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Can I Make It Up?

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I just don’t believe this!

The one day Tammy wanted to have all to herself… and her big brother had to get the call from his job that they didn’t need him at work today!

The twenty-two year old couldn’t keep the dark scowl from her face as she relaxed on the plastic sun lounger in her corner of the pool deck; her skin glistening from a coating of sunscreen, with her amber eyes shaded by her thirty-dollar sunglasses as she attempted to read the girl’s mag draped across her bikini-clad lap. However, she couldn’t help her gaze from returning to the broad form in the aquamarine waters before her; her brother Dirk, swimming laps with long, smooth strokes of his nut-brown arms.

Damn it! she snarled inwardly. Why did Dork have to get cut from work today? It just wasn’t fair! Shaking her head briefly, she had planned to have a girl’s day at home, since their father had a business call that required him to leave town and stay overnight in a city some twelve hours away. Tammy rarely got the house to herself since Dirk’s afternoon job at the auto shop and her father’s morning work always made it so that either of the two males in her life were at home.

So, it was a bit of a sour shock to the trim, russet-haired woman, after she stepped out of her bedroom after her morning shower — white string top and boy-short bottoms on, and all of her tanning essentials in hand — only to find her nineteen-year old brother in the kitchen, talking on the cordless handset as he got the news.

“…if it’s what you want, Boss, then I’m cool with it!” Dirk’s face was filled with an easy, dimpled smile as he listened for a moment more, then he said his good-bye before hanging up. Dirk turned and spied his sister, and dropped the bombshell on her then.

“Do you have to spend your day off, at home???” Tammy tried every possible persuasion she could think of off-hand, but Dirk would not be swayed.

“Geez, don’t get your panties in a knot, Sis,” he said in that easy-going, rich voice of his. “I’m not going to get under your dainty feet! Trust me, you’ll never even know that I’m here.”

However, even as Tammy went about her preparations to catch some mid-morning sunshine, she couldn’t keep her brain from seething over the presence of her younger brother. Cripes! I just want a day all to myself! Is that too much to ask for? Earlier, as she put on her sun blocker while standing on the deck, she continued to grumble about her sour lot this day. She was a hard-working student at the local community college, working towards getting her degree in teaching, as well as a dedicated worker at the hair salon in town. She put in a lot of hours — in both job hours and her studies — so she cherished every free hour she could get, as if it was solid gold.

Now, however, here she was stretched out in the hot sun, while her eyes shot icy daggers at her younger brother while he continued to swim in the pool before her.

Damn it! It’s just not fair! she told herself in disgust.

Just then, Dirk’s head and shoulders popped up above the concrete rim of the pool; his wet arms draping over the edge as he reached up to slick some of his brown locks out of his eyes. “Hey,” he said, his mellow voice pitched just slightly higher than it’s normal low tenor as he looked at Tammy. When she didn’t respond, he called again, “Hey, Sis?”

Scowling, Tammy turned her head to the left and sighed gustily. “What do you want?”

“Listen,” Dirk said, “I’m not pickin’ on you… but, you don’t have to keep staring at me with all the ice cubes, hm?”

Tammy winced inwardly. Her brother may have been younger than her, but Dirk had an uncanny way of picking up on people’s emotions. “Am I being that cold to you?” she asked with a snort.

“Well, if it gets any colder in here,” Dirk offered with another of his smiles, “I’ll have to join a polar bear club.”

Tammy usually could be cutting and snippy when she was in a foul mood, but she never could deny that she could not help but smile, whenever Dirk cracked a joke or said something humorous. Feeling the corners of her plump lips tug upwards, she kept her head turned away as she replied, “It’s that chilly, hm?”

Dirk gave her a low chuckle, before he hefted his beefy body out of the water, planting himself on the pool rim wetly as he continued to stare at her. “Brrr, it’s cold out here, bay-beh!” he said in a falsetto, cartoon character voice.

Now the smile blossomed fully on her face, as Tammy felt her mood shift from sour to a little more sweet with his impression. “Okay, okay!” she groused in a good-natured way. “I’ll switch off the freeze-ray! Just knock off with that lame voice, ‘kay?”

“Deal, Sis!” Dirk grinned. For a moment, he continued to stare at her… then, in a more serious tone, he asked, “Did I really mess things up today?”

Tammy couldn’t stop the sigh from escaping, as she pulled herself upright and stared at him. “No… not really,” she admitted at length. “I just was looking forward to having the casino şirketleri house to myself today, is all. I didn’t mean to act so… so….”


