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Burned Ch. 07

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I lingered in the hallway, admiring Leah’s smooth bottom, the sway of her hips, the gentle ripple of muscles under flawless skin. She tilted her head, smiled and blew me a kiss as she disappeared through the doorway into her room.

As I turned, something tugged at my subconscious. Not really a movement, not a sound, more a feeling of, well, not being alone. I looked at the stairs; empty. Silence. Yes, silence. Too silent. No sound of activity or movement was coming from the main floor. I remembered hearing my mother stirring, moving through the house, fixing coffee, normal sounds that disappear into the background.

Oh oh. I walked into my room, pushed the door almost closed, but stood and listened intently, apprehension building in my gut. Did I imagine movement on the stairs? Had my mother come down while we were in the bath? Had she heard us? Had she seen us naked in the hallway? What if she had? What would she do? Man oh man, were we in trouble?

Movement, sound, activity suddenly resumed in the kitchen. Oh oh. I dressed hurriedly and went upstairs, alone, not waiting for Leah. There was Mom efficiently moving about the kitchen making breakfast.

“Good morning Chris, sleep well?” asked Mom with a warm smile. No hint of stress in her voice or on her face discernible. She poured and handed me a mug of coffee.

“Morning” I replied, not at all stress free. “Thanks. What’s for breakfast? ” I blurted as I took the coffee from her outstretched hand.

“Brunch you mean, it’s almost noon. I almost gave up on you two. Pancakes, fresh strawberries and cantaloupe. How does that sound?”

“Perfect” I replied too loudly, still thrown off by the growing surge of apprehension.

Mom smiled a smile that seemed to have just a hint of a smirk as she turned back to the sink. Or was that just my imagination? If she heard us, if she saw us, if she knew, why was she keeping quiet? Why wasn’t she upset, crying, mad, yelling.

Leah popped through the door, grabbed my mom from behind giving her a big hug. “Morning Aunt Jean” Leah chirped. “What a glorious day.”

“Why good morning Leah. Aren’t we in a good mood?”

A smile was playing across my mother’s face and there it was again. The smirk. That knowing facial expression my dad teased her about when she thought she had figured out someone’s secrets.

The smirk turned into a smile as she turned in Leah’s arms and returned the hug. The hug seemed to linger, she seemed to pull Leah into her body, her hips melding to Leah’s hips. “You kids sit down and eat” she instructed as she slowly released Leah from what seemed to be an intimate embrace. “I will let you clean up. I have some errands to run. I’ll see you this evening. We’ll grill burgers tonight. See you latter. Have fun and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.” As she said this she turned toward me with a half smile and, did I imagine it, a look of longing. She did a quick intake of breath, turned and walked out of the kitchen. We heard her scrabble around a bit, keys jangled, the porch door opened, the car door banged, the starter grind, and the motor purr as she drove away.

Whew, my breath, that I had been holding for almost two minutes, exploded out of my chest. Leah, startled, looked quizzically at me with her dark eyebrows raised over her beautiful brown eyes. “What?”


“What about her.”

“Um. Ah.”

“Um, ah, what?” Leah now getting a little exasperated.

“Didn’t that all seem a bit, well, a bit strange?”

“What do you mean?” Leah asked, a frown beginning to lightly furrow her brow.

“I, um, think Mom might have been downstairs earlier.”

“What makes you think that?”

“Hard to explain. Just little things that have happened or not happened. More than just a feeling, but…”

“But she acted so normally. She didn’t say anything” Leah offered.

“Yeah, but, she did somethings, her smile, her smirk. What about the embrace you two had?”


“Yeah, you didn’t think that hug was a bit more than a hug?”

A look of concern spread across Leah’s face as she replied, “I wondered if that was my imagination. She pulled me into her, our breasts really pressed together and our hips, her pelvis pressed against mine, just briefly, but still…”, the sentence left unfinished.

“Yeah, looked really,” I paused, “intimate”

“What did you mean by her smirk.”

“You just have to know her better. Especially when my dad is around. Kind of a subconscious thing she doesn’t even believe she does. She really hates it when casino şirketleri Dad points out she is smirking. Dad does tease her about it.

