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Business Pleasure , False Pretences

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I suppose if I had to describe myself, I would be just plain average. At twenty four years old I’m five foot nine inches tall and a slim build, dark haired and would classify myself as average looking. My experience with the opposite sex is nothing outstanding; the nine different girls I’ve made love to have all been a year or two younger than me. I tend to go more for curvy brunettes than anything else. The old adage that blondes have more fun just doesn’t wash. My sexual encounters have been one on one, either in the back seat of a car or at a parent’s house when an opportunity arose. There’s never been anything slightly kinky, with the exception of Linda, my current girlfriend of six months. At twenty years old, Linda’s sexually insatiable, she instigates and demands sex every time we go out. Not that I actually mind, but with previous girlfriends there had to be at least a slight hint of seduction before their panties could be removed.

Since I left school I’ve worked as a mechanic at a franchised Mazda dealership. This dealership is only one of a number of franchises that’s owned under the umbrella of a group of local but prominent businessmen. The dealerships run from BMW, Jaguar down to the lowly Mazda dealership for whom I work. One of the wealthiest families in our city is the Healy’s. While I’ve never laid eyes on Kelvin Healy, but his reputation as an uncaring, uncompromising, arrogant bastard is well known. But he’s rumoured to be a millionaire several times over, and that buys a lot of clout around our town. Every two years or so he trades up his and his wife’s BMW’s and is therefore a valued customer to our overall business. This story revolves around his youngest daughter Leah, who brings her battered old Honda into our workshop for servicing and repairs. Now, old man Healy is a self made man and he doesn’t cut his siblings any slack when it comes to money. If they want the luxuries of life, then they can bloody well earn them for themselves, just like he had to do. He certainly doesn’t buy them flash cars to drive.

So every few months or so, Leah would bring her car in and for some reason I would generally end up working on it. To be honest, I’ve never really warmed to Leah, she’s super confident with a bit of arrogance thrown in. But as I like my job, I’m always polite to her. I suspect that Leah’s probably a year or two older than me. She’s about my height, fair skinned and with long blonde hair. She’s of slim build to the point of being a little skinny. She’s pretty enough with big green eyes and a splattering of freckles over her nose which are normally covered with makeup. Although she’s not my type of girl, I’m not immune to giving her the once over when she’s not looking. Over time we’ve built up a little rapport mainly around music, we both like bands like Springsteen and Van Halen. All this started after I commented about the latest Springsteen CD that was on the console of her Honda. From then on she would comment on the latest CD’s she had acquired.

On a Friday afternoon I was summoned to my normally grumpy boss’s office. Leah was going to look at a MX 5 sports car and wanted a mechanic to look it over, and she’d rung and asked specifically for me. As no request from the Healy family was ever refused, I was instructed to finish what I was working on, get cleaned up and be ready to go. His last words to me were, “Don’t fuck it up.”

I showered and put jeans and a black t shirt on and waited for her to turn up. Around two in the afternoon, her battered Honda rolled up to the workshop. I climbed in beside her and we looked at each other and laughed. She too was wearing a black T shirt and jeans.

We had an hour’s drive in front of us and began to chat amicably. She had been looking for a late model MX5 for a while and had spotted this one on the net. Problem was that the seller was asking five grand more than she had. To hopefully soften the deal, she’d brought cash which was in her handbag stashed under her seat. The only other consideration was that we were moving from summer into autumn, not a good time to sell a sports car, but a good time to buy. Then Leah suggested that I should pretend to be her boyfriend. If the seller knew I was a mechanic it would suggest that she was serious about the purchase right from the start, which could seriously affect her ability to negotiate. She grinned at my surprise but I agreed in good humour. I asked her about the car, and from the year and the mileage it looked about the right asking price. After about an hour and providing directions from a road map, I guided Leah into a long driveway leading to a large house situated amongst tall trees. In front of a three car garage sat a British racing green MX 5 with the hood down. Inside the garage were two Mercedes, a saloon and a sports coupe.

I knew we were in trouble as soon as we got close to the MX. It was in pristine condition with a brown leather interior. A tall, silver haired distinguished looking man in his late forties or early fifties soon appeared from the garage and introduced himself as Martin. I left the talking to Leah, casino siteleri after introducing herself and then me as her boyfriend we began to look around the car. I did all of the usual things, looked around the bodywork, poked around under the bonnet, then checked the clutch and brakes from the front seat. I couldn’t fault it in any way and gave Leah an indiscriminate nod that it was okay. Then Leah took it for a test drive with Martin in the passenger seat while I sat on the bonnet of the Honda taking in the afternoon sun. It was about half an hour before I heard the MX motoring back up the driveway.

