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Todd groaned with his back to the wall as he felt the searing heat of soft vaginal walls squeeze up and down the length of his dong.

He watched the meaty ass of his partner push against his abdomen and felt his cock-head turn slightly upward as it kissed the head of her cervix.

Todd glanced over at the other 18 year old boys. There was a row of twelve of them, all with their backs to the wall, all pinned between the side of the room and the twelve matronly figures leaned over in front of them. The room was all white and filled only with naked flesh.

The instructor paced back and forth in front of them, her massive tits quivering with each step. The click of her high-heeled sandals echoed through the room as she tapped her leg with her whip-stick.

“Slowly, Mums…long slow strokes.” She said, in a sexy British accent.

Todd heard a few of the other boys moan as their cocks were smothered in wet warmth.

The spongy cervical lips felt like a wet tongue licking the underside of Todd’s bulb as it slipped back and forth across it.

“That’s it…grind it…grind it!” The instructor commanded.


Todd sat next to his mom Vicky on the plane, peering over at those long gorgeous legs, crossed and half exposed beneath her skirt.

As the plane trembled from turbulence his eyes were drawn elsewhere. The large swell beneath her cashmere sweater seemed to quiver each time the plane shook. After a few minutes of breast-gazing he felt a gentle squeeze on his hand.

He looked up into the eyes of his mom as she rested her head on the cushioned seatback. Todd couldn’t help but wonder how long she’d been awake and if she knew he was staring.

“Mom, you told dad we were going to stay with Aunt Jen for a week.” He said.

“Yes.” She said.

“Well…doesn’t Aunt Jen live in Arizona. This flight’s going to Florida.” Todd said.

“Do you trust me?” She said with a smile.

“Of course I do.” He answered.

“Then just sit back and enjoy yourself. This trip is all about you.” She said.

They landed at the airport and were greeted by a middle-aged woman in business attire.

“Mrs. Fletcher?” The women asked.

“Yes.” Vicky answered.

“Hi, I’m Monique, I’m with BSTC.” She said.

“Hi Monique, please call me Vicky and this is my son Todd.” Vicky smiled. “Pleased to meet you. If you follow me we’ll join the other couples and board the plane to the island.” She said.

Vicky held her son’s hand as they followed Monique down a small terminal.

“So what does BSTC stand for?” Todd asked.

“You’re trusting me on this one, remember?” She smiled.

“Yeah, I guess so.” He said.

As they boarded the small plane a middle-aged woman stood up and came towards them.

“Vicky!” She exclaimed.

“Hey!” Vicky said excitedly as they both hugged.

“Sweetie, you remember Michelle, our old neighbor?” Vicky asked her son.

“Of course, it’s only been a couple years mom.” Todd said.

“Well, haven’t you become the handsome one.” Michelle smiled, looking him up and down.

“Yeah, but I can still beat his ass.” Came another boys voice from the back of the plane.

“Jeff!” Todd said with surprise as he spotted his friend sitting a couple rows back.

“What’s up, dude?” Jeff said. “Mom, can I sit with Jeff?” Todd asked.

“Of course you can, sweetheart.” She answered.

“You boys don’t get to rowdy back there.” Michelle said.

Todd went back and sat next to his friend and they began to become reacquainted.

“Dude, you are one lucky fuck, man.” Jeff said.

“What do you mean?” Todd asked.

“What do I mean? Look at that body.” He said, drawing attention to Todd’s mom Vicky.

“Look at that ass. Can you believe you’re gonna be tappin’ that?” Jeff chuckled.

“Tappin that?” Todd muttered.

“And those fucking tits. They’re fucking huge, just like my mom’s…and by tomorrow morning we’ll be watching ’em bounce, baby.” Jeff said excitedly.

“What are you talking about, dude?” Todd asked, with a stumped look on his face.

“BSTC, baby. We’re about to become momma’s boys.” Jeff said.

“What the hell is this BSTC?” Todd asked.

“Are you serious…you don’t know?” Jeff asked.

Jeff shook his head, still clearly baffled.

“No, my mom wouldn’t tell me.” He said.

“Well neither would mine, but I have a friend who was out here a year ago with his mom and he told me all about it.” Jeff said.

“So what is it?” Todd asked with growing curiosity.

“BSTC…Boys Sexual Training Camp. It’s a place moms take their sons to teach ’em how to fuck.” Jeff explained.

“Are you serious?” Todd asked.

