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Brother and Sister Love

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I am the eldest male of a three kid family. My Brother is one year younger than me and my sister is two years younger than I am.

My father was a foundation laborer who built up his own foundation business and my mother worked as a nurses aid. Both parents worked Monday to Saturday. Being the eldest, my parents would ask me to look after my siblings on many occasions.

I was 20 years old when the following occurred.

As this happened some time ago there were thankfully no mobile phones!

One afternoon my younger sister, Leanne who barely turned 18 was looking for makeup and went looking in our parents room.

After a while I heard her say “oh no! I think I just found some porn books.”

My brother was outside at the time so I said to my sister “show me.”

We both started to look through them and even though it was initially uncomfortable we kept looking through all four magazines that our father obviously bought and didn’t bother to hide too well.

“Wow, hes got a big dick” Leanne said. “can yours get that big?

As a 20 year old boy it takes nothing to get hard and sitting there with my sister looking at porn got me real hard. “Ummm yes it can.” I replied smiling. I initially felt weird as although at 20 I had four sex partners, (OK two were drunk chicks at parties) it had never occurred to me to fuck my sister until that moment.

“Want to show me?” Leanne asked smiling.

“Have you had sex yet Leanne?” I asked my sister.

“Well not really.” she replied surprisingly unfazed by the question. “I mean I’ve kissed heaps of guys and been fingered at school and stuff, but so have most girls my age. Oh I did suck Patrick’s dick one time!”

I was shocked but also ready to explode. I was rock hard. A million thoughts were racing through my mind. Wow my sister is a want to be slut!

She looked down at the budge in my pants then looked me in the eyes. “I don’t want to be a virgin anymore.” she said. Her pupils were huge and she had a huge smile. “I know you wont hurt me and I love you,” she continued. She then touched my cock.

I leant forward and kissed her gently then a bit more forcefully, shoving my tongue in her mouth. She pulled away and looked at me.

“Can you just fuck me please?” she asked. “Feels kinda weird kissing you. No offense.”

I pulled my pants down and my cock just sprang out with a bit of pre-cum on the end.

“Umm. Sorry.” Leanne said. I’m not going to suck that.”

She then pulled off her knickers, lifted up her dress and laid down on the carpet in our parents bedroom.

“What happens now?” Leanne asked looking up at me. “So do you finger me or something?”

Now even though I had been fucking for a few years, I wasn’t really that experienced. I shoved my fingers into her cunt and it was so tight. Leanne groaned. I bent down and started licking her cunt, then her clit (yes I found it!). Leanne loved it and pulled my head in harder. She groaned even more.

“Can you fuck me now?” she pleaded.

“Hey!” my brother calls out from the back door. “What are you guys doing?” Can you drive me to Jakob’s house?”

“Yeah hang on Rick.” I shouted out to my brother. “Fuck!! I wish he would get a job and buy a car!”

“I will stay her and play.” Leanne whispered to me quietly. “I wanna stay here and look at the porn books. That was fun.” She smiled a very wicked grin.

“OK.” I whispered back. “I’ll be quick. C’mon Rick.” I shouted out to my brother.

I quickly pulled up my pants and ran out to the car to drive my brother to his friends house. All I could think of was fucking my sister. I drove like a man possessed and scared the shit out of my brother.

When I got back home Leanne was still looking at the porno books and rubbing herself. I immediately got hard again.

“Do what were you doing before.” Leanne pleaded. I dropped down to the carpet and went back to licking her cunt which was just dripping wet now. I slipped two finger into her cunt trying to get it looser.

“Fuck!” I said. “I have no condoms!”

“Can you be careful then?” Leanne begged.

I had to fuck her there and then so I nodded and slipped my cock in. It was so tight I felt I was going to blow in 10 seconds. Leanne groaned and tilted her head back.

“Oh fuck!” she called out. “More. Please more.”

Leanne was scratching the shit out of my back. I didn’t want to güvenilir bahis fuck her too hard in case it hurt but she kept asking for more and deeper cock.

