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Bubblegum Toes

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Jess came home from a hard day of work. She put her stuff down on the kitchen table and started to look for her girlfriend Lily. They had been together for a while now and have kept a nice relationship in their quaint apartment. Yet there was one thing that bound them together the most. Both Jess and Lily had an ardent foot fetish.

Jess snuck into Lily’s room unnoticed. Lily sat at her computer, lightly browsing on-line along with getting her art project together. She had completed earlier but she was now checking if any last things were missing. Jess’s feet were really tired and she looked forward to some good foot loving. She quietly removed her shoes and socks for they were both rather sweaty. Inching her way to Lily she could see her girlfriend’s nicely painted toenails under the desk. They were a metallic shade of lime green while Jess’s were purple.

Lily was aroused from her work at the smell of Jess’s feet which filled the room. Lily had always liked the smell of feet and found Jess’s sweaty feet a big turn on. She turned her head and smiled at Jess who stood inquisitively behind her.

“Hi Jess, how was work?” Lily said.

“Nothing new.” Jess smiled rubbing her toes together on the soft carpet. Lily looked down at Jess’s wiggling purple toes. Jess’s feet were a bit larger than hers. Her toes too were rather long and nicely shaped. Lily’s toes were much shorter and her feet smaller but as cute as could be.

Jess smiled once more. “My feet feel really tired though. A nice foot massage would be nice.” Lily agreed and Jess pulled up a chair. Lily spun around in hers. Jess sat down and lifted her damp feet onto Lily’s lap. Lily slowly reached to her lover’s feet. She kneaded Jess’s arches with her thumbs sliding her fingers over the tops of her feet. Jess leaned her head back in comfort.

Lily kept massaging Jess’s feet. Soon Jess bent over and reached for Lily’s feet and started to rub them as well. They both exchanged a sensual glare before each began to caress halkalı escort each other.

Lily loved the smell of Jess’s feet. She gently lifted Jess’s right foot up and began to suck on her toe. Her skin felt so soft in her mouth as the sweat gave her feet a strange flavor. Jess closed her eyes in pleasure as Lily’s tongue caressed the bottom of her big toe.

It was in this moment of pleasure that something amazing happened. Jess began to groan some which was unusual to happen so quickly. Lily felt good as well for she was glad to get her lover to that point.

Lily ran her fingers over Jess’s big toe laden with saliva and noticed there was a thick lump or patch of skin near her knuckle. She looked it over carefully and began to rub it.

“Jess… you left foot has this callus…..” Her voice trailed off as Jess groaned heavily. The lump was pushing out. Ever so gently a clear, new toenail was forming there. Right at the first knuckle of her big toe. This greatly aroused Lily. So she rubbed it more. Jess kneaded her toes around exposing her tendons and muscular structure. Still the nail pushed out more nearing the size of the original big toenail. Jess’s new big toenail reached its full size. It was perfectly attached to the joint above her purple toenail. Lily waited for the pleasure to subside before telling Jess.

“…and you just kept pushing after I rubbed it. And it kept growing! Isn’t this amazing?!” giggled Lily as Jess gazed at her left foot in disbelief.

“It did feel really good.. ha and I like how my foot is turning out. She looks so cute. ^^” Jess wiggled her big toe seeing both nails. “Hehe. My new nail looks really clean and crisp. I might not want to paint her. Although I do like puuurrr pal…..” Jess gasped for a moment as a tingling sensation coursed up her legs. Her left big toe wasn’t the only one growing another nail. All of her toes were.

Lily looked on with delight as Jess’s toes writhed at this new experience. She carefully kissed Jess’s başakşehir escort now double big toe. “I can’t wait till I get to have more of you guys.” She giggled now fixing her attention to the others. Lily spread her fingers over Jess’s left foot caressing each little bump along the way. Jess moaned from the other chair as a new set of nails began to push forward. Her sensitive skin gave way at the knuckles immediately above her original purple toes. Lily looked on with a vacant stare. This was so amazing. Jess has very cute toenails but now twice as many. With another rub Jess pushed out each nail the rest of the way. Her right pinky toenail wasn’t forming straight so Lily tried to guide her. She pushed on the nail so it would grow in the same orientation as the original. To her disbelief the nail shifted and moulded with her touch.

Lily giggled and moved to Jess’s left foot.

“Lily.. mmmm please. Be gentle….” She moaned as Jess caressed each of her toes. Watching her new big toenail form Lily was temped to suck on her. She soon did as her tongue grazed each soft nail top. This was followed by a gush of sweat into her mouth. Not only that but sweat began to drip from each morphed nail. Lily pulled away with a string of saliva and sweat stretching from her tongue.

“Woa!… This is amazing.” She nodded as the smell of Jess’s strange sweat filled the air.

“Hmf!.. yes it is.” Mumbled Jess who reached over to her left foot with her right rubbing the new toenail growths, sweat dripping all over Lily’s lap. Her new nails now full developed with the last of her rubbing. All Lily could do is watch in glee as all the nails just seem to come together. All ten clear and ten purple shining back at her. She smiled at Jess who rested from the shock.

“Phew! Woa. What happened to me Lily?” Jess said softly in disbelief.

“I.. I don’t know. Whatever it is I like it.” She grinned.

“Ha, so do I but settle down Lily. I’m trying to figure out kadıköy escort bayan why though.” Jess leaned forward and held her right foot in her hand. She looked her toes over and wiggled them some.

“You know I love you Jess.” Lily stated before giving Jess a quick kiss on the check. Jess blushed some and gave her lover a foreboding look.

“Heh. I only feel this amazing when I’m around you. Maybe that is what caused this. We were bound to evolve to this state eventually.”

Lily looked around her room. “I gotta get a picture of this.” She snatched a camera as Jess did some posing with her new toenails. Putting the camera away she glanced at the clock. “Crap I need to start dinner soon. We definitely need to try more of this later Jess.” Jess smiled in agreement. “I am going to start dinner so…”

“Yeah that sounds good. I might take a nap. All of this morphing makes me tired.” Jess said laying on the bed with her toes wiggling. Lily gave Jess one more rub along her soft new toenails and then went into the kitchen.

Jess caught herself rubbing her toes on the bed. It felt so amazing having a second pair of nails. She sat up groggily and looked at her toes. The felt different once more. She rubbed her feet together, caressing each foot with the other’s toes and something strange started to happen. Each of her toes got thicker. She smirked and rubbed her toes. They were extremely sensitive and appeared to plump with every rub. She still wanted more so she started to interweave her toes on each foot. This sent a rush of pleasure up her spine. Falling back on the bed Jess kept rubbing. Little did she know something else was to happen to her.

Her toes increased their thickness and began to split. Gently her newly nailed toes lifted above her original. Jess moaned and contorted on the sheets. Sweat dripped from the new flesh forming between each toe wetting the bed sheets. Her toes kept lifting like bubblegum being pulled apart. Soft tendrils of stretched skin lie in the wake of each toe. Now the pleasure was too great as Jess reached orgasm and passed out. Now she had a whole new set of toes.

Jess woke in a pool of her own sweat. Looking down at her toes she noticed they were back to normal. “Was this a dream?” she asked herself.

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