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Breeding Barbara Sadler

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A quick one I did in response to a specific request. In this one, Barbara is desperate for a baby. When the [somewhat unorthodox!] methods in a clinic fail, Barbara’s nurse offers an alternative.

OK, there’s a clichéd racial stereotype involved, but I did manage to convince the person who requested the piece that we could steer away from any wimpy, cuckold husband/boyfriend – hence Barbara is single.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the piece. I’m going to submit it via Fetish as opposed to Loving Wives (eek!) or Interracial; I think the main theme of ‘breeding’ might be more appropriate, and better received, that way. As ever, there will very probably be errors and typos in the piece – I can never seem to iron all the glitches out since I self-edit and am invariably ‘blind’ to my own fuck-ups. If you do spot any glitches please let me know so I can amend the original.

Feedback! Send feedback by PM on Lit, Public Comments below or by email. If you want a respoinse to feedback then email is best.

I hope you enjoy the piece.

GA – Langkawi, Malaysia – 22nd of December 2012.

Barbara Sadler knew immediately that the planting had been a waste of time. The donor had barely even looked at her. Not that she expected murmurs of endearment or an intense, smouldering gaze professing eternal love, but since he’d put his dick inside her and ejaculated he could have at least smiled.

The mechanics may have been performed correctly but Barbara knew even as the man withdrew his oozing penis that nothing would come of it.

The nurse, pretty, flame-haired Genevieve, present throughout the ordeal, cast a look of empathy towards Barbara after the donor had silently dressed and, still avoiding eye contact, left the room. “What a wanker,” she said, rolling her eyes.

That remark cleared the leaden atmosphere like a thunderstorm during a heavy summer heat wave and Barbara snorted a laugh. “Literally, Geni,” she replied. “I thought he’d never stop pulling himself. It was like he didn’t want to put it in.”

“It sure took him a long time to … get there,” Geni replied. She shrugged. “I’ve never seen him before. Maybe he’s new and a bit nervous.”

“He seemed OK at the counselling session during the selection interview. But of course I’m not allowed to ask about his personal life, I don’t even know his name, as you know the interview is meant to break the ice so-to-speak, before the actual appointment. But don’t the donors all get mentored?” Barbara asked. “To prepare them for what they’re expected to do? For when they perform?”

Geni shrugged again and handed Barbara her clothes. “There’s only so far mentoring can go,” she responded, automatically defending the clinic’s reputation. “It’s up to the donors themselves on the day.” Tilting her head to one side, Geni paused in the task of stripping down the bed. “And the process – the planting – is so intimate, I suppose some blokes don’t handle it too well. I reckon it must be difficult,” she added, “to just walk into a cubicle, get hard and excited enough to ejaculate and then at the final second stick your penis into a virtual stranger’s body. Cold and impersonal. Give me raw passion any day.” Then, Geni, realising her remark could be misconstrued and that Barbara might find it a criticism of her choice to conceive by the clinic’s methods, she added, “I’m sorry, Barbara, that sounded a bit flip.”

“No, I understand what you mean, Geni. And I suppose you’re right.” Barbara sighed as she slid her underwear up her legs. “But from where I’m standing it looks to me as though he’s got the easy part. All he’s got to do is come inside me. For God’s sake, I’m the one who has to carry all the emotional baggage. I just want a baby. If this doesn’t work I don’t know what I’ll do. It might be time to accept that it probably won’t ever happen for me.”

While Barbara finished dressing, Geni considered the woman’s plight. She liked Barbara, liked her a lot. And the woman had been through it, all the stages: the counselling and all the probing questions, the failed attempts at insemination using the good old ‘turkey baster’ method. Then, when that hadn’t been successful after half-a-dozen tries Barbara had finally opted for the planting, a highly invasive, extremely personal process that involved the donor manually manipulating his penis – masturbating basically – until ejaculation was imminent. When the donor was close to the point of no return, with the recipient wide-legged and accommodating, the donor penetrated her in the natural fashion and let loose inside her. A tricky process since any movement after penetration was frowned upon. It couldn’t be allowed for the donor to engender any friction during the brief, impersonal coupling lest it be seen as an attempt at intercourse proper. It was one of Geni’s responsibilities to ensure that the recipient was happy with the process and that the donor hadn’t been too enthusiastic.

“Hey,” Geni said kindly as she rubbed a hand along Barbara’s arm. “It’ll happen for you.”

Tears glistened in Barbara’s eyes. She casino şirketleri shook her head, sniffing and then cuffing a sleeve across her face. “I don’t think it’s worked this time,” she mumbled. “It just didn’t feel right. Oh, Geni, it’s all getting too much. I’m thirty-eight now, how much time do I have? And the cost … I can’t afford this anymore.”

