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Call Me Charlotte Ch. 02

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“Morning, lover,” Charlotte said. She brushed her bruised lips against his. Her kiss was soft and fleeting.

July sunlight streamed through the blinds. The heat-wave dragged on into another day. The night before had been stifling; the window had been left wide open. The drone of a bee lurching drunkenly through the air was the only sound. It landed on a poster of Megan Fox leaning over the engine of a car. It crawled over her body. Daniel and Charlotte lay together, wondering if this was the end of a disturbing dream.

Daniel held his beautiful mother in his arms. Their bodies were entwined in the place they had fallen. His room reeked of sweat. The bedsheets were around their ankles. Her pyjama bottoms lay discarded at the door. Charlotte’s body was hot and slippery. He could feel her long legs tight around him. He brushed her damp hair from her face. Her hair was black, and there was lots of it. It spilled onto the pillow. She was forty, and still gorgeous. She was wearing her face from the night before. Her lipstick was smeared, her mascara thick and clogged. She stared unapologetically at him; dusky blue eye-shadow made her eyes look bigger.

They stared at each other for a long time, paralysed.

“Mom,” he started. “I’m really sorry…”

“Shhh!” She stopped his words, placing a finger against his lips. “Don’t you dare!”

“But…” He stopped talking. He could taste her finger on his lips; he knew where it had been. Her flavour was intoxicating. He sucked her finger. No, he had to stop. He had to say something.

“You’re incredible, but we shouldn’t have…”

Charlotte kissed him hungrily. Her tongue probed his mouth. She grabbed his head in both hands, pulling at his hair to stop him getting away, but there was no need to force him. She dropped her kiss on him like a nuclear bomb. It wiped out all resistance. Her lips tasted of vodka. His tongue battled hopelessly with hers.

Charlotte’s body and mind were boiling. All she could think of was having sex with him again. She kissed him deeply. She dragged her nails along his back. She felt like an Icelandic volcano. She had been dormant for years, but now she was hurling a column of fiery magma into the sky, and closing down European airspace on a whim.

His hands forced her legs wider apart. He was poised between them, like a cavalry brigade preparing to charge into the valley of death. His cock was snorting, stamping its hooves. He knew what it desired. He just needed to hear her say yes.

She nibbled on one of his earlobes. He heard his mother’s ragged breath. “Fuck me! Fuck me like you did last night!” she whispered.

Then her mouth was hard on his. His cock lunged towards the warm folds of her yearning pussy. He missed. His conscience had the chance to scream at him as his cock slapped against her stomach. She reached down and grasped his erection. It was huge, swollen. He grunted. She started to guide him inside her.

Daniel had second thoughts. Doubt plagued him. He seized her wrist, and stopped her. He pulled away suddenly, breaking off their incredible kiss. Her red lips glistened, wet and welcoming. He wanted her so much. He caught his breath. “Hang on. Shouldn’t we talk about this?”

“Daniel, it’s okay.”

“No, it’s not! It’s not as simple as that!”

They lay there, sweating, each thirsting for the other. Her eyes pleaded with his.

He feasted his eyes on her, marvelling at the sight of her naked body. Her slender legs wound around him. Her ass followed the perfect roundness of a classical Greek sculpture. The curve of her back was elegant. He couldn’t see her breasts properly because she was lying on top of him, but he could feel the weight of them against his chest. He remembered she had wanted to be a dancer when she was younger. She still had a breath-taking figure.

“Don’t you want me?” She was suddenly horrified. Was he refusing her? Was he… rejecting her?

“Oh yes. I want you.”

She smiled, deploying an even more devastating weapon. “Don’t you love me?”

“I love you, Mom.” Her smile was bewitching. “But we have to come to terms with what happened last night.”

“Bullshit!” Charlotte struggled free, rolling over him to straddle him. She knew if she sat atop his throbbing cock, allowing it to slide inside her, that it would solve everything. His guilty conscience wouldn’t just be silenced – it would be bound and gagged and taken for a ride into the desert locked in the boot of a car.

“Not so fast!” Daniel pinned her down. The animal part of him wanted to give in, to ravish this wanton woman. He held her wrists. Charlotte’s hands clenched into fists. Suddenly, she was angry. She spat into his face. Saliva covered his lips. He tasted it. She bared her teeth and tried to bite him. Daniel was even more turned on. She was a snarling, primal bitch. He had to control himself, as well as her.

