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Bridge the Lesbian Gap

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Lying in bed one morning I thought about my story Bridge The Gap and wondered what it would be like if the supplicant was a girl.

I’ve altered the story to fit and decided to publish it.

If lesbianism isn’t your thing then please pass it by.

Just a little addition.


It was Wednesday and Joan Hughes was closing up the library. As the chief librarian it was her job to collect all the books that were lying around and put them back where they belonged and also to check all the computer terminals were closed down so she could turn them off.

Joan was a lady in her late fifties. She had never married and had worked in the library for almost thirty years. She was a large woman. Not fat but curvaceous. Tall with a huge chest and an equally large bottom. She was more handsome than attractive.

She always wore a grey business suit made up of a tight skirt that came down to her knees and a jacket that may have fit a few years previously but bulged in all the right places. A silk or satin blouse completed her outfit along with her ever present string of white pearls around her neck.

Most of the pupils were a little scared of her and she played on this by wearing shiny black high heels that took her height to over six feet. Her hair was constantly done up in a bun to give an even more severe effect.

As she went to check on the terminals she saw that one hadn’t been closed down properly.

This wasn’t uncommon but she liked to see who had been using it so she could check the ID sign on and rebuke the pupil the next time they came into the library.

‘That’s not like Susie Jones,’ she thought. ‘She’s always good at closing down.’

Joan sat at the terminal and was going to set about turning it off when she noticed that Susie hadn’t erased her search history.

‘Well, well, well.’ thought Joan. ‘Susie really!’

Joan gazed at the sites that Susie had been browsing. Dominant Mature Lesbians, Mature Lesbian Authority and other mature lesbian mistress sites.

Her mind was working over time but by the time she had printed off enough material to convict Susie a plan had formed.

Eighteen years old Susie Jones was in her last few months of school. She had exams at the end of term and after the school summer holidays she was going away to university.

She lived with her widowed mother as her father had been killed in a car accident fourteen years previously. She was a petite girl, five feet tall and slim. She had blonde hair that tumbled over her shoulders and bright blue eyes. She was a very pretty young lady.

On Friday most people left the library early except for Susie as she had some work to catch up on before the weekend.

After she had gathered her belongings she headed for the door when she heard Miss Hughes call, ‘Susie, could you pop into the office for a minute please?’

Bewildered she walked over to the Library office and was met by the librarian.

‘Please take a seat. I shan’t be a minute,’ she said.

Joan had a look around the library to make sure everyone else had left then locked the doors before returning. She thought that she could replace the books and sort out the computers later.

She had dressed for the occasion. She wore an under wired push-up bra of black satin and a black satin girdle underneath her trade mark tight grey skirt. She had on a white satin blouse that had three buttons undone showing off her impressive cleavage and shiny grey stockings held up by suspenders attached to the girdle. She had slipped off her jacket just before she called Susie into the office.

‘Susie, you know it’s a rule that every student has to log off and close down the computer terminals when they’ve finished for the day don’t you?’

Susie relieved that was all it was nodded and offered her apologies and told the librarian that she would make sure to do that in future.

‘Well Susie, that’s not all. You see not only had you not logged off but you also hadn’t cleared your browsing history on Wednesday afternoon.’

Susie was now in a state of panic trying to remember what she’d been looking at on that day.

‘Let me jog your memory,’ offered Joan pulling the printed screen shots out of her drawer and spreading them before the nervous young girl.

‘I er I..I can explain,’ she stammered.

‘Oh I hope you can. I can only imagine what the Headmaster would say and do. Expulsion would be my guess and so near your exams. You’ll probably have to find another school and retake the whole year.’ Joan was now really turning the screw.

‘Oh God,’ moaned Susie with her head in her hands. ‘Whatever am I going to do?’

‘You could throw yourself on the Headmaster’s mercy or you could…’ she trailed off.

‘Susie looked up. ‘What? What can I do?’ she asked in earnest.

Joan smiled to herself. She had her just where she wanted her.

‘You could let me punish you.’ she said as a matter of fact.

‘Y…you punish me,’ how? Asked an astonished Susie.

‘Oh I think we could start with a spanking and take canlı bahis şirketleri it from there,’ replied the mature librarian. ‘Or I could just telephone the Headmaster,’ she declared picking up the handset.

‘No. No, please don’t. Ok, I agree for you to punish me,’ she begged.

‘As I see fit?’ she asked.

Susie looked dejected and beaten.