“If it hasn’t worked,” Geni said, quickly reaching a decision. She grabbed Barbara’s upper arm. “I want you to ring me. I’ll give you my mobile number.”

“Why?” Barbara asked. “I don’t understand.”

“I … I know someone,” the girl replied. “And I want to help you, Barbara. But you’ve got to understand that I could lose my job over this. If anyone found out …”

Barbara wiped her eyes again. She looked at Geni for a long, drawn out moment. “Who?” she asked, voice quavering, “who is it?”

“His name’s Samson,” Geni replied. She shook her head. “But I don’t want to go into all that right now. Let’s just say that he’s never missed yet. I don’t offer him up to just anyone, Barbara, and like I said I could get the sack for doing it, but Samson has done this seven times so far and never missed. He’s one hundred percent.”

Who?” Barbara asked, Biblical images of long-haired strong men and toppling pillars springing to mind. “Samson?”

“Samson,” Geni replied. “He’s …” A sly expression flickered across Geni’s pretty face. “… No, we can’t talk about it now. There’s another appointment due in a minute and I’ve got to work. But if today’s planting fails, phone me.” Geni scribbled a number into Barbara’s address book.

“Samson,” Barbara murmured to herself. Her stomach flipped with the possibility that if this planting didn’t take, then she had another chance.

Geni nodded with and oddly lascivious grin and a wink. “And he never misses.”


Barbara saw Geni sitting at a table tucked away in a corner of the long bar of the Three Feathers pub. She waved to the nurse and then, when she looked directly at the man sitting opposite the pretty redhead, Barbara felt a visceral pull between her legs. The man was absolutely gorgeous: high, chiselled cheekbones, twinkling eyes full of charm and mischief, long dreadlocks swinging when he laughed at something Geni had said.

Oh God … Was that …? Could it be …? Was the beautiful black man Samson? Barbara’s insides clenched with yearning again.

“Hello,” Geni mouthed, waving and smiling across the room.

Barbara waved back, eyes still locked on the man – Please, please, please let him be Samson..

Barbara walked quickly through the bar. “Hi, Geni,” she said, giving the nurse a cursory glance. “Is this Samson?”

Geni smirked at the black man and arched an eyebrow. “Yep,” she confirmed, “one and the same.”

“You’re beautiful,” Barbara heard herself say. The words were out of her mouth before she realised. “Oh my God!” she blurted, her cheeks burning, appalled at the faux-pas.

The man stood up, grinning. “Thanks,” he responded, dreads swishing as he nodded. “I’ve been called a few things in my time, but I don’t hear beautiful mentioned too often.”

“I’m so sorry,” Barbara said into her hands as she covered her mortification. “I don’t know why that came out.”

“Because it’s true.” Geni interjected. “He is beautiful.”

Samson grinned, showing even white teeth. “And your biased,” he responded.

In reply, Geni quipped, “And she hasn’t seen you naked yet either.” The redhead then fixed Barbara with a knowing look.

Barbara’s cheeks burned hotter as the warmth between her legs ballooned. She felt her insides oiling. Confused by her body’s reaction to the good-looking man, Barbara gabbled, “I … I’m sorry.” She looked around, bewildered. “I should get a drink.”

“Hey,” Samson said as he uncurled his lean body and stood, “I’ll get it for you. What would you like?”

“Oh, OK … thanks. I’ll have a vodka and lime, please.”

“No problem,” Samson drawled and sauntered towards the busy bar.

“Don’t let the accent fool you,” Geni said as she boosted along the leatherette bench to give Barbara room to sit. “He’s more Kingston-upon-Thames than Kinston, Jamaica.” She paused, eying Barbara. “What do you think?” she asked.

Barbara’s cheeks reignited. She looked across the room towards Samson while he waited to be served at the bar. “He’s nice and tall. He’s got a great bum. Nice teeth, I saw.”

Geni smirked and nudged Barbara’s arm with an elbow. “And you fancy him rotten, eh? I saw your face when you clocked him.”

“I suppose I do,” Barbara replied. She squirmed against the seat at the insistent pulse between her legs. She could feel her desire sliding out of her opening and flooding her underwear. Barbara wriggled again and wondered if Geni could smell her arousal. “He’s got a way about him that’s very attractive,” she said vaguely.

“He’s got a cock a foot long and balls brimming with semen,” the redhead whispered lewdly. “And if you want him, he’s yours. I told you he’s done this seven times before, and casino firmaları each time he’s planted a baby.”

