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Camp Chronicles Ch. 02

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“Wow, she did you good.” She laughed, “You look like you’re about to pass out.” She chuckled again as she grabbed her backpack and headed off to the bathroom.

I just smiled and slowly walked to my bedroom. My legs were weak in the knees still and my cock pulsed with please with every thought of Lacy’s lips and the job she did.

As soon as I hit my bed I must have passed out. It wasn’t until I felt something stir next to me that I woke up. The red hue of the clock let me know it was a little past midnight. That meant I had been asleep for a little over two hours. Soon the antics of what happened in my shower when the girls showed up flashed through my mind and then into my cock. I got hard just thinking about the blowjob that Lacy had given me. I was sure going to catch hell for this if the camps gossip tree got wind of this.

“Hey, I think he’s awake now.”

I wasn’t sure who said it. I was still trying to get my bearings and I was still a bit groggy having just woken up.

“Maybe we need to give him a bit more incentive to wake up.” I could tell that was Lacy now, and both girls giggled and started moving aroud the bed. I decided my best course of action was to just lay there and succumb to whatever pleasureful torment these two vixens were going to unleash upon me.

As I sat there in the dark wonder what was going to happen, I felt a warm, slow breath on my inner thigh. Slowly the towel that was loosely tied around my waist was peeled back and I felt that same warm slow breath on crotch. My cock was already has hard as rock in anticipation of what was going to happen, so the slowness of the movements was agonizingly painful, yet at the same time strangely tantalizing.

“I think he’s ready.” That was Lacy again I was sure, but her voice wasn’t coming from bellow me. She must still be up on the bed with me.

Amanda slowly lowered her lips to my wanting cock and lightly kissed the tip. She slowly parted her lips letting her tongue start to work its magic. Her lips left a trail of wet kisses down the shaft of my cock to my balls while her tongue traced its way down in the midst of her kisses.

“I told you he was trimmed and shaved.” Lacy was starting to sound like a coach. It was true that I shaved my balls and trimmed the remaining pubic hair to a quarter of an inch long. In the summer it was so nice to buzz my hair short then just buzz my chest hair and pubic hair all in one shot. Then I would shave my face, balls and bahis firmaları armpits. Some say it’s silly for a guy to shave so much, but from having been a swimmer for so long it was all but habit for me.

Amanda cooed at Lacy’s comment and worked her way back to the head of my penis. Once there she slowly parted her lips and began to take my member into her mouth, and then into the back of her throat. “Holy shit!” I thought to myself, “Two drop dead vixens that can deep throat and both of them in bed with me? Wow.”

She worked my member in and out and I drifted off to a blissful coma again. I just laid back and tried to focus on each and every wave of pleasure that coursed through my body. Without much warning I felt a set of fingernails drag across my chest. It’s always been a huge turn on to have a girl that is a bit aggressive in bed, so I just let out a low moan in appreciation. In reaction, the nails turned and dragged the opposite way across my stomach. I continued to let small moans escape my lips as the combination of sensations was starting to get the best of me.

It was interesting to note the difference in blowjob technique between the girls. Lacy had been very aggressive and got right down the business in the shower earlier tonight. Amanda has seemed, so far at least, to be a lot more tender and romantic. She was very slow and very deliberate with each of her movements. No way to say that one girl is any better than the other since they are both absolutely talented at what they are doing.

I just couldn’t take it anymore. I’m not sure how long Amanda had been working her gifted mouth over my cock, maybe fifteen or twenty minutes, maybe only five, I was in no position tell, but I knew I was getting close. I’m sure Amanda knew, but I let out another deep moan and lightly rolled my hips up. This was enough of a hint for her because I could feel her reposition her body.

A few seconds later I felt my orgasm start to boil and I just let it go. Amanda was as gifted a swallower as her friend because she took every drop in her mouth. I must have cum for what seemed a minute as my cock just continued to twitch and pump out small streams of semen into her mouth.

As I entered that post-orgasmic state of euphoria, Amanda crawled up my body and planted a kiss on my lips. I attempted to mutter a thank you to her, but she just sushed me and gave me another kiss, this time with a bit more passion.

“I’m just happy you enjoyed it.” kaçak iddaa She said softly once she broke the kiss.

