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Car Dealership

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I finally found it my dream car a ‘67 Mustang cherry red with white interior. It was in perfect condition who ever had it loved it and took very good care of it. I couldn’t believe that it was and on sale, who would sell such a beauty. There was just one problem I didn’t have that cash that would be need to purchase it. I had a plan but first I’d have to make a quick stop at home.

I quickly changed into my favorite black dress. I like it because it showed a lot of cleavage and highly defined my voluptuous figure. The skirt barely covered my firm ass and of course to complete the outfit I put on a pair of strappy shoes with a 5” heel. I then rushed back to the dealership and headed straight for the car luckily there were no prospective buyers near by. I popped the hood and bent over it getting a closer look at the engine. I’m pretty sure that there was a clear view of my ass from the position I stood bent in. Within seconds a salesman came over and asked if I needed assistance. I looked up and smiled and told him how much I was in love with this car and was very much interested in purchasing it. He suggested that we go to his office so we could discuss the details. I reached up and closed the hood of the car which made my dress go up and gave him another good look at my ass. I quickly pulled down my skirt as if I was embarrassed and didn’t know that that would happen.

We walked inside and I walked a few paces behind him to check him out He was very build, tan with blue eyes and dark brown hair not what you picture a car salesman to look like. He looked to be in his mid 30’s. I thought to myself that this wasn’t going to be as bad as I thought. When we reached his office we took a seat and I began to explain how long I’ve wanted this car and that I didn’t have enough for the down payment but would be willing to work something out. He asked casino şirketleri me what I had in mind and I got up and shut the door. I then proceeded to slowly slide my dress up revealing that I was wearing nothing underneath but thong underwear. I then sat back down and put one leg up on the desk and the other on the arm of the chair so that he had a good view of my sopping wet pussy. Just being this bold made me wet. I then moved any material from my thong that was blocking the view and I asked if he liked what he saw. I started moving my hand over my cunt repeatedly and then finally sticking a finger in my very very wet pussy. I saw his face stiffen, as I knew that he couldn’t believe that this was really happening. I knew his cock must have been rock hard by now and I could hardly wait to ride it but all in due time that would come. I slid my finger in and out and then I added a second as I squealed with pleasure I heard the door open, I had forgotten to lock it.

I looked up and saw a striking blonde in the doorway, she was his secretary. I could tell that below her well-worn business attire that she had a remarkable body and I invited her to stay. I figure why not the better the show the better my chances of getting this car. I got up gently grabbed her arm and lead her in the office. I closed the door again this time locking it. I brought her to the couch and began to unbutton her shirt. I was right her breast were just as big as mine 36DD. I took off her shirt and bra and started caressing and kissing her breasts by this time the salesman moved to the chair I was sitting in for a better view. While sucking her nipples I zipped down her pants and got her out of them as well as her panties. I sat her down on the couch and got on my knees and resume sucking her nipples I then gently placed a finger in her cunt, she was wetter than I casino firmaları thought that she would be. I slide my finger in and out and watched her face as I pleasured her. Then I grabbed her ass and slide her closer to the end of the couch so that I could have better access. I then started sucking her clit while still sliding a finger in and out and in and out of her hot slit. She moaned loudly with pleasure.

I got so caught up in the moment hearing her moans and squeals of pleasure that I forgot about the salesman. I lifted my head from in between her legs and sucked on her nipples one last time before turning around and directing some much-desired attention to the salesman. By now he already had a hand in his pants rubbing his throbbing cock. I brought him over to the couch took off his pants and sat him next to his secretary she unbuttoned and took off his shirt and starting kissing him while I knelt down and took off his boxer. I was very satisfied with what I found, his cock was the perfect length and width to satisfy me and as hard as a rock. I took it in my hand and saw the pre cum begin to run down the length of his cock I quickly licked it no sense in it going to waste. Then I took the full length in my mouth I felt his entire body jerk in ecstasy. Blowjobs are the one thing that I loved to do and never heard nothing but praises for my skill. I sucked and sucked and licked him like I was hungry for it. I stopped myself because I then realized that his secretary got up from the couch.

She pulled me up and brought me to the chair, sat me down and then got on her knees and started sucking my clit and licking my slit. I closed my eyes, it felt so good then I felt someone sucking my nipples I opened my eyes to see the salesman above me then they switched and he began sucking my clit and she rubbed and sucked my nipples. I güvenilir casino moaned and squealed uncontrollably, I don’t think that I ever had anyone as skilled eat me out. I yearned to have his perfect hard cock in me. We got up and I sat the secretary on the couch bent over her giving him full access to fuck me from behind which he quickly obliged to doing. She continued sucking on my nipples as he pounded my pussy with his cock. I was breathing heavily as he pounded me hard and deep as I screamed harder loudly not really caring if anyone in another office would hear. He stopped and moved me to sitting position on the couch she got on top of the couch and put her pussy in my face I eagerly accepted it in my mouth and once again licked and sucked her while he fucked me hard some more. His cock felt so great inside me before I knew my body could take no more and I moaned loudly as I reached my climax.

He was still hard so he took his hard cock out of me I got up and now he sat down on the couch and she got on top of him and started riding him hard and steady. I stood behind her kissing her neck in massaging her soft breasts I knew by her reaction that it really turned her on. She started riding him harder and faster and harder they both moaned and I knew they were almost there. She came first which was good because I wanted to finish him off she got up and feel exhaustedly to the couch next to him and I placed my mouth back on his cock, as I sucked I also played with his balls until he screamed that he was coming I took his cock out of my mouth and moved my hand up and down and let his come spurt onto my breasts I used my other hand and rubbed it into my breasts I love the way hot come felt on my breasts. His cock finally satisfied collapsed in triumph. I went over to the desk cleaned up myself and got dress. Now we had business to attend to.

He let my have the car at half of what it was worth I signed the contract and he handed me the keys. We also made an agreement that the three of us would meet once a week and to fuck again. This contract we shook on some things can’t exactly be put on paper.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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