“Stop it!” Daniel seized her arms and pulled her sideways. He rolled, laying on top of her, pressing his body against hers. She was thrilled. Her casino şirketleri soft flesh was crushed by his hard naked body against the mattress. She kicked, pretending to struggle.

“What’s wrong with you?”

“You didn’t think this was over, did you? You don’t fuck a woman as hard as you fucked me all night, then go limp on her in the morning!”

Now Daniel was angry. His mother had no right to speak to him like that. He was nineteen, she was forty. He was adolescent and horny; she was meant to be the responsible one. Instead she was provoking him.

“I’m not fucking limp! Far from it!” He displayed his cock to her proudly. Her eyes grew wide at the sight of it. “I’m just… Oh, fuck you! You can be a real bitch!”

“You know something? You’re sexy when you’re angry?”

“We need to talk.” Daniel could feel her heartbeat racing beneath him.

Charlotte smirked. “Talk? We’ve gone too far! We’re a million miles past talking! Which part of what happened last night would you like to discuss? Me frigging myself senseless while you secretly watched? Me screaming your name when I came? You jerking off, coming all over my face and tits? You running away? Me following you? The two of us fucking each other’s brains out? You pumping your mother full of cum? Waking up together in your bed? Or here and now, us naked and fighting? Me wanting more of you?”

Daniel swallowed. He relished her, her dripping sarcasm, her angry lust. “We’re going to feel guilty,” Daniel said. “At the moment, this is unreal. A dream. But soon, you and I are going to wake up, racked with guilt. The real world will come crashing in.”

Charlotte glared at her son. The fight went out of her. She wiped her forehead. Her voice was quiet and halting. “I thought if we carried on, if I insisted on us carrying on, then all this would eventually be seen as my fault. All the blame would fall on me. I wanted to take the burden from your shoulders. Which, by the way, are gorgeous.”

“It’s not your fault,” Daniel insisted. “This is why we need to talk. We’ve both got to accept an equal share of guilt. It’s as much my fault as it was yours.”

Charlotte shook her head. “No, it wasn’t.” Tears streamed down her cheeks. Her mascara ran, leaving watery black lines.

Daniel hugged his mother. He didn’t care at that point that she was naked and beautiful, or even that she was his mother. She was another human being who he loved, and he wanted to hold her. He wanted to make her feel better.

“I can’t believe I stripped my clothes off in the living room, and… masturbated. What was I thinking?”

He held her close to him. “You thought I was out,” Daniel said. “You’re a woman. You have sexual needs, just like anyone else.”

“I didn’t know you were home.” Charlotte said. “You were supposed to be with Emma.”

Daniel nodded. “Emma dumped me. I was frustrated because we hadn’t had sex yet. I pushed things, and she slapped me. We argued. She told me to go.”

“I’m sorry,” Charlotte said. Even as she said it, she felt a little thrill. The devil on her shoulder told her that she had no rival now for her son’s attentions. The rational part of her tried to drown out that voice but, under these circumstances, it was hopeless. She felt incredibly possessive over him.

“So it’s not your fault. You weren’t expecting anyone else to be in the house.”

“No. But I was imagining myself with you. I was moaning your name.”

Daniel kissed her tears away. “Can you tell me why?”

Charlotte hesitated. “I fantasised about you and Emma fucking. I’ve had thoughts like that before. You know I haven’t had a man in my life for a long time. All I do is masturbate! My fantasies have become ever more intense and forbidden, just to keep up with my needs.”

“I’ve had some pretty nasty thoughts about you too,” Daniel said. “You’re my mother, but you’re a sexy woman. And, of course, I’ve been really frustrated over Emma. I’ve been watching you sunbathe in the garden. That tiny blue bikini you’ve got makes me go wild.”

“I know you’ve been staring at me,” Charlotte said. “Maybe this was a disaster waiting to happen.”

“Last night…” Daniel sighed. “Well things were made even worse when Emma threw me out. You know why she won’t sleep with me?”

“No.” Charlotte shook her head. Daniel was muscular and good-looking. She couldn’t imagine a woman not wanting him.

“Because she’s in love with you.”

“What!” Charlotte was stunned. She had noticed that Emma always held onto her for longer than she really should whenever she hugged her to say hello or goodbye. But she never imagined…

“It turns out that Emma didn’t have any real boyfriends while she was at school. I’m her first serious boyfriend, but I don’t think I’m interesting to her sexually. She kept saying she wanted to wait, and didn’t believe in sex until marriage, but that was all a lie. She’s finally realising she prefers girls. And you’re her first lesbian crush.”

