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Brownstone – Welcome

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On any other day Sharon wouldn’t care about any of this; the rain, her long freshly curled light brown hair with the new honey blonde highlights plastered to her head and dripping down her back, the torn stocking, and now the bus pulling away as she rounded the corner out of breath and in tears. She leaned against the brick wall and let the rain do its worse, tears mingling in the already wet pattern running down her face. She needed this job and there was no way she would make the interview on time now!

She reluctantly pulled herself off the wall and trudged back home to call Mr. Hankman. Of course he told her he was so very sorry, but he had other interviews that day and would be filling the position. There really wasn’t anything more she could do but start again in the morning, so she shook the water off and went toward the bathroom, kicking off the heels, peeling her dress and stockings off, determined to not let it bother her. She had been in New York less than a month, if she were careful she had enough to last a couple months.

Sharon stood under the warm spray of the water absentmindedly lathering her generous curves, rubbing the cool liquid soap into her skin with her bare hands. She leaned her head back and massaged her breasts with her soapy hands, running them over her belly and sides, her fingers reaching round to skim her back, then back again to cup her breasts and lift them, gently kneading them. She ran her hands again down her stomach to her hips and round her ass, down to the backs of her thighs and up across her cheeks again, circling back around to her stomach. She looked down at herself, at the sudsy water running down across her full breasts, her nipples hard and rigid. She spread her long legs and ran her soapy hands down between them, washing her thighs and legs.

She turned and leaned against the shower wall letting the water pour down onto her breasts and stomach. She raised one foot and placed it on edge of the tub and let her knee fall to the side. She ran her hands up over her breasts again and pinched one nipple between her finger and thumb gently squeezing. She trailed the fingers of the other hand lightly down her stomach and into the small thatch of curly brown hair, pressing the tip of one finger against her clitoris, which immediately tingled and swelled, pushing gently back against her finger. She moaned and opened her legs even further, rubbing in a constant tight, easy circle.

She moaned as she felt her flowing juices hit the mouth of her pussy, her lips swelling and opening. Two of her fingers slid easily inside and she opened casino şirketleri and twirled them against the silky sides of her pussy. She continued to stroke herself with her fingers and began rubbing her clit in those tight little circles with two fingers of her other hand. She gently brought herself to orgasm, arching against the wall as her body quivered and stiffened. After her lovely release she quickly cleaned up and left the bathroom feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Sharon braided her hair in one long thick braid down her back, looking wistfully out the bedroom window of her nice but very small walk up. The early evening sparkled as the street lamps came on and shone into the puddles gathered here and there on stoops, stairs, sidewalks and street. Throwing on a tank top and long skirt she padded barefoot out into her kitchen for a glass of wine, some music and a quick salad. She was at the stereo choosing another CD and on her second glass of wine, when there was a knock at the door. She opened the door to see her neighbor from across the hall, Gina.

There were four apartments on this level, Sharon’s, an elderly couple next door, and Gina across the hall with her roommate Sondra. Sharon hadn’t yet met their other next door neighbor, Ricco, who everyone assured her she would just love.

“Hey, Sharon, I’m so sorry to just barge in but I heard the music and thought I would see if you wanted some company.” She lifted a bottle of red wine and grinned, raising one eyebrow.

Sharon happily invited her in and they finished the bottle she was drinking and started on the one Gina had brought, talking and laughing as if they’d known each other for years rather than just a week or two. When they heard Sondra coming home, Gina jumped up, stepped tipsily across the CDs scattered across the floor and opened Sharon’s door, pulling Sondra inside. An hour later Sharon was feeling pleasantly buzzed and mellow. She had been watching Sondra and Gina as they sat together. Sondra was tall and lithe, very thin and angular, she had striking platinum blonde hair that was very short and spiky, tiny breasts and long, long legs. Gina was small and dark, shorter even than Sharon who barely reached four inches over five feet. She had shoulder length very dark hair and a lush voluptuous shape with large breasts and full hips. Sondra stroked Gina’s neck and shoulders as she talked and Gina would sometimes roll her head and close her eyes, like a cat being stroked and petted. Sharon blushed and looked away as she noticed Sondra watching her, she stood up to put another CD into the stereo, casino firmaları and as the haunting strains of her favorite blues mix hit the air Gina stood and began to dance, slowly and sensuously swaying her hips, raising her arms and throwing her head back.

