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California Ch. 04

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Well Mrs. Leblanc said she didn’t want to involve me in Leo’s perverted plans but of course “Uncle Leo” soon learned all about our little soiree — as a part of her slut training Leo made my girlfriend’s mom confess the details of our bedroom adventure — next thing you know there we were, the three of us, up in Shirley’s bedroom and things were getting kinkier by the minute.

Leo had set up his video camera on a tripod, he directed the action in an interview format. Mrs. Leblanc was looking great in a totally see-thru robe, stockings, heels and a g-string panty; nothing really was left to the imagination. We were sitting side by side on the little sittee in Shirley’s bedroom. I was in my usual khaki trousers and t-shirt, and of course I was pushing up a tent.

The curtains were drawn and the lighting was subdued, apart from the little spot on Leo’s vidcam. Leo was asking Shirley as series of edgy questions. The whole thing was like a pervert’s wetdream; which of course was exactly what it was.

“So, Shirley, why don’t we start with you. How would you describe yourself for our audience?”

“Well, I’m a single parent – divorced — I work part-time keeping the books at a car dealership, the hours are pretty good and when I’m not working I like keep fit at the gym.”

“That’s fine, but that’s not what I meant when I said describe yourself.”


“Tell the people what you are, Shirley. You know.”

“Well, I’m a slut,” she shrugged.

“What makes you a slut, Shirley?”

“I have sex with whoever you tell me to, Leo.”

“Do you like it?”

“I like pleasing you,” she replied matter-of-factly, “And of course I’m a slut, so of course I enjoy it.”

“You look very nice today, Shirley, all dolled up in your sexy lingerie.”

“Thank you, Leo.”

“Who is this with you here today, Shirley?”

“This is Sean, my daughter’s boyfriend.”

“Tell us truthfully, Shirley; don’t you feel a bit self-conscious sitting next to your daughter’s boyfriend, wearing nothing but see-thru lingerie, stockings and heels? I mean, for all practical purposes you might as well be nude . . .”

Shirley looked down, her cheeks burning red with shame. “Yes . . .” she said quietly.

“Look up here, Shirley. Look at the camera, and tell us clearly how you feel.”

Shirley lifted her chin; “I feel a bit self-conscious, yes . . .” she admitted.

“That’s fine, Shirley,” Leo said “Personally, I’d say you’re a bit overdressed for a slut.”

Shirley’s head snapped back up; she was looking directly at Leo. Leo continued. “Why don’t you stand up Shirley, and let us have a good look at that sexy body of yours in your see-thru slutwear?”

Shirley stood and faced the camera, her arms by her side. Her negligee was absolutely sheer; from where I sat on the little love seat I had a nice view of her g-string snaking down the crack of her nicely rounded ass.

“Give us a twirl so we can check out your ass.” Shirley lifted her arms and turned around slowly. Shirley looked fantastic in her slutty outfit. The sheer negligee, stockings and heels made her look like a thousand-dollar-a-night hooker; which in a way was what she was.

“Sean, would you care to undress your girlfriend’s mother for us?”

“Uh, okay Leo.” I got up. Standing behind Shirley so as not to get in the way of the camera’s view, I reached around and untied the front of Shirley’s negligee. Shirley did a sort of a shrug and the filmy material drifted slowly to the carpet.


I struggled casino şirketleri with the clasp on Lauren’s mom’s bra while Shirley stood there as still and as straight as a soldier on a parade field. As I put my fingers around both sides of the infernal fastener, Shirley arched her back a bit and her boobs naturally pushed out. This just tightened the pressure on her bra fastener. In front, her large double-D’s were bulging over the cups of her bra.

I finally got the infernal thing unhooked and it damn near took off like a slingshot. Free at last, Shirley’s big boobs bounced out a bit. Nice and round, with barely a hint of sag.

“That’s nice,” Leo said. “Sean, what do you think of your girlfriend’s mother?”

“She’s . . . beautiful . . .” I croaked.

“Do you hear that, Shirley?”

“Yes, of course, Leo,” Shirley said quietly.

“You should be proud, Shirley. The younger generation finds you still beautiful.”

“Thank you, Sean,” Shirley practically whispered.

“Why don’t you put on a little show for us, Shirley? Go ahead and grab a hold of your tits and squeeze them for us.”

Shirley complied with Leo’s perverted demand, holding her big, round tits and gently squeezing them.