She was smirking in spades this morning. I saw three smirks in less than ten minutes. I think she knows, or at least suspects big time. She just hasn’t said anything for some reason. She must have come downstairs while we were in the bath and heard us. She may even have been on the landing and seen us walking naked to our rooms.”

“Oh my, what are we going to do?” asked Leah.

“I’m not sure. Act like nothing happened, like Mom is acting. Maybe it’s just my…, just our imaginations.”

“God, I hope so” Leah whispered with little conviction.

We cleaned up the kitchen after picking at our breakfast. Our appetites suppressed by worry. We agreed we needed to be very careful with our intimate activities; we needed to cool it for awhile.

“Lets go for a swim” suggested Leah. “I have to do something to get my mind off this.”

“Ok” I replied without much enthusiasm, thinking that this probably wasn’t a good idea. But, I was all out of good ideas.

We trudged out to the pool after changing into our suits. I tried not to look at Leah, her body brown, a hint of tan line peaking around the edges of her bikini. God, she is so fucking sexy. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her. Long legs, lithely muscled, tight ass and breasts, umm. Her nipples pressed against the small triangles of fabric as she reached up to tighten the elastic band on her pony tail. I admired the the slow movement of her breasts arching across her chest in concert with the motion of her raised arms. My cock began to stir as I enjoyed how good Leah made her bikini look.

I turned and dove into the pool. Gotta cool off. Gotta calm down. This wasn’t going to be easy. Leah smiled at me as she sashayed to a lounge chair, spread her towel and laid down on her stomach, reached back and loosened the string to her bikini top. She had mentioned that she wanted to get rid of her tan lines.

God, her back, firm muscles, those cute little dimples above her ass, just above the bikini bottom, so much to enjoy. My cock was now very uncomfortable in my wet trunks. Growing, but caught in that damn mesh they put in swim suits. I reached down and adjusted myself.

I got out of the pool and laid down on my stomach next to Leah, “Umm” purred Leah. “I love your body.”

“Cool it, remember?”

“You’re the one looking hot. I saw the bulge.”

I ignored her. I ignored her right up until she put her hand on my thigh, sliding her palm up under my loose damp suit, right up to the base of my ass.

“Leah, Jesus. Come on.” I whispered.

I startled awake. Good thing we had SPF billion on otherwise I would have been a crispy critter despite my already dark tan. I rolled over and there was Leah, snoozing away on her stomach. And just beyond Leah was my mom, stretched out on her back, her right arm draped casually across her eyes.

My eyes bugged out. She had a bikini on, a great looking black bikini, except the top was lying on the pool deck beside her, not on her chest where it belonged. As kids, we all ran around the house naked, in and out of the master suite, so I had seen her naked many times. Only not in recent years. Seeing her like this was a bit of a shock to say the least.

My face was burning, and not from the sun. I quickly looked away, but my eyes were drawn back. Her medium sized breasts were somewhat flattened on her chest, pulled by gravity toward her axilla, the nipples soft, about the size of an

pencil eraser, were surrounded by darkly tanned silver dollar sized areola. She had no tan lines! Her tummy was flat, brown from a summer by the pool, just a little lower abdominal softness. Female softness. Looked good. Her right knee was pulled slightly up, pelvis tilted toward me, the fabric of her bikini bottom pulled tightly across her crotch, the pussy lips clearly outlined. I couldn’t stop staring. What an erotic picture. But this was my mom I was ogling. My cock was now very hard.

Jesus, what is she doing?

Just then, Leah rolled over, sleepily glanced at me, suppressed a yawn, as she rested her right arm over her eyes to shield them from the bright overhead sun. “What you gawking at my love?” she murmured and seemed to drift right back off to sleep, forgetting about her uncovered white breasts gleaming in the sun.

I didn’t make a sound as my mom’s arm was no longer over her eyes. Her eyes held mine. She sat up on the lounge chair, swung her legs toward Leah. Her casino firmaları breasts slowly shifted, filled out, the nipples riding proudly on full, still youthfully shaped mounds. Both breasts settled beautifully on her chest, blond hair across her shoulders accentuating the darkness of her tan. She knelt beside Leah. Silence.

