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Butt Cookies

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Emily was jogging along a path at a local park to keep herself fit. She’s glad she lives in a clothing optional region, because it’s way too hot out to be peeling sweaty cloth from her body later. The way that the bounce of her breasts pulled on her back as she jogged was slightly annoying, but not as annoying as being any hotter than she already was would’ve been.

Behind her, William was jogging as well, appreciating the view of Emily’s ass in front of him as he listened to his iPod. He increased pace slightly when she had passed him to keep this view. His cock had been hard for a while now and was at the point of throbbing. Seeing a small clearing ahead with a picnic table, he sped up.

As Emily reached the point of the path closest to the table, she felt a pair of firm sweaty hands grabbing her by her waist & pushing her to the side, by the table. She started to turn her head to see who had grabbed her, but William let go of her waist and grabbed her by the hair, pulling her head back to keep her facing forward, then pushing her forward, bending her over the table.

Emily was turned on by the man’s use of force, and her pussy was starting to add more moisture to her already sweaty thighs. She could feel the head of William’s cock pressing against her anus and tried to relax her muscles to let this stranger in.

In front of her, she could see that the table was laid out with sandwiches on paper plates and a blue cooler. Clearly someone bursa escort else was using this table as well, but she couldn’t see anyone else around from her current angle.

It was difficult, but the head of his cock finally entered her and she moaned slightly, enjoying the familiar feeling of being anally fucked by an unknown man. It was a very tight fit. Emily felt like her anus was being stretched out a lot. With each thrust, he got his penis slightly deeper into her ass, pulling her hair each time with the rhythm. Finally, she could feel his balls hitting against her pussy and moaned some more.

When he eventually filled her ass with cum, he yanked her hair hard. After a few spurts of cum, his penis throbbed in her ass for a few more seconds before he pulled out. “Thank you…”, she practically whispered, trying to be polite to the man, despite her euphoria and pain.

She waited for a few seconds without moving. When Emily had her bearings well enough, she started to stand, but felt her legs begin to buckle, so she quickly rotated her body and sat down on the bench attached to the picnic table. As she sat, she thought she felt something in her ass, but before she could check or speak, the back of her head was grabbed and she was pulled forward.

William wanted his cock cleaned off, so she sucked and licked. When she looked up to see the man’s face, he was looking upwards, enjoying the blowjob, so all she really saw was the glare of the bursa escort bayan sun, some sweaty abs, and that the man was listening to a music player. Across the path, she could see a family playing Frisbee. These must be who the sandwiches are for. She continued sucking William’s cock until her mouth was as full of this stranger’s cum as her ass was.

As William started to pull his cock out of Emily’s mouth, they heard another woman shout to them. “Hey! We’re using this table! Don’t you see our stuff on it?”

“Sorry, I think we were done anyway. All we did was fuck on the side of the table here.” As Emily explained the situation, William resumed his jogging. Emily never managed to get a look at his face.

As Karen approached, she looking up and down the table, taking an inventory of everything. “Did you eat my cookies?”

“No, I didn’t see any cookies!”

“Then where did they go?”

“I don’t know!”

“Stand up!”

Emily obeyed Karen’s demand slowly, getting up at a bend while leaning on her hand, pressing it against the table’s surface. Before she moved herself completely upright, she was interrupted. “WAIT!” She felt Karen touch her ass briefly. “These cookies!” Karen held a chocolate chip cookie up in front of her. That must’ve been what she felt when she sat down. She had forgotten about that.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t notice them.”

“It’s okay, just give them back.” Karen pushed the cookie she already grabbed escort bursa from Emily’s ass into her mouth as she finished directing the confused girl. Emily bent forward a bit more and pushed the other four cookies (along with William’s cum) out of her ass into Karen’s waiting hands. Once Karen had all of her cookies back, she licked the remaining crumbs from the girl’s butt.

“Is that all of them?” Emily wanted this to be over with, so she could finish her jog.

“One second!” Karen sounded a bit further away, but Emily held her position, bent forward with her anus wide open.

Suddenly, Emily felt something very rough pressed into her butt. “OW! What was that!?”

“A pinecone. I wanted to make sure you don’t have this problem again. People’s food won’t wind up in your butt if your butt is already full.”

Emily stood up and faced towards Karen. “I suppose that makes sense. Thank you! I’m sorry about your cookies…”

“It’s okay, they’re not broken too much. They’re still good.” As Karen pushes another cookie in her mouth, with a big glob of cum on it, Emily notices only two more left in the girl’s hand, one of which is broken into two pieces.

Emily nods and resumes her afternoon jog. “Well, enjoy your picnic!” She can feel the pinecone pressing against the walls of her anus with each step, keeping her stretched open and keeping her horny. Having enjoyed her random encounter, but still feeling so horny, she considers going out somewhere after her jog. There would certainly be more people at the mall, and she could get herself some dessert while she’s there. She could really go for some chocolate dipped chocolate chip cookies right about now!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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