It was maybe five minutes and I couldn’t hold on any longer. I pulled out and came all over Leanne’s cunt and dress.

“Hey! Is that it? Leanne called out disappointed. “I want more!” She demanded.

“OK. Look I’m sorry but you’re so tight it was hard not to cum” I replied disappointed in myself. “Give me 10 minutes and we can go again?”

“OK.” Leanne said sadly. “I can have a play while I wait I guess and clean up the mess.”

Leanne wiped the cum from her cunt and licked it off her fingers.

“Oh!” She exclaimed. “It tastes OK.”

She then used two fingers to wipe my cum off her cunt and put both fingers in her mouth.

“Wow!” I said with my eyes wide open. “That is so hot!”

Leanne smiled. “I saw it in the books. All the girls do it, but seriously, its tastes ok. Want some?”

“No that’s fine.” I said. “Its all for you.”

Leanne kept licking all the cum that was on her.

I was hard again and went to fuck her.

“I want to suck you.” Leanne said smiling.

“Yeah sure.” I replied. “I mean hell yeah!”

I slid my cock in her mouth and she sucked it like she was trying to swallow the entire thing.

“Woo be gentle”. I whispered. “and lick it. Lick the knob and suck…”

Leanne went to work and man it was like she’d done this for years. It was amazing. I then told her I have to fuck her. She said “Yes please!”

I slipped my cock back into her hot wet cunt. It felt amazing. I had to tongue kiss her and this time she didn’t mind. In fact she shoved her tongue far down my throat.

Just as I was about to blow I pulled out and rushed to Leanne’s mouth. She opened up and kept my cum in her mouth then gulped down in one hit. She had a bit running out the corner of her mouth and it looked damn hot!

After she swallowed it down Leanne opened her mouth to show me. She smiled and said “all gone!”

We sat on the floor cuddling and looking at the pornos. Leanne was looking at a picture of a woman with a black dildo up her cunt. “You’re going to get me one” Leanne ordered.

“Fuck yeah!” I replied smiling. “Will even help you play with it.” I said rubbing her clit.

Again I got hard. This was the first time for me that I was going to fuck three times in a row and I was excited. Leanne was horny as fuck and ready to go again. This time we fucked for a long time and Leanne said it was starting to hurt. We didn’t use any lube and she was starting to dry out.

I said “what if I wank into your mouth?”

“Sure ok I guess.” Leanne replied not sounding overly keen. I slid down and started licking her clit again. She immediately started to get wet so I tried to fuck her again.

After a few minutes she said “Yes blow in my mouth now.” I quickly made my way up to her mouth and wanked off. Just as I was about to cuddle her, the phone rang. The timing was pretty good. It was my brother Rick wanting to come home.

I told Leanne and she said she would take a shower while I’m gone.

“Can we do this again?” Leanne asked smiling. “It was fun.”

“OK.” I replied feeling myself starting to get hard again. “Lets do this tomorrow after you get home from school?”

“I love you”. She said with a big smile on her face.

“I love you too sweetie.” I replied as I kissed her forehead as I rushed out to get Rick.

I worked as a porter in a large city hotel. On Monday at work I bragged to my work mates that I had a fuck on the weekend. Of course they asked who with and one joked “what with your sister?” My face must have gone white. I just laughed it off but I did get some funny looks.

I was hard all day at work and had to go to the toilet all day to wipe the pre-cum off my knob. It was just so hard to focus!

When I got home, Leanne was in her room. Mum and dad weren’t home yet and I couldn’t see Rick.

I went up to Leanne and tongue kissed her as I rubbed her pussy.

“Wooo. Slow down!” she said. “Let me get my knickers off first!”

“Wheres Rick?” I asked as I dropped to my knees.

“Behind you!” Leanne called out.

I swung around and stood up at the same time and fell on my arse.

“Hahahaha. Oh my God. That was so funny!” Leanne said laughing her head off. “Rick is at Jacobs house. He türkçe bahis went there at 4.30. I want you to fuck me.”