Mom picked up the sunscreen, squeezed a generous dollop into her palm, rubbed her hands slowly together, then began to gently apply the warmed lotion to Leah’s white breasts. Leah started but then sighed and calmed, not opening her eyes due to the bright overhead sun. “Um, thanks Chris. Until I have a better tan, I do need to keep a layer of sunscreen on my boobs.”

Mom’s lips moved into a hint of a smile. I watched her eyes move from Leah’s breasts, to my crotch, to my eyes; the smile now exhibited a hint of smirk. My erect cock was poking straight out, straining against the fabric of my trunks. Her gaze shifted briefly to my eyes then back to my crotch. My cock twitched involuntarily. Mom’s even breathing caught, a soft quick intake of breath. Her gaze shifted, Leah’s arm was still draped across her eyes, shifted again taking in Leah’s breasts, nipples fully erect and firm from the application of sunscreen. Mom’s fingers gently finished by lightly circling Leah’s dark areola, dimpling the tender tissue encircling the proudly erect nipples.

“Great message Chris. Best one ever” Leah murmured sleepily as she felt Mom’s hands withdraw as she stood up, and moved back to her chair. She quietly settled on her back, tilted toward me, her right leg pulled up and to the side as before. However, her left leg was bent at the knee and hip, drawn up on the lounge chair, her crotch fully exposed. Her eyes slowly shifted from my eyes to my crotch, openly staring at the bulge created my cock.

The hot sun had dried the front of my trunks and a quarter sized wet spot surrounded the tip of my straining erection. Precum. A clear dollop of the viscous liquid had oozed through the saturated fabric and glistened wetly in the sunlight.

Mom was focused on the glistening droplet of precum forcing its way through the dark fabric. Her lips slowly parted, her tongue emerged, wet her lips. She looked at me, her right hand slowly moved to and cupped her right breast. Her index finger gently caressed her nipple, initially soft and pliable. I watched as her areola tightened and the nipple swelled and stood erect. She repeated the process with her left breast. Both areola tight, the hard nipples casting twin shadows across her tanned skin.

My cock’s muscle contracted involuntarily; it twitched uncomfortably in the netting of my suit. Mom made another sharp intake of breath. Her hand moved slowly from her left breast, finger tips trailed lightly across her abdomen, between her legs and stopped when it reached the depression formed by her hidden labia. She pressed her finger gently into the fold, another quiet sigh emanated from her parted lips.

A dark circle had formed at the bottom of the groove between her legs. God. She was as wet or wetter than I was. Her finger circled deeply into the groove, her hips moving slowly against her hand. She was, is masturbating, right here in front of me. I looked up to her eyes. She looked at my crotch, then her crotch and back at mine, then looked me in the eye and nodded in the direction of my crotch.

I looked back at her crotch while I reached down and grabbed my aching cock through the fabric of my suit. I looked back at Mom’s face. Her eyes focused on mine as she smiled coyly and again nodded toward my crotch, toward my swollen cock. I hope I was reading her silent signals correctly.

Watching mom’s face, my fingers slipped under the loose fabric of my suit, catching the under netting, I shifted the fabric, my cock and balls sprang free, the sun hot on my flesh. The pink tip of her tongue reemerged between her slightly parted lips, moistening them once again, as she gazed at my exposed member.

Mom’s eyes traced up my stomach, across my chest to my eyes. A glowing smile of approval on her face. I followed the shift of her gaze to her own crotch. Her right hand pulled aside the black fabric of her bikini, her pussy lips naked, sunlight glinting off her blond, trimmed pubic hair. Her clitoris stood free of its hood, a glistening sentinel emerging from and standing guard at the apex of her sex.

Her middle finger slipped between the labia, pressed deeply into her pussy, withdrew moist and slippery, and resumed messaging her clit. I slowly stroked my shaft in time with güvenilir casino Mom’s masturbatory movements. Moisture dripped from her vagina as my precum oozed from my meatal opening, stretched slowly, lengthening, and finally, the long thinning ropes would separate and drip onto the deck, creating dark wet circles.

