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Captain Silver Ch. 2

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I awoke the next day feeling a bit guilty, like maybe I was a fag and resolved to end this little arrangement. I went to my usual station and started work, wondering when the Captain would call. By noon nothing had been said to me about a new position, but the ship had turned for home.

The ship was returning to port because of some engine problem they discovered during the night. That probably pissed the Captain off I thought and he just didn’t get around to getting my new position taken care of yet, which I thought was good because I didn’t know if I could be the Captain’s slave. We docked at 1400 hours and the crew was allowed to leave the ship. Some guys had places off the ship, some were married with homes, me I lived on the ship, so I wasn’t going anywhere, except to the bar.

I decided to head to the local base club where I could get served but as I was getting ready to leave the ship, the man stationed at the cat walk said I had to report to the bridge. So I went to the bridge and there was Captain Silver. Reporting as ordered Sir, I said. Good sailor, at ease. Go down to the Yeoman’s office and he’ll fill you in on your new duties. You played great last night, we’ll have a rematch and maybe you can win some of your money back, he laughed. I went down and found out what my new job was. Basically just serving the Captain, errands shit like that. I was told to report to the Captain and I did.

He said he would be tied up for awhile yet and wouldn’t be able to break me into my new duties. He asked if I was going to be leaving the ship and I told him I was planning on going to the club on base. He said fine and that if he needed me he would send for me. I left and headed for the club. It had been awhile since I had a beer and was eager to get drunk. I sat at the bar and starting downing brew after brew and soon found myself with quite a buzz on. I was there about two hours when the bartender asked out loud if anyone present was from the USS Raven. I spoke up and as I did a young looking oriental guy approached me. He said his name was Nim and Captain Silver ordered him to pick me up. I followed Nim to a waiting car. Once inside I asked where we were headed and Nim said home.

I was lost on that one. Nim looked like a typical oriental, slender build, feminine features, short at about 5”5 or so, maybe a 140 pounds. We drove out to the country, a good 30 minutes jaunt from base and wheeled into a relatively nice home. As we approached the driveway, the door opened and in we drove. Then the door shut behind us and we were parked next to the Captains car.

So this was his house, nice so far I thought. We entered the house and Nim led me through the kitchen down the hallway through a door leading to the basement. The basement looked like a typical unfinished basement and was rather small for the size of the house. The walls were framed for finishing but was uncompleted. Nim walked over to a dryer and moved something behind it when a secret door opened and he motioned for me to enter.

I walked into a large room that in my thinking was plush. It had wall to wall carpet, carpet on the walls themselves, a small bar, plush furniture, stereo entertainment center. I noticed some unusual type of furnishings too, padded saw horses, a rack, various iron rings where attached to different places and things on the ceiling, floor and walls. Video cameras were positioned in all the corners and some on walls. On the far side of the room there was a large door with bars on it. It was a strange place, but looked like the perfect place to party and get kinky with women, or men depending on your situation. Nim led me to the door with bars and walked in ahead of me, again motioning me to follow. Inside it was wall to wall carpet, some iron rings on the wall and ceiling, a brass bucket of some type, antique looking and a mattress that was covered with felt in the corner and one of those bear skin type blankets.

Nim then said that this was his room and to wait here he wanted to show me something else. As he left the room I turned to follow but he slammed the door shut imprisoning me in his room. In a loud voice filled with anger I asked Nim what the fuck he was doing and to let me out. He turned and said the Captain would let me out when the time came and if I had to piss use the bucket. He turned out the lights and went upstairs. I wasn’t to scared. I knew being under the Captain’s command, he couldn’t just keep me there without questions being raised, but than again, I didn’t really know for sure. Three hours passed and then the secret door opened and Captain Silver approached my cell. He was dressed in a really wild leather outfit.

