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Camping Fun

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Big Tits

I had started dating this man named Dustin. Dustin was fun to spend time with and a sweet man. He also had a huge sexual drive. There is nothing wrong with having a good sex drive but I was still up and coming from my ignorant beginnings. One very big thing for me to get over was I was not on any form of birth control so I did not rush into having sex. Dustin was very understanding and we took our time and enjoyed foreplay often.

Even patience has its limits. Dustin and I would be getting each other off and he would throw in a comment, “I wish I could fuck you.” It started being here and there and was soon becoming a common phrase when we played together. I honestly did not blame Dustin for wanting to have sex. I was just terribly afraid of getting pregnant and had not done anything to protect against it at this point. I knew it was my mind working against us.

Every year my family has this huge camping trip where there ends up being about thirty of us camping in the national forest. I invited Dustin to go with this year and he said yes. My family loved him and as I said, he was a lot of fun to be around.

A few nights into the trip, we were all sitting around the fire and telling jokes when my uncle told this joke about these explorers, “three explorers are out going through the jungle when they are captured by a tribe. They are taken before the head of the tribe and told that for trespassing they have to choose bugna bunga or death. The first man says he does not want to die and chooses bunga bunge. A huge man comes out, bends the first man over and fucks him in the ass. Then the second man is asked to choose. He takes bahis firmaları a little time thinking about it but in the end wants to live so he chooses bunga bunga as well. Another man comes out and bends the second man over and fucks him in the ass. The third man is then asked to choose and says he will not be fucked in the ass and would rather die. The head of the tribe looks at the third man and tells him so be it, death by bunga bunga.”

Everyone around the campfire began laughing but it actually had turned on a light bulb in my mind. What if I let Dustin have my ass? No one had gotten pregnant from anal sex or at least that I had ever heard of. Confident in my newfound logic I leaned in towards Dustin and whisper, “maybe you can bunga bunga me sometime.”

This got Dustin very excited as he stopped laughing and squeezed my hand tightly. I was glad that it excited him honestly. Anal sex could be the answer I was looking for to keep Dustin happy and me not pregnant.

Another day went by following the night around the fire before Dustin and I went out on a small hike. We chose a path that went away from the campsites and started walking. I did not know how far we were away from everyone specifically when Dustin pointed to an off the path area and wanted to know if I wanted to have some fun. It had been a few days since we had done anything together sexually so I said yes and we went behind this area of bushes for some privacy if someone came down the path. Once somewhat hidden I undid the buttons to the shorts I was wearing and Dustin slid his hand into them and into my panties. He found my pussy, slid a single finger inside kaçak iddaa of me, and began fingering me. It felt amazing. I undid the fly on his jean and put my hand inside of them. I found the opening to his boxers and his semi-hard dick beyond that. I took it in my hand and began stroking him.

For several minutes, we embraced each other as we got each other off. I was riding a nice wave of sexual pleasure when Dustin asked if I wanted to bunga bunga. The other night came flooding back to me when I had told Dustin he could. I had not been lying but I had not been planning to try it this soon. Looking at his face though and feeling bad for not haven had sex yet I said we could try.

Dustin stepped back and began rushing to get his pants and boxers off. I was a little more nervous so I stuck my head out once more to make sure the path was clear. Once I was sure to be alone, I brought my attention back to Dustin who was naked from the waist down and hard waiting. I slid my shorts and panties down and kicked them off to the side. Being as I had never had anal sex before, I was not sure how I was supposed to begin. I turned around bent putting my hands on a close by tree for support. Dustin was happy to do the rest as he got behind me. I felt one hand on my hip and Dustin’s dick going between my butt cheeks looking for the goal.

Now I had been confident in my decision to have anal sex with Dustin. This confidence lasted right up to Dustin finding my asshole. I felt a tingle as the head of his dick touched me there. As Dustin pushed inside of me though and my ass spread, open to something going into it my confidence was gone. Dustin kaçak bahis let out a pleasurable sigh as I opened my mouth in pain. Dustin fed his entire length into me and my asshole complained to me the entire way. I was very happy when the pain began to go down and my body accepted its new friend.

Dustin must have been feeling good because he clamped down on my hips hard and began thrusting away at my ass. As the pain began to subside, the feelings actually felt good. It was not the same enjoyable feelings as pussy play but it was enjoyable. Dustin seemed to be really enjoying it as his pace picked up and his impact against my body were getting harder. I was now holding on to the nearby tree to keep from being knocked down by Dustin.

Dustin was breathing hard and I was biting my lip trying to keep quiet. Dustin was going as fast as he could. He began to grunt right before he clamped down hard on my hips and held his body tight against my butt. I could now feel what I could only call pulsing occurring in my ass. Dustin then announced he was cumming inside of me. I did not know how I should feel about that. It was exciting to a point that my boyfriend was shooting his cum into my ass.

Dustin finished and released his grip on my hips. I stood up straight after he had taken his dick out of my ass. Dustin’s dick was going down now as he stepped back smiling. My back was sore as well as my ass and hips but it was in a good way. I was not sure what to say following our anal sex and I do not think Dustin did as we just smiled at each other. I had not had an orgasm but it had felt good.

We both put our underwear and clothing back on as we returned to the path and began heading back to the campsite. I felt a little odd going back and being around my family knowing I had my boyfriend’s cum inside my ass. It was a fun and naughty feeling though.

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