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Bred to be Her Hot, Slutty Playmate

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This is my sexual fantasy. Everything else I write is real. This is not. Don’t worry, it’s just as hot as the real stuff I normally write. You might read some of this and decide it’s crazy…that it’s impossible. Well? Isn’t that what fantasy is? That which is not possible? Of course.

In my fantasy, I was bred by Blue to satisfy her in any way she desires, as many times as she wants and to LOVE doing it. I cum like hell while I do without any contact with my pussy. I was bred to be constantly hot for her…always dripping wet…and to pursue her…all…the…time.

Not a robot or android, I am 99% human. Just a few things: my tongue is eight inches long when it’s inside her, I CAN cum up to a quart with each of my orgasms, I have a voracious, 24/7 sexual appetite for her, I can use my mind to cause her orgasms without even touching her and my pussy lips are oversized and oh-so-suckable. I am a mouthful. One more thing: although I can eat and enjoy human food, I don’t need it. My body lives on Blue’s cum.

It’s just the way I was made.


“Sunny? For how long can you eat my pussy?”

“For as long as you desire. I have no limit.”

“What if it’s…all night?”

“All night is fine. I was bred to be your playmate. I know nothing BUT satisfying you…it’s my constant desire to do so. I can make you cum so hard, so many times, you would make me stop. As your perfect sweet whore, that’s what I can do to you.”

Blue leans back and pats her pussy, beckoning me for feeding time. Good, because I’m so hungry! My body needs her cum…it’s what I live on. Good thing I can make her cum as much as I need to.

I feel so close to her with my face in her pussy, sucking her for what my body needs.

She gently holds my head, petting my hair and feeding me her honey-sweet juices. “That’s my good girl…take my pussy, Sunny…what a good girl, you are…”

Her body güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri is trembling with her oncoming orgasm…I suck her with more need in anticipation of her lovely cum filling my tummy. My mouth presses into her pussy harder, pushing her body.

“Ooooooohhhh…yes, my sweet Sunny…take all my cum I have for you…good girl…”

Her outer lips, so large, swollen and hot, fill my mouth…her orgasm overtakes her and she tugs my hair. “Sunny! Yes, baby!”

As only I can make it do, her pussy pulses hard in my mouth, sending her cum to me…I suck hungrily…noisily…her hot river of cum filling my mouth…it keeps coming to me and I gulp it down, my throat taking every bit of her cum I can swallow…I feel it warming my tummy…

Blue pets me and praises me for always being her good girl…she strokes my hair and my back, speaking softly to me, “More baby?”

My face still buried in her pussy, I whimper for more, licking and licking her…her outer lips are burning hot for me. Blue lovingly wraps her legs around my back and gently holds my head…I open my mouth wide, wanting…neeeeeeeeding…more of her cum for my body…

“Oh yes, my Sunny…my sweet good girl…”

I whimpered more with my hands under her thighs, holding her ass. Her body spasmed HARD and gave me more cum from her hot, quivering pussy. Soooooo MUCH of her cum for my tummy!

“Sunny! Yes, my sweet baby! Take it all!”

Taking it ALL was all I knew. I did take it all…Blue tasted so good in my mouth! Mouthful after mouthful, sucking eagerly and holding her ass to keep her convulsing body in place, I sucked her until my tummy was full and so, so warm!

Blue’s body had slid down and she was now on her back with her legs wrapped around my neck and still holding my hair…I kissed her inner thighs and licked them, then lapped at her pussy, not really caring that I was making all of her muscles güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri tense with each of my licks…

I wanted honey. I didn’t neeeeeeeeed honey, but I wanted it, and wanted it the way she always gives it to me…

With her pussy…

I slid my loooooooooong tongue way inside Blue, wiggling it and licking the back of her pussy…I LOVE the way she screams and grabs onto me when I do that.

It’s a huge turnon for me to be her possession, belonging to her, being owned by her to totally satisfy her. That’s what I was bred for. FUCK! That makes me hot!

My lovely lady screamed some more, then wriggled herself from my tongue and reached for the squeeze bottle of honey.

I just KNOW all humans keep a squeeze bottle of honey on their nightstand…I’m just sure of it…

Blue, pulled her knees back, her pussy tilted back, and filled her pretty pussy with honey. I watched her whimper with pleasure from the warm honey flowing into her pussy.

“Sunny, my hot lover, pleeeeeeease suck me…”

I smiled and gave her pussy long licks, lapping at the honey oozing so beautifully from her quivering pussy. Her body trembled hard and she grabbed my hair, urging me on.

“Oh fuck…oh fuck…baby…”

I slid my tongue in a little and forced some of her juices and honey from her, rubbing my lips in it with my tongue still inside her…she grabbed her knees and pulled them back more with little squeals coming from her mouth.

I gave her outer lips a hard suck, letting her honey-juices fill my mouth…she screamed and fucked at my face, her pussy demanding to be fucked hard from the inside out…

With my hands on Blue’s inner thighs and her knees tucked back, I spread her legs wider and rammed all eight inches of my tongue into her…her eager pussy contracted, then relaxed, then tightened again, swallowing my tongue. While she screamed unintelligibly güvenilir bahis şirketleri with intense pleasure and pulled hard on my hair, I mercilessly fucked all of my tongue into her with long strokes against the back of her pussy.

For her safety, my senses checked her heart rate. Oh, she could take more…

My mouth slapped against her with each hard fuck of my tongue…every one of her muscles was tight and her entire body was a building earthquake.

With screams much louder and much higher in pitch, Blue’s intense orgasm took her, my tongue driving her out of her mind…my brain causing her cum to flow heavily into my mouth, forcing more from her pussy with my strong, thrusting tongue.

Her orgasm passed, but she wrapped her legs around my neck and held onto my hair, squeezing my tongue inside her pussy, wanting to keep it inside her.

I let her keep her legs around me while I lapped at the back of her pussy with hard licks…she shuddered hard and her wet pussy pulsed with a heavy flow of her sweet juices to my mouth…I swallowed what I could with my tongue, the rest getting all over my cheeks and chin.

Her body jumped suddenly…I grabbed her thighs from around me, pushed her knees back and and spread them wide…

My brain and body had complete control over her.

My tongue nailed her…and this time, I sucked her pussy in my mouth and fucking RODE her!


Her orgasm hit hard, and I used my brain to make it last a full 3 minutes…My mouth kept sucking, my tongue fucking in and out of her, her quivering pussy feeding me a tummyfull of her sweet, hot cum…

Her screams turned to whimpers and she relaxed onto the mattress…

My baby was out cold. I checked her vitals closely…she was only at her limit, her body now at rest. I kissed her pussy, promising my return, then slid up and snuggled her as close as possible to me, cuddling her in my breasts with my arms and legs around her, my lips in her hair.

Here, I will protect her for the rest of the night.

Forever, I will love her with all my heart. Forever, I will be her perfect slutty playmate.

The End

Thank-you for reading!

My love to all,


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