I glanced at Mom’s face as I stroked my shaft, the glans emerging from my foreskin with each beat. Her breathing caught each time my glans appeared. She seemed transfixed as the foreskin would reveal then cover the blue head.

Mom’s finger urgently manipulated her growing excitement. Supple hips rhythmically lifted against each sensuous stroke. My hips pumped into my fist in time with her movements. Her orgasm suddenly took her. She tried but failed to suppress a groan, the grimace on her face indicating the fierce effort she exerted to suppress the urge to cry out loudly. Hips raised firmly against her hand as waves of contractions took her.

Leah stirred, then settled, breathing regular, thankfully still asleep.

I orgasmed as I watched Mom’s pussy twitch with her orgasm. Spurts of white cum jetted from the tip of my cock with each intense contraction of pleasure.

“Oh, oh, mmm…” sighed from Mom’s lips, eyes fixed on my cock, intently watching it contract and spurt; her finger dipped deeply into her pussy, splitting and spreading the glistening lips, her legs held widely apart, moisture dribbling out of her vagina, leaking toward her dark anus. My god, how fucking erotic. This is my mom. She is so fucking hot. Fucking? Yes, fucking. Who wouldn’t want to fuck this beautiful, sexy woman.

Her body shuddered as she took a deep breath and pulled the fabric of her suit bottoms across her wet sex, hiding it from my view. She laid back on the lounge chair, and without a word, glance or sound, closed her eyes and seemed to drift off to sleep.

Dazed, sitting with my softening cock still in my hand, my gaze drifted down to my torso. Translucent droplets and puddles of warm cum spotted my chest and stomach. Riverlets of cum had left wet streaks down my rib cage and sides. Jesus, I had pumped a lot of sperm with my orgasm. Just after I tucked my cock back into my suit and had cleaned myself up, Leah sighed, took her arm from her eyes and asked, “Ready for another swim? I’m hot.”

“Yes you are,” I agreed with a smile, “let’s jump in.”

As Leah stood, she noticed my mother lying next to her, still snoozing quietly. Leah looked back at me with a quizzical look on her face. She raised her eyebrows but hesitated, as I silently mouthed, “later.”

Leah stared at my mom, taking in her whole body, first eying her naked breasts, then lingered on the very noticeable wet spot over her crotch.

She turned back to me and silently mouthed “What the fuck?”

I just smiled a big dumb shit smile and then dove into the pool. When I surfaced, I looked back at Leah who was standing holding her suit top, a simple shrug of her shoulders asking if she should put it on. I emphatically shook my head no.

Leah dropped the top and dove in to join me. She grabbed me to stabilize herself and whispered, “What is going on? Your mom doesn’t have a top on. She looks great by the way.”

“Yeah, no shit. You won’t believe what happened while you were napping, well, while you weren’t napping too.”

“What does that mean?”

“You know how I put sunscreen on your breasts before you drifted off?”

“Yes, thank you. That was very thoughtful and nice, and felt so good too”

I grinned as I said, “That was Jean” deciding to use a more neutral approach to informing Leah about Mom touching her.

Leah’s mouth dropped open. “Really?”


“Wow. So what else happened?”

“Mom took her top off and laid down and kind of masturbated in front of me.”

Leah’s mouth dropped open yet again.

“She spread her legs, pulled her bikini back, let me watch her masturbate her clit and fondle her pussy.”

Leah gasped quietly into my ear, “What did you do?”

“Mom looked at my crotch, saw my boner, kinda indicated she wanted me to pull my cock out. I pulled it out and we masturbated together and came together. I just finished cleaning up when you woke up. She has been napping for only a few minutes.”


“You guys hungry?” Mom interjected into our whispered conversation. Without waiting for a reply, ignoring her suit top, stood up and walked into the house. “I’ll get going on some potato salad. Chris, there are a couple of pounds of chuck in the frig, you start getting the patties together. Leah, would you slice some tomatoes, onions and cheese please?” she tossed over her shoulder as she walked toward the house. She didn’t wait for an answer; just disappeared into the house.

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