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Campfire Boys

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It was a perfect night to howl at the moon. Kelly and a group of friends were gathering for their annual campout on the night of the brightest moonlight of the year. As always, the camp was full of a few newbies but mostly the core group that always camped together. They called themselves a band of brothers, and they were closer than most friends. Some had wives, some had significant others, some had a rotating flavor of the week. Many of them were in strong open marriages, and most of those who weren’t had wives and significant others who were accepting of the laid-back morality of camp life. There was rarely any jealousy, and a woman could dress as provocatively as she liked and know that she would be admired, flirted with, drooled over, complimented, and even propositioned, but never ever pushed past what she wanted. The other guys would jump all over any guy who pushed too far – no brotherhood bond would trump the ironclad rule that “no means no”, and a brother who broke that trust would quickly find himself out of the group.

So Kelly had taken advantage of the bright moonlight, the cool night, and the warm fire to hang by the fire with the boys long after the other wives and partners had gone to bed. She was snuggled up on the log that served as a long bench between Bret and Evan, two of her favorite guys, the three of them wrapped in a huge blanket that went around their shoulders like a cloak.

She’d known Evan a long time, ever since their first meeting when the mutual sparks flew and immediately blazed up into a fire that hadn’t stopped smoldering since. Evan was in an open marriage with a gorgeous feisty redhead who knew and accepted him for the affection-seeker that he was. She and Kelly were good friends, and Kelly knew that snuggling with him was totally fair game. Their longtime simmer made just sitting next to him electric, and Kelly loved feeling his long legs pressed against hers and his arm around her waist under the blanket.

On her other side was Bret, a newer addition to the brotherhood but one who had quickly become a trusted member of the group. He was larger than Evan, not as muscular but with a big barrel chest and lips that were almost feminine in their fullness. He was all about touching, so he had one of Kelly’s hands in his, stroking it lightly and almost without realizing he was doing it.

And then across the fire was Scott, one of the originators of the brotherhood. Scott was telling a story about his latest exploits, punctuating it with his great rolling laugh as he told some story about his renovation business and the challenges of manual labor. His other brothers sat around him, laughing at his story, drinking their beer, and thoroughly enjoying the perfect camping weather.

Kelly relaxed a bit more – only halfway listening to the story, but intensely aware of Evan’s thigh pressing against hers, his hand on her waist, and Bret’s long fingers tracing patterns on her hand and wrist on the opposite side.

Her mind wandered a bit to earlier that day as her husband had helped her pack up her truck and tent and camping gear. Expressing again his regret that a work commitment this year kept him from joining the group that he had helped found, he reminded Kelly how much she needed this weekend away and to enjoy herself “to the absolute fullest,” he told her as he winked. She’d been working incredibly hard for the last few months, and these weekends away from civilization with no schedule recharged her in a way nothing else did. The fact that it was filled with goodlooking guys in faded jeans, t-shirts, and workboots, just made it a weekend full of eye candy in addition to the relaxation. Her husband knew all this and was happy when he could join the group of guys, but even when he couldn’t be there he bahis firmaları loved knowing Kelly would be surrounded by men who admired her and loved her, almost as much as he did.

Her thoughts came back the present as she felt Evan’s left hand start to wander, slipping inside the back of her shirt and touching the skin of her lower back. Under the guise of covering them with the blanket to keep out the cold, he reached over with his other hand, sliding across her favorite faded jeans and between her knees to firmly hold her thigh against his. At almost the same time, she was aware of Bret’s gently tracing fingers move up her arm and up to her neck and shoulder under the blanket. The dual sensation, coming from opposite directions simultaneously, gave her chill bumps.

Bret leaned in a little closer to her, and now as his right hand slipped inside her collar to caress her bare neck and shoulder, his left hand moved up to gently touch the curve of her left breast over her flannel shirt.

Evan’s hand on her back had become more firm, and he was stroking her lower back as his other hand slowly moved up her thigh.

Kelly lowered her head so that her light hair fell in front of her, hiding her face, while at the same time, she slipped her arms around the waists of the two men, feeling their strong back muscles and leather belts. She felt incredibly desirable and could feel herself getting excited, sitting here with no one else able to see what was happening as her two favorites stroked her back, her thigh, her breast and her neck. Thankfully the blanket was enormous and the night was chilly, so maybe no one would notice what was happening right across the fire from them.