“I swear to God, dude. My friend said that all he did at this place was fuck, all week long.” Jeff said.

“Are you sure…that’s just, a little weird.” Todd muttered.

“Look around the plane, man. There’s only guys our age a bunch of middle-aged moms. Dude the stories he told me about this place…you wouldn’t fucking believe” Jeff said.

For the rest of the half-hour casino şirketleri flight Todd’s sat there in disbelief. He thought about all the times he had beat off while thinking about his mom’s tits and wondering what it would be like to have her long legs wrapped around him. Was his biggest dream about to become a reality?

After landing the group was taken by van to a remote area on the island. They arrived at a garage-like structure that opened up as they approached. Once inside, they drove down into a large underground entrance.

As they stepped from the van Monique directed them inside.

“I need the boys to go the left…mothers to the right please.” She said.

“See you in a little while, sweetie.” Vicky said as she walked off with the other moms.

Todd and Jeff walked together with the ten other boys down a long hallway.

“Here we go baby.” Jeff said excitedly as they followed Monique down the hallway and into a locker room. The boys each discovered a wardrobe with their name on it.

“You have fifteen minutes…Get showered and into your white suits.” She said, closing the doors behind them.

It was fifteen minutes of excited horseplay as the boys prepared for what was to come.

After they were all prepared the doors opened back up and Monique appeared, dressed in only a thin flowing silky-white gown.

“Boys, you are about to enter the hall of the Goddess. It is there you will be instructed in the ways of love by the Goddess herself. Your mothers have brought you here to be properly trained… DO NOT disappoint them.” She said sternly.

“Follow me.” She said, starting down the hallway.

The twelve teens followed the gorgeous hostess down the hallway, each in their matching speedo-type suits. Each boy had their eyes glued to her ass as it swayed seductively beneath the almost transparent gown.

Another set of double-doors opened into a large rectangular room with a row of strange-looking chairs. On the far side of the room the mom’s were grouped together chatting, like a cluster of twelve horny girls at a school dance. Their eyes were drawn to the boys as they walked in.

The boys were nearly floored at the sight before them. The mom’s outfits all matched too and each of them was wearing a white silk peek-a-boo baby doll and matching bikini panties. All their feet were arched in a sexy pair of white high-heeled sandals.

They could hear the mom’s whispering as the doors closed behind them. Todd’s eyes found Vicky and took a second to admire her from head to toe. She was whispering something to Michelle as they looked over at their sons, then she smiled a gave him a cute little wave.

As Todd waved back Jeff stepped up beside him.

“Dude I have a feeling this is gonna be the best fucking week of our lives.” He muttered.

“I’m starting to think you’re right.” Todd said.

“Mothers will you please find your prince and lead him to his seat.” Monique said.

Todd just stood there, mouth agape, as Vicky strode towards him. He could see the bulging tit-meat trembling like jello as it oozed out the top of her baby-doll.

“Well don’t you look handsome.” She smiled.

“You look amazing, mom.” He muttered.

“Not too bad for an old married mom of three, huh?” She smiled.

She reached out and he took her hand.

“Come on.” She whispered.

Vicky led her son over to their strange-looking seat and he followed what the other boys were doing by sitting down in it. Vicky, like the other moms, turned and sat down in the seat between her son’s legs and sat back so that she was resting her back against his chest.

Vicky took her son’s hand and brought them around, holding them against the flat of her tummy. Todd’s cock flexed against her ass which was now right up against it.

“OUT OF THE WOMB YOU CAME…AND INTO THE WOMB YOU SHALL RETURN!” Came a strong female voice in a British accent.

A tall gorgeous matronly figure entered the room. She was completely naked accept for her six-inch spiked-heeled sandals. She carried a whip-stick as she pranced across the room confidently.

As she strode past them, several of the boys gasped as they watched her huge pendulous tits wobble.

“I am the Goddess…and with the help of your mothers will be ushering each of you into the joys of manhood. From the time you were little boys each of you dreamed of fucking your mother while your father was at work. Well boys, your fathers aren’t here…but your mothers are…and they’re eager to see what you’re made of.” She said.

Todd felt his mom squeeze his hands tightly.

“Most of you don’t have what it takes to please the woman between your legs…that’s why you’re here…to learn to suck and fuck, plain and simple. And while some of you will just make progress, a few of you will become what I call “cocks-men.” It is the cocks-man who can literally fuck armies of women without blowing his load.” She explained.

