnet for me.”

“Well, I won’t apologize for that. It’s my body and I’m not ashamed of it- and I really like that sweater.”

As dinner was nearing its end Nan said, “We should remember this is a business dinner. Our speaking of breasts and your sex education was pleasant but isn’t going to lead anywhere tonight.”

“I understand. I wasn’t expecting anything. We do live in the same city. Do you suppose we could have an actual date sometime soon?”

Nan smiled and said, “Yes, I’d like that.”

Two weeks later Bill picked Nan up in the lobby of her apartment building for a dinner and movie date. Nan was wearing a modestly short skirt that Bill liked but he was particularly struck by Nan’s sweater which was the same one she’d been wearing when they first met.

After initial greetings Nan seemed to straighten her back which accentuated her chest and said, “Do you recognize my ‘magnetic sweater’? I thought you might like it. Within reason you have permission to be attracted to it. I’ll tell you if you get too piggish.”

“It is a very nice, well- fitting sweater; it certainly is attractive,” said Bill. “Your hair looks great tonight.”

“Smooth. Very smooth. I’ll grade that an “A”. It was a compliment and suggests your eyes actually focused at or above my face.”

They ate at a tavern where the light was low. Bill felt he could stare across the table at Nan’s chest unobtrusively but she caught him repeatedly. A simple smirk or saying, ‘up here’ was all she did but each time he knew he’d been caught. She never told him to stop but he knew he was on thin ice so he made an extra effort to raise his eyes.

At the movie Nan snuggled close to him. In a whisper she said, “You were reasonably well behaved in the tavern. As a reward I’ll mention that my sweater is incredibly soft. If there’s no one nearby and if you can be discrete you may feel the softness- just for a minute or two-don’t even think about getting under it. Just think of it as my gesture to make up for your past deprivation.”

Bill looked confused and said, “Deprivation?”

Nan then added, “You complained about only feeling A’s and B’s. For the moment suffice it to say I’m larger than a C.”

Bill smiled broadly and responded, “Oh yes. I could say I hadn’t noticed but I doubt you’d believe me. I do love your sweater.”

Bill looked around the area and was frustrated by the several people entering. He couldn’t take her up on her offer without embarrassment. After a few minutes the group moved away and found their seats. No one had settled nearby which Bill took as a sign that he could reach over to Nan’s chest discretely.

His hand cupped her left breast as his cock throbbed with arousal. He’d never felt such a magnificent breast. It was massive compared to those he’d felt before. Its size and shape seemed perfect. The soft fabric of the sweater made it feel even sexier.

Nan said, “It’s cashmere. I love natural things don’t you?”

Bill felt like a teenager as he replied, “I love your sweater. I’ve never felt such perfect cashmere before. I assumed you’d only wear natural.”

“That’s enough for now,” Nan said as she gently pushed his hand down. “Perhaps a little later- only when I say so- you can squeeze the fabric and get a sense of its deep natural softness.”

Bill’s cock pulsed as he imagined how Nan’s tit would feel when squeezed. The smaller tits he’d touched in the past were nothing compared to Nan’s rack. Her allowing his touch was definitely suggesting there would be more freedoms offered later. He couldn’t wait for the movie to end.

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