He ordered me to undress. As I was stripping casino şirketleri off my clothes he opened my cell door. When I was naked he took my soft penis in his hand and studied it. Then he told me to turn around. He me put his hand in the middle of back and pushed me forward, telling me to grab my ankles. He then took each of my buttcheeks and spread them apart. Is your asshole cherry he asked? Yes Sir, I replied. I was feeling humiliated being naked in front of him with my soft little dick in plain view.

He grabbed me by my hair and led me out of the cage. Once outside he led me to another room off from the bar. It was a bathroom. He had me sit on the toilet and told me to stay put, then turned and walked away. He came back a few minutes later with Nim. Nim was also totally naked. The Captain told Nim to help me get cleaned up. Nim got a strange looking rubber bag out of a closet and started filling it with water. While he was doing this the Captain told me what my new position was.

He said that I was going to live here while we were off duty and that the cage was my and Nim’s room. That is where we would sleep and live unless the Captain wanted something else. He told me that I was to refer to him as Master. That when I saw him I was to immediately drop to my knees in appreciation and ask how I can serve him. I am to be totally nude at all times when I am in the house. I am also required to obey any command which Nim may give me.

The Captain then told me that I was by nature submissive and that I would truly enjoy my experience if I understood and embraced the fact that I was submissive. Nim inserted what was an enema into my asshole and I could feel the warm water filling my bowels. After he unloaded the rubber bag in my butt, he told me to sit on the toilet, but not to shit it out until he said.

I noticed Nim had about a 7 inch cock, maybe 2 inches around. Small compared to the Captain’s whose was 9 inches long and maybe 3 inches wide. Nim’s cock was sticking straight up and hard when he asked the Captain if he could unload now. The Captain told him to go ahead. Nim moved so his cock was pointing directly at my mouth when he said “Suck slave.”

He moved closer so that his hard penis was touching my lips. I opened my willing cocksucking mouth and let him push his dickmeat in. He let me do the work, sliding my mouth down over his shaft, licking the underside of his dickmeat. His cock throbbed in my mouth. I felt my own cock start to become erect and stiffen. Nim grabbed both of my ears and started to pull me onto his manmeat, then off, then on. Fucking my mouth with his hard tool. Nim told the Captain that I was a good cocksucker and the Captain agreed.

Soon Nim pulled my ears hard and slid his bone all the way into my throat. He tensed, made a grunt and unloaded his sweet juice into my waiting mouth. He pumped a good amount of cum into my mouth. I could feel his dick jerk and spasm as stream after stream of his man cream shot into my dicksucking mouth. He left his dick in my mouth telling me to milk his cock dry and to let my bowels go and shit. I sat there sucking his softening cock as my ass blasted out the enema he had given me. The Captain told Nim to give me 5 more enemas and shave the hair off my cock, ass and underarms, then he left the bathroom.

After Nim had finished with the shaving and enemas he made me shower. Then he led me to the Captain who was waiting at the bar drinking whiskey. When Nim and I had gotten to the bar we stopped and stood there waiting for the Captain to speak. He looked at Nim and told him he did a good job cleaning me up. He then asked Nim if he told me how to approach the Captain. Nim told the Captain that he heard the Captain tell me in the bathroom that I was to drop to my knees and ask how I could serve the Master. That’s what I thought I said, the Captain replied.

Then they both looked at me still standing there. It took about 2 more seconds till I realized that I was suppose to drop to my knees. I realized and dropped to my knees and said “How can I serve you Master?” That’s better slave, don’t let that happen again. You will need to be punished for your disobedience however. Stand slave he boomed. The two men seized me and took me to the other side of the room and placed me on a padded sawhorse.

Then they attached my wrists and ankles to some kind of strap. I wasn’t exactly bent over, more like my stomach and chest rested on the horse, while my ass was exposed and my head could rest or hang as I chose. Once I was secured, the Captain told Nim to get him the cat, whatever that was. He then told me that what he really loved was to dominate men. He said that beating a woman was OK, but beating casino firmaları a man, making the man know that he was a better man, a master was what turned him on.

