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Brittney navigated her flashy mustang convertible along the beach road. It was a picture perfect night here on the the Caribbean island that had become her home for the past 3 months. Her father and thus her family had moved after his company had bought out a factory and had place him in charge of the takeover. The past three months had been wonderful as she had spent almost everyday at the beach, soaking up the sun and getting a great tan. She was 22 years old and had even graduated college with a worthless degree in communication, after being unable to land a job, she had decided it was more fun to live off of daddy and had tagged along during the move.
She parked the car and got out, she was short, around 5’5 and barely weighed 100 pounds. She did attract quite a few glances from the men on the beach when she showed up in her skimpy black bikini. She cut quite a figure indeed. She went over to a restaurant where she planned on meeting her brother, Brandon, who was perhaps the only un-perfect part of her current life. He had always been an outside and had dabbled in drugs back when they were still at home but upon arriving upon the island had developed such an addiction that their hardcore conservative parents had kicked him out of the house. He had called Brittney from a pay phone and demanded that she meet him at the restaurant.
“Hey sis, its good to see you,” Brandon quipped as Brittney approached his table and took a seat.
“Its been a while,” answered Brittney
Their conversation continued for a few moments over just general stuff, how mom and dad had been, friends from the past, etc. Until a large black SUV pulled up and 3 very “gangster” looking men got out. Brandon immediately became very uncomfortable and half-yelled at Brittney “We should leave right now,” but it was too late, the large men sat down at their booth on the outside of both of them blocking them in.
The man that sat down next to Brittney was the smallest of the three, but still was close to 6’3 and had giant muscular arms. Brittney immediately noticed a tattoo of a naked women on the man’s bulging bicep. The thug that sat next to Brandon was easily 6’5 and was so large around that Brittney would consider him fat even though he could probably crush her with one hand. The third man stood close by but at a distance, he seemed to be on the lookout for something. The man next to Brittney was white, the one next to Brandon black, the third man appeared to be a native of the casino şirketleri island.
The man next to Brandon began to speak, slowly, “I assume Brandon is telling you how our little deal will proceed?”
“I might have been able to if you guys would have waited more than 15 minutes,” Brandon fumed back at the man.
“I’ve never been much for talk,” replied the man as both men sitting at the booth reached into their belts and turned to the two siblings. Brittney gasp in fright as she realized that the white man next to her had just placed a guy into her ribs and the man next to Brandon had done the same to him.
“Heres the deal miss, your brother has racked up over 60,000 dollars worth of drugs, lap dances, alcohol, and hookers at my bosses clubs, and as it turns out, he doesn’t have any money to pay us back, so we are in the process of working something out,” the black man sitting next to her brother calmly explained.
Brittney was shocked and simply looked at her brother, “how could be be so stupid she wondered.”
Then a rush of anger consumed her, her brother had been given everything but he still managed to ruin his entire life and she was tired of it affecting her. “What does that have to do with me,” she said in a half yell.
“Well it turns out that he has everything to do with you, since your brother doesn’t have any money for boss, he provided us with something else, you.” replied the man, which almost baffled Brittney. She did have any money and didn’t under stand what they would want with her.
The white man next to her sensed her confusion, leaned over and in a whisper that sent chills down her spine said, “your an attractive young lady, you figure it out.”
Brittney’s mind spun, she was a good girl, the families perfect angel and now her brother had dragged her into his sick and pathetic life.
The large native man standing some distance now approached,”come on guys, time to go Brandon stays here, the girl rides with us”
Brittney stared over at Brandon, leaned over the table and started to scream “you son of a….” until the man next to her jammed the gun into her side. “I’m so sorry, they promised me that they’ll return you safe in one week” was all Brandon could stammer out.
With that everyone got up from the table, the large white man next to Brittney dragging her along with his hand surrounding her entire shoulder. They walked towards the SUV and the black man opened the back door while the man holding her casino firmaları arm shoved her in.