“Pinch your nipples and make them hard.”

Shirley did so. As she squeezed her tits and pinched and rolled her nipples, I could see this was beginning to have an effect; Shirley began to gently sigh.

I thought it was weird to see Mrs. Leblanc willingly participate in such a humiliating display. Little could I imagine how it was going from weird to bizarre.

“OK Sean, slip her g-string off. I want to see her pussy.”

Still behind Mrs. Leblanc, I sat down, put my fingers beneath the string sides of her tiny g-string panty, and slowly pulled it down off her hips. I got as far as mid-thigh, over her stockings.

“That’s good, hold it right there.”

For some reason it seemed more erotic and humiliating for Shirley to stand there in her stockings and heels, with her panties halfway down her thighs, than if she was completely naked. Shirley was visibly upset; her breathing was fast, she was almost panting. From the way the vein was bulging in her neck I could sense her heart rate was up.

This wanton display was having an effect on me as well; I was getting stiff in my trousers.

“Leo, does this have to go on?” Shirley asked, her voice practically a whisper. She was blushing furiously. “I feel . . . ashamed . . .” she said.

“What?” Leo snapped. “What are you, Shirley?”

“A . . . a slut . . .” she replied dutifully. Her eyes went back down.

“Then you will behave like a slut. Are you wet?” Leo asked.

“Yes,” Shirley admitted.

“Good, that proves you’re a slut. We’ll have to verify, of course,” Leo continued. “Sean, check and see if Shirley is indeed wet.”

When I hesitated, Leo insisted, “Go ahead Sean, and put your hand between Shirley’s legs and tell us if your girlfriend’s mother’s pussy is wet.”

I moved around to Shirley’s left, looked her in the eye and sort of shrugged and smiled. Shirley looked at me as if this was a medical examination and I was her doctor — there only the slightest visible emotion on her face; aprehension. I took a deep breath, reached down, felt Shirley’s bald quim and inserted a finger in her pussy.


“She’s wet, Leo.”

“That confirms it; only a total slut would let her daughter’s boyfriend undress her, pull her panties halfway down her thighs and then let him stick his casino firmaları finger up her wet pussy. You’re a slut, Shirley. A total slut.”

“Yes, Leo.”

“Tell us about what you do.”

“I fuck . . . I suck . . .”

“Do you like sucking cock?”

“I LOVE to suck cock, Leo.”

“Tell us all about it.”

“I love sucking cock. I WORSHIP cock. I love to suck as much cock as I can; I can never get enough cock. I love sucking cock all the way to completion. I like having a man cum in my mouth, all over my face, and all over my tits. I’m a cocksucking slut and I love sucking cock.”

“Have you sucked Sean’s cock?”

“Yes, actually. Sean and I are lovers.”

“Why don’t you tell us a little about you and Sean.”

“Well, I seduced Sean. It wasn’t too difficult, by the way. It’s a common fantasy of younger men; to have an older woman sucking his cock.”

“Continue . . .”

“Sean and I have gone further, of course.”

“Yes . . .?”

“Well, the first time I sucked Sean off I let him cum all over my face,” Shirley said frankly, looking straight at the camera. I felt like we were on Oprah or something.

“Go on.”

“Well, it didn’t take Sean too long to get hard again . . . he’s a young man, a cock-strong stud . . . and so we fucked, of course.”

“Tell us about it.”

“It was right in this room, actually. I fucked my daughter’s boyfriend right here in this room, in my bed.”

“Was the sex good?”

“I never came so many times in the space of an afternoon before in my life.”

“Is that all?”

“Well, no, actually there’s more . . .”

“Continue . . .”

“Afterwards, we showered together. Sean became hard again, and so I sucked his cock in the shower.”

“Did he cum in your mouth?”

“Well, no, he didn’t actually cum in my mouth.”

“Oh no? Why not?”

“Because when he was good and hard, I let him turn me around and fuck me in the ass.”

“That’s excellent, Shirley. Excellent. Well, what I’d like now is to watch Sean fuck you – in all three holes – like a good slut. I’d like to see him cum in your mouth, for starters.

“Shirley, would you care to undress your young lover – I mean your daughter’s boyfriend – and show us exactly how horny a slutty middle-aged woman can get?”

“It’ll be my pleasure,” Shirley smiled, and with that she turned to me and we held each others arms, tentatively.