Tammy reached up and tugged her sunglasses down to peer at him. “Do you always have to be do damned literal?”

Dirk gave her a disarming smile. “Sorry, Sis. I just call ’em like I see it.” Pulling one long leg out of the water, he propped it on the concrete next to him and put one arm on top of his knee. “I can understand how you feel. It’s not every day that I get a free day to myself, either.”

“You’re practically knocking yourself out at the garage,” Tammy observed. Which was pretty true; Dirk wanted to follow in his older sister’s footsteps and make his way into college, and he was sacrificing a lot of personal time and other needs to make the funds he needed to start out. Hell, for as much as he’s been working, he’ll be able to start his first semester in the fall!

“Well, getting into college isn’t going to be cheap,” Dirk replied. “I just want to make the transition as easily as possible.”

“I don’t think you’ll have any trouble, believe me,” Tammy admitted. Privately, she’d made the observation that her little brother — with his smarts and dedicated work-ethic — was going to have no problems tackling college classes. Add to that his rugged features and tall frame inherited from their handsome father, Dirk was going to turn a lot of heads among the female populace at which ever college he attended.

Cocking his head at her, Dirk pursed his lips and said, “Still, it’s clear you wanted some private time, and I’ve messed that up.” Giving her a look that Tammy could only describe as his ‘hanged puppy’ expression, he asked contritely, “Forgive me?”

Aw, hell… I can’t resist that face! Tammy admitted to herself. Giving him a warmer smile, she said, “Oh, why not, you dork! It’s not your fault, anyway.”

His lips curved upwards in a bright smile. “Cool!” He then straightened up, and offered, “Let me do something to make it up to you.”

Tammy shook her head, making her short ponytail dance behind her. “Dirk, you don’t have to-.”

“Anything you want,” he continued, holding out both hands as if he’d make whatever she had in mind just magically appear. “You want something to drink? Can I get your CD player? Just name it, I’ll do it!”

Tammy couldn’t stop the chuckle that bubbled up from her throat as she listened to him making offer after offer to her. “Dirk, you dork, you really don’t have to do anything!” She started to reinforce this, but the earnest look on her brother’s face made a small part of her think again. Wait a minute… why not? “Wait, I changed my mind,” she said aloud.

“Yes?” Dirk asked.

“You could help me with this tanning oil, if you really want to do something for me,” she offered. “I need another coat, so I can stay out her for a while longer.”

Dirk’s eyebrows shot up briefly, before his face spread into a lazy grin. “Is that all? I thought you were going to ask me to get you some ice cream… from Sherbet’s.”

Tammy had to laugh at that, since the place he mentioned was clear across town. “Hm, don’t think I won’t keep that in mind,” she teased. Reaching down, she grabbed the bottle of tanning oil and waggled it at him. “Well? What are you waiting for?”

Pulling his other leg out of the water, Dirk rose up and moved towards another lounger, where his own towel lay folded on the seat. “Let me dry off, and then I’ll tend to your every need, Sis,” he said.

Putting the bottle down beside her lounger, Tammy chuckled and turned over onto her tummy to wait for Dirk. “Now you’re getting the idea, little brother,” she muttered in good humor; folding her hands under her cheek as she turned to watch him dry off the water from his nut-brown limbs and torso. As he rubbed the fluffy terry cloth over his skin, Dirk turned around while standing there, giving his older sister a view of his broad shoulders and toned back.

For a moment, Tammy let herself admire the line of thick muscles that flowed down along his stocky waist to the two columns of his firm legs. A small part of her mind couldn’t help but make the comment that her brother was one fine specimen of male flesh.

Cripes! Where did that come from? she asked herself. She certainly could admit that some of her friends thought Dirk was cute when he was younger… even lately those same friends had told her he was one-hundred percent, grade-A hunk material. However, at those past times she’d just roll her eyes at those comments and shove them aside.

Why now, was she thinking that her friends were right? Shaking her head, she turned her gaze away from Dirk and faced the other direction. Pillowing her left cheek on her hands, she tried to shove the thoughts nagging in the front of her mind.

Just then, she felt Dirk kneel down beside her lounger and pick up her tanning oil. “Okay, Sis… ready to be buttered up for your daily grilling?”

Hoping she casino firmaları didn’t sound different, Tammy snorted and replied with a tolerant laugh, “What do you think I am? A piece of meat?”