A few minutes later the negotiations started, Leah and Martin stood at the front of the car as I watched on. Leah started low and Martin at the advertised price and they gradually closed the gap. It went on for a few minutes but then came to a stop with a thousand dollars the difference. If what Leah told me was the truth, she didn’t have another dollar to bargain with. I remember thinking at the time what use was it having rich parents if they wouldn’t help out in times like these. As for Martin, he wasn’t coming down another cent and I thought that Leah was going to lose the car. I could see the disappointment in her eyes.

Martin looked impatiently at his watch then up at Leah, “Look, if you aren’t going to offer any more I’ll just call it quits. I’ve got a few things to do to before I pick up my wife from the airport, then we’re heading away for the weekend.”

It was then that I got the biggest surprise of my life.

Leah just smiled sweetly back at him, “How about I fuck you for the difference?”

Martin was just as shocked as I was; the difference was he recovered faster.

“Shit, a thousand bucks is one expensive fuck.” he replied with a smirk.

“Yeah it is, but it’ll be the fuck of a life time. I just love to fuck and suck cock.”

I looked over at Martin and to my surprise he was actually considering it as his eyes flicked over Leah’s assets.

Leah knew she had him, “Just think, this’ll be an afternoon you’ll never forget as long as you live.”

Then Martin turned to me.

“Don’t worry about him, he won’t mind.” she said quickly to Martin.

He looked back at Leah and grinned mischievously, “You know, I’ve always fantasised about fucking a woman while her husband watched on. You two aren’t married but you’re still an item. I suppose a boyfriend’s nearly as good as a husband.”

Martin turned his attention back to me, “How about it, how’d you like to see your girl get a good fucking?”

What I really wanted to do was to punch the smarmy bastard in the face but I looked over at Leah. She stared hard back at me, the warning was clear.

She then smiled at Martin, “He won’t mind a bit. To tell the truth he’s one kinky dude and he’ll love it. He’s always trying to get me to do things like this.”

Now I wanted to punch her.

“Well if I agree, it would have to be now.” Martin told us.

“Okay, I’ve got the cash.” Leah replied and got her bag from the Honda and placed it on the bonnet. She began counting out the bundles of notes and handing them to Martin to check.

After a minute of counting Martin was happy, “Okay, let’s go inside and close the deal.”

He began walking up the steps towards the front door with; Leah began to follow but turned to find me still standing by the Honda.

She came back to me and took me by the arm, “Come on, it’s me going to be doing the fucking, you’ve only got to watch.”

“Shit Leah, I’ve never done anything like this before.” I replied.

“Come on, it’ll be a bit of fun. Just liking watching a porno flick. You’ve watched a few of those I bet.”

I’d watched more than a few.

“Look, just sit and watch, try and look a little jealous. I know his type and it’ll make him feel better. Come on, he’s waiting.”

I was still reluctant.

“If you don’t, I’ll tell you’re boss that you were unhelpful, then you’ll lose your job.” she added humorously.

I had to laugh, “That’s exactly what he said to me.”

She laughed, “Well come on then, anyway I’ve never had an audience before. I think its kind of exciting.” she said convincingly and began dragging me towards the house.”

I don’t know about Leah’s standards, but the house was magnificent inside with high ceilings and expensive furniture. Martin was waiting for us in a lounge with leather furniture; he had already pulled the curtains.

“Make yourselves comfortable while I take a quick shower.” he told us before leaving the room.

Leah walked slowly around the room taking in the pictures on the walls before walking back to a couch in the middle of the room. She sat down and removed her leather ankle boots; she pulled her T shirt over her head revealing a salmon coloured bra. Undoing her belt, she pushed her jeans down to her ankles and removed them, her panties matched her bra.

Looking up she caught me looking and laughed, “If I’d known I was going to do this I would’ve worn something sexier.”