Just about then, the log rolled forward a bit, and the three snugglers slid to the grass in front of them, with their backs now leaning against the log. The guys across the fire teased them about being clumsy but then returned to their stories and joshing each other about their latest exploits, complaining about how busy work was, and planning the next day’s fishing trip. Mitch, the group’s newest member, brought out his guitar and began playing softly to himself.

Kelly was delighted by the change of position, since now the three were sitting even tighter together and were shielded from the direct view of the other campers. Even better, now both men had both hands totally free to focus on her. Evan’s left hand slid down into the back pocket of her jeans, enjoying the feel of her ass in his hand. He lifted her legs up to where they were over his own legs, like she was sitting on his lap. His right hand began moving slowly but relentlessly up her thigh.

Bret took advantage of the position change to turn her toward Evan, while he moved in behind her, then put his hands on either side of her waist and began running his hands up her rib cage inside her shirt, and around to her breasts.

Kelly caught her breath as he reached her nipples and began teasing them through her thin lace bra. The sensation of Bret’s firm chest against her back and his hands on her breasts from behind as Evan grabbed her ass with one hand and pressed between her legs with the other was overwhelmingly hot, and she could feel herself getting wet inside the lace thong she wore under her jeans. Her husband had teased her that afternoon as she dressed, handing her the matching lace lingerie to wear under her flannel shirt and fitted jeans. “You never know, Kel,” he said, “you might get lucky with a couple of the guys tonight and finally have one of your fantasies come true under the moon.” Just the thought of it had taken Kelly’s breath away that afternoon, and here she was, doing exactly what he’d predicted. She loved that man and how well he knew her!

Bret and Evan were in no hurry kaçak iddaa as they massaged her, squeezing and rubbing in all the right places. Kelly’s insides were starting to quiver when Scott and the other guys stood up and said they were heading to bed. Bret and Evan were in no hurry as they massaged her, squeezing and rubbing in all the right places. Kelly’s insides were starting to quiver when Scott and the other guys stood up and said they were heading to bed. A quick look at Scott’s face made Kelly suspect that he had a pretty good idea of what was going on with the three of them, and her suspicions were confirmed as he gave her a wink and then put another log on the fire. As he walked past them on his way to his own tent, Scott bent down and kissed the top of Kelly’s head as he said, “Have fun, kids, the campfire’s all yours.”

Mitch put his guitar down but stayed in his seat until the others had walked away. Then he scooted over closer to the three lovers sitting in a very tight knot and said quietly, “ok you guys, you are driving me crazy with watching you and wondering what’s happening under that blanket. I want in on this – can I join you?” Evan and Bret looked at Kelly, who slowly nodded but said that she didn’t want to be totally exposed to anyone walking by. So Mitch pulled a couple chairs into a circle around them to block the view of anyone who might still be up, and then he came and joined them.

As he approached, the group pulled away from each other a bit. Evan took the blanket and spread it on the ground inside the circle of chairs. Bret helped Kelly pull off her boots so they wouldn’t be a hindrance later on. Then he resumed his position behind her, but this time he pulled her into his lap facing away from him and began kissing her neck. Evan knelt in front of her between her bent knees and began undoing the buttons of her shirt. Mitch moved to one side of her on his knees and began kissing her with his hands on either side of her face – deep, passionate kisses that made Kelly’s knees weak.

As Evan finished unbuttoning her shirt and reached out to start rolling her nipples between his fingers, Kelly could feel the pressure of Bret’s erection under her. She reached back with both hands and found his zipper, which at the same time jutted her breasts forward and right into Evan’s waiting mouth. Evan licked and sucked her nipples, while Kelly unzipped Bret’s jeans and lifted her body slightly so she could slide her hand inside his jeans. He was hard as a rock, and he groaned as she felt him.

All four of them were immune to the cold now, which was fortunate because their excitement was making staying clothed nearly impossible. Mitch changed positions to take over for Evan, unfastening her bra, running his big hands over her breasts, and continuing the licking that was starting to drive Kelly to a new level of excitement.