“What about it mums…do any of you have a potential cocks-man sitting behind you?” She asked.

Many of the women giggled. Vicky patted her casino firmaları son’s hand and glanced back at him with a smile.

“Yep.” She said softly.

Todd’s heart about jumped out of his chest. After something like that how could he dare let his mom down.

“Let’s move then to our first exercise. I need both moms and sons to stand up and face each other.” The Goddess said.

As Vicky stood, Todd got a good look at her big meaty ass, the cheeks of which were spilling out from under the hem of her bikini panties.

“Moms, I want you to wrap your arms around your baby’s neck and rest your tits against his chest.” The Goddess instructed. Vicky coiled her arms around Todd’s neck and pulled herself in. He sighed as he felt her soft sacks flatten against his chest. His body literally shuttered as she gazed up at him with those sparkling brown eyes.

“Boys, hands resting on your mother’s hips.” The Goddess continued.

All of the twelve boys were now embracing their moms, ready for further instruction.

“Mothers, I want you to repeat after me…only say it to your son as if you were saying it yourself.” She said.

“I WANT TO FUCK YOU.” She said.

Vicky smiled a little as she gazed up at her baby. She could hear the other mothers speaking around her.

“I wanna fuck you.” She said in her cute little mommy-voice.

“I WANT TO FUCK YOU HARD!” The Goddess said.

“I wanna fuck you hard.” Vicky said.

Todd took a big gulp. The same mom who would yell at him for swearing around the house was now spitting out the lewdest of requests.


“I want you to fuck my pussy hard and make me cum.” She said, but not as though she were repeating it, but as if she were really making the request.

“I WANT TO SUCK YOUR COCK AND BALLS!” The Goddess said as she paced by Todd and Vicky.

“I wanna suck your cock and balls.” She whispered.


“I want you to ride my ass hard while I help you become a cocks-man.” Vicky said with a little smile.

“I will be.” Todd said under his breath.

“I know you will.” She whispered, gazing into his eyes.

“Let’s move on to our first physical exercise. I want the boys back in their seats. Once they’re seated moms I want you to straddle them.” The Goddess instructed.

Todd sat back down, his big tent pole making his shorts stick way out. Vicky followed, throwing one of her legs over his lap and bringing her meaty ass to rest on his blood engorged bulge.

Todd let out a little sigh as he felt his mom’s weight against him. He could feel the heat of her genitals through both layers of fabric. Her massive breasts were inches from his face, straining to bust through the top of the gown.

As he looked up at her, Vicky gave him a teasing wink.

“One of the fundamentals of proper love-making is the kiss and no one has more experience with kissing than woman on your lap. Let her guide you as you spend the next half-hour making out. Making out with mum.” She said, as the light in the hall suddenly dimmed and the slow soft beat of music filled the room.

Vicky draped her arms over Todd’s shoulders and gave him a quick peck on the lips.

“Are you ready?” She whispered.

“Yeah.” He smiled.

She tilted her head slightly to the side as her lips slowly moved back towards his. Vicky started by giving her son a few slow soft sensual kisses, but it wasn’t long before her tongue began to search for his.

Todd had plenty of experience kissing girls but nothing in the world could prepare him for the kissing skills of his mom. From the moment their tongues met hers began to flutter circles around his. Her arms tightened around his neck, her breasts crushed against his chest and the pressure of her sex against his bone-hard erection intensified.

Before they knew it they were off to the races, making out like a horny young couple. Todd’s heart was pounding in his chest as his mom’s tongue danced with his. He was amazed at how her long pink snake could slowly twist and roll one minute and then flutter wildly the next.

“Mmmmm.” She moaned, making her son’s cock flex against her vulva.

Vicky pushed back, squashing her engorged clit against his cock-head. This caused Todd to thrust upward and soon they were grinding against one another in a nice steady dry hump.

Vicky licked and sucked on her son’s neck. As she did Todd looked over at the boy next to him who was also getting his neck licked by a big breasted mother. The two boys smiled at one another, knowing just what the other was going through.

The room filled with moans of twelve grown women passionately making out with their sons, each one of their matronly pussies grinding against a teenaged boner.

A few times Todd had to pinch himself. He simply couldn’t believe that the woman on top of him was his own loving mom. He was seeing a side of her that he’d never seen before and he was absolutely loving it.

