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Captain Of Her Heart Ch. 18

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I undid the buttons on my silk shirt as I strode toward the bed, my eyes locked onto Alisa as she crawled backward, feigning fear at my approach. The shirt floated to the floor and I leaned over her, rubbing a nipple against her lips until her tongue snaked out and licked it into hardness. I moved down and caught her mouth, taking her breath away with a passionate kiss before pushing her onto her back. Her fat pink nipples demanded my attention and I took each in my mouth in turn, laving them into hardness before I continued across her quivering belly.

At first, she fought against me, keeping her legs closed but a finger shoved into the crack and circling over her clit made them quickly open. I burrowed into her moist snatch, letting my tongue discover the secrets of her hidden cleft. She whimpered, her body trembling as I casually ate her like the chocolate pudding she’d used on me. I butted my nose against her clit while pushing my tongue into her cunt and was rewarded with a burst of cream that flowed into my mouth like honey.

She grabbed for one of my breasts as I moved over her but I shifted out of her reach, gracing her with a knowing smile. I knew that she was still agrı escort enjoying the aftershocks of cumming but I wasn’t going to let her off so easy. I pushed her onto her back, lined the cock up with her slippery hole and bent close, murmuring in her ear. “Trust me.”

I tried to be as gentle as possible although she wanted to be taken roughly. A sharp and short shriek issued from her and her body stiffened like a board, her eyes squeezed shut. I had warned her about the pain and had told her to trust me but her body said something different. I set about calming her, using my hands to caress every inch that I could touch until she was responding to my touch with moans and shivers.

Adjusting my position, I pulled out and slid into her, watching the play of lust on her face as her body stretched to accommodate the dildo. She arched underneath me with each slow stroke, her teeth gritted and her eyes closed. I kept the strokes unhurried, pumping harder into her creamy quim and smacking our bodies together. Each strike brought me closer to cumming but I kept thrusting into her, increasing the speed when she met my eyes and pulled my mouth down.

The escort ağrı fantasy stopped there and reality set in. Her legs raised around my body, her hips tilting so that I slid deeper into her. I came again, sucking her tongue into my mouth as we rocked together. Her breasts slapped against mine and she released my mouth, sliding her hands up to pull on my nipples and I came a third time. My release triggered hers and she vibrated beneath me, gasping as she creamed the dildo. I wished that my mouth had been there to collect it but I smiled, watching her come the first time from being penetrated and shivering at the dreamy smile she gave me.

From that moment on, I knew that we would be one, that we would always be together. We both worked for the airline for another two years until Alisa left to work for a private corporate agency. It worked out very well for her. She made a significantly higher amount of money and worked less hours so she was very happy. She wanted me to work with her but I wasn’t interested. At this point, I was still trying to overcome the instability that had been my life months earlier and was finding it hard to ağrı escort bayan believe that there was nothing horrible coming around the corner.

On our second anniversary, I treated her to a homemade dinner, which was something I did every day, but this evening, I chose lobster and Florida grouper, braising them in lemon, basil, garlic, butter and a dash of coconut rum, then serving them with a corn risotto and Caesar salad. We finished with chilled shots of amaretto and lounged in front of the fireplace, kissing and hugging like an old married couple.

“Alisa?” I fished the small dark blue box out from under the couch cushion where I’d hidden it earlier and held it, smiling at her. “I’m not really much of a speech maker but I love you very much. You’ve taken my heart to places that I’d never imagine going and I can’t see spending my life with anyone other than you. Would you let me be your husband?”

Alisa sat up, fat tears rolling down her cheeks as she took the solid gold band and slipped it on her finger, admiring the diamonds inlaid into the brilliant metal. “Yes, Tawnya, but why me?”

“Because you’re my captain, the captain of my heart.” I whispered, sucking her bottom lip into my mouth as we pulled apart. “I can’t pilot my life without you.” She laid her head against my chest and we remained that way for a long time, staring into the beauty of the flames. “I love you.”

She shushed me, snuggling closer. “Quiet or you’ll jinx it!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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