Dirk chuckled — his voice sounding more rich and thicker than usual — before he replied, “Sis, you should know better than that! You’re a pretty damn-good woman… and, if I can say so without getting my face slapped, you’re really the best sister a guy could ever ask for.”

Tammy started to roll her eyes and comment on his ‘buttery words, only to get a hitch in her breath when she felt his hands make contact with her shoulder blades; the long, thick fingers and wide palms coated with oil, sliding easily over her warm skin in slow circles. The work-roughened skin drew a surprisingly pleasant sensation from her body, as Dirk worked his hands across her shoulders, back towards her spine and repeated the process over and over again.

“Oh, man!” Tammy sighed, tensing slightly before allowing her shoulders to relax as Dirk’s ministrations started turning her muscles to jelly. “You’re… supposed to be rubbing it in… y’know?”

Dirk replied in a light tone, “Oh? Well, just think of this as a bonus… since, I figured you deserve this, for me putting a wrench in your plans today.” He added in a softer tone, “Just let me pamper my big sister, ‘kay?”

Tammy wanted to protest, but she couldn’t make her lips form the words as he continued to gently-yet-firmly massage her shoulders and upper back. Geez! Tammy let her breath out in a deep sigh as the strong touch of her brother’s hands made her melt into the lounge. This… feels, so, damn GOOD! How did Dirk get so good with his hands? she wondered. The sensations became so overwhelming, that Tammy felt her mind drift while the sun warmed her, and Dirk’s hands began turning her into a puddle of bliss.

As such, she was so into the massage, she barely registered it when the back ties on her bikini top loosened and slipped away from her skin to fall to the sides. With her entire back exposed, Tammy could now feel Dirk begin to expand his field of touching; smoothing more oil down the length of her back, as well as along her flanks and ribs. His touch was never too hard to cause her pain, nor was it so soft that it was ticklish or a distraction from her floating feeling of contentment.

If I’d known he was this good, Tammy told herself idly, I should have asked him to do this to me, a long time ago!

Somewhere in the process of continuing his work, Dirk had shifted off from his kneeling position beside her, and she could sense his thick form hovering over her as he straddled his legs over the sides of her lounger. “Hope you don’t mind, Sis,” he said gently, “but my knees were killing me on the concrete.”

Tammy murmured drowsily, “Nah… I don’ mind… knock yerself out.” Once more, Dirk’s hands began working on her lower back in slow, easy sweeps, sending her back into her dreamy state of mind. She was slowly drifting off again, heedless to anything but the sweet touch of her brother’s hands and the warm sun… when she felt him leave her lower back for a few seconds, and then place his hands on the backs of her legs.

“Mmm!” she moaned softly as his fingers drew down along her thighs and calves; drawing the most incredible sensations down her limbs, which rebounded and pooled into a warm ball in the center of her tummy.

“Feeling good?” Dirk asked, his voice low like a bass chord on an organ.

Tammy let out an expansive sigh. “Great! You’ve got… m-m-magic hands, little brother!”

Dirk chuckled, before his hands lifted away from her legs and returned to her back; now just softly stroking over her warm skin in slow patterns. “Just one of my skills, honey,” he admitted with a touch of humble flavor in his words.

“Well,” Tammy purred, “if I’d only known….” For several moments, neither she nor Dirk said anything more. The only sound was her steady, deep breathing and the sound of skin sliding over skin as Dirk continued to caress her back. For a moment, Tammy thought she might have drifted off to sleep… her body was so relaxed and loose from Dirk’s ministrations, her mind felt suspended in that hazy zone between dreams and reality.

In the middle of this, a small, moist sensation bloomed at the apex of the nape of her neck. It was so light, she could have sworn it was a kiss… in fact, when the sensation returned several seconds later, she couldn’t deny that it felt exactly like a kiss!

“Mm… Dirk?”


Tammy tried to rise above the sweet, relaxing fog surrounding her mind. “Did you… kiss me? Just now?”

At her back, the sense of Dirk’s body drifting closer to hers filled the space above her, as he murmured, “Hmm, what if I did?”

A small frown floated across Tammy’s lips, before it melted away. “Mmmm… you shouldn’t do that!”

Dirk’s voice drifted close to her left ear, as she felt his fingers slow to a lazy crawl across her back as güvenilir casino he countered, “It’s nice though, hm?”