The güvenilir casino half-hour passed like a dream. The lights finally came back up and after a couple more sensual pecks Vicky lifted her face from Todd’s.

“You did well.” She softly whispered, feeding him a big gleaming smile.

“Thanks.” He said.

“Mothers will now group together by the side doorway.” The Goddess said.

Todd watched his mom rise from his body and onto her feet. His boner twitched as her big breasts shifted beneath the thin covering.

“The boys will stand and slip their erections through the flies of their suites. Each cock will be measured in preparation for our next exercise.” The Goddess explained. Todd stood up and nervously fished his big boner out of the slit in his suit shorts. The other eleven boys did the same and could hear the moms whispering in the corner.

Starting with the boy on the end Monique knelt down and measured his bobbing erection.

“Seven and one quarter inches.” She announced.

The chatter among the moms intensified as they heard the announcement.

Monique moved to the next boy and took a measurement.

“Eight and a half inches.” She said.

There were a few gasps from the moms and an excited little giggle.

“Eight and a quarter inches.” Was the next announcement.

Monique moved next to Jeff who was to the left of Todd. She knelt down and ran the tape along the length of his pole.

“Nine inches.” Monique said.

Jeff smiled proudly as he heard the group of MILF’s gasp and giggle.

“That’s my boy.” Jeff’s mom said.

Next Monique came to Jeff and knelt in front of him, staring down the barrel of his long vein-covered cannon. He watched her roll the tape down the top of his shaft and up over the tapered cock-head.

“Ten and three-quarter inches.” She announced.

Todd heard the room fill with gasps. Vicky turned to her friend with a big wicked smile.

“HA!” She said teasingly.

The rest of the boys were measured, but none even came close to the length of Todd’s prick. The Goddess strode towards him, tits wobbling on her chest, her eyes traveling up and down his teenaged frame.

“Congratulations…you’re the largest of the group. That makes you the alpha-male. As you will be group leader among the boys, your mother will be group leader among the women.” She said.

One of the side doors opened.

“Monique will now lead the boys to the chamber of the holes for our next exercise.” Monique said.

The boys followed Monique down the hallway and into a long narrow room. On one side of the room, right against the wall, were little saddle-like seats.

“Listen carefully boys. You will each find your saddle and will position yourselves facing the monitors on the wall. You will then slide your cock and balls through the hole in the saddle and await further instruction.” Monique said.

Todd, along with the other boys found his seat and did as he was instructed. The hole looked like a black doughnut and was just big enough for Todd to feed his cock and his scrotum into. He felt nothing but open air on the other side and the spongy opening now rested flat against his pubic bone.

“In front of you are set of headphones…put them on.” Monique said.

Meanwhile in the next room over the mothers followed the Goddess into another narrow chamber. Along the wall at waist level twelve hard cocks eagerly waited.

“The boys are positioned the same way they were in the hall of the Goddess. Find your prince and kneel at his phallus.” She instructed.

Vicky and Michelle walked over and found their boys cocks.

“Well even if Todd’s is almost two inches bigger…they’re both beautiful.” Michelle said.

“I won’t argue with that.” Vicky said, smiling at both slabs of meat as they stuck as straight as arrows out from the hole.

Both moms slipped off their heels and knelt onto the soft mats against the wall. Vicky was now face to face with her son’s bobbing cock-steak. She could see a bead of pearlescent pre-cum seeping from his piss-hole. She smiled with pride as she looked at the big dangling balls hanging heavily below.

“Most of the boys, if not all of them, have never experience the intense plessure of getting head from a grown woman. These cocks have never experienced being plunged down a throat. Those bloated cock-heads have never been truly nursed on…they’re virgin, eager to slip into the mouth of an experienced mother.” She said.

In the next room over the lights began to dim. The monitor in front of Todd lit up, fading into a familiar image. It was his bedroom back home. The soft beat of music began to fill his ears and he saw a long silky-smooth leg begin to slither around the doorframe.

“Just like college, huh Vic?” Michelle smiled, as both women wrapped a tiny hand around the base of their teetering pricks.

“I think it’s safe to say that our pussies are gonna be very happy this week.” She smiled.

Vicky tilted her son’s cock slightly upward and planted a slow light kiss on the underside of the bloated mushroom.

Todd sighed as he felt his mom’s soft lips against his pecker. He felt the long nails of her clutching hand gently scratching the tube beneath his shaft. It sent a nonverbal message saying “it’s okay…momma’s gonna take care of you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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