He told me that I would come to love him because he was the better, stronger, more virile man and that I would come to love being his slave and that I would love to know that I could be protected because he was such and awesome man. It was all bullshit to me, but he was stronger and had a big dick, the rest of that shit was just that, shit. Then he told me that he had to punish me for my error and to instill in me what a man he was. With that said, he let the whip or cat fall on my vulnerable asscheeks. It whistled as it sailed through the air and stung as it hit my asscheeks.

I screamed out in pain from his beatings, begging him to stop, saying he was the better man and I knew, please stop, please. He told me that I was to thank him after each blow and if I didn’t I’d get 20 more for each failure. The next blow landed hard on upturned ass making me wince in pain. Thank you Master I cried out. And again, and again. My ass was on fire as the searing pain encompassed my entire ass. He landed 20 blows on my battered asscheeks before he stopped.

I was sobbing, tears streaming down my face. He lovingly massaged my burning asscheeks as he whispered to me how beautiful my red ass was. He then told me he was going to take my virginity and how in the future I would come to have my ass filled with his manhood. I felt a cool liquid being applied to my bunghole, then I felt the head of his monster rubbing around my exposed hole.

Looks like we have quite the tight hole here he said. Nim loves my big cock, don’t ya Nim? Oh yes baby, I’d do anything to have that dick in my ass all day long, Nim said. The Captain spread the goo all around my butthole then he slowly worked the head of his cock into my virgin hole. My ass split open around his boy basher and excruciating pain shot through me, forcing me to scream out loud. Please I can’t take it, it’s ripping me apart, please stop I begged. He slowly sunk another inch in my abused hole, then held still.

Listen up slave, I was going to go slow since you are cherry, but if you insist on begging me to stop, well then I’m just gonna fuck your ass so hard that you won’t be able to walk for a week. I shut up and laid there, lost in the pain I was feeling. He slowly pushed more of his massive cock into my hole until I could feel his heavy balls on my asscheeks. He held his giant cock in my ass for several minutes as I adjusted to the pole lodged in my boy cunt.

He started to slowly pull his dickmeat from my ravished ass until just the head was left inside me, then he slowly entered the warmth of my butthole again, stopping and waiting. I could feel his manhood throb in my rectum, twitching with its need to master and conquer it’s new slave. Then something perverse happened to me.

As the captain slowly fucked his manliness in and out of my asshole I realized that if I became this slave, this beaten man, this cock sucking whore, that I would get turned on. Not just turned on, but really into his domination of my body, mind and soul. My cock hardened and I heard the words, Please fuck my ass harder Master escape my lips. I wanted him to use me! The pain subsided in my ass, my now hard dick straining for relief and my Master thrusting his huge cock to the depths of my being. I felt like I was meant to be there, like his cock was all I needed to survive and his ownership of me his slave.

The Captain picked up the pace ramming his blood engorge pole into my asshole. Each thrust rocketed into me, making me wish I could take his whole body into my boy cunt. He plowed his weapon over and over again into my butthole telling me he was going to fill me with his love juice. Soon he tensed and I could feel his seed exploding inside me, burst after burst blasting deep in my man womb. My dick dying for release, his throbbing in my clinging ass.

After he deposited his gift into me he rested as my ass muscles milked his manhood of its cream. Then pulled out and walked in front of me, his cock still hard and commanded me to clean his cock off with my dick sucking mouth. I opened my mouth and he entered me, as I gave his penis a tongue bath. After he was satisfied he pulled out and had Nim untie me. Nim was as hard as a rock again and I wondered if I was going to have to fuck him too. When I was released I dropped to my knees and asked how I could serve my Master. The Captain had taken a seat on the couch. He said I was to please Nim. Nim laid down on the floor and told me turn so that we were in a sixty nine position. Both of our cocks were rock hard as we took each others güvenilir casino meat into our mouths. As we sucked each others dicks I knew I would cum and quick.