As his words filtered down into her head, Tammy noticed two things occurring: one, his voice was causing a tingling deep inside her tummy, which filtered down towards her private place like an electric waterfall. Two, she realized as well that — while the thought of Dirk kissing her skin should be repulsing her — her mind was telling her that it felt… good! Very good, in fact!

Geez! What is happening to me?

That thought was sent flying from her mind when she felt something press into her bottom from above… as Dirk’s body slowly nestled down onto her; his knees bracing to keep the bulk of his weight off of her. As well, she could feel his lips return to the back of her neck to place several soft, lingering kisses there.

“Why are you… Dirk?” Tammy moaned softly, her voice heavy yet filled with a quizzical tone.

His voice hushed her, while his touch calmed the bubble of fear and uncertainty that threatened to break the sensual spell around them. “Just relax, Sis… let me take care of you, just this once,” he murmured slowly.

Take care of me…? Tammy started to move her arms and press herself up to shift Dirk’s body off of her. In the process, her firm bottom came in contact with his groin, and she gasped at the feeling of a long, heated length coming against her backside. “Oh, shit!” she groaned.

“That’s not shit, honey,” her brother rumbled, pressing harder against her, his kisses now drifting down along the side of her neck, making her arch it… not to pull away, but instead to expose as much skin to his pliant, questing lips as she could offer.

“Wh-wh-what is… h-happening-?” Her words were cut off as Dirk started to lift up, and much to her shock, she rose higher off the lounger to maintain contact between her bottom and his crotch. Without a thought, she turned her head to stare at him… and before she could stop it, he had covered her mouth with his own in a deep kiss. Not one between a brother and sister, in filial love, but one of Eros; warm yet loving lust, filled with clinging lips and questing tongues. His and hers, twining together in a liquid grip that neither let go for a long while.

Eventually, when the kiss did end, Tammy gasped for air and looked up into Dirk’s eyes; seeing two dark pools filled with heat and heaven-promised, staring back at her. “Oh, geezus! Dirk! Wh-what… how can you?”

With a panting, slow smile that made her insides just turn to slow, oozing cream, Dirk slipped one arm around her waist and pulled her close to his body. “Simple… I love you.” He gave her a soft smooch and added, “More that you realize, Sis.”

Shivering with a heat that bloomed out from her belly, Tammy couldn’t stop the moan that burst from her throat… nor stop her hand from reaching up to cup the side of Dirk’s face to pull it back to hers in another kiss. All the thoughts in the back of her mind — This is wrong! This is incest! He can’t… We cant! — burst apart on the hot wind of passion that Dirk had stirred up from deep inside her. Her younger brother had seduced her, but now she didn’t give one damn thought about it!

Pulling her upright with him, Dirk continued to kiss her while he let his large hands drift over her front; one rubbing the softness of her tummy as the other rose to form a bowl of flesh and bone over one breast. Unbidden, her other hand lifted to press his deeper into her chest; her nipple underneath turning to stone hardness as his rough palm grazed over it. Electricity hummed between them, arcing between every bare inch of contact of skin on skin. The sun’s rays paled in comparison to the heat blazing from inside their bodies, as their passions rose with every passing moment.

Tammy thought to herself idly; God… where did my little brother learn to treat a woman this way? As the sparks in her loins spiraled faster and faster, she lost all her capacity for thinking and just let the feelings sweep her away.

Breaking the kiss, Dirk pulled back slightly and easily turned her around, before lowering her down onto her back onto the lounger and following her down with his body covering her from the mid-morning sunshine. “Oh, Tammy,” he sighed, sounding like a big jungle cat purring, “you have no idea how long I’ve wanted to have you… like this, just the two of us.”

“Oh?” Tammy breathed, looking up at her brother in awe as she wrapped her arms around him. The contact of her bare skin and his was like a heady drug to her… and for the moment, she didn’t want to give it up for a second. “How… h-how long, have you felt like this?”

With a smile, Dirk replied, “For sometime, honey… like, years.” He reached up and cupped one breast with his large paw, giving it a gentle squeeze that made more ripples of fire spool down her body. “Want me to show you, Sis? Hm?” Not waiting for her to answer, he slowly slid his bear-sized frame down until his head was level with her breasts, before craning his neck to bring one of her cherry-pit nipples within reach of his nuzzling lips. Capturing the hard nubbin, he flipped the fat tip of his tongue over it, and swirled it wetly around the dark areole.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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