She then continued looking at the pictures slot oyna giving me the opportunity to look her over. Her figure was better than I imagined, her breasts were of a good size, a narrow waist tapered out to slim hips. Her thighs were lean but shapely at the top and slimmed downwards to muscular calves and thin ankles. Unlike her lower legs and arms which were a little tanned, her torso was pale as if it had never seen the sun.

Martin returned after a few minutes, dressed in an expensive looking black robe, he seemed surprised to see Leah clad only in bra and panties. Leah took the initiative; she walked over to him and kissed him. There was little difference in height which made life easier. His hands were soon all over her body; she undid the belt on the robe, pulled it over his shoulders and dropped it to the floor. It looked like Martin spent a lot of time on a sun bed as he was tanned all over. His long cock was at half mast as Leah began to stroke it, then leading him by his cock she stepped towards the couch and sat down. Pulling Martin to the desired position in front of her, she stroked his cock before directing it to her mouth. He groaned as she took him in deep and began sucking him with long strokes. Placing her hands on his thighs, she used only her mouth on his now rigid cock. Every few seconds she would pull her mouth away and tease the head of his cock with her tongue. He tried to lean forward into her mouth but Leah would use her hands on his thighs to keep him at bay until she was ready to take him back into her mouth.

Eventually Martin pulled away and knelt between her thighs, he kissed her on the lips as he fondled her breasts. Leah reached behind and unclipped her bra and shrugged it down over her arms where Martin removed it. From my position at the side ten feet away, I could see her pert breasts with small dark nipples. Martin was soon suckling on them as his hand dropped to Leah’s panties she reciprocated by fondling his cock. Martin pulled back and began to slide Leah’s panties down her thighs; she raised her hips to make it easy and then lifted her feet off the floor so they could be removed. At first I thought she was completely shaved but then noticed a small shaved triangle of blonde hair as she spread her thighs; at least she was a true blonde. I watched as Martin lowered his head between her thighs, her pleasure was evident as he began working on her. She tilted her head back and closed her eyes; with lips pursed she pushed back at him. She then opened her eyes and looked over to me, amused by my interest she grinned and gave me a wink. Then closing her eyes she again continued to enjoy herself.

I was finding this extremely erotic, my cock was straining at my jeans but I couldn’t bring myself to touch it. Leah soon lifted Martin’s head and tried to guide his cock into her pussy.

He resisted, “Would you mind if I wore a condom?”

Leah was obviously frustrated at the delay, “I don’t care; if you want to wear one that’s fine, but I haven’t got one.”

“I have.” he said as he reached over to his robe and removed a packet from the pocket.

He handed it to Leah and stood in front of her, “Put it on for me.”

She sat forward on the couch and carefully ripped the packet open and removed the contents, checking which way round it was she slipped it into her mouth. Placing her mouth over the head of his cock, she rolled it on for the first few inches using her mouth then used her fingers to roll it down to the base. I suspect she’d done this before. Martin then knelt down again between her thighs Leah leaned back and impatiently pulled his cock towards her pussy again.

Martin looked over at me, “Come over here son and I’ll show you how it’s done.”

I couldn’t help but step closer. His cock slid straight in, Leah moaned and arched her back, placing her hand against his stomach Leah controlled the depth of his entry.

“Wow, she’s got a nice tight pussy.” Martin commented.

“Take it easy, it’s quite long. Just let me get used to the length.” she said.

I watched as his cock slid slowly in and out, her lips tightly following the contours of his cock. Her unusually long dark pussy lips extended outwards each time he pulled out; then disappeared as he pushed back in. He looked over at me just to be sure I was appreciating his efforts. He began to pick up speed, and their bodies began to slap noisily together. Without missing a beat, Martin lifted her legs over her shoulders. Leah arched her back under the onslaught and grimaced with either pain or pleasure. After a while, Martin pulled his cock out and lowered Leah’s legs to the floor. He turned her over and manoeuvred her along the couch facing me in the doggy position. She was all concentration as Martin knelt behind her and slid back into her. I watched her breasts swinging in time to his thrusts; she then lowered her elbows and head onto the arm of the couch and began to push back against him.

“Why don’t you suck your boyfriends cock while I fuck you from behind.” Martin suggested.

Leah lifted her head and looked up at canlı casino siteleri me and grinned mischievously, “That’s a good idea. How about it honey? You know how I love to suck your cock.”