I almost came when I was being ass fucked and knew if the Captain would have touched my prick it would have exploded. I told Nim that I was going to shot my load off, but he kept sucking. I felt my dick unload it’s pent up jism into Nim’s sucking mouth. It felt great to cum finally. After Nim had sucked me dry he told me to stand up, over him. He then had me lower my asshole onto his rigid penis. I took his cock into my stretched butthole easily. I positioned myself on my knees and starting to hump up and down on my Asian lover.

Damn, I was becoming a total slut. I could see my dick on his belly as I lifted myself off his dick, then back down. Nim grabbed my hips and would pull me down hard on his cock as it slammed into my ass. You could hear the sound of skin smacking skin as each thrust occurred. Nim slammed into my ass for a good ten minutes or so until he pulled me down and forced me to stay as his boiling juice blew into my asshole. After he had shot his wad in my ass, he told me to squeeze my ass muscle hard. I squeezed and milked his cock with my ass.

Finally he pushed me off and I just laid there, spent. I rolled over after a few minutes got on my knees and asked how I could serve my Master. He said very good slave, crawl to my feet and lay down. I did and he gave me a pat on the head, like a good dog. The Captain told Nim to fix us all some drinks. We sat around for bit and had a few drinks. Nim was saying how much he enjoyed his new lover and that Captain did good in picking me. They both seemed to go on and on about the fun that we were going to have. While the Captain was all man, Nim was a real fag. He moved and talked like the typical gay you see out in public on occasion.

After a bit the Captain told Nim and I he wanted to see us kiss. Nim embraced me right away and starting kissing me like a girl. He pushed his tongue into my mouth and was French kissing me. It was kind of gross being that he was a man, but you know the saying in for a penny, in for a pound, I kissed him back, passionately. We made out in front of the Captain for a few minutes until the Captain ordered us to both suck on his dick.

Nim and I slathered our tongues up and down his hardening meat, both hungrily trying to get more of his meat in our mouths. The Captain grabbed both of our heads and would alternate between us, letting Nim suck his cock while I licked his balls then he’d switch us around. He switched us at least 5 times until he had us both lie on the floor, heads together, kind of sideways, so that our tongues could touch each other. The Captain, started our heads and made us suck his cock until he was ready to blow his load off. He showered us with his spew.

First squirt shot onto my tongue, the second onto Nim’s. The Captain finished unloading his seed on our tongues and face, then had us lick each others cum coated faces off. Nim was in heaven, saying how much he loved cum. I didn’t say anything, but thought maybe I should if it would please the Captain. Time for bed boys the Captain said and led Nim and I to the cell. He locked us in and left the room. Nim laid on the bed and patted for me to lie beside him. I laid there with my back to him and he pressed his body up against mine, his cock by my ass. He held me like that, planting little kisses on my neck. I was sexually spent and really didn’t want touched, but I was Nim’s slave too, so I didn’t say a word.

Soon I could feel Nim’s cock growing hard once again and thought soon he want to have me again. I was right, he started rubbing his hard cock at my backdoor. Then he got up, rolled me onto my back and spread my legs apart and back so he could have access to my tender asshole. He took hold of his erect penis and pushed it into my cum filled bunghole. Once he was inside of me, he lowered his head down until our lips met. He kissed me deeply, exploring my mouth with his tongue as he thrust his cock into my accepting hole. He fucked me like this for a good long while, all the time kissing me and feeling my ass with his hands.

My cock had hardened too by now and was kind of enjoying being fucked in the ass, like a slut. He lifted off of me and put my legs over his shoulders. Then he started to ram into my ass like a jackhammer. Thrust after thrust he buried into my open asshole, each one harder than the last, until I felt his cockmeat swell and deliver another load into boy cunt. After he had his way with me, he kept his still hard dick in my asshole, but positioned himself behind me.

He cuddled up against my back and drifted off to sleep with his penis still in my ass. After maybe 10 minutes I thought I’d try to pull away so I could get some sleep but Nim pulled me close to keep his cock lodged in my ass. I drifted off to sleep finally, still with his soft penis in my ass.

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