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Brenner’s Lake Ch. 04

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I didn’t wake up until almost 11, and wondered why the girls had let me sleep in. I seemed to remember Rachel saying she wouldn’t be hanging with us today. Had she really told me that… this morning? I shook my head to clear it. Did that really happen, or was it a dream?

I was naked. My underwear was on the floor next to the bed. It was caked with half-dried cum. Holy shit, Rachel really had been in here this morning, half naked, giving me a hand job.

I seemed to remember her dry-humping me as well. No, that part must have been a dream.

Whatever. Eleven o’clock, and certainly Sandy should have woken me by now.

I got dressed and walked out of the guest room. On the hallway floor by the door, there was a pair of girl’s shorts. But Rachel had been wearing her shorts, hadn’t she? Weird.

I checked the kitchen and the front porch. Nobody was there. So I went to Sandy’s bedroom, and knocked on the door. There wasn’t any response, so I slowly opened the door. Sandy was lying on her bed, over the blanket, wearing just a sleeveless top and panties. “Oops,” I said. “Sorry. I’ll go.”

“No,” she said, “it’s alright.”

“Are you feeling okay?”

“Yeah, I guess. Just girl stuff.”

“Oh,” I said, feeling myself turn red. “You mean your… oh.”

She laughed. “No, not that. I finished that a couple of days ago, just before you got here.” Way more than I needed to know! “I mean I was just feeling… I don’t know, bummed out about a bunch of things.”

“Anything I can do to help?”

“No, no I’ll be fine. Listen, it’s supposed to be crazy hot out today. Do you want to hike out to the lake again?”

“Without Rachel?” I asked.

“Oh. Okay,” Sandy said. “If you don’t want to…”

That was a stupid thing for me to say: Sandy didn’t have to know I kind of had Rachel on my mind after what we’d done this morning. “No,” I said. “Sure. Do you want to eat first?”

“I can wait if you can,” Sandy said. “I’ll make some sandwiches if you’ll grab some Cokes out of the garage fridge.” She rolled out of bed and hopped to her feet. “Seems kind of weird to put my shorts back on when I’ll be taking them off again as soon as we get there, huh? But I guess I can’t go walking to the woods in my underwear, huh?”

I had half a mind to dare her to do just that, but I didn’t think she’d appreciate the humor. I also wondered where her shorts were: they didn’t seem to be on the floor near her bed anywhere. It’s not as if she could have been wearing those shorts that were outside my door. Well, whatever. I headed to the garage to get the Cokes.


Before Danny came into my room, I’d been lying on my bed for about an hour and a half, trying to sort things out in my head. On one hand it was probably a good thing I’d slipped out of his bed earlier rather than letting him, well, fuck me. On the other hand, it was a tremendous let-down, going from being insanely horny and on the verge of having a hard cock push into me, to lying on my own bed alone, feeling depressed, all over the span of about five minutes.

I was surprised at how much much it bothered me hearing Danny call out Rachel’s name. casino şirketleri I mean, I shouldn’t have been surprised — they were flirting blatantly enough at the lake yesterday and I’m just a cousin, after all — but still… I did want them both to be happy, of course, but I also didn’t love the idea of them being a couple for the next two weeks and me being the odd man out.

And yeah, I was bothered by the possibility that I’d still be a virgin when we went off to college next month and Rachel wouldn’t be.

Does that make me a bad person?

Well, at least Danny wouldn’t be taking anybody’s cherry today, I thought, and I picked out a pair of shorts from my dresser. I looked over at the door to make sure it was closed, then stripped off my tank top. Bra or bikini today? I wondered.


Sandy seemed okay the whole way through Brenner’s Woods to the lake, and while we were eating lunch; but seemed a little tense when we were cleaning up.

“Ready to cool off?” she said, looking over at the lake.


We both kicked off our shoes, pulled off our socks, and stripped off our shorts. And I was pulling off my shirt, she said, “Danny, I have to ask you something.”


Okay, I had to just come out with it before I lost my nerve. “Danny, I have to ask you something.”

“What’s up?”

“Well… I forgot to change before we left the house.” I gestured at my tank top. “This isn’t much different from what Rachel was wearing yesterday, except for no sleeves, and I’m sure you noticed how see-through that got.”

He suddenly looked as awkward as I felt, which actually gave me more confidence. “Um… kinda, yeah.”

“So I was thinking, if it’s okay with you, I want to just take it off when we go swimming. It’s not going to hide anything anyway, so I might as well be comfortable. I mean we’re family anyway, right? So… um… okay?”

“Uh, sure, if you want.” Come on, what boy is going to say no, even if it’s his cousin?

I pulled my shirt over my head quickly, before I could think any more about, and dropped it to the ground. I stood before him wearing just my panties, and… it felt kind of nice.

I could tell he liked what he saw. It’s hard for a guy wearing only jockey shorts to hide that sort of thing.

I smiled. He was feeling more self-conscious about his erection inside his underwear than I was showing him my bare breasts. “We’d better get in to the water,” he said.

“Wait,” I said. “Let’s just sit down for a minute, okay? And Danny, it’s okay that you’re looking at them. Really.”

He sat down on the blanket. I felt more comfortable lying on my side, facing him. “Danny, can I ask you a personal question?”

“I guess so,” he said a bit nervously. I wondered whether he thought I was going to ask if I could remove my panties as well, suggesting that we both go skinny-dipping. I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t thought about that.

“Are these the first naked breasts you’ve ever seen?”

He hesitated. “No. There was just one other girl.”

I was a little disappointed, I admit it. “You’re the first boy who’s ever seen mine. I thought you’d like to know casino firmaları that.”