Barbara’s entire body tensed at Geni’s vulgar remark. She immediately pictured Samson naked, saw the man clearly in her mind’s eye as he stroked a long black cock and smiled at her. Her libido shifted into turbo mode as her pussy clenched and her clitoris started up with its own deep rhythmic lub-lub. Barbara imagined Samson easing his cock into her body to flood her with the magic goo that would impregnate her, which caused an almost overwhelming urge to touch herself to flood across her senses in response.

Barbara gasped and stared into Geni’s feline stare. “Oh my God,” she croaked, throat suddenly dry. “That’s so … so graphic, Geni. You’re much more professional at work.”

“I’m off duty; I can say what I like.” Geni sipped her drink and then revealed, “I’ve been teasing him all day.” She saw Samson hand money to the barmaid. “I’ve had him right on the brink of coming so many times,” she added as Samson pocketed his change and picked Barbara’s drink up from the bar. “You can have him, Barbara,” the redhead offered. “If you want him. But there’s just one condition …”

“Here you go,” Samson said before Barbara could enquire about Geni’s caveat. “Now,” he added, rubbing his hands before sitting down and reaching for his Guinness. “What would you like to know, Barbara? Geni’s told me all about you …” he paused and sipped at his pint, eyes roving over Barbara’s face and body. “… Ah, that’s good,” Samson said appreciatively to the glass of dark porter. “She’s told me all about you,” he continued, “but you must have some questions.”

Clearing her throat and glancing at Geni, Barbara thanked the man for her drink. She gulped half down in two swallows, and then, after placing the glass on the table, turned to look at Samson. “Why do you do it?” she asked. “What do you get out of it?”

Samson glanced at Geni. “What’s she told you?”

“Not too much,” Barbara replied. “Only that you’ve done this seven times before. Each time has been a … a … success I suppose I’d call it.” Giving Geni a quick glance of her own, Barbara then returned her attention to Samson’s face, adding, “She also told me you’re … uhm … particularly well-endowed and that she’s been teasing you all day.”

Samson grinned and sipped Guinness. He regarded Barbara over the rim of the glass, eyes twinkling with amusement.

The dreadlocks twirled when Samson nodded vigorously. “I’m black, I’m supposed to have a big cock.” He winked at Geni across Barbara’s shoulder. “And she’s right about teasing me all day. Man I thought I was gonna explode.”

The thought of Samson’s penis spitting jizm caused a shiver of desire ripple through Barbara’s body, the epicentre at her core as her pussy sluiced yet more desire into her already sodden knickers.

Samson continued. “We’ve done this seven times before, with a few couples, you’re the first single lady. Twice it was with lesbian couples, but they ain’t too much fun. They weren’t really into me.” Samson grinned and shrugged with self-deprecating nonchalance. “Two couples turned our offer down because of the race thing, but all seven who went for it were bang on the money. I bred them all.” Samson sipped his pint again before continuing. “Me and Geni have been involved in a lot of stuff (alotta stuff) where white women want a black man. She’s pretty cool like that.”

“I don’t understand,” Barbara replied. What exactly are you to each other? I thought you were just a friend, someone Geni knew. That’s the impression I got. What do you mean ‘a lot of stuff’?”

“He’s my husband,” Geni interjected. “And I love watching him fuck other women.”

“And what I get out of it is some great sex,” Samson added as Barbara’s mouth fell open. He pointed a dark finger at Barbara. “You get your baby, while I …” Samson paused and surveyed Barbara’s body with such candid appreciation that she blushed, “… get to fuck some hot-ass white lady.” He nodded appreciatively and sucked his teeth. Barbara felt the weight of Samson’s intense stare on her breasts. “And you’re a tasty girl. Ripe and sexy, just the way I like them.” He glanced at a smirking Geni. “I gotta admit, my cute wife has great taste.” The man leaned back in his chair, his gaze challenging as he stared into Barbara’s eyes.

“I thought this was going to be like at the clinic,” Barbara said as the shock faded. Her hands and legs trembled at the prospect of actually fucking, or being fucked by this superb physical example of a man. She looked around the bar before miming a jerking motion with her fist. “You know, I thought you’d get it ready, put it in, and then come.”

“Oh no, Barbara,” Geni said. “That’s sort of the condition I mentioned. “We’re basically going to have a threesome. We’re going to fuck. All of us. I fancy you. The deal is, I watch my husband fucking you, you watch him fuck me, and he watches me and you loving each other up as well.” The redhead’s eyes rolled, expression dreamy while she relived güvenilir casino previous encounters. “It’ll be so hot, Barbara. I love it. I really fucking love watching women come on Samson’s big cock. Seeing their faces when they come makes me so fucking horny, Barbara. Sometimes I can see how jealous they are knowing that they can only fuck him because I let them. It’s like a power thing. They can have him for one night, but I can climb onto his cock whenever I like.” Geni shrugged and tilted her head, her expression questioning. “But of course, as well as having some dirty fun, my husband bathes your cervix with spunk and knocks you up. Did I mention he can come two or three times on the bounce, Barbara? I guarantee, by tomorrow morning, you’ll be walking knock-kneed and up the duff. My husband’s sperm will fertilise your egg.