‘Yes, as you see fit,’ she agreed.

‘Well then. Why don’t you start by taking off all your clothes?’

Susie looked at Miss Hughes who was in no mood to argue with the young lady and so she slowly began to undress.

Susie stood before the mature librarian in her tight white cotton panties with one hand in front of her crotch and the other covering her breasts.

‘I said all your clothes young lady!’

With a heavy sigh Susie peeled down her knickers.

‘Hands by your side!’ demanded Joan.

Joan stood up and unzipped her tight grey skirt before tugging it to the floor then sat back down again on her chair.

Susie could see the librarian’s girdle and suspender clasps holding up her fully fashioned stockings. She also noticed Miss Hughes wasn’t wearing any panties.

Susie gasped and moaned inwardly.

The mature woman told the girl to bend over her thighs as she positioned her so that Susie’s pussy was lying on her stocking covered thigh.

‘Oh God,’ thought Susie. ‘It was only a sick fantasy. I never dreamed I would go through with it but here I am naked over a mature woman’s stocking clad thighs and I’m about to be spanked.’ Susie shuddered in anticipation.

The spanking started mild and sensual. Then it became a little harder. ‘Open your legs,’ she ordered.

Susie obeyed and Joan started to spank the insides of Susie’s thighs her fingers grazing over the young girl’s labia.

Susie began to writhe and the friction of the older woman’s stockings on her pussy was electric.

She was now alternating her spanks from Susie’s thighs to her bottom and back.

She even started to run her fingers down the crack of the young girl’s arse and over her puckered hole.

By now Susie was grinding her pussy into Miss Hughes leg and was practically humping it to get some relief.

‘Oh…oh, Miss. Please, more,’ begged Susie as he could feel her orgasm building.

Joan spanked faster and harder then stopped and rubber her cute little bottom slipping the middle finger into Susie’s wet pussy.

‘No. Please Miss. Miss please. I need it!’

‘Need what Slut?’

‘Oh God, I need to cum. Please!’

She pushed Susie onto the carpet and grabbing hold of her by the hair Miss Hughes opened her legs and dragged Susie’s face between her thighs.

‘You will get to cum after you have made me orgasm. I’m sure you know what to do. After all you’ve seen enough videos and photographs,’ she said as she forced Susie’s mouth onto her shaved pussy.

Susie licked tentatively at her lips before dipping his tongue in as far as it would go.

‘Oh God Susie. You’re a natural pussy eater,’ she moaned.

This gave Susie the confidence to go further.

She licked and probed with her tongue and when she found her clitoris she thought she’d hit the jackpot. Joan grabbed her head and practically fucked Susie’s face until she came hard.

Miss Hughes ordered Susie to stand and bend over her desk, legs apart.

She did as she was told.

The mature librarian unbuttoned her blouse and removed it before picking up her skirt where she unbuckled her thin leather belt and promptly began whipping Susie’s bare bottom with it.

Susie could only moan at the pain and pleasure.

Miss Hughes then threw down the belt and ordered Susie to remain as she was.

She stood beside her in her black satin push up bra, black satin girdle holding up her shiny grey stockings and in her shiny black high heels.

‘Look at me girl!’ she ordered.

Susie looked to the side and groaned at the sight of the mature librarian in all her glory.

‘I’m going to own you and from now on you will do everything I say.’ then with her left hand she reached underneath Susie to find her soaking wet pussy.

She started to stroke the young girl’s clitoris as she reached between her open thighs and the middle finger on her right hand penetrated Susie’s dripping pussy.

Slowly finger fucking the young girl while her left hand gently stroked her pussy Susie was moaning and begging the older woman to go harder.

‘Tell me what you want Slut?’ ordered Joan

‘Oh God I want to cum. Please let me cum,’ begged Susie.

Joan withdrew her middle finger from Susie’s pussy and replaced them with two of her fingers on her left hand and used her thumb to rub the young girl’s sensitive clit.

‘Aaahh. That’s it. Harder! I’m nearly there.’ chanted Susie.

‘Well cum then,’ said Joan as she slipped the sticky middle finger of her right hand deep into her arse.

Susie screamed and thrashed around on the older woman’s fingers as she experienced the most intense orgasm of her young life.

After canlı kaçak iddaa they had dressed Joan took the screen shots and locked them away in a secure cabinet.

‘These are mine and if you don’t want the Headmaster to see them I suggest you do what I tell you from now on,’ she stated.