Things started off with a kiss. It was quite passionate; long, slow and lovingly. Beyond a soul kiss, Shirley sucked on my tongue like it was a cock. As she pressed her ample tits against my chest I could feel her heart racing. She was really getting turned on by this and so was I; my cock was poking through my jeans against her pussymound. I could feel her female heat.

We finally broke our kiss; Shirley had to catch her breath for a minute before moving on to the next thing. “Let me undress you, Sean,” she said, and her hands went up my chest under my t-shirt. The whole episode was so damn sexy, any anxiety I’d had about Leo being there or performing before the camera went out the window.

Then my shirt was off and Shirley scraped her nails all the way down my chest as she went to her knees before me.

My girlfriend’s mom began unfastening my belt and pulled my jeans down to my ankles. When Shirley pulled my shorts down my boner sprang to attention. Poking straight out, the head of my cock was quivering mere inches from her ruby red lips. A drop of clear, pearl-like liquid formed at the very güvenilir casino tip.

Mrs. Leblanc parted her lips, stretched out her tongue and lapped it up. She probed the slitted end of my cock with the very tip of her tongue. She began to lick the entire length of my cock until it was completely covered in saliva and was rock hard. Rising up on her knees, she brought the tip of my cock to her mouth and began bobbing up and down on its length. Before long, she had most of my cock in her mouth and on each downstroke I could feel my cock bumping against the back of her mouth.

I placed my hands on the back of Shirley’s head — barely touching; she was doing all the work. Shirley started deepthroating me. Again, without hesitation, she began to drive her head down hard on my cock ramming my length into her throat. The room was soon filled with the beautiful sounds of my girlfriend’s mom gagging on my cock.

Eyes watering from the constant gagging and struggling for breath, she continued to brutally fuck her throat on my cock without any coercion or pressure from me. Shirley almost seemed possessed in her determination to prove herself to Leo as his fantasy slut come true.

I soon found it hard to control myself and began moaning in pleasure, “Oh God, Shirley. That’s it. Suck my cock . . . you’re doing great sucking my cock.”

Shirley’s lips were stretched out all around the base of my cock as she swallowed my entire length. Showing an incredible effort at overcoming her gag reflex, Shirley’s eyes were welling up with tears as she looked up at me.

“You’re going to make me cum!” I gasped. “Here it comes! I’m going to cum!” With a final thrust of my hips forward I jammed my cock its full length into her throat and unloosed what seemed like a gallon of sperm.

Between grunts as spurt after spurt of my cum emptied into her throat, I can hear Shirley gagging and struggling for breath. When finally the last spurt was gone, she finally withdraw off my cock.

With great gasping breaths, Shirley inhaled deep lungfuls of air.

My girlfriend’s mom looked absolutely beautiful. A line of spooge connected from the head of my slobbery cock to the jizz spilling over her lower lip and trailing down her chin. Her tears from gagging on my cock had her mascara completely running and smeared all over.

Still on her knees, Shirley faced the camera and smiled. Grasping my still semi-stiff length and using the head of my cock to spread my cum all over her lips, she asked her TV audience, “Did you like that, Leo? Am I a good cocksucker?”

“That’s good, Shirley. Very good,” Leo replied, adjusting his ‘package’. He was off camera, of course. “Why don’t you tell us how you feel right now?”

“I don’t know,” Shirley shrugged.

“Shirley,” Leo replied matter-of-factly, “You’re naked. You’re on your knees in front of your daughter’s girlfriend. You’re holding his cock in your hand and you’ve got his cum plastered all over your face, and the best you can tell me how you feel is ‘you don’t know’?”

“I feel . . . used . . . maybe . . .?”

“That’s a good start. Now let your Inner Slut speak out.”

“I like Sean’s cum. I like the taste of his cock.”

“OK, right now I want you to use the head of Sean’s cock like a spatula to wipe the cum off your face. Wipe up as much as you can, and swallow it all down.”

“Yes, Leo,” Mrs. Leblanc replied dutifully, as she began to do so.

I was dying. I had just starred in my first porno film — with my girlfriend’s mom — and she was doing everything the dirtiest porn girl’s in L.A. were famous for. It was heaven, and my cock was starting to get hard again.

With that Mrs. Leblanc engulfed my semi-stiff cock in her mouth. “MMMmmmMMM!!!”

(To be continued — V.H.)

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