They drove for a while, the men talking about what plans the “boss” had in store for them and what they wanted to eat that night. Brittney picked up that the white guy was named Eric, the black man was referred to as J, and the huge native man was simply referred to as Big. All three of them ignored her as they drove on, Big driving, J in the passenger seat, and Eric sitting in the back next to her. Brittney just sat in the seat, stunned, she thought that maybe she should cry, but didn’t even think she could manage. If felt like she was having an out of body experience.
The phone then rang, J said aloud, “its boss” and then flipped the phone open and onto speaker phone.
Phone: Hey boys, did you deal with Brandon and his little sister?
J: Yeah, she’s in the car now
Phone: She must be pretty upset that her own brother sold her out
J: Well she hasn’t anything, must not be too upset about it
Phone: Hello Brittney, how are you today?
There was silence as Brittney told herself not to respond to the man inside the phone.
Phone: Well Brittney, I want to explain the situation to you, your brother owes me a tremendous amount of money, and I’m pissed that he can’t cover it. So you will cover it or else your brother disappears, along with the rest of your family and you better believe me
Brittney still couldn’t force herself to respond. Eric decided to make Brittney respond to the phone, he reached over, grabbed her forearm and twisted, Brittney shouted out in pain.
Phone: I see somebody is trying to make you take part in the conversation, who is it?
Eric: Its me boss
Phone: Good, I like to see my employees take charge of a situation, I’ll tell you what Eric, how about you have Brittney show you her breasts for your hard work.
Brittney was stunned, she was smart enough to know that these men wanted her for sexual reasons, but never expected it all to be so casual.
Eric now looked over at Brittney with a huge grin on his face, “how bout it doll?” as he waved his right hand, reminding Brittney that he was still holding a gun.
Brittney wanted to cry, her brain was moving at a hundred miles an hour, “he has a gun, they will hurt my no good brother, even my parents, I don’t have much choice in this matter” she decided as she slowly moved her hands up to her neck to untie the bathing suit top. Her breasts were not super large, güvenilir casino C cups but she was a very small girl so they appeared even bigger than they were. She undid the knot holding her top on and that pulled her breasts against her body, she let it fall, She felt her breasts fall also now that the support was gone. Eric’s eyes moved down to Brittney’s tits. She had tan lines that showed how pale she was when she hadn’t been in the sun for months. J looked over his shoulder and simply said “nice tits.” Brittney felt reduced to a piece of meat.
Suddenly Brittney saw Eric’s left hand jerk, it drew back and slapped her right across her left breast causing her to gasp out both in surprise and pain. “what the fuck” Brittney yelled.
Laughter came from the phone, “how about you have her give you a blow-job on the drive home Eric and then bring her up to my room.”
Brittney couldn’t believe her ears, making her show her chest to men and making her go down on them were two things entirely. She couldn’t and she wouldn’t.
Eric however seemed to have been waiting for this moment, he quickly began undoing his pants. In a matter of seconds he had his pants around his ankles looking over at Brittney.
“you heard the man bitch,” he hissed.
Brittney had gone down on guys before, and knew that her situation was grim. She had to do what he wanted. The fact her breast still stun from his slap also encouraged her.
She took her right and and reached down to grab Eric’s now erect penis, it was not too large, her boyfriend has a bigger one, but it was around 6 inches long and not very thick. She stroked it as she leaned over. She placed the head in her mouth and began to lick it. Eric let as a gasp. Brittney began moving her head up and down over the head, she did this for what seemed like several minutes.
“Lick my balls,” Eric moaned down at her. Brittney reached down with her hand to his balls, she had never really played with balls before and was bothered by the fact that these were very hairy. Eric must have sensed that she needed some encouragement because his left hand started to push down on her head, forcing her mouth to his balls. Brittney wanted to gag, hair was being forced into her mouth as she licked, it made her want to throw up. He continued to hold her mouth against his balls for sometime, each time the SUV hit a bump it forced her tongue to move over most of his hairy balls. Finally, he let up on her head and she was attempting to spit out some of his pubic hair when he grabbed her head again, whispering, “its time to actually suck a dick” before forcing her head down and guiding his penis into her mouth with his right hand.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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