Susie, who was tucking her shirt into her skirt looked at her curiously.

‘Do you understand me young lady?’ she asked.

Realising she was in no position to argue a subdued Susie whispered ‘yes Miss.’

‘Good, in that case make sure you are at my house at two thirty on Sunday afternoon. I’m having some friends around for Bridge and I need someone to serve drinks and nibbles,’

Reluctantly Susie agreed and said she’d be there.

On Sunday afternoon Susie walked along to the address Joan had given her wondering if serving drinks and food was all she’d be doing.

She was nervous and excited at the same time.

When Joan opened the door to greet her Susie wasn’t surprised to see Miss Hughes wearing a similar outfit to the ones she wore for work but without the jacket, her hair still in a bun. Susie thought she looked the epitome of a grandmother, especially as she was wearing a high necked blouse and a knee length tweed skirt.

Miss Hughes high heels clacked on the wooden floor as she took Susie into the kitchen to show her where the canapes were kept and to where the wine was chilling. She pointed out where the plates and the glasses were before walking closer to her.

‘Thank you for coming,’ she said sweetly as she put her arms around the young girl and kissed her full on the lips, pulling her into her body.

‘Right we must get you changed before my guests arrive. Follow me,’ Joan said taking Susie by the hand and leading her to her bedroom.

On the bed lay a short black latex mini skirt, a white silk blouse along with black hold up stockings and a pair of shiny black shoes with four inch stiletto heels.

‘I want you to wear this without your underwear. Do you understand?’

Susie just looked at the clothes and nodded.

‘Come back to the kitchen when you’re ready and be quick about it. They’ll be here soon!’

Susie stripped and rolled the stockings up her bare legs. She then squeezed into the tight shiny short black skirt. The blouse was equally tight and you could easily see her hard nipples pointing through the shiny material. The last to go on were the shoes that took a bit of practice to learn to walk in.

She looked in the mirror and thought she looked like a cheap hooker.

‘It looks like you are going to be a big source of excitement to my ladies,’ Joan said as Susie walked back into the kitchen. ‘You will do anything they ask. Is that understood?’

Susie nodded yes.

Suddenly the doorbell rang. ‘Go and let my guests in,’ Joan said.

When Susie answered the door a rather plump woman walked in. ‘Ah, you must be Susie, the new girl,’ she said as she hugged her. Susie wondered what she had meant.

Hello Doris,’ shouted Joan coming out of the kitchen. ‘Do take a seat in the living room and I’ll get Susie to fetch you a glass of wine.’

Doris was in her early sixties and was pleasantly rotund, having large breasts and an equally large bottom.

Again the doorbell rang and Susie went to answer the door.

A tall well endowed lady brushed past her and slipping off her jacket to show off her large breasts in her shiny cream silk blouse she said, ‘here girl, hang this up and don’t get it creased.’

‘Marjory, nice that you could come!’ exclaimed Joan as she walked up to her guest and air kissed both cheeks. Marjory was a haughty spinster in her mid sixties. She was tall but attractive with a good figure.

Just then the bell sounded again and with a sigh Susie once again answered the door. This time it was a petite lady, maybe late fifties, with an elfin face and small breasts. She was only slightly taller than Susie.

‘Hello Edna,’ said Joan.’ Do come in and join the fun.’

Susie noted that all the women were dressed similarly. Blouses and sensible skirts that looked out of character with their high heels.

Once the women had caught up on their chat they sat down at the card table that had been set up in the dining room.

‘Wine for everyone Susie please,’ ordered Joan. She obliged and stood waiting for her next order.

‘Right. Slightly different rules this afternoon. The person that wins a rubber will take our young lady here into the guest bedroom. They’ll have fifteen minutes before the game begins again,’ stated Joan. Susie was surprised to hear that.

Doris won the first hand and dragged her into the bedroom.

‘Come here girly. Let’s see what I can do with you.’

Susie apprehensively followed the older woman to the guest bedroom.

Once inside Doris sunk to her knees in front of the bed and pushed Susie’s skirt up to her waist before prising the young girl’s legs open and burying her head between her thighs.

‘What a cute little blonde pussy you have dear. Nicely trimmed,’ canlı kaçak bahis she said before devouring it with her mouth causing Susie to moan with pleasure.

‘I bet you’d like to cum?’ she asked and Susie nodded.

‘Good girl, then you will,’ she said as she pushed Susie onto the bed with her legs hanging over the side then slid two fingers into her cunt. Doris pushed her face into Susie’s pussy slurping and nibbling on her clitoris.