I had to laugh, Leah was one great little actress. I stepped closer to the end of the couch, balancing her weight on one hand she undid my belt and zip with the other. I pushed my jeans and briefs down giving her the first glimpse of my manhood. Some of my previous girlfriends have commented that I’ve got a nice cock, which is most pleasing really as I like it. It’s just on 7 inches long, circumcised with a large head and a nice thick shaft. I lifted my T shirt as Leah gazed at it for a second or two before leaning forward. I held it firmly as she ran her face over it before placing the head in her mouth. I could feel her tongue swirling nicely over the eye. Martin began to fuck her slowly from behind, as he slapped against her buttocks he pushed her forwards onto my cock. Leah put up with it a few minutes, then slid away from both of us and sat on the couch.

“This is getting a bit uncomfortable, can we use a bed?” she asked.

“Sure. Marty replied. Follow me.”

He walked away down a passage off the lounge.

Leah stood, took my cock in hand and grinned, “Come on, it’s not that bad is it?”

She led me down the hall and into a bedroom, Martin had pulled the covers off a large king sized bed and was already on it stroking his cock in anticipation. Getting straight onto the bed Leah climbed astride Martin and sat on his cock.

He grinned, “Shit, this is some girlfriend you’ve got.”

I laughed, “Yeah, she’s full of surprises.”

Leah stopped moving up and down and mocked concern, “Well guy’s, if you don’t like it I’ll just get up and go.”

Martin laughed and pulled her down and began sucking her breasts. Leah turned to me and patted the bed beside her. I climbed on the bed and lay down; she pulled her breasts away from Martin’s mouth and guided her head towards my cock. I moved up the bed a bit so that she could reach. Using one hand and her mouth she began to noisily and slowly milk my cock. I reach over and tweaked each of her nipples in turn as she rolled around on Martin’s cock. Martin rolled Leah over onto her side and began to fuck her slowly. She put up with that for a few minutes before she lifted her head and turned to Martin.

“Do want to watch me fuck my boyfriend?” she asked innocently.

“Go ahead, that sounds like fun.” he replied.

Leah looked at me and grinned, Okay lover boy, let’s show him how we do it.”

Without hesitation she pushed me down onto the bed and sat on me pinning my cock to my navel. She slid her wet lips along the length of my cock a few times before raising herself and using a hand to guide it to her entrance. My cock slid its full length into her warm tight pussy, her eyes were closed and she was almost frowning as she began moving up and down on it. She lowered her face to mine and kissed me on the lips before moving her mouth to my off side ear so Martin couldn’t hear.

“This is a thousand dollar fuck.” she whispered. “You’d better make it look good or you’ll be walking home.”

She lifted her head and grinned down at me, it was like a challenge. I rolled Leah over onto her back; her legs gripped me tightly holding my cock in place. I then began hammering away at her. I placed her legs over my shoulders and lifted her buttocks from the bed pushing deep inside her.

“Ohhh, that’s soo good.” she cooed after a few seconds. We carried on until she lowered her legs and encircled my waist; she looked over at Martin. He was watching intently while stroking his cock, Leah reached over to his cock and rolled the condom off. She then began to slowly stroke him as I continued moving inside her.

Sliding out from under me, she knelt over Martin and took him back into her mouth. I rolled face up on the bed and manoeuvred my head between her thighs. Anticipating my intentions, she spread her thighs and lowered her pussy onto my waiting mouth. The heat from her pussy was just like a steam bath as I flicked my tongue through her large lips and up to her clitoris. I gripped her protruding clit gently between my teeth and flicked my tongue on it. I could feel her body tense and spasm; releasing it I then began to lap her pussy. I reached up through the sparse curly hair to part her pussy lips, gently easing them outwards they extended nearly two inches. I slipped my tongue inside and her lips fell wide against my cheeks. She began to ride my face back and forth with a sense of urgency. She then moved down my body and guided my cock back into her pussy, lowering her head down to my ear she whispered, “I wanna cum. Roll me over and play with my pussy.”

She continued to ride me for a minute or so, then rolled off and lay between Martin and me. I rolled over onto my knees, parting and moving between her thighs, I got comfortable before turning my attention to her pussy. I began stimulating her clit with my thumb by gently rotating it, bringing her knees up to my side she took my hand and began moving it faster over her clit. She removed her hand once I got the rhythm right and then reached over for Martin’s cock. Pulling him closer she slipped it into her mouth and began sucking him.

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