“Um… I guess. Thank you.”

I’d never seen a boy so horny and flustered before, so I decided to take it a step further. “So now it’s my turn to ask a question again, right?”

“I guess so.”

I took a deep breath and let it out. “Has any girl ever seen your penis? Your dick?”

“Just one.”

“The same girl?”


“I’ve never seen a boy naked. Well… I guess I sort of did, but just briefly and not really in the light. Danny?”


“Can I see yours?”

“Are you sure?”


He lay down on his side facing me, and eased his underwear down his legs and off. His cock was hard, pointing straight toward me. I sighed, thinking about how close I was this morning to having that thing deep inside my pussy. “Danny?”


“Have you ever seen a naked pussy?”

“No,” he said softly.

Finally an answer I liked.

I pulled off my panties and lay naked next to him. If he’d made any move toward me, I’d have rolled over on my back, spread my legs, and let him fill my pussy with his cock. And I think he knew it.

It was easy enough for me to see how hard he was; I wondered if he could tell how warm and creamy my pussy was.

I reached out and took his cock in my hand. He groaned softly. “Has any girl done this to you before?”

“Just once. But please don’t stop. Please.” I stroked his cock gently, thrilled at how much he was enjoying it. “Has anybody… ahh… has anybody ever touched your pussy before.”

“No,” I said. “God, no.”

“I’ve never touched a pussy before,” he said, and he slowly slid his middle finger inside of me.

I gasped. I still had my hand on his cock, but I was so distracted by Danny finger-fucking me, I forgot to keep stroking him. I should have felt badly about that, but I was beyond thinking. God, why did this feel so much better than when I did this to myself? “Faster. Please. Harder.”

I’d had plenty or orgasms before. I’m lucky, I cum fairly easily, but I could tell I was working up to something more intense than I’d ever felt before. I wanted Danny’s cock inside of me, but I couldn’t bear the thought of him stopping what he was doing. “I’m cu– cu– g-g-g-g” And then I screamed, as my body began to shake. Wow. Wow. If Danny could do that to be with his finger, his cock would probably make me pass out.

But not right now. I couldn’t take it. But poor, sweet Danny, he made me cum like I’d never come before, even though I’d left his cock hanging. Literally.

I got up to my knees, and pushed him down to his back. “Has any girl ever sucked your cock?” I asked him.


“Very right answer,” I said, then took his cock into my mouth. Just the head at first. I’d never done this sort of thing before, but I’d read a lot. And watched a lot of porn videos. I’d given myself a lot of orgasms sitting in front of the computer, though of course none of them compared to the one I’d just enjoyed.

I bobbed my head up and down, taking a little more of his cock each time, and let my tongue run along the head of his cock. Whatever I was doing I must have been güvenilir casino doing it right, because Danny was moaning.

I added some sucking to the routine, and he certainly seemed to like that.

I was wondering whether to start stroking his cock as I was sucking it, when I suddenly felt it push deeper in my mouth. I tried not to gag, and all of a sudden Danny began to come. I moved my head a little so he wasn’t quite as deep in my mouth, and began to suck hard as he came. It felt like four or five separate streams of cum hitting the top of my mouth, and I think Danny groaned loudly with each one.

When he was done, his cock began to shrink down and I gently let it fall out of my mouth. Then I rolled over on my back and lay spread-eagle, enjoying the sun against my naked body, the afterglow of an incredible orgasm, and the satisfaction of knowing I’d probably given Danny the orgasm of his life. My eyes were closed, but I opened them just enough to see that Danny couldn’t take his eyes off me. Not that any naked girl would be able to get his cock up and running again for a while.

Kind of a shame… I was ready to cum again. I wondered how difficult it would be to persuade Danny to lick and suck on my pussy.

Probably not very.

But first… The basket was closest to Danny, so asked him to toss me another Coke. I drank just enough to get the cum-taste out of my mouth, then straddled Danny (his flaccid cock felt nice against my pussy; it was my pussy’s first direct contact with one, after all) and said, “I guess it would be silly not to kiss, huh?”

He pulled me down to him and we kissed. I’d been kissed before, of course, but never like this. It didn’t hurt that we were both naked, and I was grinding my breasts into his chest, and we were grinding our crotches together. We kept at it for about five minutes, and I suddenly realized I was wrong about how long it would take Danny’s cock to get hard again. I could soon feel it pressing hard against my pussy, then the length of it was sliding between the fold of my pussy lips. I knew his cock was getting slick from my pussy juices, mixing with the cum and my saliva still coating it.

God, I thought, I’m even hornier than I was before.

I rolled off Danny and on to my back, and Danny moved on top of me. Yes, I nodded, and he smiled, and then his hard cock was just beginning to enter my wet pussy, I mean the head of his cock was literally separating my pussy lips, when it began to rain.

Now, I don’t mean just some ordinary rain. Fucking in the rain on a warm summer afternoon would have been both romantic and really hot. But you know how sometimes on a very hot day it can be fine one minute and then all of a sudden a Wrath of God rain storm rolls in, the rain coming down so hard it can actually hurt when when it hits your bare skin?


And we certainly had a lot of bare skin exposed.

Then came the lightning and thunder.

We grabbed and put on our clothing, took the basket and blanket, and run toward the woods. Not the safest place to be when lightning was around, but it was the only way home.

The sexual mood had been broken by the heavy rain pelting us; but now that we were being shielded from most of it by the trees, Danny was definitely noticing how my tank top seemed to be painted onto my breasts.

As we rushed through the woods, we were both thinking the same thing: home. bed. fuck.

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