“Come on, feel the music.” She said and pulled Sondra to her feet. They swayed together to the rhythm of the steel guitar then simultaneously reached out and pulled Sharon in between them. Sharon stiffened a little bit but then relaxed as Gina and Sondra ran their hands over her shoulders, arms and back. Gina raised Sharon’s arms above her head and trailed her fingers down her arms and sides to her hips, where her hands met Sondra’s.

Gina and Sondra linked their fingers and played an erotic game of tug of war hands, first running them together along Sharon’s stomach and breasts, then pulling them back to run up and down her back to the swell of her buttocks. They rocked and swayed and Sharon’s shirt was hiking up in their gentle struggle. They released each others hands and Sharon gasped as she felt Sondra’s long, cool fingers come up under her shirt from behind to cup and hold her breasts while Gina lifted Sharon’s shirt over her head. She dropped her head to kiss the swell of Sharon’s breast as Sondra lifted it to her face and Sharon leaned back into Sondra’s tall frame.

“Is this okay?” Sondra whispered into Sharon’s ear.

Sharon nodded, “Mmmmm,” was all she could get out.

Sondra began kissing and nipping at Sharon’s neck as she kneaded and massaged her breasts. Gina continued kissing and licking the swell at the top of Sharon’s breasts, her breasts swelling and rising as the skin puckered in tingling anticipation. Gina pushed Sondra’s hands away and cupped Sharon’s aching breasts in her own hands and lifted them up, taking first one nipple into her mouth sucking it between her lips and gently biting it at the base, licking it before moving on to the other.

Sharon felt Sondra kneel down behind her and lift the back of her skirt, she bent low and began licking the back of her leg, starting at her ankle, licking and kissing, biting and sucking on her skin, up the back of her calf and thigh, running her tongue along the very top of her thigh under the plump cheek of her ass, then beginning again at the opposite leg. Sharon’s legs spread of their own volition and she moaned and dropped her head back, reveling in the pleasure of their ministrations. Sondra reached around and swept the CDs across the floor, dragged the throw pillows from the couch onto the floor. Gina pushed and pulled at güvenilir casino Sharon, eagerly laying her on the floor and pulling her skirt from her body.

Sharon reached out and felt a very different body with each hand, running one hand up and down along the side and back of the thin, porcelain Sondra while the other fell into the pillowed softness of Gina’s breasts. Gina and Sondra knelt on either side of Sharon running their hands all over her body and Sharon grasped one of Sondra’s nipples and one of Gina’s, rolling and pinching them as Gina and Sondra each slipped a finger up inside Sharon’s dripping pussy. Their fingers stroked separately and then together and Sharon raised her hips to meet them.

Gina pulled away and crawled up to straddle Sharon’s face, pushing her pussy firmly down onto her mouth, grinding and moaning. Sharon pushed her face from side to side widening Gina’s legs and opening her pussy lips, she then pushed her tongue into her that soft, hot wetness. She pushed her tongue deep into Gina and licked and sucked at her lips and clit, again stroking her tongue up deep inside her. Sondra, still kneeling next to Sharon gasped when Sharon’s fingers found their way inside of her aching pussy. Sharon stroked her tongue in and out of Gina as she stroked her fingers in and out of Sondra, holding her thumb firmly over Sondra’s throbbing little nub. Sondra reached out and grabbed one of the empty wine bottles and pushing Sharon’s legs apart, pushed the neck into her creamy pussy. She rocked against those probing fingers while holding the wine bottle with both hands, fucking the neck of it in and out of Sharon until they were all grinding wildly at each other, coming and moaning, Gina loved the tingling feel of Sharon’s groans against her clit as she was sucked to a shattering orgasm.

Sharon lay there basking in the aftermath of her orgasm, loving the feel of Gina and Sondra’s bodies draped across her, they lay intertwined, arms and legs wrapped around each other. Sharon was on the brink of dozing off when Sondra’s stomach rumbled and they all laughed, breaking the erotic spell. They began to clean up the CDs and then sat in the kitchen naked, talking, eating salad and bread, drinking Sharon’s last bottle of wine. Sondra and Gina told Sharon that Ricco would be home in a few days when he was they would have a dinner for everyone on the floor. After dressing and laughing together about the lateness of the hour, Sharon walked them to the door and kissed them goodbye. Gina hugged her, “Welcome to the building, Sharon”.

As Sharon lay in bed looking at the clock blinking down the early morning hours she was content and optimistic. She had already found some very surprising friends and soon, she just knew, she would find the perfect job. She sighed and said to herself, “Welcome to New York, Sharon.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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