Leanne laid back on her bed. Her pussy was so wet and glistening. “I used this” she said holding up a Coke bottle. “I pushed it up as far as I could. I loved it.”

I immediately had to fuck her. I didn’t bother about going down on her as she was already wet. Her cunt was a little less tight. As I was fucking her I leant in and told her that I loved her.

“I know and I love you too.” she whispered

I pounded Leanne so hard and then… I blew inside her

“Oh no!” She called out. “You know I’m not on the pill! Fuck! Fuck!”

“Hey its OK baby.” I replied trying to calm her down. “You have to have at least have three loads of cum in you to get pregnant. You will be fine.”

“Really?” Leanne asked? “Are you sure?”

“Yeah it might even be something like 10 loads. You can’t get pregnant so quick but you better go on the pill. Talk to mum about it tonight OK?” I said reassuringly.

“OK” Leanne replied calming down. “As long as you’re sure? Shall we fuck again? That felt so nice and warm going in.”

I got hard straight away knowing that my sister loves to fuck and that she is there all the time for me.

I slid in and it felt awesome. Like wet velvet. Leanne grabbed my hair and pulled me in for a deep kiss. I fucked her sloppy cunt like my life depended on it. Leanne loved the feeling and loved the sound it made.

“It sounds so wet!” Leanne signed. “Harder!”

I came again. Cum was running out of her cunt. She fingered herself and licked the cum from her fingers.

“Again?” She asked. “One more?”

I looked at my watch (yes it was before IPhone’s!) Could I recover in time? Could I go again? Leanne started sucking my wet cock. I got as hard as a rock. I had to fuck her again and then the decision was made for us. We could hear the sound of car doors closing in the driveway.

We quickly got dressed and I ran to my room and laid on the bed. I rubbed my eyes and laid there quietly.

“Hello?” My mum called out. “Where are you guys? Who forgot to pick up Rick?

“Shit!” I said walking into the lounge. “I fell asleep. Sorry Rick.”

My mother looked at me, squinting her eyes.

“So.” She said suspiciously. “You fell asleep hey?” She leant in close and whispered. “I may be old, but I can still remember what sex smells like!”

I nearly passed out. I couldn’t make eye contact. All I could think of saying was “Mum. You’re not old.” What a fuckhead, but what else could I say?

“Do your pants up.” she replied pointing at my fly.

OH MY GOD! Like how could I hide this now? Then Leanne came out brushing her hair smiling.

“Oh!” she said sounding shocked. “I didn’t hear you guys come in. Hi.” Leanne was smiling broadly and trying not to look at me. “You had a good day then?”

My mom walked over to her and whispered something into Leanne ear. Leanne stopped brushing her hair and stared at me. I just frowned, shrugged my shoulders and mouthed ‘what?’ Leanne turned and walked into her room with my mum following closely behind.

“Whats going on?” Rick asked me.

“I’m not sure.” I replied “But it cant be good!”

After 10-15 minutes my mom came out, pointed at me and curled her fingers as if to say, ‘follow me.’ She then walked into my bedroom.

“Oh shit fuck. Fuck shit!” I thought. “This is it. Move out of home. Get a girlfriend. Just go!”

“Sit!” Mother ordered patting the bed.

“Sure mum. Whats up?” I asked innocently.

“I will get straight to it. How long have you been fucking your sister?” She asked in a loud whisper.

“You. Say what? You think?” I said acting shocked.

“Leanne told me. You came in her? What the fuck are you thinking? You’re 20! When Leanne’s out of the shower we have to get the morning after pill! And get her on the pill! What will your father say?”

My God! The last comment made me put my head in my hands. All the other questions I sort of had a replay for but the dreaded ‘what will your father say’ scared me the most.

“OK.” My mum said standing up. “You’re paying for the morning after pill and you’re coming to the doctors while I put Leanne on the pill. What do you want to say for yourself?”

“Sorry?” I replied sheepishly. “Are you gonna tell dad?”