“Oh my God!” Charlotte laughed. She couldn’t help herself. casino firmaları She had never been with another woman before, but if she was going to do it she would have chosen Emma. She was tall and willowy, with red hair down to her shoulders. She played the guitar and wrote her own folk songs. “Well, she should have asked me. She might have got lucky!”

“So, when I came home all I could think about was you and her. I went up to my room and masturbated for hours, imagining you and her licking each other out. I guess we can admit to everything now. I fell asleep, and woke up when I heard you calling my name. I came downstairs and saw what you were doing. I know I should have kept quiet and gone back to bed. But the truth was, it felt like you owed me. So I watched you.”

Charlotte remembered using her vibrator, feeling herself leave the physical world behind. And then his semen spilled on her.

“I jerked off. But I never thought my cum would land on you. That wasn’t part of the plan. I was going to sneak away upstairs, so you would never even know I had been there.”

“But if I’d opened my eyes at any point…”

“I know. The danger made it even more exciting.”

“What about what happened next though?” Charlotte asked. “When I followed you upstairs?”

“You had my cum on your breasts and your lips. It was a bit difficult for us to pretend nothing had happened. You followed me upstairs to have it out with me, and instead you saw me jerking off again.”

“Then we fucked each other.”

“Yes we did. Which was incredible. It was the greatest night of my life.”

“You’re not… upset.”

“No. It was the best sex I’ve ever had. You were amazing.”

“It was intimate, beautiful.”

“And we both had our reasons. But we shouldn’t do it again,” Daniel said. “You’re my mother.”

“No, of course not. You’re my son.” Charlotte was disappointed.

The bee crept over Megan Fox. It explored her pretty face, her long dank hair, her breasts. The heat was almost unbearable. The air was still, without a lick of breeze.

Daniel wondered if he could make her feel good. Maybe one last time would show her that he didn’t blame her for what had happened. He caressed his mother’s breasts. He ran his hands across them, lightly flicking her nipples until they were rigid. “Although we are naked.”

Charlotte grinned. She kissed his neck. “And we were awesome.”

Charlotte flung her legs around him. She gave him a wicked grin. “It would be a shame to waste your morning glory.” She crossed her ankles behind Daniel’s bare ass and drew him towards her. His cock rubbed up against her pussy. Her lips slipped around the head of his penis. He probed gently. She moaned. Suddenly, he was deep inside her. Her cunt was warm and slippery. His cock felt enormous.

She knew it was wrong. “Just this once,” she gasped. “While we’re in bed together. Then after that, never again.”

“Okay,” he said.

Charlotte lay on the bed, her head thrown back. She moaned desperately. She chewed her bottom lip. Daniel moved in and out of her, gently. When she had her eyes open, he couldn’t help staring into them. But when she had them shut, he shifted his gaze. He stared at her tits; he was in awe of them. He gripped one of her ankles in each hand, drawing her legs wide apart. Eventually, she rested her calves on his muscular shoulders as he leaned into her. Then she hooked her ankles behind his neck, swallowing him in even closer. He started gently, but gradually increased the tempo. She encouraged him with a rhythmic moan, becoming even more high-pitched as her arousal climbed.

“Oh oh oh oh! Ah ah ah ah!”

He imagined her as a musical instrument. He played her, fucking her slowly for a low moan, quicker for higher notes. He fantasised they were in an orchestra. Her hands clawed at the sheets. She worked with him, raising her hips in the air, telling him he was doing it just right.

After a while, they changed positions. She had no concept of time passing, had no idea how long they had been making love. She pushed him down onto the bed. She straddled him, leaning forward with her breasts suspended over his face. He plunged upwards, his cock finding its way into her. The sound of slapping flesh filled the room. He took his hands from her hips and grasped at her breasts. He lay back as she bounced up and down on his cock. He kneaded her jiggling tits, one in each hand like he was a master baker. They were soft and firm; they grew as he played with them.

She pulled his head close to her chest. His tongue flicked across her nipples. Then he sucked them. Her nipples grew fat and hard between his lips. He sucked at them like he was slurping to get to the bottom of a strawberry milkshake.

“You used to do that when you were a baby,” she panted. “Now I know why I could never get you to stop.”

She reached behind her with one hand and lightly tickled his balls. It was a trick that had worked with her husband. Like father, like son. It was such a sudden pleasure, güvenilir casino Daniel nearly exploded. Instead, he was forced to slow down his stroke, moving in and out of her with less violence, taking his time.