“So, what do you say, Barbara? Do you mind if I touch you and kiss you? Would you like me to lick your pussy? And maybe, if you’re up for it, you could lick mine too? And in-between or whatever, I get to watch your face as you orgasm on Samson’s dick. You never know, watching him fuck me might turn you on too, Barbara.

“It’s up to you. The offer’s there. What do you say?”

Barbara reached for her glass. She looked at Samson first and then swallowed the rest of the vodka in one go. She turned her attention to Geni. “What are we waiting for?”


Barbara watched, fascinated, when back at Geni and Samsons’s flat, the man peeled his tee-shirt over his head. Her sex tightened and sluiced when she saw the ribbed muscles of his abdomen and the plated muscles in Samson’s chest.

“Oh God, Geni,” she gasped. “He’s so perfect.”

Geni chuckled and reached for Barbara’s hand as they sat side-by-side on the sofa. “Why do you think I married him, Barbara?”

“Don’t you get jealous?” Barbara asked. “I mean, women must be after him all the time. What if someone tried to steal him off you?”

“They’ve tried,” Geni replied in a voice laced with venom. “But he loves me. That’s why we married, Barbara. For love. The other stuff is just sex, purely physical. I’m in his head, Barbara, and he’s in mine.”

“That’s beautiful,” Barbara murmured, meaning it. “Thank you for sharing him with me. Thank you for letting him give me a baby.”

Geni swivelled her torso to bring her face-to-face with the older woman. “You’re welcome,” she breathed. “Now, how about you kiss me?”

After a moment’s hesitation, Barbara leaned towards Geni and offered her mouth. Geni’s hand cupped one of Barbara’s breasts through her blouse while her tongue slid between her lips.

“That was so soft,” Barbara said in wonder when the tender kiss broke. “You’re a wonderful kisser, Geni.”

“Let’s share my husband’s cock,” Geni replied. “We can both suck him and kiss when we meet at the tip. Does that sound good, Barbara?”

“I’ve … I’ve never done anything remotely kinky like that before,” the woman gasped. “But hearing about it has turned me on so much. I … I …” Barbara stammered as her desire overwhelmed her natural inhibitions. “Oh, Geni,” Barbara groaned. “I want to touch myself. Between my legs. I’m so hot.”

“Then do it, baby,” Geni whispered before kissing Barbara again. “Play with your pussy.” She cast a look at Samson who, bare-chested but still wearing faded jeans watched the proceedings with avid interest. “We want to see you play with yourself. Samson,” Geni directed. “Take your jeans off. Show Barbara what she’s going to get soon. Show her your beautiful big cock.”

“Oh. My. God,” Barbara gasped when Samson unbuttoned his jeans and slid them to mid-thigh.

The man smiled at her, posing with his length jerking as if scenting the air with its blunt snout. Samson took hold of his girth, hefting the length of his penis in his palm to demonstrate its weight to a wide-eyed Barbara. “You like this?” he asked slowly stroking a fist along himself, his eyes fixed on the woman’s expression.

Barbara nodded eagerly. “I like it a lot, Samson.” She turned to Geni, who was by then sliding her short denim skirt down her legs. “This is so much better than the clinic,” she said. “None of the other donors have been so gorgeous. I can’t believe how … sexy your husband is.”

“Show us how turned on you are, Barbara,” Geni urged in a low voice, her eyes gleaming. “Why don’t we all get naked and I’ll lick your pussy to get started?”

Barbara unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it off her shoulders. She’d been naked in front of the nurse on several occasions and had no qualms about revealing her body to the woman again. Despite there being over a decade difference in their ages, Barbara, confident that she could hold her own physically, thanks to a healthy diet and a lot of physical exercise, unclasped her bra and freed her sizeable breasts. Then, breasts swinging as she moved, she unzipped her skirt and let it slide down her legs to pool at her feet.

“Yeah,” Samson muttered when Barbara eased her knickers, which weren’t much more than a sodden scrap by this time, off to join her skirt bunched on the carpet. “Sexy lady,” he grinned. “My hot wife and her sexy friend.” His dreads swung when he nodded and added, “This is gonna be a great evening. I can tell we’re gonna get on great, Barbara.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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