“Stand up!” My mum ordered.

I stood with my head güvenilir bahis siteleri down, staring at the floor.

“Look at me.” Mum said in a less angry tone. “Were you gentle with her?”

I nodded, with my eyes welling up with tears.

“I wont tell your dad, but if you two are gonna have sex, be careful. Be discrete. Don’t brag. And use condoms. OK?” She added holding my face in her hands.

The only part that sunk in was ‘if you two are gonna have sex.’ I wondered if she said the same thing to Leanne.

“Yes mum.” I replied. “I will do all that.”

“OK.” Mum said sounding satisfied her lecture was understood. “We will take you car. You have five minutes to talk to Leanne about what we discussed then were going to the chemist. I’ll make an appointment to see the doctor hopefully tomorrow.”

I knocked on Leanne’s bedroom door. She quietly said “come in.” She was laying on her bed and had obviously been crying. She looked up relieved it was me walking in. I held my arms out and she stood up and hugged me.

“I’m so sorry.” I whispered. “I’m an idiot and I shouldn’t have done what I’ve done.”

Leanne pulled back a bit and looked at me. She then held my face and kissed me deeply.

“Mum said she would prefer someone has sex with me that cared and loved me than an arse-hole that would use and drop me.” She said in a low tone.

I was amazed and looked at Leanne shocked. I started to bar up and Leanne pushed her pussy against me.

“We can fuck more!” She said quietly but excited. “And you can cum in me all the time!”

I wanted to lick her pussy and fuck her madly. She just wanted more of my cock and I don’t know what mum said but it got Leanne worked up.

“And!” Leanne said “Mum said she will never tell dad!”

I had never won the lottery but this must have been what it felt like. I Couldn’t talk, couldn’t think straight and I was so emotionally excited. I had the green light to fuck my sisters brains out. By my mother!!

“Hey!” My mum called out. “Lets go before the chemist closes.”

In the car there was silence. I was looking at Leanne in the back seat and she was constantly smiling at me and licking her lips to tease me.

At the chemist we got the morning after pill under my mum’s name and a packet of condoms at my mothers insistence.

From that point on we fucked more and more and got better at it. Once the pill had cut in, I would always cum in her at least two loads. She loved it. My mum would always give us a look which meant she could smell the sex.

From Monday to Saturday both parents worked so as soon as I finished work, I rushed home. I think Jacobs parents got sick of seeing my brother Rick. But things were about to change.

One weekend we were catching up with relatives and had to dress up with our best clothes. Leanne put on a blue pleated mini dress, kind of like a netball dress. Don’t know why, but it set me off.

I suggested to Leanne she wear no knickers.

Leanne smiled and said “Yeah sure. What do you have planned?”

I whispered to her “I can finger you when were out today. Maybe get a chance to lick you”.

Leanne smiled broadly and went back to her room. She then walked out of her room and lifted her skirt up showing she was naked underneath.

On the way to our relatives in my parents car, I put a large book over Leanne lap and slid my fingers into her cunt. While we were there, whenever I had a chance I would finger her. A couple of times my mum turned around and gave us the daggers as she knew what we were doing.

Later that night we arrived home and everyone was tired, except Leanne and I. We both needed to fuck.

Leanne snuck into my room wearing just the blue pleated dress under her dressing gown.

I tried to fuck her on the bed but it was too loud so I laid her on the floor and fucked her hard. It was a massive load.

I rolled on my back and looked up to see my brother Rick staring at us both.

“I knew you guys were fucking!” He whispered loudly.

“Shhhh.” Leanne said with her finger against her lips. “Shut the fuck up!”

Rick was silent and stood there with a judging look on his face. He then turned around and left the room.

The next morning, nothing was said.

Just before Leanne left for school, she showed me her stain covered dress. It was amazingly hot. We both smiled at each other and this became her fuck dress.

Needless to say, wearing the cum stained dress became a regular fetish for us.

After another six months of us fucking together, things were about to change dramatically! Enter brother Rick!

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