“Oh, that’s incredible!” she said.

He pressed his thumb to her clitoris while she rose and fell on his glistening pole.

“Oh, that’s right…”

He varied the pressure with his thumb, tapping it lightly, working it in a tight circle. He began to speed up.

“Ohhhhhhhh…. uhnnnnnnn…”

She tilted her head back. Her hair whipped back and forth. Charlotte opened her mouth and cried over and over, “O o o o o o o o!”

Daniel was no virginal teenager. He had been with plenty of girls. He knew an orgasm was growing in his mother’s soul. He withdrew, teasing her. He sat up, wrapping his arms around her. They kissed, their tongues alive and wriggling.

He turned her around. She knelt on the mattress. He pushed her gently between her shoulder blades until she was on all fours. He knelt behind her. He had a good view of her pussy in the morning sunlight. All the blood had rushed there. It was swollen and engorged. He manoeuvered the head of his cock up against her pussy and drove it in. She grunted. He reached around and used the fingers on one hand to play with her clitoris. With the other hand, he stuck his index finger into her belly button and kept it there.

“Oh God! That’s good!”

She was staring at Megan Fox. The dark-haired beauty was bent over the engine of a car. In the background was the desert. But who cared about the background? Her eyes were smouldering, her hair cascaded down her back in a wild dirty tangle, her lips were parted sensually. An orange crop-top and tight blue jeans showed off the curves of her body as she bent over. Charlotte couldn’t believe the poster was turning her on. She wondered how many times her son had lay in bed, jerking off to it. She didn’t blame him. She decided that one day she wanted to sleep with a woman, just for the thrill of it. Perhaps what she was doing with her son was opening up a floodgate of sexual ambitions.

She put her forearms against the mattress, and placed her forehead on her arms. This made her ass stick up higher into the air. All Daniel could see was her back and her shoulders, and her untamed dark hair. He thrust his hips back and forth, driving into her dark hairy cunt. He fucked like a piston in an engine. He too thought of Megan Fox, and it didn’t take much imagination to turn the woman beneath him into her. He could feel himself coming.

“Mom!” He called out as he fucked her. “Mom! Mom! Mom!”

She knew what he wanted. He wanted her to say the same thing that had turned him on so much last night. She could remember it through the drunken haze.

“Call me Charlotte!”

“Charlotte, you horny bitch!” He fucked her faster and faster. “Charlotte! Oh fuck! Charlotte!”

He discovered her clitoris again. The thrill of that electric touch sparked through her body. She felt her arms and legs trembling. Charlotte reared up, sitting back into his penis and throwing him off-balance. She squealed.

“Oh, Christ! YES!!!!!”

A flush of red travelled from the space between her breasts on her upper chest, up to her neck, into her face. Her pale cheeks turned crimson.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Uuuuuuuuuuu!”

They fell out of bed and onto the floor. They didn’t stop. Charlotte was limp now. Her legs were jelly. She had no strength in her. He fell on top of her. He got to his knees. He knelt between her legs. He caressed her ass.

“Did you enjoy that?” he asked.

“It was…”

Daniel didn’t wait for her answer. He seized her breasts, feeling the weight of them in each cupped hand, and pulled her back up, onto his cock. He came instantly. Her hot cunt was clamped around his cock. He felt cum splurge inside her. His hips rocked back and forth until they both collapsed in a sticky mess on the carpet.

“… the best orgasm I ever had,” Charlotte confessed.

He could barely speak. “Me too.”

Mother and son held each other like the lovers they were. They were both exhausted. They could barely move. Daniel stared at the sheen of wet pussy juices that covered the shaft of his penis. Charlotte stared at the cum, still trickling out of her pussy.

Daniel’s phone played the five note alien greeting from Close Encounters of the Third Kind. It was the noise that told him Emma had sent a message. He ignored it. Charlotte smirked. She knew who it was too, and she was glad he was ignoring it.

“Oh my God! We couldn’t possibly do that again,” Charlotte said.

“No. Where would it ever end?”

“It was incredible. Mind-blowing. But we made a promise, that it would just be that last time.”

“If we carry on with this, we might not be able to stop.” Daniel cursed himself for making her promise.

“We have to get back to being normal. Back to being mother and son.” Charlotte wondered whether it was even worth trying.

Daniel shrugged. “It was great while it lasted though.”

“Yes it was.” Charlotte kissed her son on the cheek. She clambered uncertainly to her feet, like a foal recently born. Cum dribbled down her leg. “It’s time I left your room.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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