‘Aaahhh, Mrs…er Miss. Oh fuck. I’m going to come. Oh, I’m cumming! Oh God I’m cumming,’ Susie shrieked not caring if anyone else heard.

Doris pulled Susie to her feet then stood and bent forwards over the bed. She flipped up her skirt to reveal she was naked underneath. ‘My turn now dear, just slide your slick tongue into my big sexy arse, will you?’

Susie was shocked as she’d never done that before but leaned forward opening up the cheeks of the older woman’s bottom and using her tongue she gently probed getting used to the taste.

‘Come on girl. Rim my arse and push it in while I frig myself off. I do like a nice young girls face in my bottom.’

Susie gingerly used her tongue as Doris requested and was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t taste of anything rather it had a musky smell to it. ‘Not too bad,’ she thought.

Doris had her hand on her pussy with two fingers inside and her thumb drumming her clitoris.

‘Yes, that’s it darling. Eat my bottom. Oh, I’m nearly there.’

Susie slipped her tongue as deep as it could go inside of Doris’s tight sphincter when all of a sudden Doris let out a muffled scream as her face was buried in the bedding and came hard collapsing forward onto the bed.

‘Thank you darling, now straighten yourself up and go back to the dining room. I’ll be out when I’ve sorted myself out and tidied up in here.’ she said.

‘Ah, Susie!’ Joan exclaimed. ‘Just in time. Canapes and more wine please.’

Susie trotted off to the kitchen as Doris returned, a big smile on her face.

Once again the game commenced and Susie wondered what her next task would be.

‘Oh well done Marjory,’ someone cried.

Marjory stood and walked past Susie towards the bedroom. ‘Come along girl!’

Once in the room Marjory sat on the end of the bed. ‘Kneel,’ she ordered.

Susie knelt at her feet. ‘Just where a little pussy licking slut like you should be!’ she exclaimed as she raised her skirt to reveal tan coloured stockings, a white suspender belt and a lack of panties.

Susie stared at the prominent bush between her legs.

‘Come on, get your face between my thighs and pleasure me!’

She began her task with trepidation but with the first lick she realised that the older woman’s pussy tasted quite nice.

Susie put all of her recent carnal knowledge into trying to satisfy Marjory. Soon she was writhing on Susie’s face, telling her what a naughty little slut she was and that she was going to cum. Susie would ease off and teased her lips before assaulting her clit once more. Marjory couldn’t stand it much longer so she held Susie’s head tight and her face in place as she rode it to orgasm, her juices squirting onto the young girl’s face.

A satisfied Marjory pushed her away. ‘Go to the bathroom and wash your face then come back to join us,’ she added before pulling her skirt down and returning to the game.

When Susie returned the other three women were drinking wine and chatting.

‘Edna, you haven’t had the pleasure yet so why don’t you take Susie to the guestroom?’ Joan prompted.

‘Oh, don’t you want to play a rubber first. It might be you that gets lucky,’ said Edna.

‘Oh don’t worry about that. I’ll have my fun with her when you three are gone,’ added Joan.

Edna rose from the table and took Susie by the hand and led her towards the bedroom. Inside she hugged the young girl, ‘Kiss me,’ she ordered. Susie leaned into the older woman and kissed her sensually on the lips. They kissed long and hard as Edna slipped her tongue into Susie’s willing mouth and rubbed herself against her firm young body.

They broke off the kiss and Edna slowly undressed Susie

When she was naked she told her to get up on the bed on her back.

She too then undressed. When she was naked Susie admired the slim and remarkable firm body of the older woman. She noticed that her pubic hair was nicely trimmed too.

Edna climbed up on the bed and straddled Susie’s waist. She marvelled at Edna’s huge nipples that looked even bigger on her small breasts. Leaning towards Susie she offered them to her.

Susie eagerly sucked on Edna’s nipples causing her to moan and push her breasts further into the young girl’s face.

‘Susie I want you to make love to me. I’ve not been with a woman for over ten years and I don’t want you to just fuck me, I want you to make slow, sensual love to me.’

Susie didn’t know what to say. All of the other women here up to now had used her for their own pleasure and now she had to make love to another woman. She’d never done that before but was quite eager to try.

She eased Edna onto her back and kissed her gently on her lips before working her way to her ears and down to her neck. She kissed downwards to her breasts and spent time licking and gently biting her erect nipples causing Edna to moan gently.

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