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Brienne Pt. 03

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She wrote me again two days later. “Do you want to come by tonight to make sure?”

I looked at my phone. I was torn. I had already made another date with a hot little thing that I had matched with the day before. And now here she was again. Asking me to come back and fuck her bare once again. Offering me the opportunity to make sure that she would carry my child.

I didn’t answer right away, but I was struggling to focus on my work. In the end I had known what I would decide the second I read her message. I made plans to come by her place late in the evening and postponed the planned date.

I had her wait for me on her bed naked and blindfolded with her door ajar. Entering her apartment, I shed my clothes and proceeded to fuck every one of her holes roughly. I was very rough with her unprepared ass, but she took it and loved it, coming vocally while I had her hair pulled back pounding away in her tight ass.

Later when I finally came in her unprotected pussy, she had already come twice around me, though she was obviously far antalya escort from sated. After catching our breaths, I had her lick our juices off me, before she rode me to another orgasm – hers and mine.

Afterwards we lay in bed cuddling like longtime lovers, talking like old friends. She really was very beautiful.

“Would it be ok, if I had your number?” she asked with her head on my chest. “So we could keep in touch.”

“Of course” I said. “While I don’t want to be listed officially as the father, the child can contact me when it grows up, if it feels the need or desire to. But if you go and find yourself a good man later, then of course he’ll be the father in anything but DNA. If I’ve succeeded that is.”

I could feel her smiling against me.

“That is exactly what I want.”

“Besides” I added after a pause. “If later in life I am to discover some sort of genetic defect, I’d want you to know, so the child can get the proper care.”

When I was dressed and ready to leave, she put her arms around my neck and kissed me antalya rus escort deeply and lovingly. Then she put head against my chest for a minute, before looking up at me. “Call me if you pass by my new job. I’d love for you to fuck me, when I’m showing.”

I promised as much.

Leaving her apartment in the low light of the evening put me in a thoughtful mood. Sensibility told me that what I had just done was probably not the smartest move, and besides nothing probably would come of our tryst. And though I’d only met her twice, I realized that I already missed her. I parked in a deserted lot on a cliff overlooking the ocean. And as I watched the sunset, it dawned on me that she had been more than just a good fuck. She had made me feel again. The pain of my divorce had been so overwhelming that I’d closed my self off. Shut my feelings down. Kept anyone with potential at a distance. With her personality and her purpose, she had managed to penetrate my armor, and while I knew we didn’t have a future together, I antalya ucuz escort still cherished her for making me feel again.

It was about 4 weeks later when she wrote me. “It worked! I’m pregnant! Thank you so much. I’m eternally grateful to you.” I congratulated her and felt entirely happy. She really had healed me – or at least started the process. I was back to feeling like the old me. Having been able to give her what she wanted most in life in return felt really good.

She had written me a couple of times over the following six months, but sadly my work hadn’t taken me through her town. A week before Christmas she wrote me again.

“I have a little Victor growing inside of me.” Again I congratulated her, before she started wondering.

“Do you think he will be fair skinned like you or more like me?”

“All we can hope for as parents, is for the child to be healthy.” I replied. “And besides while he’ll probably be a very beautiful mix, I hope he inherits his mothers beautiful eyes.”

At the time of writing she is 8 days overdue and I’m expecting a message any day with a picture of the first boy I’ve fathered.

Over the course of the last nine months, I’ve met a very smart, sweet and beautiful young woman where I live, and if things keep going as well as they do now, Victor won’t be the last child I have.

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