“Oh, I’m sure he enjoyed it, but you’d know more since you got to receive the rewards of your hard work.” Lacy was such a tease. I was starting to see that these two had a very interesting good-girl verses bad-girl thing going on. Lacy was the aggressive, assertive sex fiend and Amanda was her quiet, reserved but just as horny cohort in crime. I could only imagine what it would be like to fall victim to their games out in the open at a bar or a club.

“I think it’s my turn to thank you both properly.” My strength was returning and it was time I got to have some fun of my own.

Lacy was still lying next to me tracing small figure eights on my arm with her nails, and after our kiss Amanda had curled up on top of my other arm and was snuggling into me. I leaned up and rolled Amanda on her back and began a very intimate and passion laced kiss with her. I then started kissing a trail down her naked body stopping briefly at her nipples to give them both some tongue loving attention. Once to her pelvic area I could smell her arousal. I traced my tongue between the folds of her pussy lips given slow flicks over her clit and teasing her inner lips every so slightly. I continued to work my own oral magic as I felt her body respond. Her gasps for air were all but subtle and the movement of her hips was becoming just as irregular. Soon her body gave in as predicted and she had her first orgasm, at least by me, that night.

As Amanda came down from her orgasm, I could here another set of equally pleasure laden moans coming from across the bed. Lacy must have gotten caught up in the moment and taken thing into her own hands, or rather fingers.

“You enjoying yourself over there?”

“Y-o-u b-e-t… oh… wait… almost… aaahhh. God that felt good.” Obviously Lacy wasn’t ashamed one bit of her sexuality. I also guessed that this wasn’t the first time she had gotten off in mixed company, and I hoped it wasn’t her last time for the present company this summer.

I decided that while I could be quiet and coy with Amanda, I would need to step it up a notch to keep Lacy in check. “If you would have asked, I could have helped you with that.” She giggled at catching my quote of her earlier antics in the shower.

“Well, watching you two was just getting me so turned on I just couldn’t wait. You know, since you had your mouth full and all.” kaçak bahis She was a handful, and I’m sure was going to continue to amaze me every moment that I knew her.

“So, not to seem ungrateful or anything, but can I ask exactly what’s going on here. I can get into a lot of trouble if word gets out I’m sleeping with my staff.”

Both girls let out a half moan, half giggle and curled up next to me.

Lacy was the first to speak, which I gather is par for course for the pair. “Well, you see, it’s quite simple. Amanda and I couldn’t risk not being selected this summer. Also, I know Amanda has the hots for you and I wanted to help. You seemed like such a nice guy and I would hate for you to be spending your summer nights all alone up here on the far side of camp.”

“So you don’t have the hots for me?” I asked in a playful tone.

“I didn’t say that.” With that remark I got a playful slap across my bare ass.

“Oh, she has the hots for you.” Amanda practically exploded in laughter. “The first thing she said to me when you walked out of the boat house the other day was H-e-l-l-o M-i-s-t-e-r L-i-f-e-g-u-a-r-d.”

“Shut it you tramp.” Lacy began to crawl over my back towards her taunting friend.

“Tramp? You’re the hussy here if it’s anyone.” In retaliation of Lacy’s attack Amanda pushed her back over my and crawled over us both and pinned lacy to the bed. I was in shock and wasn’t sure what to do. All I could feel was two pairs of breasts going back and forth across my back and these two young beauties battled it out behind me.

Out of self-preservation, Lacy asked her subduer, “What are you going to do now?”

“Nothing you won’t enjoy that’s for sure.” Amanda was starting to show her playfully aggressive side and I liked what I saw.

Keeping both of Lacy’s arms pinned to the bed, Amanda began nipping at Lacy’s neck. She then switched to kisses and worked her way down to her breasts then starting nipping again at Lacy’s nipples. Lacy was obviously enjoying the rough nature of Amanda’s teeth as they nipped their way over her skin. Once Lacy stopped her fake struggle against her captor, Amanda moved further down Lacy’s body and began and assault on her pussy with her mouth and began fondling her breast with one hand as she used her other arm to keep herself stable.

It doesn’t matter how many pornos you watch, or how many pictures you look at of two girls going at it, the real thing is so much more thrilling. These two lovely ladies were going at it not like giddy school girls experimenting, but going at it like two long time lovers. This relationship these girls shared was becoming more and more intriguing with every minute that passed.

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