Evan began unbuckling Kelly’s jeans with one hand and his belt with the other. He lifted her slightly and drew her jeans off, leaving her thong on. Bret freed his own cock from his jeans, and together they pulled the thong to one side, then settled Kelly gently and very slowly onto him until he was buried in her.

As Bret stayed in her, hard but just barely moving, Evan began running his fingers over her mound, taking care never to venture onto bare flesh, just staying on the cloth. He ran his fingers right along the edge of the cloth, so that Kelly could almost feel his fingers on her skin, but then he’d move toward the center again and rub his fingers over her clit through the fabric.

The feeling of Evan’s teasing plus Bret’s cock filling her completely had Kelly going crazy with desire. She was trying to be quiet so as not to wake the camp, but the intensity of her feelings made it hard kaçak bahis to keep from moaning. Mitch’s mouth on hers had helped with that, but now his mouth was busy on her breasts. Seeing what Evan and Bret were doing to her, Mitch leaned back a moment and soon returned to Kelly’s side, this time with his cock uncovered. He brought it close to her face and the next time she stifled a moan and thrashed her head to the side, she felt him on her cheek. She greedily opened up and he plunged into her mouth and began slowly pulling in and out.

Bret matched his rhythm while Evan moved the fabric thong aside and slid his finger into her soaking wet slit. He could feel Bret’s penis filling her, but he carefully slid a finger in to get some of her juices and then returned to her clit.

Kelly started rocking back and forth on Bret’s cock while sucking on Mitch and going all the way to his base. When he judged that she was close to coming, Evan signaled the other two men and they slowed things down. Bret put his finger in his mouth and got it really wet, then reached down and gently slid his finger into Kelly’s ass. Kelly’s reaction was instant – she began wriggling on Bret’s cock and finger as she took Mitchell even deeper into her mouth, moaning quietly. Evan lifted Kelly off Bret’s cock and then very slowly and carefully eased her ass down onto Bret instead. Kelly was very still as he was entering her but once he was inside her, she began trembling and she reached up and began rubbing her breasts. Evan leaned down and flicked his tongue against her exposed clit and the. slid first one, then two, and then three fingers inside her as Bret continued his slow back and forth behind. Evan crooked his fingers to stimulate her g-spot as his thumb and tongue manipulated her clit. Kelly was nearly beside herself with all the stimulation, and only Bret’s strong hands on her hips kept her in position and not thrashing around.

Finally, when he could tell that Kelly was about to explode, Evan pulled back, Bret stopped, and Mitch slowed. Evan slid his own cock inside Kelly’s pussy, and then at his signal all three men began very slowly, tantalizingly slowly, began to move in and out in rhythm. Kelly’s hands on her breasts were squeezing and kneading as she pinched her own nipples, but her body motions were totally controlled by the three men led by Evan. They each began to build up intensity, and then would slow back down as Kelly began to shake approaching orgasm. Kelly was practically crying at this point, quietly begging to be allowed to come. Finally they took her up the edge of orgasm, balanced her there a few last seconds and then let her crash all the way over, coming harder and longer than she ever had in her life. The men then allowed themselves to come too -first Mitch who had been holding back for such a long time, as he shot his load down her throat as she was still having massive aftershocks following her orgasm. Soon after Mitch came, Bret pushed one last time deep into her ass and exploded, just as Evan finally let himself go and came hard inside her and then pulled out and shot the remainder of his come all over her breasts as Kelly continued to quiver and shake.

They had managed to stay amazingly quiet during all of their exploits, not wanting to wake the camp or endure the verbal teasing they’d have to take from their buddies. As they all came back down from their pleasure highs, one by one they pulled out of the exhausted girl then carefully lifted her off of Bret. She tried to stand up but was so weak that she staggered. Evan caught her before she hit the ground, and sweeping her up in his arms, he carried her to her tent, laid her down on the sleeping furs and blankets that covered her tent floor, and zipped her into her big double size sleeping bag. Mitch returned to his own tent, but Bret and Evan crawled into the big sleeping bag with Kelly, spooning her so that Bret was in front of her and Evan behind, and together the three lovers drifted into a sound sleep.

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